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Resident's outrage at the Letter from 'Ruling Group'

Dear Sir,

I read the letter in last week's Stratford Herald from a number of Henley & Beaudesert Parish Councillors and take objection to their comments that members of the Reform Group, who are working hard to bring back Democracy to local government in our town, are actually people who just cause trouble but don’t actually do anything.

Yes there are one or two voices that are relatively new to the town but the vast majority are residents who have worked tirelessly over many years (and are still doing so) in many areas of the town’s life that are not so much in the limelight and don’t hold so much power as the JPC but are nevertheless doing work that is an important part of what makes Henley Special. The fact that the JPC don’t know what they do is because, with one or two exceptions, all that most of them do is turn up for JPC meetings and nod through the spending of our council taxes.

My husband, who I am proud to say is a member of the Reform Group because he has a genuine concern for the way the JPC behaves and manages matters, has been involved with running the town's facilities and raising funds in Henley for nearly 40 years; he would not wish me to list them here, or the many, many thousands of pounds he has helped to raise, but I would ask if any member of the JPC could compare with the commitment of another Reformer, Peter Crathorne. He is too modest to mention that he is a former chairman of High School governors (that raised £500,000 for the new Performing Arts facilities), