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Edition 312 - 24th October 2012
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Residents' Referendum Refused by JPC Chairman

North End Car Park on Green Belt

imageAt the start of Monday’s (15th) Parish Council meeting a number of residents presented their concerns over the proposal to develop a car park for 100 cars on green belt land to the North of Henley.

Over 50 electors from both Henley and Beaudesert Parishes exercised their right to request a parish referendum which they hoped could be combined with the election for new parish councillors due to be held on November 15th. The question they wished put to the electorate was “Do you support the use of green belt land for a car park?”

The Chairman of the Parish Council refused to accept these requests and the clerk explained the procedure which should be followed to institute such a referendum. The Chairman, Cllr L Goodman, then said that this mandatory process could not be completed in time for the November elections. However, the proposers of the referendum disagreed that the timetable was not achievable.

Further reflecting the concerns of local people over their Council’s support for this car park questions were then raised over the validity of the petition signed by 38 local businesses and presented to the District council by Cllr. G. Matheou in September. Over 75% of the signatories to that petition have now withdrawn their support stating that it had not been made clear to them that the car park was to be sited in the green belt.

Despite the strength of local feeling that had been demonstrated, the speakers were advised that the Parish Council had reached its decision to support the planning application in accordance with its normal procedures and therefore nothing further could be done at this level.

75% of traders withdraw from Cllr Mathoeu's Business Petition on Green Belt car park


Pages 1 & 2 of the redacted petition

About 75% of the traders have withdrawn their support from Cllr Matheou's JPC Business Committee's Car Park Petition once they found out that the proposed site was on green belt land and more are expected to withdraw when they become aware about the invasion of the green belt. Stratford District Council has stated that it regarded information about this change as "very useful".


Misinformation Fuels Reversal of Support
for Henley Green Belt Car Park

Given the full facts, nearly all of the local businesses and traders who initially signed a petition in favour of a new car park in Henley have since retracted their support.

The unprecedented reversal of support came about when the full facts concerning the scale of the development and its proposed location on green belt land at the ‘gateway’ entrance to the town were made known, leaving some signatories of the petition feeling as if they had been duped.

This embarrassing reversal of support for the petition organised by District Councillor George Matheou comes on top of Councillor Matheou’s statement that Forward LLP, the company that owns Henley Golf & Country Club, are prepared to give the land to the tax payers when in reality this has not been made clear and the understanding is that they would merely be allowing the public to pay to use some of the car park spaces at certain times of the day.

Local resident Laurence Marshall commented “The green belt that surrounds Henley is what gives the town its distinctive outstanding beauty and the detrimental impact of a car park of this scale at the entrance to the town should be resisted”. He added “ members of the public are also alarmed that Councillor Matheou’s pre determination of the proposal has disregarded new and material planning considerations that were raised when Stratford District Council extended its consultation process to include the immediate neighbours of the site”. The final decision will now rest with the officers of Stratford District Council who have raised further enquiries with the applicant.

Laurence Marshall

On-line Poll

The JPC website states;

"The Joint Parish Council pursues and implements policies that safeguard and enhance the environment of the town, and promotes business in the Parish. The Council encourages its residents to participate in all matters that affect the town."

"Do you think the JPC lives up to this ideal?"

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An early Response

No - I think as usual the council headed by Goodman are pursuing their OWN AGENDA.
When will they start listening to the local residents and businessmen who are eminently more sensible.

No - Green Belt Land means NO DEVELOPEMENT. If this proposal is given the go ahead,
would it be the thin end of the wedge? I don't trust the JPC.

No - This ideal and the JPC, as always seem to be diametrically opposed.

No - The most recent occurrence of the JPC ignoring the views of residents was when they voted to support the proposed Car Park without advising or asking those residents most affected whether they were in favour or not.

Yes - Most people I know think the Parish Council is a genuine hardworking bunch of people.

Yes - The parish council has worked hard on a variety of projects which benefit the community.

No - I think there's a strong argument that elements at least of the JPC actively oppose that ideal.

No - This "green belt issue" prompted me to vote "NO"

No - Cllr Goodman as Chairman of the JPC appears to have too much power and this power has gone to his head - anything he personally agrees with goes through, and everything he does not agree with gets thrown out.
Until a new Chairman is voted in the hard work of some of the other councillors will remain in vain.

No - I am amazed that the Parish Council dare to ignore the requests of the people of Henley.
They suffer from delusions of grandeur!! They use procedures and time scale to prevent views being expressed.

Henley CFR Founder honoured


John Pudney who has worked tirelessly to set up the Henley Community First Responder scheme has been honoured for his community spirit by West Midlands Ambulance Service. John, who celebrated entering his ninth decade last month received the Chairman’s Award at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting.

John was the driving force behind the setting up of the CFR scheme in Henley in Arden. The scheme which was only formally set up in December 2011 went operational in June 2012.

Trust Chairman, Sir Graham Meldrum, said: “In only five months, John galvanised support for the scheme, recruited other people in the community to volunteer as CFRs, set up an on-line rostering system and with the support of local businesses and organisations were able to make the progress they enjoy today. Ask anyone in the scheme and they will tell you what a lynch pin John is, even though he is himself very modest about his achievements. It is humbling to see how someone such as John can make such a difference to the local community he lives in. The scheme is already performing well and making a difference to the lives of people that live there.”

John said: “I am very pleased to accept this award on behalf of the Henley CFR Scheme. Although I am Chair and Coordinator of the group I am only receiving this award because members of the Henley Community wished to join me to form a Team of Responders. I would also like to thank the co-ordinators and members from nearby schemes who provided so much useful support, advice and tips. I would also thank Ian Inglesant as CFR Manager who provided the vital enthusiastic support to get the scheme started. Also Bobby Qayum his successor who has continued that impetus to get us where we are today with his hands on support and guidance. Although I am no youngster I felt it important that I did the training not only for my own family, but so that I could experience and know for myself what happens in order for a recruit to become a Responder on call.”

Scheme Secretary, Sue Osborne, added: “If it hadn’t been for John, there wouldn’t be a team to support him. John’s wife thinks he has gone back to work full time, the amount of time and effort he devotes to making sure our CFRs are there when they are needed. This award is incredibly well deserved and we are all delighted for him.”

Murray MacGregor
Communications Director
West Midlands Ambulance Service


“The number of incidents we attend where the front of the house is in total darkness is unreal. Why would you make it so difficult to see the house number? In an emergency every second counts and we can waste valuable minutes searching for the right property.”

These are just a few of the comments from staff of West Midlands Ambulance Service when asked what it’s like trying to find properties at night. With the clocks set to go back an hour this weekend coming, now is very definitely the time to make sure your house is ready for the winter.

