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JPC's Outrage at Court Leet's initiative

The following report appeared in the Stratford Herald on 21st July 2011.

imageORGANISATIONS in Henley that wish to be involved in the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations next year are being invited to come forward amid accusations this week that Henley Court Leet was "taking over" the planning of the event, writes Rebekah Smith.

It is hoped all the groups within the town that wish to play a part will come together to organise one large event for the community.

The event, which will be held in June next year, was discussed at a meeting of Beaudesert and Henley Joint Parish Council on Monday (18th July) night, where the Court Leet was accused of trying to take over the celebrations.

Cllr Les Goodman said the council had 18 months ago put a substantial sum of money aside for the celebrations. He said: "I find it absolutely astonishing that a civic organisation wants to take over the celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee. They don't have the right to do that. They should come to other organisations in the town."

Cllr Sheila Roy said: "I thought they'd have written to us in the first place asking us to join them. We need to get all of the organisations of the town together on this."

The council voted to write to the Court Leet, telling them it wasn't in their capacity to organise the whole event and that it should be done by a town committee.

However, the Court Leet's High Bailiff, John Rutherford, who was not present on Monday, was surprised to learn of the Council's discussions. He told the Herald: "I wrote to the council and said we had decided we would endeavour to get all the organisations who wish to be involved to come together, much as we did at the Millennium. The Court Leet were heading up a committee of joint organisations within the town for that so we thought we'd do the same. I wrote to the Parish Council and suggested they join us."

Mr Rutherford said that the court leet wanted every organisation in the town to have a chance to contribute: "It's obvious we want all the people in the town who wish to be involved to have a chance to be involved. We're trying to act as a focal point really.

"We've all got the same idea. Hopefully we will pull together."

Rebekah Smith reporting

The permission of the Stratford Herald is acknowledged

A Resident Comments

imageThe reaction of the JPC to the letter from the Court Leet regarding the organisation of the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee is the latest in a series of petulant responses from the JPC to initiatives from other organisations within the town. The members of the JPC appear to believe that they have a unique right of organisation, and that all other bodies in the town should be subservient to their wishes. This cannot be right!

Parish Councils are a relatively new level of government, dating only from the Local Government Act of 1894. In accordance with the terms of that Act the members of the JPC are elected by the townspeople to carry out the duties required to run the civil administration in a legal and efficient manner, and to represent the interests of the town in other forums of civil administration.

To the credit of the JPC these tasks are attended to in a regular and dedicated manner. However the electors do not appear to have given a mandate to the JPC to seize the initiative in areas outside the civil administration.

On the other hand, the Court Leet has a long and distinguished history arising from the social fabric of the town and reflecting the position of the town within the wider community. Although many Courts were abolished in 1974, Henley together with 32 others was allowed to continue (being considered of historical importance). Today, many of the traditional responsibilities of the Court have been transferred to other statutory authorities, but the role of the Court in upholding the prestige of the town has never been lost. The Court is also a much more flexible and free thinking body than the JPC, being unhampered by the tight reins of bureaucracy which so bedevil and constrain much of the latter’s activities. It is worthy of note that the JPC recognises the importance of the Court Leet as “guardian of the history and traditions of the town” on the JPC website.

Many local organisations are anxious to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and any coordinated effort requires flair combined with a degree of “pomp and circumstance”, all of which the Court Leet has ably demonstrated in the past. A celebration of this kind is just the sort of thing that the Court does so well; it appears to be the most suitable organisation to coordinate an event of which the town can be justifiably proud. Let the High Bailiff lead the celebrations in the traditional manner, although if the Lord of the Manor could be present that would be ideal.

The JPC has an important job to undertake on a regular basis and has enough to do in carrying it out; rather than sulking they should be grateful that another organisation has offered to take on the demanding role of organising the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee.

Henley Resident - Name and address supplied

Are local Conservatives In Touch?

imageDear Editor,

What ever has happened to "We are all in this together" and "The Big Society".  I am sick  of the Conservative Party asking the ordinary "man in the street"  to make sacrifices when they are not prepared to do it themselves.  The PM goes partying and horse riding with journalists and executives of national newspapers that are abusing the electorate just to line their pockets.  

