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Edition 306 - 2nd August 2012
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Henley Rings in the Olympics

At 8.12 am on the opening day, Henley bell ringers joined in the national "RING YOUR BELL" marking the start of London 2012.


The regular team rang the big bells, whilst down in front of the west door the rector supervised the hand bells.


After the event, Nigel and Maria from the White Swan Hotel invited everyone to join them for refreshments.


Proud to be a Gamesmaker from Henley-in-Arden

imageI thought I would share a very proud moment with you all, when I was chosen to be a Gamesmaker for the Olympics.

Based in Coventry at the Football, I have met some very interesting people, Presidents of many countries and some Sports Ministers, Team Coaches etc.

As a member of the Protocol team, we meet and greet not only the V.I.P's but also help supporters find their way around the stadium, directing them to where they need to be.

What a fantastic time it has been and on Friday we welcome the Ladies Football Team GB.

Lets hope they win.

Cindy Brittan

Henley Community First Responders Launched


imageThe Chairman and the Chief Executive of the West Midlands Ambulance Service were both present to launch the Henley-in-Arden Community First Responders at a ceremony at the ancient Market Cross in the centre of the town on Saturday 21st July.

Mr John Pudney, Chairman and Coordinator of Henley CFR, introduced Sir Graham Meldrum, Chairman of West Midland Ambulance Service who told a large number of residents, who included nine trained responders, that Community First Responders were a vital part of the WMAS and its ability to respond to certain 999 calls. He said he was very pleased to be asked to launch this Henley scheme to serve the people of Henley and the surrounding area.

A number of 999 calls have already been answered in Henley and Wootton Wawen. A significant number of hours have already been spent “on call” to the WMAS control room at Stafford.

Click here to view slideshow

Visit the new Henley Community First Responders website


imageRecently-elected President of Henley Rotary Club Tony Capps represented the club at the launch of Henley Community First Responders and pledged the club’s on-going support for the service. “We’re delighted to be involved and, in the immediate future, to add to the contribution we’ve already made, we will be donating a major part of the proceeds from our Charity Golf Day on 21st September to this vital local community service.”

It’s been an encouraging start to the new Rotary year. Commenting, Tony Capps said, ”The club is in good heart, membership is up and we’re looking forward to a busy year of service, especially within our local community.” Last week, he visited six of the local primary schools donating a set of dictionaries provided by the club to each of them.

Even the Olympics have been on the agenda. A good number of members acted as roving marshals when the torch made its way through Stratford earlier this month.

Rotarian Michael Redman reporting

SDC to review Governance of Henley JPC

Mike Willmott chairman of Henley Independents wrote to Councillor Roache, SDC Corporate Support Portfolio Cabinet Member, on the 2nd of July saying:

imageFollowing the recent parish council election for Henley and Beaudesert Joint Parish Council it is clear that there is a need for the District Council to conduct a Community Governance Review (CGR) as the voting patterns suggest that the arrangements set up on the creation of the Joint Parish Council to decide on the split of councillors between parishes is now substantially out of date.

This has meant that the concept of equal weight of votes outlined by the Electoral Commission in its guidance on community governance reviews, section 164, has been breached. This has arisen due to the changes in population since the creation of the joint parish in May 1976.

The current populations of Henley (1716) and Beaudesert (817) would suggest 8 councillors for Henley and 4 for Beaudesert instead of the present 7 and 5 respectively.

In any event according to the Electoral Commission, it is good practice to conduct a review every10 to 15 years and there has been no review as far as I am aware since the joint parish council was created in 1975.

Clearly there could be a number of outcomes from such a review from the degrouping of the parishes to the creation of Town status or the simple adjustment of the relative number of councillors between parishes.

No doubt a review would consult widely to ensure that the wishes of the electorate in each parish were respected, together with the need to ensure that the guidance from the Electoral Commission was followed.

I believe there is now a duty on the District Council to conduct a review well before the next election,and I would be most grateful if you would confirm that one will be conducted together with some indication of when.

Councillor Roache replied on July 26th saying, "After checking with the Monitoring Officer and Darren Whitney, I am pleased to inform you that we are just embarking on a Community Governance review throughout the District, details of which will be with Parish Councils shortly."

imageSubsequently, Stratford-on-Avon District Council issued a press release advising residents that a Community Governance Review (CGR) would be held. The press release advised that CGR is a legal process whereby District Councils can create Parish Councils, review and change parish boundaries and in extreme cases, abolish parishes.

This Review for Stratford-on-Avon District will consider whether the existing Parish Councils are effective, convenient and reflect the identities and interests of the local area. It will also consider whether Parish Councils should be merged, altered or abolished.