Each year West Midlands Ambulance Service gets called to a large number of incidents where it is almost impossible for ambulance staff to find the property where the patient is, because they can’t identify the house from the road. The situation always gets worse with the longer hours of darkness.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Tracey Morrell, said: “Our crews regularly find house numbers and even road signs obscured by hedges that have overgrown over the summer, or paintwork that has faded. Some houses simply don’t have a number.

“In cases where every second counts, being able to find a property quickly really can make the difference between life and death. Spending a few moments making sure we can identify your house really could make a massive difference if the worst happens. Equally, if it is dark, put the lights on so that your house is more easily spotted. If possible, it can also be helpful if someone can come out to the road to flag down the ambulance vehicle. On Monday, many people will be traveling home in the dark for the first time in six months. It will also be the first time that many school children will have been travelling home at dusk or in the dark. We would urge people who are out and about in the dark to make sure that they are visible to other road users. For example, if you are out walking the dog, have you got a reflective jacket on? People riding bicycles should ensure that they have working bike lights – it is the law. Reflectors on your clothing and bike can only help. We would also strongly recommend that you wear a cycle helmet too.

“Please make sure you use common sense and stay safe.”

Spain comes to Henley


imageLast Saturday evening, 20th October, some 86 worthy citizens of Henley packed into the Memorial Hall to enjoy a ‘Taste of Spain’, a fund raising event to support Warwickshire & Northampton Air Ambulance.

The relaxed and informal nature of the evening started off on a convivial note with guests being greeted with a cheering glass of Cava, sponsored by Finest Catch the new fish restaurant at Liveridge Hill.

Tables had been attractively laid out with the colours red and yellow much in evidence and identified by the name of a Spanish city or town. Background music on a Spanish guitar by Leo Turner completed the setting for a wonderfully atmospheric experience.

Senora Sue Dalby provided a typically Spanish menu including ham, chorizo and bean stew, crispy Spanish chicken & potatoes in sherry, and pork stuffed with apricot, followed by pancakes with chocolate and ice cream. Appropriate vino was on hand including a fine full bodied Rioja. Following a literal ‘Taste of Spain’, we were then treated to a more figurative ‘Taste of Spain’ with Ana Garcia performing some extravagant flamenco dancing accompanied by Marco. The enthusiastic response of the diners was a fitting tribute to the professionalism of this act.

Many local businesses had most kindly donated some splendid raffle prizes and the generosity of guests ensured that this was a rousing success. In addition a further competition invited guests to suggest a fictional name for the helicopter with a magnificent helicopter cake for winning entry.


The organising team with the helicopter cake

Everyone left the Hall in a replete and happy frame of mind having enjoyed an excellent evening in support a very worthwhile cause. Bill Leech and his committee of volunteers are to be heartily congratulated for all their efforts and special thanks must go to Wendy Willmott, the organiser of the evening for an outstanding occasion. In total a substantial £1,170 was raised for the Warwickshire Air Ambulance – thank you and well done!

imageDuring the course of the evening the High Bailiff John Tristam presented a cheque for £425 to Bill Leech, the co-ordinator of the Henley-in-Arden & District Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Volunteers.

This donation, which was separate from the amount raised at the 'Taste of Spain' evening, was the surplus generated at the Court Leet Town Dinner held on Saturday 22nd September 2012.

Two charities have benefited from the Town Dinner surplus - WNAA and the School Bus Appeal. Each has received £425.

Andrew Yarwood reporting

My bungee jump for Air Ambulance


We travelled down to Bray Lake near Windsor on the 27th August. It was the third attempt for my jump, and at one point the wind picked up and we had to wait for an hour - I thought it would be cancelled again. I jumped from a 300ft high crane, it didn't look that big until I got to the top!

I have so far raised £767.50 for WNAA and hope to collect in another £140. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, not sure if I would do it again!

Claire Hollands - Member of the Henley and District WNAA Volunteers Committee

A new nursery 'Little Nutkins' opens


Little Nutkins was officially opened in September 2012 by Sophie Dewar. Sophie has finally fulfilled her dream in opening her own nursery. She has had the help of friends and family and lots of support from her partner, Gavin George, to refurbish the nursery. Without all these people it would not have been possible.

The nursery has had a brand new refurbished baby room offering a sensory room and an all new woodland themed cosy room, offering appropriate resources. The nursery offers a new rich resourced toddler room following ideas from the local model classroom for Early Years. The pre school room has a well resourced contiguous provision offering a story tunnel, expressive arts stage, ICT area, role play room and a dedicated maths and literacy area.

Sophie told Henley NEWS, "We work hard using the provision to enhance areas to follow children's interests to focus on their next stages of development."

Sophie has a dedicated team including a deputy manager who holds a degree in Early Years and Sophie herself has a wealth of experience including a degree in Early Years from the University of Warwick to bring to Little Nutkins. The nursery is open from 7.30am and closes at 6pm, we offer all year round care and only close for the Christmas break and bank holidays. There is also a holiday club up till the age of 11yrs which will offer a before and after school club in the near future.

Opening Lodders New Office



The High Bailiff, John Tristram, opened the new offices of Lodders Solicitors at the north end of the High Street on Tuesday (23rd) accompanied by the Town Crier Gordon Trinder.

Lodders Solicitors are celebrating 225 years in Henley-in-Arden with a move to more accessible premises in the town, which also benefit from excellent car parking facilities.

Lodders can trace its roots back to 1786. It was in that year that the firm (then known as Lea and Couchman) opened its doors in Beaudesert. In 1834 the firm received a letter of thanks from none other than the Duke of Wellington. The Duke, as well as being one of Britain’s most famous war heroes, was also a leading politician and at the time he was serving as Foreign Secretary having just stepped down from his second term of office as Prime Minister!

There have been 10 Monarchs and as many as 61 Prime Ministers since the first office opened. The firm took the Lodders name more than a century ago and current senior partner David Lodder, pictured right above, continues to push the firm forwards with  energy and verve.

Lodders partner Alastair Frew said: “Henley-in-Arden is one of our key centres of operation – it is very important to us. This move will improve facilities for staff and clients alike, with a friendly and more efficient office. In these troubled and changing times, it is nice to be able to rely on a brand that has served the community for so long.

Singalong to be hosted by world famous conductor

imageSimon Halsey, one of the worlds leading conductors of choral repertoire, is hosting a fund raising event at St Johns Church in Henley in Arden, "Singalong with Simon", and invites all music lovers to join him for a day of rehearsing and performing Advent & Christmas Carols old and new

Simon regularly conducts prestigious orchestras and choirs worldwide. He is chief conductor of the Berlin Radio Choir and has been Chorus Director of the CBSO Chorus for over 25 years.

In 2012 he was announced as Choral Director of the London Symphony orchestra and London Symphony Chorus as well as holding the positions of Artistic Director of the Berlin Philharmonic Youth Choral programme and Director of the BBC proms Youth choir.

John Ganjavi, Rector of St Johns, said "Simon has organised these singalongs for us before, they are open to anyone who would just like to have a go, they are fun, and at the end of the session you sing as a choir the various pieces rehearsed during the day. I would also add that it's a privilege to be able to spend a day working with Simon, and as a church we are very grateful that he has made time in his very busy schedule to stage this fund raising event on our behalf."

The event takes place in the church on Saturday 1st December, 11.00am to 4.00pm; tickets cost £17 each and include a light lunch and are available from John Ganjavi on 01564 792570 - all proceeds go to church funds.

Rob Kingscott reporting

The Town Badge and The Court Leet Crest


Town Badge


Court Leet Crest

The Town Badge appears on the boundary signs of Henley. It was designed in the 1950s and the original drawing is in the Warwickshire Archive at Warwickshire County Council Records Office in Warwick.

It should not be confused with the Court Leet Crest, which looks very similar.

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Henley JPC - Has the Highest Parish Council Tax


The present JPC spends far more than comparable parish councils,
with over 50% of its income going on administration, including costly new office accommodation.




An Expert Review of "The Casual Vacancy"

imageWell, as a Parish Clerk and Harry Potter fan, I had so looked forward to the release of this book for months. I really wanted to like it and tried my hardest to. Sadly I failed to enjoy it. I even had one too many whiskies and posted the tweets below to JK herself:

“You have done Local Government a disservice on a par with Eric Pickles through lack of knowledge. The book is plain wrong regarding facts.”

“I am a Parish Clerk and am dismayed with your lack of research: Secretary to a PC? No such post. Understanding about a Mayor and relevant council page 36? Utterly wrong”. Suffice to say it lasted 36 pages until the utter lack of research shone through and was annoying.

I assume the book is meant as a socialist metaphor, due to its loose theme regarding community and social injustice, but if you’re after a socialist metaphor I’d go and read Robert Tressell’s The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists instead, it’s much more intelligent and better reasoned.

imageJK has swapped the gentle humour which ran through Harry Potter for a torrent of swear words and bad grammar to emphasise that people from council housing estates are inarticulate. The “have nots” and teenagers appear only interested in sex and smoking, which just reinforces why I never liked teenagers when I was one.

Sadly the “haves” are just as detestable and falling into the stereotype of middle class obnoxious oafs. The women of this category all seem to be married to people they don’t want to be but it doesn’t matter because it’s really hard to care about any of them.

Three quarters of the way through you realise the Administrator/Secretary to the Parish Council is in fact the Chairman’s wife. Up until this point the Chairman has decided the deadline for the casual vacancy and applications are submitted to him. At no point in the book does JK understand the role of the Clerk or the need for the Chairman not to make unilateral decisions.

It’s not all bad, there are touches of humour but the plot simply doesn’t warrant over 500 pages and the character that is most likeable died at the start of the book creating the casual vacancy on the parish council of the title.

Very sad considering how fantastically the Harry Potter books were written and how beautifully crafted those characters were.

The lack of research into Local Government and incorrect references detract from an okay story.

Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell, our guest reviewer, was for a short time the Parish Clerk for the Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council. She is now Parish Clerk for the Wixford, Halford and Coughton Parish Councils.

Community Governance Review - Update

Proposed Civil Parish boundaries

A meeting of Parish Councillors and Parish Clerks from across the Stratford District Council area was organised by Karen Parnell on Thursday (18th) on behalf of the Warwickshire Association of Councils.

Paul Lankester, Chief Executive of SDC, reported on changes which were being considered by the Council in consultation with the Electoral Commission. It was intended to reduce the number of councillors by only having one councillor per ward from the election in May 2015. To reduce the costs of parish elections, it was being considered to bring bring forward the parish council elections by one year to May 2015 so that all the local authority elections were held at the same time.

On the Community Governance Review, Darren Whitney, Head of Democratic Services, told the meeting that there had been 61 replies from across the District, with 50% coming from the Henley Independents. Draft proposals would be considered by the SDC Audit Committee on 12th November and the final recommendations would then be published. A final consultation would be open for comment until 14th Jan 2013. It was expected that the Council would make an order for adoption in April 2013.

The Henley Independents proposed that the boundary between the Henley Civil Parish and Beaudesert Civil Parish should be the River Alne. Furthermore, the number of seats on the Joint Parish Council should be proportional to the number of voters. With the present boundary, one seat should be transferred from Beaudesert to Henley on the Joint Parish Council.

Ullenhall Parish Council has been asked to comment on moving the "Vestal Virgins" on the Birmingham Road from Ullenhall Civil Parish to Henley Civil Parish. Our correspondent in Ullenhall commented that he can see no advantage for the "Vestal Virgins" residents. "Why would these residents want to move from a well run parish and have their parish council tax trebled?"

Parish councillors and parish clerks were again reminded that under the new Code of Conduct, councillors could not take part in deciding on grants if they were an officer or trustee of an applicant organisation for a grant.

The Chairman of the Warwickshire Association of Local Councils, has invited all clerks and councillors in the SDC area to a meeting on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 at Elizabeth House, Stratford on Avon District Council Offices for an update from Stratford District Council on the Parish Boundary Review. The Henley Independent councillors will be attending this meeting.

News from St Mary's


Remember remember the 5th of November ...

posterThe time has come to have some fun so why not join us at the much loved town bonfire and fireworks display run by 1st Henley & Wootton Scout Group.

It's part of Henley tradition and the stuff that childhood memories are made of. The gates open at 6pm so you can avoid the rush, with the bonfire lit at 6.30pm. The fantastic firework display is at 7.15pm, and while you're waiting, you can enjoy a cup of soup, have a glass of wine, watch the kids jousting with the glow-lit foam sticks, or try your luck on the coconut shy.

And don't forget, you don't have to be a child to come along. For a great start to your evening, come a long and soak up the atmosphere before heading into Henley for your night out.

You'll find us at Henley Playing Fields just half a mile south of Henley on the A3400. It's easy to walk it, and we have parking at the playing fields, as well as additional parking at Henley College.

All proceeds will fund equipment for the girls and boys in our Beavers, Cubs and Scout groups.

In the interests of safety, please do not bring sparklers.

See you there!