The local Conservative Party sent me a news letter explaining what they think they have accomplished and congratulating a new member on being elected but I'll bet they say nothing of what they have not done, that is take a cut in their allowances as recommended by the independent panel they appointed to advise them.

Well, we can only hope when the moment comes and the tax payers have their say at the ballot box, they will find out what coining catch phrases and making promises they have no intention of keeping can mean to their political futures.

Malcolm Coulter - resident


Guild Hall Festival

Latest News

posterPlans are going very well for the Guild Hall Fundraising Festival this September. Over the next four years the committee, who are looking to raise £30,000 for the maintenance and restoration of the Guild Hall, tell us they are off to a flying start. John Rutherford, the High Bailiff, has been appointed the President of the Fundraising Festival Committee.

Tickets sales for all three events are going well and there are still seven weeks to go before the first event. As none of the venues are large, we suggest anyone who is interested in attending any of the events book their tickets sooner rather than later.

The Committee is overjoyed with the response from the residents for the Festival and they are grateful for all the support from sponsors, donors and ticket buyers. The aim is to pay back this support by ensuring that all three events are enjoyable and organised to a very high standard.

The committee is very fortunate to have secured Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra, sponsored by Henley Golf and Country Club, to play at the Gala Dinner on the 9th September. The menu has been chosen with care and there will be a glass of wine on arrival to ensure the evening begins in style. This will be the perfect event to start the whole fundraising initiative with a big bang! Just what it needs!

Paul Atterbury, sponsored by Henley News, has been in contact with the organisers and has confirmed that he is looking forward to visiting Henley in Arden, especially the ancient Guild Hall where the afternoon tea on Sunday, September 11th will take place. As well as a delicious english tea, Paul will be giving a talk about the Antiques Roadshow and then will value 5 or 6 items for the audience. Don’t forget to tell the organisers about your treasures if you would like them valued. There will be a very special auction at the Antiques Roadshow.

imageThe Fashion Show, sponsored by Hallways and Henley Golf and Country Club, will be featured in Warwickshire Life. This will widen the scope of the whole evening and will put the fashion shops of Henley on the map.

The evening will start with a glass of bubbly and from then on will just get better and better. This show, which promises to be a most exciting event, will be professionally choreographed with professional models. As well as the raffle, there will be other surprise gifts and the Henley fashion shops will all be open after the event so everyone can go and do a bit of retail therapy.

The Fashion Show will provide a really good night out and something very special for a Wednesday night.

Reserve your Tickets on-line for all the events


60s Summer Festival

VIP Packages Announced


Buy Tickets for the concert Only

The Henley-in-Arden 60s Summer Festival makes its debut in the wonderful outdoor setting of the War Memorial Sports Ground on the southern outskirts of the town, featuring a host of stars from the 1960s. The Festival runs from 3 pm to 8 pm on 17th September 2011. All the profits from the concert will be going to the building of a new community sports pavilion.

The VIP Experience has been built around the twin attractions of lunch at a quality Henley restaurant and the 60s Summer Festival. Two of Henley’s leading restaurants, Matricardi’s and the Bluebell, will be participating and offering VIP packages, which comprise: -

  • Festival Ticket

  • Secure car parking at the Johnsons compound

  • Coach shuttle from the Secure Car Park to the Restaurant

  • Quality lunch at one of the participating Restaurants

  • Coach Shuttle from the Restaurant to the Festival Ground

  • Entrance to the VIP Facility on the Festival Ground

  • A complimentary glass of Champagne on arrival at the event

  • A great view of the Concert from the VIP Facility

  • A private cash bar, also serving tea & coffee at tables.

  • Coach Shuttle from the Festival to the Secure Car Park

Matricardi's - VIP package £75 per person
View Matricard's VIP menu


Bluebell - VIP package £65 per person
View the Bluebell VIP menu



Peter Crathorne is applying for the Grant of a Premises Licence for Henley in Arden Sports Pavilion and Sports Grounds

If granted the application will allow the following licensable activities to take place:

Sale of alcohol on the premises and provision of regulated entertainment

The intention to make an application for the grant of a Premises Licence to allow the sale of alcohol and the performance of live music on the 17th September 2011 between the hours of 2.00pm and 9.00pm

Licensing Authority
Stratford on Avon DC,
Elizabeth House,
Church St,
Stratford on Avon
CV367 6HX

Tel:01789 260832
Fax:01789 260809

Any person wishing to make representations in relation to this application may do so in writing to:

Representations may be made for 28 consecutive days from the date of this notice.

A copy of the application for the grant of the above licence is kept by Licensing Authority at the above address. The application can be viewed Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays, except bank holidays.

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for making a false statement is a Level 5 fine on the standard scale.

22 July 2011.

The Library Discussions continue

Volunteers Meet on Henley Library's Future

imageTwenty five people attended the Volunteers Welcome sponsored by the Friends of Henley Library at the Wootton Wawen Park Homes Sun Lounge on 21 July 2011 writes Sue Osborne.

Cllrs Mike Perry and Stephen Thirlwell joined us, along with representatives of the Beaudesert and Henley Joint Parish Council – Chairman Roger Hubbocks with Cllrs. Goodman and Milsom. Mike Perry brought us up to date on the state of the County's thinking about the threatened library closure and then fielded questions from Friends and Volunteers.

All 16 communities threatened with loss of their libraries will submit business plans. Cabinet has extended the deadline for finalising these plans until 19 August and will not decide about closures until October. This means that Henley Library will remain open where it is until well into next year.

Henley's best future option, in a feasibility study prepared by George Matheou, calls for shifting the library to the vacated Police Station. Mike reported that the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police expressed support for returning the lease on the Henley Police Station to the County provided that the building would be used as one-stop community centre. But the police property agent has yet to inform the County Council of their willingness to do this.

The police-station offers many advantages for a library and community centre and may be its only feasible location if cost issues at the Guild Hall remain intractable. Sharing space with the school poses many issues with regard to child safety and vetting of volunteers. If the police station can be secured and the plan is accepted, the WCC library service will continue to provide books and update the collection; it will also provide the furniture and fittings from the present library and help negotiate removal to the new site with their contractor.

The current roll of volunteers stands at 45, just 3 short of the initial target of 48 of which 19 were recruited through the adverts in Henley NEWS. 48 is the number projected to allow two people to be on duty for a two-hour shift once a fortnight, keep the present library hours and remain open at lunchtime. Volunteers at the Welcome were enthusiastic and gave 7 points they feel training should address and 16 suggestions for things a Henley community library should do, from weekly story hours for children to computer training for seniors.

(This a very abbreviated version of a fuller report. If you would like to know more details of volunteers' suggestions for the library, contact volunteer coordinator Sue Osborne:

Sue Osborne - Friends of the Library reporting

Dear Editor

imageRe the last issue, some interesting points were raised. However, there was no mention of any income derived from the Guild Cottage. The truth is that you can make statistics say whatever you like but no one who uses Henley library could say it is not busy. The membership is about 1700 - not bad out of a population the size of Henley. The better publicised 'roadshow' on 14 May attracted more people than others held in various locations, about 50, I think.

Compare Henley's statistics with those of Alcester library. It is a similar performing library in terms of visits per hour and issues and yet Henley costs far less money to administer. Alcester's share of the cuts is a proposed reduction of 5 hours not closure. Go figure!

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Smith - Henley library member and resident

Grass fire around Station Road

imageThere was a grass fire at the side of the railway line on Friday 15th July at around 12 noon. Heavy smoke covered the Station Road area which was coming from a field behind Calcutt's (coal yard).

It also spread onto part of the railway embankment.

Warwickshire Fire Service were in attendance with one crew spraying the grass and also trying to beat the fire out. It appeared to be grass and other vegetation that was on fire.

On the same day, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service issued a warning about the dangers of small fires after attending a number of bush and grass fires.
Stew Kingscott reporting

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Lapworth resident comments

imageI came across Henley News by chance, having googled for some information I require. I think it is fantastic, a great asset for residents and the town, congratulations to all concerned.

There is so much going on in Henley that I knew nothing about - what an active little town it is!

I am relatively close by in Lapworth, so with all this information now available to me on my computer, I hope to take part in some of your activities in the near future.

Linda Cousins, Lapworth

Henley Rotary completes its project

imageThose who  attended the very enjoyable "Beef and Burgundy Night" organised by the Henley-in-Arden Rotary Club way back in cold and darkest January may recall that Rotary said they would use any profits to purchase dictionaries to be given to pupils at all the 6 main primary schools whose pupils go on to local secondary schools.

Rotary now reports that they duly used these to purchase 152 Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries, which were presented at special end of term assemblies to year 5 pupils by outgoing President Brian Mitchell and new President Hans Wegerdt, pictured right.

President Hans speaking at Wootton Wawen C. off E. School told the  pupils they had the great privilege of speaking English as natives- he was born in Germany and had to learn English.  He hoped the dictionaries would help them to develop a love and appreciation for their language as they moved on to their next school.

Rotarian Alec Halliwell reporting

Summer Camp to Keep Kids Active in the Holidays

imagesParents stuck for inspiration when it comes to entertaining the children this Summer are being given a lifeline from local children’s sports and exercise specialists, Coolsportz. The Henley in Arden based sports activity company is launching a special Summer Sports Camp with plenty of activities planned to keep kids aged four to 14 active and entertained through the holiday.

The Coolsportz camp, which is now OFSTED registered and therefore accepting childcare vouchers, will be held all 6 weeks from Mon 25th July – Fri 2nd Sept at Warwickshire College in Henley in Arden. It is based on a fun multi-sports programme offering tennis, football, hockey, rounders, parachute games, extreme dodgeball and much more. Coolsportz are also offering one a few selected football only days and trampolining but places are limited so get booked on soon! All children who attend will also have the chance to explore their creative side with art and craft workshops.

Coolsportz camps provide a fun, structured programme giving children the chance to improve hand eye co-ordination, footwook, balance and speed. Additionally, children can develop their cognitive, leadership and teamworking skills as well as the chance to make new friends.

Coach Neil Supperstone, who will be running the Camp, says: “Coolsportz camps provide children with a brilliant chance to have fun while taking part in different sports that help boost their fitness levels. Sessions are held indoors and outdoors, so the camps will be run no matter what the great British weather throws at us.”

For further information please visit or to book your place on the Coolsportz Summer camp please contact Neil Supperstone on 07912 664426 or email

Stratford’s Big 10k for those with a big Heart

imageWarwickshire-based charity, Heart of England Community Foundation, has teamed up with Stratford’s Big 10k and its sponsors Lodders Solicitors to help raise awareness of the charity’s work in the region. It supports projects and community groups throughout the county including cricket nets for youngsters in Stratford-upon-Avon, a weekly lunch club for the elderly in Coventry where they can also get practical advice on health and financial problems and a support group in Leamington for parents of children with Down’s Syndrome. Our picture shows Richard Simkiss last year's winner.

Samantha Barrow, from the Foundation, said: “Now in its third year, Stratford’s Big 10k is becoming a well established running race in town and we are delighted to be its charity partner. It’s critical for us to raise awareness about what we do in order to keep doing it. With more than 700 people expected to enter this year it’s a great platform for us.”

This year Stratford’s Big 10k, sponsored annually by Stratford-upon-Avon-based Lodders, is taking place on Sunday, September 11. Starting at 10.30am from Stratford Racecourse, the route passes down the Greenway (an old railway track), before looping back towards Stratford. Runners will be able to enjoy the picturesque countryside surrounding the historic town, before running alongside the River Avon to the finish opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on the Recreation Ground.

“There are already over 300 entered,” said Rob Minton, race director. “The popularity of running has grown hugely in recent years and it’s great to see so many people challenging themselves to compete in a race for the benefit of a charity. We hope many of our entrants will want to support the Heart of England Community Foundation – it’s a great cause helping the people in our region and we are proud to be associated with it.”

Steven Baker, partner with Lodders, said: “We are very pleased to be sponsoring the race this year. It is something that Stratford has come to embrace and those who take part very much enjoy. It is both fun and a fund-raiser.”

There are prizes for the first, second and third male and female finishers, plus a team prize and corporate team prize, and everyone who runs will receive a T-shirt and a goody bag.

If you want some help with preparing for the race then get in contact with Threshold Events. Anyone wanting to run for the Charity or just to find out more about the Heart of England Community Foundation, visit

Get involved and register online at All entries must be received by Thursday, September 8. No entries on the day. For further information please contact Sarah Bland or Rob Minton on 01789 267337

Sarah Bland reporting

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More Talk & Demonstration at Torquil Pottery


On the 18th June, the last day of our Summer Exhibition, we had an inspiring talk and demonstration in the pottery by renowned sculptor of animals, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, who had driven all the way from Yorkshire for the event. The event was sold out. In the photos you can see him making a 'wolf-hound' type dog and a 'frog on a square'.

Brendan talked passionately about his work, his inspiration and future plans. He likes to 'frame' his work with architectural forms, such as circles and squares, which seem to emphasise the organic character of the work and add gravitas.

imageBrendan works very boldly with the clay and wants his energy and excitement in making the piece to be transferred to the viewer. He does not slavishly copy the shape and detail of the animal he is creating. 'Do you do lots of drawings of dogs before you start?' asked an audience member. 'Well, I used to say that I did' replied Brendan 'until I was caught out, by a friend at the back of the room - so now I think it's best not to lie about it!' He tries instead to get across the feeling and character of the dog, pelican or bull through the clay - he likes to make archetypal or classically depicted creatures.

Brendan likes to keep developing his work and doing new things. He runs a studio called 'The Sculpture Lounge' in Holmfirth with other sculptors and in addition to making his own work, runs workshops for young people. He will be opening an 'Academy' later this year. A few years ago he made some ceramic rats that were very popular - and he visited New York where Bloomingdales wanted to order 1000 rats. They sent him the cheque, but when Brendan worked out he would have to make rats every day for a year, he changed his mind and sent the cheque back! He is currently working with a museum in Germany who have commissioned him to make some dinosaurs.

Often, Brendan's work is cast into bronze or bronze resin (a more affordable option). As you can see from these photos, people were fascinated and inspired by his demonstration. We will be showing Brendan's work in our November exhibition a 'Festival of Colour' at The Gallery Upstairs, Torquil 8th-27th November 2011.

Carey Moon,
The Gallery Upstairs, Torquil,
81 High Street, Henley-in-Arden B95 5AT
01564 792174. email:

Wildlife on your doorstep


Last Tuesday evening (19th July), about 20 members of the Henley Wildlife Society were taken on a guided tour of the long, narrow nature reserve at Henley Sidings. No longer a railway sidings, the land became the property of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust many years ago.

imageimageOver the years their members have noted the plants, butterflies and other wildlife. This has enabled a picture to be drawn up of the variety of different species and changes taking place over the decades. Recently they have made some hibernariums (places for hibernating) for slow-worms. As many of you will be aware, slow-worms are not worms, but a kind of harmless, legless lizard.

imageUnfortunately, we did not see any of them on our visit as the weather was a bit on the cold side and in the evening; not the occasion for them to be sunning themselves!

However, we did see many other interesting things, including the bright yellow and black-striped caterpillar of the cinnabar moth, woolly thistles, agrimony flowers and pretty toadflax.

Anybody may walk in the reserve, which is near Henley Golf Club. We all enjoyed ourselves.

The Society’s next visit is on Tuesday 26th July to the Malverns, where members will enjoy a full day guided tour of the wildlife.

Penny Stott reporting

Urgent appeal for food growing volunteers

imageA charity project that has already supported over 200 households in Warwickshire to grow their own is urging for more volunteers to come forward to help share food growing skills.

The Garden Organic Master Gardener project – a volunteer network supporting residents across Warwickshire to grow food – has also reached over 7,000 people in the region. Now Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic growing charity, based at Ryton Gardens, is looking for more food-growing enthusiasts to join its dedicated team of Warwickshire Master Gardeners.

Fully trained by Garden Organic and supported by the charity to help local people grow their own, Master Gardeners are volunteers that share their enthusiasm for food growing with other people in their communities. Together they aim to build local skills, encourage organic growing and provide access to fresh, homegrown fruit and vegetables.

imageThe project is delivered in partnership with Warwickshire County Council, Sheepdrove Trust and the Big Lottery Fund's Local Food Scheme. Master Gardener Volunteer Co-ordinator, Kate Newman, said: “There is an increasing interest in growing food at home. Knowing that it is fresh and organic, and of course, great quality, is something that is starting to appeal to more and more people. This is why we’re looking for more Master Gardener volunteers in Warwickshire to help us mentor more households and communities about food growing.”

Cllr Helen Walton, Warwickshire County Council’s spokesperson for sustainable communities, said: “Almost anyone can have a go at growing their own food. You don’t even need a garden – you can grow from containers – so all you need is a bit of enthusiasm and you can become a gardener. It is hugely satisfying when you sit down to eat and see the greens from your own garden on the plate. I sincerely hope more volunteers sign up as Master Gardeners and spread the gospel of gardening to the wider community.”

Being a Master Gardener is a rewarding job, many of the volunteers help schools, community gardens and centres, or at people’s homes. They also attend lots of exciting events and have opportunity to speak to a wide range of people about food growing. Kate added: “Our project works by offering individuals practical advice and mentoring, through a trained Master Gardener. It is about enthusing people about food growing whilst offering the support that they need along the journey.”

The great thing about the Master Gardener project is that volunteers don’t have to be experts, all that is required is some experience of growing food, together with a passion for encouraging others to have a go. Full Master Gardener training is provided covering everything a volunteer needs to know, with ongoing support provided by Garden Organic.

The next training session will be held at the beginning of October and potential volunteers are asked to register in advance. If you live in Warwickshire and are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, or are a resident looking for food growing advice, please call Kate Newman on 024 7621 7721, or email at: to find out more and request an application pack.

For more information, visit

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Photoshoot at Ullenhall Village Hall

imageThe Family/parent and child photoshoot competition at The Village Hall in Ullenhall was won by Hilary and her son Billy and an A2 Canvas print worth £150 of the winning picture is on its way to her this week, compliments of jsf Image And Sound.

Look out for the next photoshoot competition near you in the next few months.

For further information or to book a photo shoot in the studio's set in four acres of countryside in Ullenhall please call or visit the website.

Jason Firth
07813 844841

imageParking Debate

Dear Editor,

Why is Mr Hunter complaining about a single yellow line outside his house so he can park there. Why not ask the council to impose parking restrictions on all of henley like those for high st, johnsons place, rose ave, etc that residents have to purchase a permit to park outside there house. only then can he complain about out of date signs etc.

G Easton, resident

Badminton Club Walk

imageSmiling faces on a sociable, sunny afternoon.

On Saturday 23rd July, Henley Badminton Club went for its annual walk; this year, a five mile stroll through the countryside around Packwood.

Seventeen people forswore the Saturday shopping for a much more enjoyable, active pastime. The members like to keep fit, ready for the new badminton season, which commences on Friday 9th September at Henley Memorial Hall at 8:00 pm. New members welcome; ring Alan on 01564 793320.

Penny Stott reporting

Exploring the Myths of Shakespeare's wedding

imageDuring the evening of Tuesday 12th July the Society teamed up with the Churches Conservation Trust for a “Billesley Church Project” event. This formed part of the Trust’s research project into the role of Billesley church in Shakespeare’s life. The project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will include a touring exhibition, a heritage trail, guided walks and community events.

The evening started with a circular guided walk from Billesley Church, via the deserted village and Wilmcote; the walk being a “trial run” of part of the Heritage Trail.

Back at the church an interested group heard about recent developments at the church, where restoration work had been carried out, including the box pews. Attention was drawn to medieval carving and other unusual features which had survived the rebuilding in 1692.

The evening concluded with a supper at Aston Cantlow Village Hall where over 50 people enjoyed an excellent meal prepared by members of the Society accompanied by appropriate beverages. The opportunity was taken to display some of the recent items from the Archives, and to attract new members. After supper a presentation was given by Laura Samuels (senior researcher) entitled “The mystery of Shakespeare’s marriage and its connections with Billesley”. Laura demonstrated the evidence available regarding his marriage, and explained why Billesley became such a strong contender in any analysis of the data.

Finally, Jo Cross (the Regional Development Officer of the Trust) gave a brief account of the work of the Trust.

Maggie Twigg reporting

Curry Republic Takes £1,000 Charity Challenge

imageA Solihull-based campaign to boost survival rates from brain tumours is hotting up thanks to the support of The Curry Republic in Henley-in-Arden.

The upmarket Indian takeaway and restaurant is to donate ten per cent of all takings throughout August to the Joseph Foote Trust by taking its £1,000 Challenge. The campaign aims to raise the £500,000 needed by researchers to crack the DNA code for a cancer from which fewer than 15 per cent of sufferers survive.

The Curry Republic has chosen the Trust, founded by Andy and Judy Foote whose nine-year-old son Joseph died of a brain tumour in 2007, as its adopted charity. Bilal Ahmed, Proprietor of The Curry Republic, said: “Taking the £1,000 Challenge is the first of a number of a fund-raising activities we are planning for the charity.

“I hope as many customers as possible will take advantage of our takeaway, delivery and restaurant service to help us reach our August target.” He added: “We have a special interest in supporting the Joseph Foote Trust because my son Dylan went to school with Joseph and knew him well.”

The Curry Republic in Henley High Street is the first of what is planned to be a chain of top-notch Indian takeaways across the Midlands.

22nd World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby Sweden


Nine Senior Section members from Girlguiding Warwickshire left Birmingham International Airport on July 24th in readiness for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden. They were joined by the rest of the Unit prior to their departure to Copenhagen where they will spend two days with the UK Contingent, over 4000 young people and their Leaders, before travelling on to Sweden. There will be over 32,000 participants at the Jamboree from all over the world, it us understood that there will be more countries represented at this event than the forthcoming Olympic Games. Immediately after the closing ceremony they will be spending four days with scouting families in Königstein, east of Frankfurt and near the borders of the Czech Republic and Poland.

The Guides have come together from all areas of Warwickshire, including Rugby, Leamington, Stratford upon Avon and Solihull. Their Leader, Dawn Clutton, was very excited to be eventually leaving for this once in a lifetime event. The girls were selected in November 2009 and have been required to fundraise the entire cost, almost £2,000, and have worked very hard to achieve this.

Once the group has returned home, they will be helping to encourage other members of the Movement to come forward for International Opportunities.

Teresa Mallinson - proud parent of one of the members

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imageMake Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

Books and Gismos

imageReading a book is a relaxing activity with low carbon pollution. A typical paperback printed on recycled paper has a relatively small carbon footprint of about 1 kg. Even if you buy one paperback a week that’s 52 kg a year, which is less than half a percent of a typical UK resident’s footprint. If you then give the book to someone else, that’s even better…..or use the library.

In stark contrast are electronic book readers. The reader itself has a footprint of around 50 kg. In addition, the electronic books cause electricity consumption in the IT networks where they are stored and purchased from and there is additional consumption in the downloading and reading. This electricity adds to the footprint, so you’d have to read rather more than 50 books before breaking even in terms of carbon pollution. One estimate is about a hundred books. Will you ever read a hundred books on a reader? Even then, I don’t think you can give the electronic book to someone else to read unless you give them your reader (can anyone confirm this?).

Technology is continually producing more and more gismos (for example electronic photo frames, electronic note takers) that create carbon pollution in their manufacture and use. Sometimes, the old is lower carbon and either just as good or perhaps even better. For example, would you risk using your electronic book reader in the bath……..a wet reader could be a rather expensive accident!

The message is, beware the gismo. Buying stuff accounts for about a quarter of a UK resident’s carbon pollution. The temptation to throw away and buy new leads to more stuff and carbon pollution so rethink, reuse, recycle.

Postscript to article in last edition. The prediction about more companies raising energy prices didn’t take long to come true. Last week, Scottish and Southern announced increases of 18% for gas and 11% for electricity so if you are not insulated, beat the bills by getting insulated. Freephone Act on Energy 0800 988 2881 for advice.

John Stott - Make Henley Greener

John Garner's Business Column

Business Link Mk 2 ?

John GarnerYou may recall that Business Link has now been scrapped as a face-to-face advisory service to small businesses. Indeed I wrote about this in Henley News almost exactly a year ago.

You remember what Business Link was? There were a number of regional offices scattered throughout England all offering to help small businesses. They also had (and indeed still have) a good website where you can turn for all you need to know about issues which could affect your business ( I use it a lot. Business Link's closure was part of the government's decision to abolish England's nine Regional Development Agencies. Opinions on the face to face services offered by Business Link were mixed. I heard many sad stories about the lack of help given by Business Links often due to the frequent attempts by their so called advisors to give the sort of advice that sold their own services.

Well now the government has announced that a new business support telephone helpline has been set up to replace the scrapped face-to-face services and it will open on 25 November.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) said a company called Careline Services has been appointed to run the service which will operate from two sites in Hounslow and Seaham. Apparently this company "has an excellent track record in telephone-based customer support including business to business" with the helpline staffed by a "dedicated team, specifically trained to support businesses". They also said it will be a "particularly important resource" for the 20% of small business owners who are not online.

A new website at is the easiest way to access the service (for those 80% who are on line anyway!). This site is funded by the British Bankers Association (BBA) – not out of their members’ bonuses presumably? Or perhaps it’s conscience money. Cynical? Me? 

The BBA says that 200 “customer and former bank staff” have so far signed up to provide mentoring and the government has promised that the scheme will eventually give small businesses access to up to 40,000. That seems an awful lot. Other organisations believed to be involved include the Institute of Directors, Prince's Trust, British Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses.

So let’s see how it goes then. We shouldn’t condemn it without giving it a chance. You never know, it might help politicians to understand what small businesses have to go through with all the red tape that they keep saying they are going to get rid of. Though I doubt it.

John Garner - Business Correspondent

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Warnings from Trading Standards

Post Targeted in Identity Theft Scam

imageWarwickshire Trading Standards has received a report that an elderly Warwickshire resident has been targeted by identity thieves.

It is believed that the fraudsters may have used forged utility bills to attempt to have the elderly person's post re-directed to another address from where they could steal it. Had they succeeded, they might then have been able to use his bank statements and other bills to steal his identity and take out loans and mortgages in his name. He might not have been aware of the scam as his post, including correspondence regarding the loan/credit card applications, would have been sent to another address. The individual even received a forged letter from 'Royal Mail' designed to put him at his ease.

Checks by Royal Mail helped detect the fraud and no mail was re-directed.

Are you a victim of identify theft? Here are some of the warning signs:

  • you have lost or had stolen important documents such as your passport or driving licence
  • post expected from your bank has not arrived or you are receiving no post at all
  • you identify entries on your personal credit file from organisations you do not normally deal with
  • items have appeared on your bank or credit-card statements that you do not recognise
  • you applied for a state benefit but are told that you are already claiming
  • you receive bills, invoices or receipts addressed to you for goods or services you haven’t asked for
  • you have been refused a financial service, such as a credit card or a loan, despite having a good credit history
  • a mobile-phone contract has been set up in your name without your knowledge
  • you have received letters from solicitors or debt collectors for debts that aren’t yours
  • financial institutions that you do not normally deal with contact you to chase an outstanding debt.

Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council

Ask your MP or your Councillors

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Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
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Thursdays, 11am at the Baptist Church Hall, High Street. Age, health or fitness no barrier. £5 per session – no termly fees. For further information contact Debbie Wild on 07773 318830.    Full details at:
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
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