Please send your views in writing to Darren Whitney, Democratic Services Manager, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6HX or by email to

The deadline for responses is Wednesday 12 September 2012. The District Council will consider all the representations and then publish draft proposals and the reasons behind them. There will then be a further consultation before the final proposals are agreed.

Mike Willmott told Henley NEWS, "Henley Independents are delighted that the District Council will be conducting a governance review that will revisit the decisions made when the Joint Parish Council was created to see if the residents are best served by the present arrangements.

"Henley Independents will use every mechanism available to seek views from the electorate to ensure their voice carries as much weight as all the other interested parties."

Big Brother is NOW Watching YOU!

2 Victories for the Residents and Readers of Henley NEWS

On the 19th April 2008, two unsightly industrial style columns appeared on the High Street, one outside Barclays Bank and the other outside the old Police Station. There was an immediate outcry by residents and almost immediately the column outside Barclays Bank and St John's Church was removed. Victory 1 to the residents.


Victory 1 for the residents


Victory 2 for the residents

image1,560 days later, the High Street CCTV cameras have been installed. Can this be a record? Should it be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records?

To the surprise of many residents, the camera opposite Beaudesert Lane is not of the prison style type recommended by the parish council but a discreet one similar to those used in the centre of Stratford. Many residents, with the support of Henley NEWS, have campaigned for the last four years for such a camera. Victory 2 to the residents. No doubt in the next edition of the JPC Newsletter, we will be told what a good job they have done.

At present the trees are in leaf and so the camera outside the Old Police Station has a very limited field of view. Stratford District Council has been asked for an assurance that these trees will not be reduced on "security grounds".

In our edition of 24th April 2008, Nigel Hastilow wrote:-

Big Brother isn’t watching you

Nigel HastilowBig Brother isn’t watching you, he’s towering over you, intimidating you and ruining your historic High Street. Henley is apparently so crime-ridden it needs the protection of two CCTV cameras, one right next to the historic church, the other – with unintended irony – outside the abandoned police station. There is little justification for these cameras under any circumstances. CCTV does not prevent crime.

If a crime takes place on the mean streets of Henley-in-Arden, the pictures will be relayed to some dozy security attendant in a locked room in Stratford-upon-Avon. He will be monitoring a bank of 80 or so separate screens showing the boring sights of every camera in the district. By the time he clocks that something’s afoot in Henley, it will have been and gone.

The best he could do is call the police and ask them to take a look. They, in turn, will much rather look at CCTV footage in the comfort of their headquarters a few days later than rush to the scene.

What sort of crime might these cameras actually prevent? Well, it’s possible vandals will be deterred from tipping flowers out of their pots and baskets. It’s even possible a few people will be put off parking on the double yellow lines in case CCTV footage is printed out and used in evidence against them.

The cameras could possibly intimidate an occasional gang of teenagers, though if they feel threatened they could sneakily move round the corner out of sight of the prying electronic eye. The cameras may deter burglars though that supposes the raiders won’t cheat and go round the back instead. Ram-raiders could get caught though elementary precautions like using a stolen car and wearing face masks would probably be enough to prevent detection by CCTV.

It is, indeed, difficult to imagine what practical use these intrusions into the conservation area might actually have. Even if they do make a modest difference, how can they possibly be worth the heavy price the town must pay for them? That price comes in various forms. There’s the cost to the local taxpayers and the price of 24/7 monitoring of their no doubt riveting footage of people buying their newspapers and going to the pub.

I rang Stratford Council to ask about this. These cameras cost the taxpayer £35,000. Monitoring the district’s CCTVs costs £250,000 a year. The aim is to cut crime by 15 per cent in three years. So far, according to the council’s own figures, crime has actually risen from 8,458 incidents a year to 9,855. But they claim the cameras have “helped” in the arrest of 546 people. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?

Meanwhile there’s the unfashionable question of civil liberties. The council has a policy on this. Its systems “are operated in a manner that will secure their consistent effectiveness and preserve the civil liberty of law abiding citizens at all times”. Luckily, they promise that sensitive personal data won’t be used against us (the definitions say “Sensitive personal data is personal data which is deemed to be sensitive” – so that’s clear then). Mind you, they’re getting an extra 40 grand from the police to use cameras with automatic number-plate recognition, so if you’re sensitive about getting a parking ticket you’d better avoid the double yellows in future.

That might be regarded as a benefit but let’s face it, when the taxman (HMRC to you, sunshine) can lose the bumf on half the households in Britain, what confidence can any of us have that Stratford District Council will guarantee our privacy?

Then, finally, we have the fact that these monsters are there at all. The whole of the High Street is a conservation area. The council’s own conservation policy sets out in some detail what you can’t do to destroy the “street scene” in this historic location. It highlights this warning: “Please note that if either Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent is required, it is a criminal offence to undertake works without it.”

On the face of it, the police should be asking the district council to help with their inquiries.

The council tells me these gantries do not need planning permission. I asked why they couldn’t be placed on the side of building. They can’t go on buildings for two reasons: because the owners would not give their permission and – stunningly – “because the majority have got conservation orders on them”. In other words, the buildings are too valuable to despoil but it’s OK to destroy the entire vista. Does this make sense to anyone?

Still, there’s no chance the police will investigate this clear breach of conservation area planning laws.

After all, the whole point of CCTV cameras is that they allow the police to abdicate all responsibility for policing. They are the cheap and cheerless substitute to bobbies on the beat. Everyone laughs at the Henley “community support officer”. It would be nice if real police officers showed their faces more often. CCTV will put paid to that.

The worst part of this is that some idiot invited CCTV into the town in the first place. Someone, somewhere (let’s face it, the parish council) must have thought it was a good idea. The district council spokesman told me the police, the CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership) and the crime figures themselves determine where the cameras go.

She goes on: “Henley Parish Council have been demanding cameras for four or five years. As the crime statistics prove a need and the district council has finally been able to accommodate their wishes.” Even if it were a wizard wheeze, surely nobody expected this pair of monstrous carbuncles on the face of a much-loved friend. If the parish council knew what it was asking for then there’s no excuse. If they didn’t, then the sooner they demand their excision the better.

Even if the cameras reduce crime by 15 per cent in three years (fat chance), the price for tolerating this criminal damage to the environment is far too high.

I asked the council spokesman what the procedure was for getting rid of CCTV cameras. She said she didn’t have any advice about that.

Nigel Hastilow

Nigel Hastilow is a former resident of Henley, a highly respected political journalist and the former the editor of The Birmingham Post.

Jazz in the Garden 2012

imageA perfect English summer evening was spent at this delightful event. This year it felt more special than usual as it was the first warm summer evening we'd had after weeks of cold and rain. Everyone enjoyed their picnics including strawberries and fizz provided by the organisers. It was the 16th year for this popular event and the jazz band has already been booked for next year.

The venue in the Guild Hall garden is absolutely stunning and creates a wonderful atmosphere. The evening ended with a fabulous display of fireworks. Many thanks to Marijana, Duncan and their team of hard workers along with the sponsors who make this such a lovely event.

Anna Best reporting

image    image

Heritage Centre renovations completed

imageThe substantial scaffolding structure outside the Heritage Centre at 150 High Street, Henley has attracted a good deal of curiosity and attention over the last three months. Well, you certainly couldn’t miss it: it became facetiously known as the Heritage Centre’s conservatory. So News-on-Line’s readers might like a short explanation of what’s been going on.

Ancient buildings can look solid, indestructible and everlasting. In reality of course they are as prone to the ravages of age as any man-made construction. A large part of the house, the home of Henley’s Heritage Centre, was dated by experts as a building of the middle 14th century – the year 1345 to be precise. As a country at that time we were involved in the Hundred Years War and Edward III took on the French at the Battle of Crecy in the following year. The Black Death struck England in 1348. So in view of the passage of time, we could perhaps excuse a bit of rot and deterioration.

A single first-floor beam, shown above, which recently displayed such a problem was not in the very oldest section of the building but in the later, Tudor, part. So perhaps it would have been true at that time to say “they don’t build them like they used to”. Concerned that the beam in question appeared to support one of the upper walls and was clearly part of the general framework of the front and “jetted” part of the house, the trustees engaged the services of John Partridge, a specialist in oak timber frame restoration work to establish the extent and nature of the problem, and to fix it.

imageThe house is a Grade II listed building in a conservation area and of course local authority Planning and Conservation consent was required before we could lift a finger to do any repairs. The policy in respect for this kind of work is that as much as possible of the original should be retained. That leads to interesting debates about how much of a particular component of the structure could and should be repaired, as opposed to replaced. The picture below shows the removal of one which was beyond repair.

imageJohn and his assistant Grant Taylor embarked on a programme of deeper investigation. It transpired that the suspect beam was but one of several interconnected and structurally important parts of the timber frame. Trustee architect Duncan Bainbridge steered the technical aspects of the decision-making. Once the decision was made to go ahead, the front and side of the building were scaffolded – including an ingenious way of supporting the wall upstairs while the beam beneath it was removed - and shielded from the elements. This proved to be absolutely the right decision in view of the June weather: the progress of work was more or less unaffected by the rainstorms. To cut a long story short, a total of eight timber frame members plus several minor parts were dealt with. The replacement timber is all six years air-dried oak and the techniques used preserve the authentic look and function of the structure. In fact, the replacements are probably stronger than the originals!

On Friday 27 July the scaffolding was taken down and the final result became fully visible. It’s been a great job, done with great skill, patience courtesy and sensitivity by John and Grant. Thanks to the care taken we were able to keep the Heritage Centre open to the public for all but three days.

imageimageJohn is a timber enthusiast: his young son apparently once said to him “Dad, can we talk about something other than wood?” We are indebted to him and Grant for helping to keep this valuable old asset alive, safe and well for the coming centuries!

For those who may not know it, the Heritage Centre tells the story of Henley’s past from the days of the Norman conquest to the present day. There are seven display rooms packed with exhibits and a reading room containing masses of documents collected over the years. It is open from 1st April to the end of October, Tuesday to Friday from 10.30am to 4.30pm, weekends and bank holidays from 2.30 to 4.30pm. Entry is free – but donations are certainly not declined!

Ray Holding
Trustee and Curator
Henley-in-Arden Heritage Centre
Tel. 01564.795919

Help For Heroes & the Heroes of Henley evening

posterThe Henley-in-Arden Guild Hall Trust Appeal are organising a military evening on Saturday 8th September at the Memorial Hall to raise funds for their appeal and 'Help for Heroes'..

To start the evening, the band of 1289 (Stratford-upon-Avon) Squadron ATC will parade and march to the Memorial Hall. Weather permitting, the band will then give a display in the car park.

Following the band display, Dr Douglas Bridgewater, an acknowledged expert of World War 1, will talk about the men from Henley who fought and died in the Great War. During this time, the Memorial Hall was used as a hospital.

During an interval for refreshments, the 1289 Sqn band will play on the stage.

Following the interval, Alec Murray from 'Help For Heroes' will give a talk and show a video on the work of this important charity which helps today's heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq.

To conclude the evening, there will be a raffle and a presentation on stage to 'Help for Heroes'.

It is hoped that all our readers and Henley's Veterans and their families will support this event for two worthy causes. Click the link below to book online.

Tickets ONLY £12.50 ea

This event is sponsored by Lodders Solicitors, Henley Hotel, F Goldsmith & The Henley Society


Help our Diary Farmers says NFU

imageBeleaguered West Midlands’ dairy farmers fighting to see milk price cuts reversed have received a boost after three major dairies agreed to drop their price plans. The NFU has welcomed moves by First Milk, Dairy Crest and Arla to withdraw price cuts planned for 1 August although there is still more work to be done.

First Milk and Arla dropped the price cut and Dairy Crest announced a two month stay of execution of its planned 1.65 pence per litre cut. Pressure is mounting on dairy giant Wiseman / Muller to reverse intended price cuts given the position of the other dairies and given that several major supermarket chains have announced a commitment on the milk price over the past two weeks.

Yesterday NFU President Peter Kendall and Adam Quinney, NFU Vice President, were joined by chief NFU dairy adviser Robert Newbery and Staffordshire dairy farmer Greg Brown, who milks around 300 cows near Stone, for talks with Muller at the company’s UK headquarters at Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Mr Quinney, who farms near Redditch, said: “We went to Muller and discussed why the dairy crisis had built up, explained all of the reasons and the many consequences for our farmers. We talked about the dire situation Shropshire farmers and those from across the country find themselves in and the reality of them not receiving a fair price for their milk at farm gate. Every issue to do with this difficult and unacceptable situation was covered and we put forward what we and our members feel are the solutions. Loss of production and future market losses were also put under the spotlight. We were there for just over an hour and I felt we had a very serious discussion about the future of dairying and how the problems can be resolved.

“The meeting was cordial, straight-forward and straight talking, it really was a very workmanlike discussion as you would expect about what is a very serious issue for our members, their families, rural businesses and the industry as a whole. Talks are still on-going and it was important we met with Muller yesterday to put a firm case forward for British dairying.”

The NFU and milk coalition, NFU Scotland, NFU Cymru, WFU, Farmers for Action and the Tenant Farmers’ Association have been working hard for the sector and representatives will meet again in a week to discuss the situation further.

Dozens of peaceful protests have also taken place outside dairy processors and supermarkets up and down the country with many in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

NFU regional dairy board chairman Michael Oakes, who farms at Rednal, near Birmingham, said: “Farmers have worked together and this has not only shown the severity of the problem but it has started to pay dividends.

“We have been heartened by the work done so far and to see some cuts reversed but there is still a long way to go as many farmers are still being paid below the cost of production. I must say that I find it very disappointing and frustrating that Wiseman / Muller seems to be ignoring the situation and to me, as a farmer, it looks like they are balancing their books at the expense of the UK dairy industry.”

Chance to learn dry stone walling

imageThe Churches Conservation Trust is offering local people the opportunity to preserve a part of Shakespeare's heritage with a free dry stone walling training weekend at the 11th century All Saints' Church, in Billesley where, it is claimed, the Bard may have married Anne Hathaway.

From 29th to 30th September volunteers will be taught the traditional craft in the hope that the church wall will be completely restored over the weekend.

The volunteer project aims to preserve this historical landmark and rebuild the link between locals and the church. The Church is situated adjacent to Billesley Manor Hotel..

For further information and to get involved, contact Gabriella on 07721866423 or


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about Henley-in-Arden

Visit the Henley-in-Arden Town Website at:

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and receives no money from public funds.


Church Bells leave St Nicholas

image    image

imageAfter weeks of virtually continuous rain, Saturday 21st July dawned bright & sunny for a change, just in time to assist a complex operation to remove three bells from St Nicholas’ Church as the first part of a refurbishment programme to mark the Diamond Jubilee of HM the Queen. Two of these bells were first installed in 1350, pre-dating the Church of England by nearly two hundred years, and the third in 1711. Unfortunately ravishes of time mean that the bell mountings have become unsafe, and they have not been rung for many years.

Contractors from bell-founders John Taylor & Co began dismantling the bells the day before, ready to commence the complex and lengthy operation of gently lowering the bells, the heaviest of which weighs over ¼ ton, into the body of the church. John Taylor’s director, Simon Adams, supervised the operation and was assisted by members of St John’s church congregation, with others providing welcome refreshments during the morning.

Of course, once the bells had been safely lowered to ground level and man-handled outside, they had to be lifted on to the back of a waiting pickup truck. After a careful bit of measurement it was decided that the rear tailgate of the truck would just fit under the arch of the Lych Gate, and with the blessing of the Rector and a block & tackle the bells were successfully loaded on to the truck, ready to be transported to the bell-founders in Loughborough where they will be refurbished.

It is planned that the refurbished bells will be re-installed in St Nicholas’ church tower by the end of 2012, hopefully in time to ring-in Christmas & the New Year for the first time in living memory.

Click Here to view a slideshow on the Parish Church website.

Report by David Archer
Photos this page by Fred Dowling




The new Diamond Jubilee Edition of the Henley Telephone Directory is now well advanced. We hope to publish this autumn but we must insure that we have the majority of residents listed.

Unfortunately, we cannot use the previous editions, so if residents want to be included they must provide us with their details.

During this last phase, we are now visiting every household which has not yet registered and we are most grateful to those readers who have volunteered to assist.

However we still do need to cover the roads listed below. Please could you email me if you could assist in any of these areas.

Bill Leech - Editor


Aspen Court (B95 5GP)Mayswood Road (B95 6AU)
Back Lane (B95 5SS)Meadow Road (B95 5LD)
Bear Close (B95 5HS)Millfield Court (B95 5AD)
Bear Lane (B95 5HR)Orchard Rise, The Grange (B95 5FL)
Becks Croft (B95 5FS)Prince Harry Road (B95 5DD)
Beldesert Close (B95 5JU)Rose Avenue (B95 5JR)
Blackford Close (B95 5HD)School Road (B95 5BP)
Blackford Hill (B95 5DQ)Schoolhouse Mews (B95 5FP)
Blackthorn Court (B95 5GN)School Road, Tudor Court (B95 5AP)
Brook End Drive (B95 5JA)St. John`s Close (B95 5JB)
Cherry Orchard (B95 5JW)Stratford Road (B95 6AB)
Chestnut Walk (B95 5JN)Stratford Road, High Hurst (B95 6AB)
Dell Court (B95 5FW)Stratford Rd, Wootton Wawen (B95 6AP)
De Montfort Court (B95 5HX)The Croft (B95 5DY)
Doctors Lane (B95 5AW)The Horsefair (B95 5BE)
Edge Lane (B95 5DS)The Yew Trees (B95 5BQ)
Greengates (B95 5FR)Warwick Road (B95 5BJ)
Harris Close (B95 5DE)Warwick Road, Henley Park Court (B95 5FF)
Johnson Place (B95 5AE)Yew Tree Gardens (B95 5HP)
Kyte Green (B95 5DU) 


Alne Close (B95 5JZ)
Castle Road (B95 5LP)
Arden Close (B95 5LW)Liveridge Hill, Beaudesert (B95 5QX)
Arden Road (B95 5LH) Liveridge Hill, Haven Pastures (B95 5QS)
Beaudesert (B95 5QA)Liveridge Hill, Henley-in-Arden (B95 5QX)
Beaudesert Lane (B95 5JY)Mount Road (B95 5LU)
Bird In Hand Cottages, Beaudesert (B95 5QR)
Mows Hill, Beaudesert (B95 5QU)
Birmingham Road, Beaudesert (B95 5QD)Riverside Gardens (B95 5JX)
Buckley Green, Henley-in-Arden (B95 5QE)St. Nicholas Road (B95 5LL)
Camp Lane, Beaudesert (B95 5QG)Whitley Road (B95 5LJ)
Castle Close (B95 5LR)William James Way (B95 5GB)

Please click here if you can help


Sports Pavillion survey report presented

imageThe Trustees of the 'Henley War Memorial Trust' last week received a report from Katie Johnson on her dissertation which discusses the viability and sustainability of the proposals of a large, two storey sports pavilion in Henley.

Katie writes, "This topic was chosen as it provided a fantastic opportunity to work on something practical that will assist a real cause. It was also something that I was genuinely interested in and would become passionate about.

"The timing was ideal as the proposals were in discussion at the time when I needed a suitable topic to carry out my studies. Having completed the study, I am delighted to let you know I received a 1st for the final report.

"The report focused on the social implications of the proposal. In order to carry out the study, the following objectives were identified;

  • Is the new pavilion wanted and needed by the current users and towns population, as a sports facility?
  • Would the different user groups be happy to share the new facility?
  • Is the pavilion wanted and needed by residents of the town as a social venue to be hired out?

"Overall, conclusions made from the research suggested that there was desire for the proposed pavilion from current users and high initial support suggests membership may increase. However it also became clear that there is not currently enough demand to support the ambitious original plans.

"To ensure sustainability of the pavilion, all members of each club must be happy to socialize in the same place; otherwise users are faced with the same issues as the one they are facing now. The proposed plans needs full support from all users to prevent the same thing happening.

"Hiring the venue out was suggested in order to maximise usage which would bring in much needed income, provide security and most importantly to ensure that financially, the building is sustainable in the longer term.

"This proposal received lots of initial support and the hiring of the venue would seem to solve the issue of making money to cover costs. However, there was little evidence to suggest that there is enough demand for the building as a venue to be hired out. This is due to the large number of venues already available in the town and also due to the location of the site outside the town.

"The report has shown that there is still enthusiasm to improve the sports pavilion and provide better facilities for current users, visiting teams and most importantly for encouraging young people to bet involved in sport. Lots of progress has been made to identify a viable solution, which is now being investigated further.

"It is recommended that a refurbishment of the current building with further investigations into demand, costs and viability would be the best option in the short term. I believe further research would enhance the plans and ensure the final proposal is a sustainable facility which residents of Henley can benefit from and be proud of, for years to come.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the interviewees and respondents who gave up their time to help. I would also like to thank Bill leech, Peter Crathorne and John Johnson for their assistance with the report. I was very grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the committee on this project and hope my research will help with future proposals."

Our photo shows Alan Jones, Trustee responsible for the Memorial Playing Fields, receiving a copy of the report from Katie Johnson.

Volunteers wanted by War Memorial Trust


Henley War Memorial Trust

The Trust's activities and financial turnover have doubled in the last twelve months, therefore they urgently require the following volunteers:

  1. An assistant secretary to manage a total of four meetings a year of the Sports Grounds and Pavilion Management Committees and assist the secretary if necessary.

  2. An assistant treasurer, who will be a member of the finance sub-committee with a duty to monitor and review the expenditure and record-keeping of the four constituent activity groups of the Trust. He or she will also deputise for the treasurer if required. A knowledge of the Quickbooks accounting system would be helpful, but not a requirement.

For further information please contact Peter Crathorne on (01564) 795470, or e-mail:

Advertisement Feature for the benefit of the Guild Hall Trust

Exclusive Residency Found At Farriers Cross


House hunters looking for a stunning new home in Henley in Arden should head down to Taylor Wimpey Midlands’ Farriers Cross development, where there is now just one three bedroom house remaining.

Plot 18, the fabulous three bedroom Flatford home offers spacious, flexible living and priced at just £249,995, it’s perfect for growing families and those looking to downsize without compromising on space or character. What’s more, the Flatford is available to first and second time buyers for a 5% deposit of just £12,500, using the Government-backed NewBuy scheme*.

NewBuy, available on brand new properties up to the value of £500,000, means that credit-worthy first time buyers may now only need to save a 5% deposit before they can get on the property ladder. Home movers with limited equity in their existing house will also benefit from the increase in availability of 95% loan to value mortgages.

Anne Wallace, regional sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey Midlands, comments: “The Flatford has been incredibly popular with first time buyers and young families in the area given its flexible living space which can be adapted to suit the owner’s needs as they change over time. This coupled with the fact that the development is set in one of the most attractive areas in the county, it’s hardly surprising that there is now only one Flatford remaining for sale.

“So if you’re looking to buy I suggest heading down to Farriers Cross sooner rather than later to avoid missing out on what could turn out to be your dream home!”

Inside the Flatford you’ll find a living room /dining area with French doors opening out to the rear garden, a modern kitchen and a convenient cloakroom, all on the ground floor. Upstairs there’s the magnificent master bedroom with en suite, two further bedrooms and a family bathroom.