Graham Mallinson
1st Henley & Wootton Group Scout Leader



Diamond Jubilee

Telephone Directory


The Henley-in-Arden Diamond Jubilee Telephone Directory will be published on Saturday 17th November 2012 at a cover price of £6.

You can order a copy at the special pre-publication price of £4 by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. To qualify for this special discount, payment must be received by 30th October 2012. You will have a choice of Paypal with a handling fee of 50p or deliver your cheque for £4 to 253 High Street. (The weekend Paypal VAT problem has been fixed. All payments made on Sunday 21st have been refunded in full. These orders can now be resubmitted.)

If you are paying by cheque, please make the cheque payable to "Henley Focus".

Henley Focus and Henley NEWS


Henley-in-Arden W.I.

imageOur September meeting started with Jerusalem, then 10 minutes of keep fit with Wendy, followed by the business part of the meeting.

Our speaker was Mike Ledbury with a talk entitled Confessions of a Morris Man. Mike had us laughing throughout his talk. He came with his accordian and the outfit he would wear when he was dancing: white trousers, white shirt, scarf, his leg bells and his hat. His leg bells were a leather contraption that were made by a man from Tibberton, Mike then had to attach the bells. Mike took us on his journey as a Morris Man. Mike attended the weekly practice meetings, of course held in a pub, and it took him some time before he danced in public. The confessions were many and he even had us trying the steps of some of the dances while he played the accordian.

Our president Jan tried on the hat for size at the end of a very enjoyable evening.

21 members celebrated with a lovely lunch at the White Swan Hotel for our 85th Anniversary. Next meeting the AGM is on 6th November.

June Mathers reporting

Henley Tennis Club Youngsters Success

Henley has again been celebrating the success of several of their junior members. Over the summer the club fielded teams of juniors who took part in the Warwickshire Aegon league. The teams came top in three age categories, in recognition of their success they have been presented with awards from Neil Supperstone, head coach at the club.

Pictured are some of the team members who took part:


Mini Red Winners (8 & under) - pictured left to right James Price (Claverdon), Dylan Turne (Henley), Leo Bartlett (Wootton Wawen)


Mini Green (10 and under) winners- from left to right Henry Smith (Aston Cantlow), Louis Walsh (Ullehall), Alex Evans (Wootton Wawen) and Luca Bartlett (Wootton Wawen)


14 & Under Girls winners - left to right Molly Eyre (Henley), Grace Turner (Henley)


Tennis Leaders Certificate - pictured are some of the Henley in Arden Tennis Leaders - Alex Barrow, Fraser Kent (Henley), Emma Hancocks (Bearley).

Another important aspect of developing young members is the “Young Leaders” course. This involves undertaking two modules over the summer:-

Introduction to Tennis which allowed the young participants to learn about effective communication and organisation skills as well as developing their understanding of how variations of the game can be used to introduce tennis to people of all ages and abilities.

The second module involved 'helping at a competition' where the leaders learnt how to score matches and consider the key actions before, during and after a competition. The Leaders then helped run a very successful Mini Orange and Green Schools Competition. Neil wanted to say well done to all of the leaders who all did a fantastic job, he looks forward to them putting their skills into practice on a regular basis and perhaps taking their Level 1 Coaching Assistant's course in the future.

For more information please contact Neil Supperstone or Simon Maddox Club Chairman

Sian Corrie reporting

Community Grants for 2013

Grants in 2012
Henley-in-Arden War Memorial Trust
Henley Community Library
Henley in Bloom
Christmas Lights
Heritage Centre
St Mary's Catholic Primary School
Diamond Jubilee
Guild Hall Garden
Youth Club
Parish Church
Neighbour Watch
Henley Seniors (formerly Henmen)
Evergreen Club

Green = Full Award      Red = No Award     Grey = Reduced Award


The Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council now welcomes applications from not-for-profit community based organisations who work in or for the residents of Henley in Arden.

For further details or to be sent an application form, either email the Parish Clerk on or telephone 01564 795499.

Previous beneficiaries of awards will automatically receive an email alert.

The closing date for applications to be received is Friday 30th November 2012.

Henley Society October 2012 Meeting

The Grand Canal of China

imageThe Society was delighted to welcome Liam D’Arcy Brown and listen to a fascinating talk about the Grand Canal of China. While everybody has heard about the Great Wall of China far fewer people know about the Grand Canal and yet in many ways it is the greater achievement. It is arguably the most important man made waterway in the world and covered 1,115 miles linking Hangzhou in the south with Beijing in the north.

The oldest part of the canal was started in 486 BC. Problems with silting resulted in the canal being ‘modernised’ in 605 AD and completed a few years later. The works were under the direction of a mandarin Ma Shumou. He had a brutal but highly effective way of recruiting the necessary labour by enlisting all men aged 15 to 50. For any who failed to respond to the call to dig, there followed execution of their extended family including parents, siblings, offspring, uncles and aunts, and cousins!! By this means, 3.6 million labourers were swiftly raised. The main purpose of the canal was to move rice from the south northwards. The barges would be pulled by up to 100 men, although the boats would also have sails with the mast retractable so as to pass under bridges. Revolutionary features of the barges included rudders and watertight bulkheads.

The Grand Canal was renovated almost entirely in the early 15th century. In 1855 the Yellow river flooded, changing its course and severing the canal. The result is that today the canal’s northern terminus is at its summit at Jining. But the southern end is seriously active with 60 million tons of freight passing along it each year. Since the start of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms in the late 1970s, the Grand Canal has been servicing China’s economy carrying vast quantities of bulk goods such as construction materials and fuel.

The width of the canal tends to be about 100 metres where it passes through cities but can be up to a kilometre wide in the open countryside; the wide sections having been created last century to capture floodwaters. Today, typically a tug will pull up to about 12 barges. The boats tend to be privately owned with a family living aboard. It is though, not uncommon to still see traditional sampans sailing along.

imagePleasingly China, amidst all its frenetic aim for modernisation and growth, is coming to appreciate what a rich heritage it has along its canal. The Precious Belt Bridge, left, is a stone arch bridge located near the city of Suzhou, the first construction going back to 816 AD but only as recently as 2001 was it included in the list of national monuments. And a Dragon King Temple in Beijing has recently been restored. In the now defunct northern part of the canal, municipalities are re-excavating parts of the canal and filling them with water to preserve their original identities. A lot of effort is being made to make people aware of the Grand Canal and to realise what a superb tourist attraction it can be.

Following the talk, members as usual had the chance to mingle socially over a cup of tea. The next meeting will take place on Thursday 15th November when Dr Sylvia Pinches will give a talk entitled ‘A Tale of Two Castles’.

