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Edition 278 - 14th July 2011
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Guild Hall Trust and the Library

imageDear Editor,

I believe the purpose of the Guild Hall Trust is for the benefit of the people of Henley. If this is so could not the Trustees see a way to allow the library to remain in the premises at a greatly reduced rent, or indeed at a pepper corn rate?

Such an inducement may persuade the County Council to abandon plans for the closure of the library. This would be a true benefit for the people of Henley, particularly the elderly.

Patrick O'Hara - Resident


Become a Library Volunteer

Public libraries should be run by unpaid volunteers or owned by the community – one of the changes being advocated by David Cameron's head of policy development, Paul Kirby.

Statement by The Guild Hall Trust

It is important to open by saying that the Trustees of the Guild Hall have not received any decision from Warwickshire County Council about the future of the Library located on the Ground Floor of the Guild Hall, but speculation is rife about its long term survival.

The Guild Hall Trust has been very fortunate, over many years, to have enjoyed the benefit of a rental income from the Library to assist in defraying costs. It has been suggested that the Library should be allowed to stay at the Guild Hall and it should be made clear that the Trust would welcome the retention of the Library on the Ground Floor; however the Trust would be failing in its duty if it did not ensure that it generated sufficient income to maintain the estate in good condition.


The Guild Hall in Henley was left in trust for the “benefit of the town”. This simple statement has lead to much confusion. The age and construction of the Guild Hall means that it is a costly building to maintain and run. In order that the Trust can continue to maintain the Guild Hall estate it needs to ensure that an income stream is maintained. Every opportunity is taken to utilise the First floor of the building, however there are strict limits on its use.

Allowing the Library to stay, possibly by paying a pepper-corn rent, would only be possible if the Guild Hall could derive an alternative source of income to compensate for the loss of the current rental income from the Library. The Trustees already contribute significant amounts of both their time and, more importantly, their own money to maintaining the Guild Hall estate, but there are limits to what they can afford to contribute.

A fund raising team has been formed with a specific target of generate money for essential development work on the Guild Hall and to restore the emergency reserve fund. The 2007 floods caused considerable damage to the building and whilst much of the work was covered by insurance there were, inevitably, uninsured losses which had to be met, resulting in the emergency fund being ‘wiped out’. It is crucial that this fund is rebuilt.

Given that the Guild Hall Trust, in common with many other organisations, faces increasing financial pressures, it is an unpalatable truth that it cannot afford to let the Ground Floor of the Guild Hall for a pepper-corn rent, either for a Library or for any other purpose. Until Warwickshire County Council advises the Guild Hall Trust of its intentions it is impossible to determine the future of the Library but it is clear that, whatever the outcome, the Trust has a clear duty to generate sufficient rental income to ensure that the Guild Hall estate can be maintained for the “benefit of the town”.

John Tristram,
Henley-in-Arden Guild Hall Management Committee

Library Statistics

According to the latest information, there are 19,000 visits to the library each year, which is equivalent to 365 user visits every week. Say 75% of these visitors are from Henley & Beaudesert with the remainder from neighbouring parishes, this means that the equivalent of 274 Henley & Beaudesert residents are using the library on a regular basis. This equates to just 9% of the population. Only 37 people attended the Warwickshire County Council consultation about the Henley Library on 24th May 2011.

Feedback from Henley Consultation              Libraries consultation latest update


Forthcoming Events

Latest News

Last week saw the distribution of over 1,000 packs to Henley businesses and residents announcing the Henley Guild Hall Festival in September when three special events have been organised to help raise £30,000 for the refurbishment and improvement of the Guild Hall - considered by many to be “the jewel in the crown” of Henley’s beautiful High Street.

Within hours one of Henley’s oldest residents had lead the response with a generous donation so we are on our way. Thanks to the hard work of the Appeal committee substantial sponsorship is already in place for the 3 events; a Gala Dinner at the Golf Club with entertainment by the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra, an Antiques Tea party with BBC antiques Roadshow expert Paul Atterbury and a fabulous Fashion Show “Showcasing Henley Fashions” which is supported by seven fashion shops in Henley and is compered by BBC Radio Four’s Lucy Lunt.

Local companies who have already offered substantial support with sponsorship are Henley Golf & Country Club, Henley News and Hallway Letting and Property Management. It is hoped more companies will come forward with sponsorship and individuals, families and employers will now support with the purchase of tickets for events that suit all tastes and pockets.



Is this a waste of money by the public sector?

Not too long ago, the lines for the parking bays near the Fish and Chip shop in the High St were removed and later new improved lines were laid down, mainly for the disabled.

For whatever reason these lines were changed again.

Then the lines were completely covered by the new tarmac surface covering most of the High St.

It is obvious that new lines will have to be laid for the third time.

If this happened in the private sector of business, someone undoubtedly would get the sack.

I wonder if any one has got the sack or has been admonished in the public sector.

I doubt it. What a shambles!

Basil Sayer - High Street

Dazzling new shop opens in the heart of Henley


Patinis has opened as a stylish new shoe shop in the centre of the High Street opposite Honey's Boutique. This is another important addition to the increasing number of designer shops which have transformed Henley into being an outstanding shopping destination.


Patinis has been fitted out to the highest standards

Owned by Katie and Patsy Betts, they offer beautiful ladies footwear and accessories. Ranges include Ilse Jacobsen from Denmark, Unisa from Spain and Ash from Italy. Patinis carefully sources exquisite collections and buys in only limited numbers for that exclusive feel.

First Responders for Henley

imageCommunity First Responders are local residents trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service to provide First Person On Scene medical assistance in response to certain 999 emergency calls.

When activated by Ambulance Control, a First Responder can attend an emergency situation within a 7 minute radius of the Responder’s location thus saving valuable time ahead of the arrival of an emergency ambulance.

Each First Responder is trained to the First Person On Scene Intermediate Level by the Ambulance Service. This accredited course includes Basic Life Support, first aid, trauma, and the use of oxygen and defibrillation equipment. On attending an emergency, the First Responder will carry an advanced medical kit which includes a defibrillator and oxygen equipment.

Henley In Arden does not currently have a local Community First Responder group and we are looking to start one in the area. We would very much like to hear from those who are interested in training as First Responders or perhaps assisting with group administration.

If you are interested or would just like to find out more, please contact:

John Pudney

01564 797949


Ray Holding

01564 792512

Read more about Warwickshire's First Responders

A Greek Evening at The Ferryman for The Hub


Around 100 guests attended a lively and enjoyable event at the new Ferryman Restaurant at the top of Liveridge Hill. Arriving to the warmest of welcomes, sampling a traditional drink as they entered, the guests were treated to a wonderful meal which immediately conjured up those balmy late night parties in the sumptuous surroundings of a Greek island.

imageimageDuring the meal guests were serenaded by greek music adding to the lively party atmosphere which engaged everyone present.

After a more than generous three course meal we were encouraged to join in with the dancing. Gentle rhythmic movement escalated into the frantic charge around the restaurant, outside to the car park leaving everyone breathless even those who weren’t dancing. Aliona and James our hosts presented a splendid evening generous in its food and friendliness. What a wonderful way to raise funds to ensure that the Henley Youth and Community Centre, with its youth club, mother and baby clinics and club for senior citizens remains open. Thanks to everyone who attended but especially to Aliona and her team who gave us a night to remember.

Peter Crathorne

Extract from Sue’s Diary

Wow, what a party! If I closed my eyes and soaked up the atmosphere, I was once again back in the romantic Greek islands of my youth. Blue everywhere; the sea, the sky with its burning sun, warm seas, sultry nights, and the welcoming tavernas. Forget that we were in Henley, in the Ferryman, this was as authentic as one could have wished.

The Ferryman, which seats 100, was packed to capacity (they had to turn away the late bookings), and this just added to the party spirit. The bouzouki music started shortly after the food was served, and then the mesmerising dancer took to the floor. How did he leap, doing the splits, over the back of a dining chair? More food, more dancing, including Zorba’s dance, and the whole restaurant was participating – in spirit if not in body. Maybe the music was a tad loud for ancient ears, but, what the heck, it was fun.

I have no idea how long the festivities continued, probably till well after midnight. Our table decided to call it a night about 11pm, so we slunk out feeling a little ashamed to be some of the first to leave.

Congratulations to Aliona and all the staff at the Ferryman; this was a fantastic way to raise money for charity.


Heritage Centre gets top marks

imageSince it opened its door for the first time in  1997 Henley Heritage Centre has enjoyed a sustained level of interest from schools throughout Warwickshire and the wider West Midlands region. Groups have visited from as many as twenty schools in the season, bringing in a total over over 1000 children in some years with some schools coming annually.
Ray Holding who runs the centre said " we offer schools a unique experience - the  thousand year   history of a market town, laid out in an interesting and easy to understand way which appeals to students of all ages. We are fortunate to have a dedicated  team of former teachers and educational professionals who host the school visits, explain the exhibits and then, if required, guide them elsewhere in  Henley so they can understand  how what they have seen in the centre all fits together."
The Centre was recently visited by some 60 year 4 pupils from Hillstone Primary School in Shard End , Birmingham. Keith Farr a senior teacher at the school said, "The Henley Heritage Centre is a fabulous place to bring our pupils, with  well displayed and easy to understand exhibits, the staff are fantastic and nothing is too much trouble. They help us plan every detail of our visit including a town tour. Henley has it all - one visit and we get project work for a whole term which embraces all areas of the curriculum including Maths, ICT, History and Geography. We look  at everything the architecture, the old castle site on Beaudesert Mount, the shops, and the traffic and then conduct a similar survey back in Shard End to see how it all compares - but its the Heritage Centre that binds it all together. As a project the children are now in the process of designing posters for the town and Heritage Centre to attract tourists"
Henley Heritage Centre is open until late October Tuesday to Friday 10.30am - 4.30pm,  Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 2.30pm - 4.30pm and schools interested in planning a visit should call 01564 795919

Henley NEWS encourages readers from USA to visit

imageI have been viewing the Henley News for several years now, from Kansas City.
The effort and information dispersed about the community of Henley is so informative and interesting that I have resolved to make travel plans, with my family, to visit Henley next Summer.
Thank you for the great internet  connection with the community of Henley, Great Britain.
Phillip G Leonard - Kansas City, USA

Testing New Train at Henley Station

A new Class 172 train which will replace the old class 150/1 Sprinters on the Shakespeare line.


Sun Shines on Tennis Club Championships


Henley Tennis Club couldn’t have picked a better weekend for their Open Day and Club Championships. The sun was shining and a fantastic amount of players and spectators came to see the juniors and seniors battle it out for titles..

The club started off their busy weekend with its Annual Open Day where new and current members took part in a mixture of fun coaching and competitive drills including a speed of serve where youngsters and adults were able to compare themselves to the likes of Andy Murray!

The following day the club held their Junior and Adult Club Championships on the hottest day of the year so far! Approximately 50 youngsters took part and about 10 adults with many more spectators. The youngsters took part in aged group competitions and an American Tournament whilst the adults were taking part in the finals of the Club Championships which began back in May.

In the junior club championships Thomas Clarke was winner of the Mini Red Competition, with Louis Walsh winning the Mini Orange. Henry Silk was the Mini Green winner and Bradley Smith the Under 12’s winner. Some youngsters took part in an American Doubles Tournament, Zoe Evans and Harry Dingley were the eventual winners. The youngsters had some great matches and despite the warm weather were able to all put in some fantastic performances which were greatly appreciated by the numerous spectators. Well done to all that took part..

In the adult competition the Men's singles winner was Ben Summers and the Ladies singles winner was Jane Palmer. The men's doubles winners were Ben Summers and Mike Brownstone and the Ladies doubles winners were Sarah Rowen and Karen Forte and Mixed Doubles were Jane Palmer and Matt Hall

For further information about joining the club or taking part in any of the sessions the club run please contact Neil Supperstone on 07912 66 44 26 or email

Jane Maddox

imageOn 28th June, Jane Maddox (formerly Warren) died peacefully at home after a long illness aged 72 years.

Jane Warren moved to the new housing estate at Brook End in 1965 with her husband, John, and daughter Nicolle and later added to her family with two more children – Peter and Amanda. Jane was an active part of the social scene in Henley in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s and for several years worked with Michael Hawkes, the butcher in the High Street.

In 1981, Jane married Simon Maddox, moving to Claverdon. They moved back into Wootton Wawen some 15 years ago. The funeral service will take place at Redditch Crematorium, on 22nd July at 12-30 pm. Further details from Hemming and Peace Funeral Services, 1a Brewery Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 0BQ (tel: 01789 205400) or Janet Whitsey-Crofts at:

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The public-private pay gap

imageWe've long campaigned against the unfair pay gap between those working in the public sector and those in the private sector. The former get better pay and pensions and longer holidays than the latter, which isn't good value for taxpayers.

Recent strikes have seen trade union leaders complaining their members are hard done by, but a report this week exploded that myth. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released new data showing that those in the public sector are paid, on average, 7.8 per cent more than their private sector counterparts.

The findings were based on a survey of more than 220,000 workers, and make those calling for strikes look even more selfish. The report noted that the pay gap has widened since 2007, and we think it is time that the gulf is closed. Our Town Hall Rich List exposes those on obscenely high pay.

There was a further blow for two high paid and high profile public sector workers this week too, as Andrea Hill stood down as chief executive of Suffolk County Council and Susan De Val resigned as the chief legal officer of Hull City Council. Controversially, Ms Hill received a £218,000 pay off and Ms De Val trousered £77,000. Suffolk says that given the constraints of the law, those terms were the best that could be achieved, an unfortunate situation for Suffolk taxpayers. These disgracefully generous golden goodbyes cannot go on. We pay Council Tax to fund front line services, not to line the pockets of departing council officers.

Henley Market - The Musical?

imageAs the last in a trilogy of plays about life in Henley, Ray Evans has now embarked on the construction of a light musical play about the birth and recent history of our famous market which finally disappears this year.

This follows the successful earlier productions of A Very Public Hall and Shakespeare & the Henley Chronicles performed by Henley in Arden Drama Society during 2009 and 2010.

Can you help? The writer is looking for reasonably accurate anecdotes about the market traders and their clients, such as the publicity given to a Linda McCartney’s outburst in the Market during the pre-Christmas turkey sales some years ago.

It is hoped that the musical will be staged later this year in order to mark the closing of the market and before such wonderful historical memories are gone forever.

Warwickshire College Annual Sports Awards


On Thurs 16 June, Warwickshire College hosted the annual sports awards evening to celebrate the many success of the sports students at the Henley-in-Arden campus

The evening was a great success and was very well supported from members of the community, former & current students and parents. The students that attended were there because they have put the effort into all that they do and have excelled wither academically or within there sport.

The evening started with a welcome from Nicki Breeds (acting PAM) for sports at Warwickshire College. Nicki said, "You can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink. We take the students to the water, some are hydrophobic and get thirsty, others lap it up and want more”

All the students that attended have achieved great things throughout the year and are self motivated, disciplined, train and work hard.

The evening followed with Staff & industry experts presenting the awards summarising each of the great achievements.

The main winners and categories are as follows:

Student of the year for Higher Education:
 Hayley Reynolds
Student if of the year for National diploma in sport and exercise science:
 Sammy Licence
Student of the year for fitness:
 Robert McLauchlin
Student of the year for National Diploma in sport development, coaching and fitness:
 Matthew Brookes
Contribution to athletics:
 Imogen Green & Richard Smith
Wheelchair basketball player of the year:
 Matthew Tapper
Team sports player of the year (male):
 Aran Singh
Team sports player of the year (female):
 Nancy Creedy
Individual Sports Athlete of the year:
 Jack Smith
Outstanding Contribution to sport:
 Nancy Creedy (GB Wakeboarding)
James Earl (GB Water Skiing)
Jess Print (WBA football team)
Jack Smith (GB Badminton)
Richard Smith (County Rugby)
Tom Brown (County and Denmark Cricket)
Volunteer of the year:
 Tasmin Jones
Sports person of the year:
 Imogen Green
Coach of the year:
 Tom Greensall
Encouragement of team spirit in work and play:
 Bella Ingram
Outstanding student of the year (academic):
 Hayley Reynolds

Helen Pennels reporting


The Manor of Henley-in-Arden Court Leet and Court Baron

Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff


Henley in Arden Primary School Summer Fare

posterSaturday 25th June 2011, not only was it Armed Forces Day but it heralded another important event in the local calendar. Gordon Trinder, the Town Crier and I were thrilled to be asked to open the Henley-in Arden Primary School Fare. The introduction to this event was an email which I received in early April, from Elaine Field, Assistant Head, requesting help with the opening. This is an import fund raising event for the school and the staff, pupils and those hard working parents who had organised a wide variety stalls and entertainments with something for everyone.

We received a very warm welcome and it was a delight to help with such an important event. Fundraising over the last year has bought the outdoor musical instruments, the belling cookers for each key stage and indoor seating for parents at assemblies. The proceeds from the summer fare will enable further projects to be funded for the obvious benefit of the pupils

To add to the pleasure both Gordon and I won prizes on the tombola and the raffle. Our congratulations to the whole team for their efforts and obvious enthusiasm, we wish them every success in the future and hope that the Court Leet can help again.