As well as the final Flatford property, currently available at Farriers Cross is a range of two bedroom apartments, priced from as little as £199,995 and collection of four bedroom homes, priced from £369,995.

The development, located on Warwick Road, is set in the heart of Henley In Arden, a charming village steeped in history and surrounded by stunning Warwickshire countryside. The area also benefits from fantastic transport links, with the M40 linking to the M42 and onto the central motorway network, in close proximity.

For more information visit the development, open Thursday to Monday from 10am – 5pm, or call 0845 026 5159. Alternatively log onto

Jon Fisher reporting

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Ullenhall Gardening Club visits Meadow Farm


On Tuesday, 24th July, 40 members of Ullenhall Gardening Club enjoyed an evening visit to Meadow Farm Garden and Nursery, owned by Rob & Diane Cole. Situated to the west of Feckenham, the gardens were bathed in glorious sunshine; a lovely change from the many weeks of cold wet weather!

The visit commenced outside the potting barn, with a talk about the history of the gardens. These cover 3 acres beside the Saltway and are split into gardens, wild-flower meadows and propagation areas. We walked over lawns, down pathways between delightful herbaceous borders, sat down beside the pond and just roamed around enjoying the colours, scents of the blooms and the many butterflies that Rob encourages to live there. Members were able to sit and enjoy tea and cake in this beautiful environment and even better, were able to buy and take home many, many wonderful perennials not generally available for sale. A wonderful evening indeed!

The next club meeting will be held in Ullenhall Village Hall at 7:45 pm on Tuesday 28th August when Roger Turner will be talking about “Hard Gardening; ideas for steps, ornaments and garden features”.

Lower Speed Limits on Rural Roads

imageCounty Cllr Richard Hobbs (Cons, Aston Cantlow) has applied to reduce the speed limit on Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote from 60mph to 50mph following a head-on horrific crash between a car and a tourist bus.

Cllr Hobbs said his application will be voted on some time in the autumn, and added there could be a possibility of the speed limit being lowered to 40mph, although he considers this unlikely. He added, “It is the frequency of the tour buses going along the road that worries me".

PC Grant Dumbleton was asked at the inquest if that road was an accident blackspot. He told the hearing that it was not considered an accident blackspot even though there had been two minor accidents prior to the collision, which did not require police attention. The Department for Transport are considering cutting speed limits on many rural roads in England from 60mph to 40mph.

Around 50 per cent of road deaths in the UK in 2010 took place on single carriageway, rural roads with a 60mph speed limit, just like Featherbed Lane.

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imageMake Henley Greener
Our Award Winning Column
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

Not so eco gadgets.

“Which?” magazine has tested eco claims made by manufacturers of household electrical items such as irons, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners. The results range from downright misleading to occasionally true.

Surveys show that 65% of consumers are more likely to buy a product with an energy saving claim, so it is not surprising that manufacturers make eco claims in attempt to persuade us to buy their goods. However, for small appliances there are no official schemes to monitor the accuracy of green claims and it appears that manufacturers are exploiting this situation.

At the misleading end of the scale, “Which?” reports a Bosch steam generator that used more energy in eco mode than in on its max setting! Also, Magimix claims that its “Le Blender” has an energy saving mode, but the way of selecting this mode was not obvious. When asked by “Which?” they explained that when in the off position the blender used no power, unlike other appliances that do waste power, despite the appliance switch being off. Whilst the Magimix answer is true, the same effect can be achieved by turning off at the wall or unplugging. Because of this and the fact that the blender offers no special energy saving in use, its eco claim is misleading.

De’Longhi claims that its EC820 espresso machine is “better than energy class A”, but as already mentioned, there are no energy standards for small appliances. De’Longhi says that it is working to a draft EU standard. However, “Which?” reports that, in this type of machine, the energy cost of an espresso is about 0.1p. So there are no big savings to be made, even if the De’Longhi machine is energy efficient in its class.

imageFor the irons that “Which?” tested, the eco setting used the same amount of energy as normal irons on their low settings, so they are not especially energy efficient. You can get the same effect just by using a low setting with an ordinary iron!! The models tested were the Tefal FV5370 and the Bosch Sensixx Eco TDA5630GB.

Significant and worthwhile energy savings were achieved with the economy settings on two vacuum cleaners. The saving was about 40% and in the case of the Hoover Silent EnergyTSE0100, the ability to pick up dirt was only slightly reduced. However, the economy mode of the Numatic Henry HVR200A was noticeably less good at cleaning.

So, for the most part, the eco claims do not lead to significant savings.

Amongst small domestic appliances, irons and kettles use the most electricity. With the kettle, you can operate in your personal eco mode by only boiling the exact amount you need. Some kettles have an unnecessarily high minimum. For kettles with a visible element it is only necessary to just barely cover all parts of the element, even if this does not reach the minimum mark. To iron efficiently, sort items that need a cool setting and do these first. Use the minimum amount of steam, especially for items that are not badly creased. Alternatively, do what mother used to do and iron your clothes before they are quite dry.

For all appliances, either unplug or switch off at the socket when not in use. This ensures that they are definitely off whereas the appliance’s own switch may not.

John Stott

Warnings from Trading Standards

Bank Scam
imageA Leamington householder reported receiving an unexpected call from someone claiming that she was owed £800 by her bank. The caller offered to visit the householder to give her the money on the doorstep!

It is unclear what the actual purpose of the visit would have been.

Warwickshire Trading Standards believe the caller might have been hoping to sign the consumer up to an agreement to reclaim miss-sold payment protection insurance (consumers can do this for themselves for free) or sell her goods or services. Distraction burglary cannot be ruled out.

Card Scam
A Warwick consumer reported receiving an unexpected phone call from someone to say that an attempt had been made to use his bank/credit card to purchase goods. However, the consumer did not possess a credit/debit card described by the caller!

Warwickshire Trading Standards advise that banks will sometimes contact their customers if they believe that their credit/debit cards have been used fraudulently. However, consumers must ensure that the call is genuine. Never provide your complete card details to unexpected callers or your three digit security number – banks won’t ask for complete details in order to confirm your identity.

Job Search Warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards advises job hunters to check that job offers are genuine after complaints from Warwickshire residents who applied, were interviewed and offered ‘IT posts’ and then asked immediately for up-front training cost fees. Job hunters need to ensure that job offers are real and not simply ways to sell training courses.

For more information, visit our website:

You can also report a fraud to Action Fraud on: 0300 123 2040 or visit:

Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council


John Garner's Business Column

It’s Microsoft again……

John GarnerI promise not to mention the Olympics at all in this article.

Recently I’ve discussed why some large businesses manage to fail, how they can descend from a position of dominance to failure in a remarkably short space of time.

There are other businesses who seem to go out of their way to upset people, often their customers but also the regulators - and you have to wonder why.

One of these is Microsoft. It has had a dominant position in the software sector since software was invented; it has made Bill Gates a multi-billionaire and several others obscenely rich – and yet it continues to try and bend the rules and, according to some, cheat its customers.

Take the latest saga. This concerns the Microsoft web browser, Internet Explorer (IE); it may still be the most popular web browser in the world, but it didn't become so popular by accident. If regulators in the US and EU are to be believed Microsoft abused their position as the dominant operating system vendor to push users into using IE, leaving competitors out in the cold. In other words they effectively forced their customers to use their own product without giving them a choice.

The battle between Microsoft and the regulators has been going on for years, but it seemed to finally have come to an end in February 2011 when the EU forced Microsoft to provide the browser ballot screen - a pop-up window that is displayed when you start up your PC which allows you to choose and install a range of different browsers on your system in addition to the default IE.

This appeared to have solved all the problems. But, it turns out that things haven't quite gone according to plan. According to what Microsoft are calling a 'technical error' the browser ballot screen was not shown to users running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed (ie the majority of Windows 7 users).

Needless to say, the EU is going ballistic. EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said, "We take compliance with our decisions very seriously. And I trusted the company's reports were accurate but it seems that was not the case, so we have immediately taken action".

Microsoft has already been fined €1.68 billion in EU antitrust probes, including an €899 million penalty for failing to obey an order to share data with competitors. This latest problem in the ongoing saga means that they will almost certainly face more fines. The maximum fine the EU could impose is 10% of Microsoft's global turnover, a figure that could total close to €5.7 billion. And since this is the first time that any company has ever disobeyed our masters in Brussels regarding an antitrust ruling, they are likely to want to make an example of Microsoft. And let’s not forget, the EU could do with the money to help bail out Spain……

But why do Microsoft act like this? It would seem to be in their DNA. Perhaps it’s arrogance – they’ve held a dominant position world-wide for so long and they think it’s their right? I don’t know. They certainly behave as if their customers have no choice but to use their products.

So do you have a choice? Of course you do! Rather than using IE as a browser you can download and install Firefox or Google Chrome in a few minutes and they are both free. Instead of the Microsoft Office software suite (ie Word, Excel etc) you can download LibreOffice – that’s completely free too and fully compatible with Microsoft Office but more powerful (I use it).

There’s a mildly amusing explanation of LibreOffice and how it differs. Click the right facing arrow in the middle of the screen.


If you’re feeling really techie you can use an alternative to Windows 7, that’s the Linux operating system which is also free. If you feel up to it (and you might not!) you can see an explanation of it, Click here.

Or as our Editor will tell you, you can always buy a Mac (though they are not free!).  Oh, and LibreOffice runs on Macs as well.

John Garner - Business Correspondent

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