Andrew Yarwood reporting


The Coventry Solihull Warwickshire (CSW) Superfast Broadband Project aims to deliver the Government’s 2015 targets, as set out in the December 2010 strategy document, Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future. These state that every premise should be able to access broadband at speeds of at least 2Mbps and that superfast broadband (defined as providing more than 24Mbps) should be available to 90% of premises in each local authority area. The intention is to procure open access wholesale network services that:

  • any Internet service provider can use to deliver retail superfast broadband services to residential and business customers;
  • can assist businesses by helping to connect premises and mobile workers to the services they require;
  • can assist any public sector organisation in building Public Services Network (PSN) compliant infrastructure;
  • any community network can use for backhaul.

Our aspirations beyond 2015 are in keeping with the European Commission’s 2020 targets that fast broadband coverage at 30Mbps should be available to all EU citizens, with at least half European households subscribing to broadband access at 100Mbps. The project will endeavour to deliver infrastructure and services that can scale appropriately to keep pace with the increasing bandwidth demands of new applications and services.

Pre-procurement phase has started
The project has now passed the B-zero gateway which was a significant achievement and reflects the amount of hard work that we (and our Community Champions) have been doing over the past few months to really understand the true state of broadband in our area. We now have the go-ahead from BDUK to enter the pre-procurement phase of our project and can start to engage with suppliers in readiness for a full procurement exercise (see timetable below). This is great news and means that we now enter an exciting time as the project starts to become very real.

However there is still the issue of State Aid to be dealt with. We are informed by BDUK that the EU should be giving its approval for the UK to set up a National Competency Centre “imminently”. This means that rather than the EU dealing with approval requests from all of the UK projects individually they will be dealt with at a UK level, which should speed up that part of the process.

Top questions this month:

Q1 When will you know what speeds I will get?
There are so many variables - right down to the wiring in your home or office - that until the roll-out is complete it will be impossible to say exactly what speed any particular property will achieve. However we will be working with our chosen supplier to design a network that will address the issues that we have discovered during our many months of public consultation and data gathering. When we do go out to tender we be using a performance-based specification rather than requiring particular technologies, so it will be up to the bidders to use their expertise to achieve our targets of 100% coverage at a minimum of 2Mbps and 90% at 24Mbps or above.

Q2 Does this mean we don’t need to do the surveys any more?
It is now more vital than ever that we get full coverage with our surveys. Throughout our tendering and design phase we will be looking to achieve best coverage for every area, and we cannot do that unless we know what speeds are actually achieved in each area and what the possible future demand for faster broadband might be.

Q3 I am a community broadband provider – what does this mean for me?
Our project aim is to provide a wholesale broadband network. That means that any ISP can provide services over the network. We have also stated our intention to get fibre as close to every community as possible because that is the best way to provide future resilience. Therefore the final network should provide affordable backhaul for community broadband providers.

The CSW Broadband Project Team
Tel: 01926 412984


Claverdon Gardening Group’s Country Market

imageThis annual event will take place on Saturday 10th November at Claverdon's Dorothea Mitchell Hall CV35 8PH with free entry from 9:30am to 3pm.

Last year's Country Market was a tremendous success, with hundreds of visitors picking up many bargains from the 22 exhibitors.

This year, an even wider variety of items will be on offer including flowers, plants, vegetables, preserves, pies, sausages, beef, nuts, dried fruit, personalised gifts/clothing, knitted products, fused glass decorations, paintings, all manner of wooden items and more jewellery than an Arabian souk!

Les Edwards reporting

imageThanks to Henley in Bloom


I should like to express my sincere appreciation to Ginny Matheou for the superb effort she and her watering team put in every year.

This year especially looks brilliant once again.Your own house is a shining example of how to do it.

As you will be aware I was responsible for the watering for a period of seven years and know how onerous it can be.

Congratulations Ginny

Peter Knight - High Street

20th Lions Festive Walk on Sunday 30th December

From Baddesley Clinton National Trust House
Pull on a Santa hat and join hundreds of walkers for this ever popular day and walk off your Christmas pudding with Knowle and Dorridge Lions. Help raise funds for the Marie Curie Big Build, St Basil’s, AgeUK Solihull and local causes – get your effort sponsored or make a donation.

What better way to shake off the excesses of Christmas than to get together with family and friends for a walk in the country. There will be a choice of 1.5, 5.5 and 8 mile FREE signed walks around the beautiful Warwickshire countryside along country lanes, towpaths and footpaths, all passing at least one country pub!

More details online at: now. House and Gardens will be open for walkers to visit and mince pies and mulled wine for all to enjoy

Add it to your Festive calendar and don't forget to invite your friends and family.

See you there

Lions Festive Walk

Samaritans at Stratford Gifts Fair

imageStratford Samaritans held a very successful Arts, Crafts and Gifts Fair in the town’s Civic Hall on October 6th and 7th.

The wonderful weather over the weekend brought out many shoppers and tourists, many of whom were encouraged to look in at the Fair by a white rabbit and a hairy fairy who wandered the streets handing out fliers!

There was also a friendly-looking bear padding around, joined by a dainty clown, and the charity is extremely grateful to their support volunteers who gave up so much time to help publicise the event and bring in the crowds.

There were stalls to suit everyone, including beautiful jewellery, yummy cakes and fudges, tasty preserves, hand-knits, handbags and hand-made cards. Samaritans are also very grateful to all the stall holders who supported the Fair and to the many Samaritan volunteers who made delicious refreshments to sell and helped out over the weekend.

It was the first time the local branch has attempted anything like this but because it raised much-needed funds and was so well supported, it may not be the last!

Caroline Compton reporting

A snack attack can be a healthy one….

image Don’t eat between meals…particularly if you are trying to lose weight. Is this true? On the contrary, planning a snack between 3 healthy balanced meals can actually help weight loss – if you choose the right snack.

We normally get hungry every three to four hours and trying to ignore the mid morning hollow stomach feeling between breakfast and lunch, and the energy slump mid afternoon between lunch and dinner can cause us to overeat later on. If we leave ourselves to get too hungry we end up filling up on stodgy carbs or grabbing a chocolate fix to get an immediate energy boost and nutrition goes out the window. Sound familiar?

Eating a healthy snack mid morning and mid afternoon can help provide sustained energy throughout the day and prevent cravings for the wrong kind of foods that just pile on the pounds.

So what makes a healthy snack? Just like your breakfast, lunch and dinner should contain a balanced source of protein and wholegrain carbohydrates, so should your snacks. It can be tempting, particularly when dieting, to snack on fruit all day. But fruit still contains a lot of sugar, albeit natural, and the calories can soon add up without filling you up.

Some healthier options would be:

  • Low GI (releases sugars slowly) fruit such as:

    Apricots, grapefruit, cherries, plums, apples, peaches, strawberries, pears, oranges or fresh figs – add five or six nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans or Brazil nuts to boost the protein.

  • Low fat greek yogurt mixed with a few chopped fruits.
  • A couple of oatcakes or rice cakes with peanut butter, a dollop of cottage cheese or houmous.
  • A handful of raw chopped vegetables with a tablespoon of houmous.
  • One Herbalife protein bar or shake.

Stephanie Boyle is a wellness coach and Herbalife Independent Distributor and can help with weight loss, improved energy and vitality. For further information or a free wellness check call 07825 999122 or visit


Under par Claverdon see off local rivals

Saturday 20th October 2012


Try scorer – Anthony Jay
Conversion – Doz Ward
Penalties – Doz Ward x 2


Claverdon's Tom Johnson hurtling down the wing

The lions travelled ten minutes down the road to face a Warwickians side that had also experienced a slow start to this season’s league campaign.

Claverdon started off the stronger of the two sides and it wasn’t long before the hosts conceded a penalty within kickable distance. The lions chose to kick for the corner but the resultant lineout was wasted and the game remained scoreless. They did make amends though only minutes later as fly half Doz Ward stepped up to kick a penalty from twenty five yards and put the first points on the board.

Ten minutes later and it was again Ward that slotted another penalty to keep the scoreboard ticking over for the visitors. Warwickians did respond and tried several times to break through the Claverdon defence but resolute defending kept them firmly at bay.

With ten minutes of the half remaining the lions managed their first and only try of the game. Ward floated a long pass to inside centre Johnson who darted past several defenders before chipping through for winger Rick Wilding. He managed to pick up the loose ball and offloaded to the supporting flanker Anthony Jay to go over near the corner to record his first try of the season. Ward duly slotted the two extra points to give the visitors a seemingly comfortable half time lead.

0-13 Half Time


Club captain Conor Smith

The first period had been poor from the lions and the second half saw no improvement at all as they didn’t muster a single point. Ward and the Warwickians kicker both missed penalties before the hosts managed to finally break the Claverdon defence when their scrum half grabbed a well worked team try. The kicker hit the post from a position that should easily have gained the home side a further two points and a losing bonus point.

The only other incidents in the half saw the referee wrongly blow his whistle to signal two tries to Claverdon only to realise that the ball was in fact on the five metre line both times. Both times the red faced referee had to quickly reverse his decision.

5-13 Full Time

This was probably the worst performance of the season by the Claverdon lions. They can take small comfort in gaining a win but they must vastly step up their performance this Saturday as they face a strong Alcester side at Ossetts Hole in front of what will be a large vice presidents crowd.

Match report by Tom Johnson
Photos Will Barnes

Junior Badminton Club at Warwickshire College


The club goes from strength to strength and has 20 young players with an age range from 6 – 16 years. The success of the players in achieving County recognition is impressive. The group has a player in the County under 11s, 3 in the under 13s County Development squad and 1 in the under 15s County squad. The club meets on a Saturday morning from 9 – 10:15 at the wonderful new sports hall. The photograph above shows some of the players with the coaches Jane and George Tarver.

For further information contact: or 01926 338329

Helen Pennells reporting

For Late Breaking News - Follow Henley NEWS on image

Volunteer wanted by War Memorial Trust

Internal Finance Examiner

imageWanted - an internal finance examiner, who will be a member of the finance sub-committee meeting four times a year. The post carries a duty to monitor and review the expenditure and record-keeping of the four constituent activity groups of the Trust. It is anticipated that this could be achieved with an additional 4 meetings, one with each individual group per year.

The post holder would also be invited to attend the four Trustees’ meetings each year if they wished. He or she will also deputise for the treasurer if required.

For further information please contact Peter Crathorne on (01564) 795470, or e-mail:

imageThe Hub@Henley Community Centre is opening a new youth club evening on Mondays from 12th November and is seeking 4 volunteers to man the coffee bar from 7 'til 9 pm on a fortnightly rota.

For further information please contact Peter Crathorne on (01564) 795470, or e-mail:

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Nominations closed at 12noon on Friday 19 October for the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election.

The nominations are as follows:

      • Ron Ball - Independent
      • Fraser Pithie - Conservative
      • James Plaskitt – Labour

The PCC election will take place on Thursday 15 November with Polling Stations across Warwickshire open from 7am to 10pm.

Police and Crime Commissioners will be elected by the public to oversee how crime is tackled in their area to make sure the police are providing a good service. The role will include:

  • Meeting the public regularly to listen to their views on policing.
  • Producing a police and crime plan setting out local policing priorities.
  • Deciding how the budget will be spent.
  • Appointing Chief Constables and dismissing them if needed.

For further information on the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner election please visit and follow @WarksPCCElects on Twitter.

The registration deadline for the PCC election is 31 October. The deadline for amendments to existing postal votes or new applications is 5pm on 31 October. The deadline for new proxy votes is 5pm on 7 November.

For further information or advice please contact the Elections team at Stratford-on-Avon District Council on 01789 260208.

An information booklet from the Electoral Commission on the Police and Crime Commissioner elections is being delivered to every household in October.

For a full list of candidates and more information about them (available from 26 October) contesting the Police and Crime Commissioner elections please visit

logoAlcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team
Community Newsletter


Crime in Your Area

Burglary (dwellings) are comparable with last year, but have increased when compared to last month, however remain low overall in comparison to other areas. In Wootton Wawen on the Alcester Road the front door to a property was forced and an untidy search was made resulting in two jewellery boxes being taken. At Middle Gannaway, Norton Lindsay, a window to a property was forced open using a spade, once within unknown offender/s have made an untidy search. Burglary (others) have reduced when compared to last year, but have increased in comparison with last month. 

Criminal damage is comparable with last year, but has increased when compared to last month, however it remains low overall in comparison to other areas. On the Warwick Road, Henley, unknown offender/s have set alight and burnt a section of the skate park. In Brook End Drive, Henley, a patio window was smashed and stones found on the garden decking. In Claverdon the padlock to the side gate of a property was twisted off by force to gain access to the rear garden of the property, but thankfully nothing was taken. In Oaktree Close, Bearley, unknown offender/s have scratched a vehicle on a number of panels while it was parked in the location. 

Anti Social Behaviour has reduced when compared to last year and is comparable with last month remaining low in comparison with other areas. On Henley High Street it was reported that a loud bang was heard at approximately 23.45 hrs one evening, a firework was later found in the street.

Theft from Motor Vehicles is comparable with last year, but has reduced slightly when compared to last month and remains low in comparison with other areas. On Henley High Street a number plate was removed from the front of a vehicle. On Church Road, Claverdon a vehicle was broken into whilst parked on the driveway by smashing the window in order to take a laptop left on display, whilst in the vehicle offender/s also stole credit cards and an internet dongle. On Glebe Road, Claverdon the window to a vehicle was smashed while parked on the driveway in order to remove a holdall containing gym clothes left on display. 

Violence is comparable with last year but has increased slightly when compared to last month, however remains low when compared to other areas. Some minor incidents have been recorded in Henley and Bearley which have been dealt with appropriately by officers.

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents,
please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207. 

Further information can be found at: The Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs - Alcester Area

Tristan Jelfs PCSO 6065
Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team
Mobile: 07795231857
Voicemail: 16065

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John Garner's Business Column

Business Mentoring

John GarnerYou’ll recall that in the last issue I offered to put readers in touch with a mentor who was prepared to offer his services free of charge to local businesses. We have had two businesses replying so far.

The following is a testimonial from one of them:

I wanted to thank Henley NEWS for the offer of a local business consultancy through the Business Column. As a small start up business good, knowledgeable advice is hard to come by. Our mentor clearly did his research and arrived with a good background knowledge and he had already identified some of the challenges I face going forward. More importantly he was an excellent listener, clearly very knowledgeable and he came back with good practical suggestions. When his own knowledge of industry specific issues may be stretched (selling shipping containers and working with the international shipping industry isn’t your everyday trade) he tried to understand more about the problem before investigating and following up on the issue.

The advice I’ve received has already prevented me from spending £1,500 on a piece of software I don’t need and the general guidance was invaluable. I now feel a lot more confident about some of the immediate challenges I face and how to tackle them.

For anyone reading this who may run, or is even seriously thinking of setting up their own business, I strongly recommend getting in touch. It’s free, its initially just an hour or so of your time, and having someone independent to bounce ideas off is a huge help. Thank you Henley NEWS.

Chris Osborne

Freephone: 0808 1234 215
Mobiles: 0333 1234 215
Mobile:  07887 403 288

The mentoring offer remains open so please email if you would like to take advantage of it.

And on a topical matter that affects all businesses…..and indeed everyone:

In case you’ve forgotten (or didn't read the article from the Ambulance Service above, our clocks go back next Sunday (28th). Yes, back not forward. I always find this rather depressing as it confirms that Summer is well and truly over, at least it does if you’ve had a Summer. The only saving grace I can think of is that it means an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning.

If you have difficulty remembering exactly when this happens each year you can use the following formula:

To calculate the end of European Summer Time:

The date will be: Sunday [31 − ((((5 × y) ÷ 4) + 1) mod 7)] October at 01:00 GMT

(where the formula in red gives the day of the month; y is the year, and for the non-negative a, a mod b is the remainder of division after truncating both operands to an integer). Obvious really, I can do it in my head.......

Having done that you may as well look forward to the Spring so I’ve included the formula for calculating the beginning of European Summer Time:

Sunday [31 − ((((5 × y) ÷ 4) + 4) mod 7)] March at 01:00 GMT

These formulae are valid until 2099; after that you’ll have to work it out for yourselves.

John Garner - Business Correspondent

Warnings from Trading Standards

Plumber prosecuted for Misleading Consumer

imageA plumber who misled an elderly Leamington Spa resident has been successfully prosecuted by Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service.

Mr Timothy Barnes who trades as T Barnes Plumbing and Heating, Barton Drive, Knowle, Solihull was found guilty of two consumer protection offences.

These offences related to Mr Barnes carrying out and charging for unnecessary work and failing to carry out work to a professional standard.

Businesses Warned to Beware of ‘Parliamentary’ Approach

Warwickshire businesses are warned to beware of approaches from high pressure sales people selling advertising space in reports and yearbooks linked to Parliament.

The cost of the adverts in these publications can run in to thousands of pounds and Trading Standards Officers are concerned that businesses may think the approaches are being made by people who are working for or on behalf of Parliament or Government Departments.

But these approaches are instead coming from private traders with no official remit whatsoever.

Before agreeing to advertising, businesses and other organisations such as schools should ensure that the publication is legitimate and will be printed and distributed in quantities large enough to make the advertising worthwhile.

Pension Concern

Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning consumers about recorded phone calls offering people the ‘opportunity’ to make £1,000 from their pension! Treat all such claims with a great deal of caution and never provide personal or financial information to unexpected callers.

Loan Warning

Consumers looking for a loan are advised to beware of bogus texts, warn Warwickshire Trading Standards.

A consumer who had been looking online for loans received a text from a ‘loan company’ and then a phone call. The caller offered him a 12 month loan and agreed monthly payments. The caller then asked for these in Ukash vouchers. The first payment was not deposited and another amount requested.

Never provide personal or financial information to unexpected callers.

Door to Door ‘Builders’

Warwickshire Trading Standards is warning consumers to beware of door to door ‘builders’ after a report of someone driving a blue pick-up truck door knocking in the Norton Lindsey/Warwick area. The caller claimed the householder’s roof needed work and the chimney needed repointing.

Such claims from door to door traders should be treated with extreme caution. This is a typical approach used by rogue/cowboy builders. It is very difficult for a householder to verify whether their roof/chimney really needs work or not.

If you believe your roof or chimney need work, seek advice from a local builder and wherever possible, go on recommendation.

You can’t tell a good builder from a poor one on the doorstep. Keep your door closed!

More information is available on our website:

Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council


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about Henley-in-Arden

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Nadhim Zahawi is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Stratford upon Avon and he has said, "I am extremely keen on hearing your views so please feel free to contact me."

Get in Touch with Nadhim


Many residents find it difficult to know to which of the three levels of local government to refer their questions.

To assist residents Henley NEWS provides a service enabling a question to be sent to the elected representatives on the County, District and Parish councils simultaneously.

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July 2013 Sat 20 - Jazz in the Garden - Guild Hall
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Forthcoming Events in the next 2 months

Future events should be notified to Margrit Johnson (Parish Church Newsletter) at:

HAVE YOU SEEN THE ANGELS EXHIBITION? - if not, there is still time to visit.

Present a pantomime 'The Lost Jewel' on Nov 1st - 3rd. In Wootton Village hall for tickets see Rob (Mills Butcher), Dermot at the village store or Sally Whitehead on 01564 792887.

13th November. This is an 'OPEN SHOW' with national demonstrator Jonathon Moseley presenting 'Yuletide Trends & Traditions'. Tickets on door £8.00.

We hope to see all members at the AGM in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday November 6th from 7.30pm. We value any suggestions you make for future meetings and look forward to the social time with a "Finger Buffet" following the more formal part of the evening.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 15th November in the Baptist Church Hall at 8.00 pm when Dr Sylvia Pinches will give a talk entitled 'a Tale of Two Castles'. Visitors and new members are very welcome. Further details from Pat Kench on 795419.

THE LEPROSY MISSION invite you to a free buffet lunch followed by a fascinating talk by their country leader in Sudan, Dr Yousif Deng, from 1pm on Thursday 15 November in the Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane. Over tea and cake afterwards you will be able to talk to Dr Deng about his work. Please telephone 0121 384 2402 to reserve a place if you wish to attend.

St John's CHRISTMAS BAZAAR - Saturday 24 November 11am-3pm
Once again we will be serving hot lunches in addition to the usual refreshments. Please bring friends and family to enjoy this traditional event and do some Christmas shopping at the same time - not forgetting to visit Father Christmas in his grotto! We need prizes for the tombola as well as cakes for the cake stall, bric-a-brac (not jumble), unworn/unwanted clothes, china & glass, gifts, cosmetics (unopened!), handicrafts and produce - if you are making jam or pickles, perhaps you could spare an extra jar for this stall? The bottle Tombola is always very popular and if you could donate a full, unopened bottle of any kind, not necessarily alcohol, then the stall would be an even bigger attraction throughout the day!
Please leave items in the box at the back of church or contact Daphne or Barbara - 01926 843515 or 01564 793710 respectively and we will arrange to collect. Very many thanks.

This is the opportunity for you to learn about "Warwickshire Flowers" when John Roberts visits us on Tuesday November 20th from 7.45pm in the Baptist Church Hall. There could possibly be an opportunity to see the flowers for ourselves at an outdoor meeting next year? Visitors are always welcome.

27th November Christine Dakin (nursery woman) will talk on 'Beautiful Borders'. Visitors welcome.

The Switch On of the Henley Christmas Lights will take place on Saturday 1st December 2012. Carol Service at 5.00pm Switch on 5.30pm. Mulled Wine and Mince Pies will be provided by Henley Ex Services Social Fund.

Last year saw the first Christmas Market in the Guildhall Garden following the Christmas Street Light Switch-on. The market raised over £500 for Acorns. This year we hope to do even better and the chosen charities for 2012 are Warwick Breast Cancer Care & Macmillan Nurses. Stalls will include “Lemon Tree Flowers”, “Maggie's Cup Cakes & Sweets”, tasty hot baps from “Mills the Butcher”, Crafts, mulled wine, hot chocolate, Tombola and Kids Lucky Dip. The Alcester Silver Band will continue to play Christmas songs in the Guildhall Garden. So please come along on Saturday 1st December following the carols at the Market Cross and “Step into Christmas”

Meets every Tuesday at St John's Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane (6.30-7.30). Contact Paul Barnard 01564 792278.

At a recent meeting of co-ordinators for the Stratford area, the chairman stressed how important it is to contact residents quickly when crimes are reported in the area and this is why co-ordinators are needed. Henley is covered quite well with most roads but there are areas still in need of someone to contact. If you are willing to have your name and telephone number registered to receive calls from the Crime Officer when necessary please let Annette Walker (792837) know.

Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on The Henley Town Website

imageOpen to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Four person coaching team with a range of practice options. 7 floodlit courts (two astro) open throughout the year mean that there are always courts available. Full social tennis programme with tournaments held throughout the year. League matches summer and winter. Very active and successful Junior section from 5yrs to 18yrs with coaching, Club sessions and Club and County competitions. Hedgehogs membership for 5’s and under with coaching. For details of membership please contact Judith Mathias 01564 792378 or Simon Maddox 01564 795699
logoRotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, is an organisation of more than 55,000 men and women who, as members of over 1,850 Rotary clubs, volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world. The Henley-in-Arden Club meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm. New members are always welcome.
Please email
Rotarian Michael Redman
imageAre you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers?  We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £5.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Paula Pugh on 015647 42781
  2011 Programme
Meets every Friday and Sunday evening from 8pm at the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden. The season runs from mid September to end April. A warm welcome is extended to all badminton players who may be interested in joining the club. Visitors welcome. Please contact the Chairman, Alan Barber, on 01564 793320 for further details.
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Kevin O'Brien on 01564 794903.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A3400 just outside Henley. The Club welcomes new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
Meets every Tuesday at St John's Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane (6.30-7.30). Any age are most welcome to learn About the art of self defence or just for good general exercise. Contact Paul Barnard 01564 792278
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Coordinators. If you are aware that your area is not covered or you are willing to be a coordinator, please contact Annette Walker on 792837
This is an exciting opportunity to make your mark on what has been a vibrant and successful scout troop. In order for it to continue to provide young people with diverse opportunities we urgently need the support of our local community. Please come forward and find out more about how you can get involved. For more information please contact Graham Mallinson on: 01564 795297 / 07535 233313.

image The centre is open every weekday; Surestart and the Parenting Project operate many supportive activities for mothers with babies. There is a club on Thursdays 10.00am – 12.30 for the older generation and regular computer classes on Fridays. There is a Youth Club (13+) on Wednesday 7.00pm – 9.00pm and a Junior Youth Club for Year 5 to Year 8 on Tuesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm. You can book the centre for your family parties at the weekend, its superb facilities are ideal for this. Check out the Web Site for a lot more information

Thursdays, 11am at the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane. Age, health or fitness no barrier. £5 per session – no termly fees. For further information contact Debbie Wild on 07773 318830.    Full details at:
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley. Visitors are most welcome and for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079.
De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 603 8577 for further details.
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge.
Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email for more information.
Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.

The Wednesday Club provides a friendly environment where people with visual problems can meet together and enjoy good company, interesting speakers, outings and a delicious tea together.  The Club meets on alternate Wednesday afternoons and welcomes new members. For further information please phone: 0121-705-3926, 01564-792724, 01564-794209 or 01564-792138.

imageA registered political party campaigning for a fairer voting system in Henley & Beaudesert. Henley parish is under-represented and one seat should be transferred from Beaudesert parish to Henley parish. The party campaigns for economy as the JPC spends three times as much as comparable parish councils, with over 50% of its income going on administration, which Henley and Beaudesert council taxpayers have to pay for.
For more details, read: To join the Henley Independents email:

Details about tourist attractions and neighbouring villages can be found on The Henley Town Website

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Henley NewsHENLEY NEWS is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed? Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures sent to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is the preferred format. Please send to

We are delighted to publish the list of our correspondents:

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