John Tristram, Low Bailiff 


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Update on Black Swan success for TROOP AID

imageFurther to our Armed Forces Day fund raiser held at The Black Swan on 25th June 2011 on behalf of TroopAid. It is with great pleasure that we can now tell you, that whilst we originally raised £731 this has now increased to £910, from further generous donations, including £100 from Ian and Linda Jackson from The Black Swan.

This will now enable TroopAid to fund a total of 36 “Grab Bags” for our injured service personnel.

There was a truly great response to our Raffle and can let you know that first prize of a weeks football camp at Birmingham City Football Club was won by Mr John Dalman. John as many of you know, whilst very happy to have won, felt that this could be put to better use!!! He has now kindly donated it to our local football club, Arden Forest FC, where hopefully one of their young players will benefit from this experience in the Summer.

And finally once again a very big thank you to all, who helped make this such a successful fund raising event. Well Done Henley!!

Helen Spencer reporting

The Pond

Dear Editor,

imageI enjoyed Dave Cowling’s article in the last edition of Henley NEWS. I’m glad when residents notice changes in their environment and this gives me the opportunity to tell people what is going on at the pond.

What was a scrappy mud hole with rubbish in, is in process of being renovated but is taking longer than expected for good reason (explained later). It will become an asset to the town and in particular to children, who will be able to go pond dipping and learn about the natural world. Work has been ongoing with volunteers under the auspices of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and with money obtained from the Lottery. I know this, because I went with members of Henley Wildlife Society on 21st June, to see the work so far and to be told about it by someone from the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

I cannot really comment on the safety aspects, except to say that parents of toddlers should keep an eye on them and the platform needs to be such that children can kneel on it whilst leaning over the water with nets, when the water level has been raised. But maybe an additional rail or toe board would be an idea. Since Mr Cowling obviously has some experience of fencing and this being a voluntary project, perhaps he could offer his help in an advisory role.

As a child, my sisters and I were brought up on the edge of Epping Forest and were allowed to paddle in mud and streams and climb trees, as our parents knew we enjoyed this. We got scratched and hurt, but isn’t that what growing up is all about; learning what happens if you’re not careful, so you don’t do it again next time?

Back to the pond! Fortunately, it has a small population of Great Crested Newts. Unfortunately, they are so rare, that they are protected by law and must not be disturbed, the possible penalty being £5,000. So work on the pond has had to stop until November, when the newts will leave the pond and enable continuation of the improvements. The plan is to clear certain plants, check the lining and raise the level of the water to just below the new platform. The area around the pond will also be made good for wildlife. All in all, it should look very nice in the end; we just need to be a little patient.

Penny Stott

July is British Polio Month

Sponsored by the British Polio Fellowship

imageI should start by saying that I am one of the lucky ones, having contracted polio in 1951 at the age of 4¼ years old, I made an almost complete recovery which has enabled me to lead a ‘normal’ life. Why write my story when I have been so fortunate? Well it did leave a lasting impression on me and things could have been very different.

When I was admitted to Harborough Road Isolation Hospital, Northampton, at 1.00am on 9 July 1951, I was so poorly that my parents were told that there was no point in staying, since I would not make it through the night. I was paralysed down my right hand side, my diaphragm and my throat and it was ‘only a matter of time’. Given that there were three other children at home, my parents followed the advice and left the hospital, one can only imagine how they felt, indeed it was not mentioned until many years later. Fortunately I proved everyone wrong and when my mother took the phone call from the hospital early the next morning she was so shocked she had to ask them twice more what they had said. I have very clear memories of being in hospital, of which more later.

I made a fairly rapid recovery, although the pain of physiotherapy is indelibly imprinted on my mind. The real therapy was my parents refusal to treat me any differently from my siblings, I was encourage, even expected to behave exactly as the others, performing chores, participating in normal activities at school and taking my share of discipline when deserved. It seemed unfair at the time but my father responded by saying “who ever said life was fair, just get on with it” and subsequently I was to appreciate his philosophy and the love that he gave.

Why did I make such a complete recovery? I had been ill for about a week with what was initially believed to be ‘flu and was kept indoors in a quiet, darkened room and this was thought to have been the major factor in my recovery, plus what my doctor once described as sheer ‘bl****y mindedness’!!

During my career I have been very fortunate, having served an engineering apprenticeship, I eventually held senior positions in a number of companies and spent much of my working life in sales roles, visiting customers, working on building sites and very much ‘in the thick of it’

Referring back to my memories of hospital, I remember being in the glass walled isolation ward, my parents visiting only once, because I screamed the place down when they could not come it and speak to me. Eventually I was moved to an open ward with Iron Lungs at the far end of the room, a sound which I found thoroughly upsetting. I remember being given small pieces of chocolate and segments of tangerine, remember this is 1951 and I had never seen either before due to rationing. To this day I adore chocolate orange.

My mother refused to believe that I could have such clear memories, but in the mid 1980’s my father had a heart problem and was admitted the Harborough Road Hospital, now an annex of the General Hospital. The Isolation Wards were closed but, without seeing them, I was able to describe in precise detail the mosaic on the entrance hall floor, the location of the glass isolation ward and the position of my bed in the main ward, all confirmed by one of the orderlies. My mother was stunned by the accuracy of my description.

Now in my mid 60’s I am feeling the usual effects, stiff joints, aching muscles and in particular fatigue, I suffered a mini-stroke 3 years ago, so it is difficult to differentiate between the effects of polio and the after effects of the stroke. However, given the original prognosis on that day in July 1951, I just view each day as a gift and thank God that I have been able to live such a complete and fulfilling life, but most of all I shall be forever indebted to my parents.

Polio has been almost completely eradicated in the UK, however many of those who suffered from Polio in the mid 20th century are now affected by Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). The British Polio Fellowship provides support, both to those who are affected and research into treatments of PPS. Please support them, the website is

John Tristram


Recent Property Sales in Henley

Hillside Chestnut Walk£275,000
Henley-in-arden, B95 5JN21st April 2011

Danzey Cottage, 1 Birmingham Road£246,000
Henley-in-arden, B95 5QA21st April 2011

9 School House Mews£176,000
Henley-in-arden, B95 5FP13th May 2011

17 Brook End Drive£320,000
Henley-in-arden, B95 5JA6th May 2011

174 High Street£230,000
Henley-in-arden, B95 5BN25th March 2011

Walmer Cottage£249,000
Ullenhall, B95 5PA13th April 2011

You can view all previous sales information by visiting


Saucy Poetry is Best!

Theo Theobald Is Midlands based Poet Laureate

imageA Midlands based poet and comedian has claimed his place in local literary history by being crowned Worcestershire’s first Poet Laureate. Theo Theobald from Bromsgrove took the title at a prestigious ceremony held in Worcester Cathedral. His hilarious offerings included ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ and ‘I’m In Love With The Girl From H&M Solihull’. The judging panel on the night included The Very Rev’d Peter Atkinson, The Dean of Worcester and Roy McFarlane, Birmingham’s current Poet Laureate.

As well as extolling the culinary virtues of Worcestershire Sauce, Theo goes on to point out its many less-well-known qualities in his winning poem. In a delightfully tongue-in-cheek tirade, he claims it is an elixir to cure all ills, an antidote to ‘stubborn stains’ and a rather cheeky pick-me-up to enhance one’s love life!

Theo says, ‘I was delighted to win and I’m excited at the prospect of my year as the local Laureate. I believe spoken word is about giving people the chance to express their individuality, I want to hear each and every one of those voices, I want to know who those people are’, he added, ‘poetry and literature isn’t stuffy any more. There’s room for every voice, whether it’s rap, hip-hop, comedy or conventional. I want everyone to have a backstage pass, access all areas! I’m passionate about my poetry, but I want to listen too, that’s how we make connections and that’s how we make friends!’

As Poet Laureate for the Worcestershire, Theo will be making guest appearances at various events throughout his year long tenure as Poet Laureate and will be working with Laura Dedicoat, Worcestershire’s first ever Young Poet Laureate from Redditch. He will also be commissioned to write several poems for key events in the County.

Festival Director Lisa Ventura said: “Theo made us all laugh with his comedic and light-hearted approach to the two poems he submitted to us, and the judges were really impressed with his confidence, delivery and engagement with the audience. He will be a fantastic asset to Worcestershire and a real ambassador for the County”.

Theo is a published author and two times poetry slam champion in the Midlands. In support of his books he has written articles for The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian. although known on the performance poetry circuit for his lighter comedic side, Theo has also written poignant pieces about life, love and the wonders of Worcestershire.

He is currently writing a book about becoming a poet, which includes some of his best received work and an avalanche of amusing and amazing tales.

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imageMake Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

Beat the Bills

British Gas is putting up its domestic gas and electricity prices from 18th August. Gas bills will rise by an average of 18% and electricity bills by an average of 16%. The change will affect 9 million households with the average dual fuel customer paying an extra £190 a year. Scottish Power is also putting up its domestic gas and electricity prices. Gas by 19% and electricity by 10% from 1st August. This will affect 2.4 million customers. The combined 2.4 million and 9 million is nearly half the households in the country. Even if you are not affected yet, it is likely that you will be, because other energy suppliers will soon follow Scottish Power and British Gas.

The best way to beat these price rises is to insulate. The UK has 8 million lofts that need insulation. Some of them must be in Henley.

Insulation is cheap and can be DIY or professionally installed. The recommended thickness of loft insulation is 270 mm. If you have no insulation, an average loft will leak away about £220 worth of heat per year. Professionally installed insulation costs about £150 for an average home, so its cheaper to insulate than burn the gas. For small properties, insulation costs less than £100; for large properties £200 to £300. Even if you have some insulation (but less than 270 mm), a top up is worthwhile. 170mm top up loft insulation is on offer at Wickes, £32 for 3 rolls, enough to do a small loft (24 sq m) and will save about £20 per year.

imageCavity wall insulation installed saves almost as much heat (and money) as loft insulation and costs about the same; £100 to £300 depending on the size of property, so it pays for itself in about a year. The great thing about insulation is that the savings then continue year after year and over time amount to large sums of money. Look at the effect on gas consumption in this detached house in Henley when cavity wall insulation was installed in 1989. Average consumption has fallen from nearly 50,000 units a year to under 40,000 units a year. Savings at current gas prices are about £360 a year – or over £7,000 since the insulation was installed. And 47 tonnes of CO2 pollution have been saved over the same period. Similar figures apply to loft insulation.

To get insulation, call your energy supplier or talk to Act on Energy, your local energy efficiency advice centre (in Wellesbourne) on Freephone 0800 988 2881. Getting insulation is as easy as picking up the phone. Thereafter, the savings continue year after year and they do add up, as shown above. Act on Energy has a list of suppliers of insulation so give them a call, get a couple of quotes, choose an installer and beat those price rises. We also have half a dozen trained energy advisers in Henley so if you would like help from them, give me a call (792251) and I can put you in touch with one.

Insulation is usually free for those over 70 or on certain benefits. Make that phone call and beat the bills. Freephone 0800 988 2881.

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Deletion – or not?

John GarnerThe News of the World phone hacking scandal has eclipsed virtually all other news in the past week: we’ve forgotten about the government’s other immediate worries such as the public employees’ strike action and the closure of Bombardier.

I’m writing this at the weekend so I’m sure there’ll have been more developments by the time this article is published.

But why am I mentioning this here? Well, it’s a fascinating business case study: one of our best selling national newspapers has gone from success to total extinction in not much more than a week or, depending on your point of view, has been sacrificed for a bigger prize. This is because a crime has been committed and so there is now a search for evidence; this means, amongst other things, that the newspaper’s computers will be seized and forensically examined by the police. That’s assuming they can lay their hands on all the computer equipment and I expect some laptops will have disappeared by now.

But what if all the evidence has simply been deleted from everyone’s computer (as has been alleged)? Well, that itself may not be too much of a problem – it can be very difficult to totally delete data on a computer’s hard drive. Surely you just hit “delete” and then clear out the Recycle Bin? Er, no; the data is still there, it’s just been renamed so you can’t see it and the software ignores it; it can usually be recovered.

The only sure way to erase all traces of data completely is to format the hard drive (there is a command for this, depending on your operating system, but best not to try this at home) as unfortunately this will get rid of everything including your software and the operating system itself. alternatively you could take the hard drive out of the case and destroy it with a hammer or perhaps put it in a furnace. The trouble is, the police might think this is incriminating anyway. There is a better way of course: just Google something like “free file delete” and you’ll find software which claims to completely delete files for you.

I’m talking here of computers used by individual employees; you can be sure that the News of the World will have had state of the art systems and while it may be unlikely that anyone trying to hide something will have broadcast it, nevertheless the police will have to check all the records – a mammoth task I should think.

It’s not just the newspaper’s databases either: modern telephone systems are internet based and accessible by computer. Could they be holding records of dodgy phone calls?

What’s the lesson here for normal, honest people? Simply this: if you think you’ve deleted data from your computer, you probably haven’t! Unless you know what you’re doing of course.

John Garner - Business Correspondent

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Warnings from Trading Standards

Claims Management Concerns

imageWarwickshire consumers have recently reported increasing numbers of unsolicited telephone calls and text messages from claims management businesses. The callers suggest to consumers that they may be able to claim money back for them as a result of (for example):

  • Mis-sold payment protection insurance
  • Mis-sold endowments
  • Unfair bank charges
  • Unenforceable consumer credit agreements

Consumers report that the callers are often very persistent, calling again and again (including to those on the telephone preference service) and that they often ask for a wide range of personal or financial information. Claims management companies can ask for large up front fees of up to £500, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to claim back money for you or get a debt written off for example.

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service strongly advises consumers not to divulge any personal or financial information to cold callers.

The Ministry of Justice further advices that if you think you do have a case, you do not need to use a claims management business to make your claim. Depending on what sort of claim you are making you may be able to make the claim yourself. For claims where you do need expert help, such as claims for personal injury, you can find a solicitor yourself, rather than being referred by a claims management business.

For more information on Claims Management click here

Car Number Plate Cloning Fraud

There have been some recent reports of car number plate cloning fraud.  This is where criminals will fit a car with a 'clone' of your number plate so that if their car is involved in an accident or an offence such as speeding, your car ends up 'taking the blame' for the incident.  This could result in heavy financial losses or even criminal charges.  You can read more here at the This Is Money website.

Drivers who have number plates stolen or cloned should report the crime immediately to the police. Those who receive unexplained speeding or parking tickets should contact the issuing authority promptly.

Drivers who fall victim more than once should ask the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they can re-register their car with a new number.

Bogus Emergency Services Publication

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service is warning local traders to be aware of publication businesses canvassing locally, that falsely claim to represent the fire service and police and request payment for advertisements in a directory. The business is thought to place the listing in the directory without the traders permission and then pester the trader with regular phone calls to try and get them to pay for the ‘advert’. Bogus publishing firms offer advertising in 'safety' type magazines/directories which have little or no circulation and so are useless for advertising.

Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council

logoAlcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team
Community Newsletter


Incident Overview

Below are the incidents recorded for the Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team for June 2011:


Crime in Your Area

Burglary dwellings are comparable with last year and last month and remain low in comparison with other areas of the county, however we are keen to keep them as low as possible with high visibility patrols being conducted in all areas.

Three dwellings have been broken into in the Wootton Wawen area, two on the Stratford Road with various items taken, including laptops, a DVD player and jewellery. A further dwelling was broken into in Wooton Wawen at The Lawns whereby a resident left the rear door insecure while in her garden; offenders have then entered the property and stolen her purse. Two public houses on Henley High Street were broken into with alcohol being taken and two ipods. St Johns Church, Henley was broken into and offender/s have stolen two candlesticks worth approximately £1000.

Criminal Damage is comparable with last month, but has reduced significantly when compared to last year. Two incidents have been recorded in Castle Road and St Nicholas Road, Henley where tyres were slashed one evening.

Anti Social Behaviour is comparable with last month, but has significantly reduced when compared with last year. Four incidents have been recorded in Henley, including threatening behaviour following parking issues leading to car doors damaging vehicles, individuals refusing to pay their taxi fare, youths drinking and smashing bottles in Beaudesert Lane and a youth entering Henley High School after school hours cycling up and down the corridors having previously been asked to leave earlier in the day by teachers.

Theft from motor vehicles is comparable with recent months and last year, although low in comparison with other areas we would still like to reduce it further and would reiterate the need for drivers to be vigilant and not leave items on view. In Salters Lane, Wootton Wawen a vehicle was broken into due to a sports bag being left on view.

Theft of vehicles has increase on last year and last month, although it is still much lower when compared to other areas of the county. Two incidents have occurred in Wootton Wawen, one at Wootton Rise where a vehicle was stolen without keys and the second on the Stratford Road, which was stolen with keys, but has since been recovered.

Violence has reduced when compared to last year, but is comparable with recent months and lower than other areas of the county. Minor incidents have been recorded in Henley, Studley and Preston Bagot and have been dealt with appropriately by officers.

If you would like further crime prevention advice, including how to obtain a protective marking solution such as SMART WATER, please contact your local officer, PCSO Tristan Jelfs on 07795231857 or e-mail (Henley in Arden, Claverdon, Wootton Wawen & Bearley areas);
Information & Advice


The next Community Forum will be held 6th October, 7pm, Henley High School, Henley in Arden - If you have a specific concern then come along to the local surgery, where you will be able to speak to your local Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Policing Team, Warwickshire County Council or Stratford District Council Officer.

The next Henley Community Surgery will be held, 27th July, 11:30am, Henley Baptist Church Hall - The surgery gives you the opportunity to speak to members of the Parish Council & Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Policing Team about the issues that concern you, while giving you feedback regarding what is happening in the community.

The next Henley Police Surgery will be held 13th July & 3rd August, between 11am – 1pm, Henley Police Station - A drop in facility to discuss issues/problems within the community with your local policing team.

The next Henley NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Meeting will be held 18th August, 7pm, Henley Fire Station

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents,
please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207. 


Further information can be found at: The Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs - Alcester Area

Tristan Jelfs PCSO 6065
Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team
Henley in Arden Police Station
Tel: 01789 762207 Ext: 4662
Voicemail: 16065

Ask your MP or your Councillors

Nadhim Zahawi is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Stratford upon Avon and he has said, "I am extremely keen on hearing your views so please feel free to contact me."


Get in Touch with Nadhim



Many residents find it difficult to know to which of the three levels of local government to refer their questions.

To assist residents Henley NEWS provides a service enabling a question to be sent to the elected representatives on the County, District and Parish councils simultaneously.

Click on the link below to send your enquiry.


Planning Applications - Search on-line


SDC  image

Councillors ignore residents' emails

A Brook End Drive resident has told Henley NEWS that the councillors have ignored the questions sent to them through the "Ask Your Councillors "link in Henley NEWS. Below is a copy of the emailed letter sent to our County, District and Parish Councillors on 20th June 2011 at 1.11 pm.

After sending a second direct email to the councillors and again receiving no reply, Mr Hunter has asked for his letter to be made public in the hope that our elected representatives will respond. Mr Hunter states, "As council tax payers, we would like the freedom to park outside our house without totally out of date restrictions."

In his emails to the councillors, Mr Hunter wrote:

I have copied below my comments to SDCC parking appeal. I was rather strong with my comments at the time, due to my frustration. This copy gives all the details. I have paid the £35 without prejudice as they rejected my appeal, as I said I would. We were never asked if we wanted single yellow lines outside our house and indeed never had parking problems prior to the restrictions being imposed during Henley Market Days.

I would now like to know what justification you can give for this still to be imposed, since the Market closed nearly 2 months ago. As council tax payers we would like the freedom to park outside our house without totally out of date restrictions.

Yours truly,

Stephen Hunter

Letter to SDC Parking Dept


We have lived and been council tax payers at the above address for some 10 years. We agree the car in question was parked at the stated time on Sunday am 22/5/11 outside our house in Brook End Drive, this car belongs to our daughters’ boyfriend who was visiting.

We have given the above information to show we are aware of the parking restrictions in Henley generally, i.e. Every Wednesday am, Saturdays am and certain Sundays am.

WHY ? These restrictions were introduced to stop congestion on Market Days and for no other reason.

The Market CEASED TO FUNCTION on 13/4/11.

Because of your traffic officers’ actions, we have been sparked into action against yet more irrelevant, out of date rules.

In light of our comments above we wish you to cancel the PCN. If you do not:-

1. We would pay the £35 without prejudice.

2. Report this matter to our JPC.

3. Report this matter to our MP.

4. Involve the press and media.

5. Get other Henley Council Tax Payers behind us for Stratford District Council to remove the OUT OF DATE and therefore IRRELEVANT parking restrictions around the, now DEFUNCT market area.

Please bring things up to date.

Stephen Hunter - Henley Patriot.  

Henley NEWS has been advised by other residents who have used "Ask Your Councillors" link that they have also not received a reply.

Stephen Hunter has advise that he has received a response from our MP regarding the Market restricted parking. Nadim has raised Mr Hunter's concerns with the Warwickshire Highways re the defunct market and Nadim will keep Stephen informed. None of our local councillors has contacted Mr Hunter.

As a result, Henley NEWS decided to send the councillors a message using the link. The following message was sent on Thursday 7th July to one County, two District and two parish councillors:

Dear Councillor,

As a fellow councillor, I hope you will agree that one of our more important duties is to listen to, and act upon, the enquiries and comments from our electorate, be they about pot holes, dog fouling, council tax problems, parking fines, etc. The general public is understandably confused about where to go for help and one of the questions I am most frequently asked is “Which council is responsible for a specific problem: - County, District or Parish?”

Wearing a different hat, as the editor of Henley NEWS (readership over 3,000), I thought that I could assist by providing a solution. On 15th June of this year, Henley NEWS launched a regular item called “Ask Your Councillors”. This enables readers using one form to send their question/observation to County, District and Parish Councillors, so that the responsible councillor can assist and reply directly to the enquirer.

Four people have so far used this facility and some have expressed their disappointment that they have not received a reply or even an acknowledgement. In stronger terms, they have been IGNORED. And these are the very people we will rely on at the election next May.

Councillors are sometimes described in words such as “aloof”, “not accessible”, “divorced from the needs of the electorate”, “ignorant of the opinions of the residents” and other derogatory terms. Communication is the key to negating most of these unfortunate perceptions and yet here we have a classic case of non-communication causing further discontent. Is it really too much trouble to hit the reply key and type an acknowledgement?

There may be a misguided impression that this service somehow contravenes the Data Protection Act; this impression is completely unfounded. These types of web based systems are widely used by recruitment and procurement agencies.

The next edition of Henley NEWS, which will be circulated on Wednesday 13th July, contains a comment by one of the residents who used "Ask Your Councillors" and has not had a reply despite sending his question twice. You can see this article in our next edition at:

Please would you provide me with a comment. I sincerely hope that we can try to change some of the very negative attitudes that seem to be quite prevalent amongst our electorate.

Bill Leech
Editor, Henley NEWS

"Ask Your Councillors" link uses is a professional paid-for service, which has a full audit trail, and is provided by Veer West LLC, based in Bloomington IN, in the USA. This is the same service which has been used to collect hundreds of requests for the alert email service when a new issue is published. This service was also used for the recent successful library volunteers campaign.

Significantly, the parish clerk announced at the end of the parish council meeting on 20th June that some councillors might have received emails, without mentioning the subject or the source, which she said might be in breach of the Data Protection Act and she advised them to consult her.

At the time of publication (6 days after the Henley NEWS request), we had also been ignored. Notwithstanding this, we shall continue to provide the facility in the expectation that as the election approaches our councillors will perhaps consider it advantageous to engage with their electors.




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“Gondoliers” in Tanworth
The Tanworth Singers will be performing “Gondoliers” with a strong cast of soloists on Friday & Saturday 15th & 16th July. Rehearsal information from Wendy Dillon 742464. Details of ticket sales in June Parish News.

Meet at the Market Cross at 6.30pm on Tuesday July 19th for a visit to Henley Sidings Nature Reserve. Visitors who are interested in natural history are welcome.

Come and join us for strawberries and cream in Barbara Warmington’s lovely garden at Alne House, Beaudesert Lane on Thursday July 21st 2.30 – 4.30pm. Raffle and cakes, cost £5.00 – everyone welcome. Proceeds to St John’s church.

July 23rd - Details from Duncan or Marijana Bainbridge 795149 day, 794987 eve

Tuesday 26th July. Philip Aubrey Successful Fruit Growing – grown your own ‘five a day’. 7.30pm Ullenhall Village Hall everyone welcome.

Friday 29th July Preparation for Saturday 30th July Competition Day.

2nd & 9th July (mornings) or 20th & 27th August (mornings or afternoons). Evening classes, 28th July - 22nd September, 7 - 9pm. Suitable for beginners. Telephone 01564 792174.


Friday 9th September
Gala Dinner at the Henley Golf and Country Club with entertainment by the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra. Pre-dinner drinks at 7 pm, dinner will be served at 7:30 pm. Carriages at 11:30 pm

Sunday 11th September 2.30 pm
There will be a PIMS and English Tea with an Antiques Roadshow in the Guild Hall Garden with  celebrity expert Paul Atterbury. Sponsored by Henley NEWS. Tickets £12.50

Wednesday 14th September
A Fashion Show with a glass of bubbly in the Memorial Hall will be the final event. A promotion by the fashion shops of Henley-in-Arden. Doors will open at 7 pm and the show will start at 7:30 pm.

Friday 16th September
St John’s Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, Henley in Arden at 7.30pm in aid of church funds. Ladies – come along and enjoy this fashion show featuring ex chainstore clothing (sizes 8-22) from leading High Street stores. There is the opportunity to buy from a large selection afterwards at greatly reduced prices. Many items to be sold at half store price or less! Tickets only £5 – to include a glass of wine. Tickets from Barbara Colclough 793710 or Daphne Jones 01926 843515.

17th September 2011 at the Memorial Playing Fields

The Shakespeare Hospice is looking for 200 singers for its BIG Sing 2011 in the Civic Hall, Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September 2011. Barry Todd has agreed to be the Musical Director! This will be a fun packed weekend - during the Friday evening and Saturday morning we will learn popular pieces from musicals and in the afternoon and evening put on two concerts! 01789 266852

Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on The Henley Town Website

Open to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Full time coach. 7 courts open throughout the year mean that there is always a court available. No need to book. Club and American Tournaments held during summer months. League matches summer and winter. For details of membership please contact Judith Mathias 01564 792378
logoRotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, is an organisation of more than 55,000 men and women who, as members of over 1,850 Rotary clubs, volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world. The Henley-in-Arden Club meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm. New members are always welcome.
Please email Rotarian Michael Redman
imageAre you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers?  We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £5.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Secretary - Annette Walker - 01564 792837
  2011 Programme

imageThe Objectives of the Club are:

  • To maintain and develop facilities for gardening and allotment sites.
  • To enable members to enjoy the activity of gardening and allotments.
  • To enable a healthy and rewarding past time enriching people's lives.
  • To preserve local green spaces for the community of Henley-in-Arden.
  • To foster an allotment and gardening spirit.
  • To create synergies and alliances with other like minded organisations.

To create a network where members can communicate with each other in order to exchange ideas, exchange produce and flowers, share equipment, seek advice and help.

The HAAGC is open to everyone with an interest in gardening and membership is FREE.   Click Here for Application Form
Meets every Friday and Sunday evening from 8pm at the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden. The season runs from mid September to end April. A warm welcome is extended to all badminton players who may be interested in joining the club. Visitors welcome. Please contact the Chairman, Alan Barber, on 01564 793320 for further details.
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Kevin O'Brien on 01564 794903.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A3400 just outside Henley. The Club welcomes new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Coordinators. If you are aware that your area is not covered or you are willing to be a coordinator, please contact Annette Walker on 792837
This is an exciting opportunity to make your mark on what has been a vibrant and successful scout troop. In order for it to continue to provide young people with diverse opportunities we urgently need the support of our local community. Please come forward and find out more about how you can get involved. For more information please contact Simon Cossey on: 07979 240174
Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday each month at 7.30 pm at the Memorial Hall. Secretary Mrs Annette Walker 01564 792837.  Meeting programme
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on the third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and an informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at
Thursdays, 11am at the Baptist Church Hall, High Street. Age, health or fitness no barrier. £5 per session – no termly fees. For further information contact Debbie Wild on 07773 318830.    Full details at:
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley. Visitors are most welcome and for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079.
De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 603 8577 for further details.
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge.
Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email for more information.
Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.

The Wednesday Club provides a friendly environment where people with visual problems can meet together and enjoy good company, interesting speakers, outings and a delicious tea together.  The Club meets on alternate Wednesday afternoons and welcomes new members. For further information please phone: 0121-705-3926, 01564-792724, 01564-794209 or 01564-792138.

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Henley NewsHENLEY NEWS is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed? Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures sent to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is the preferred format. Please send to

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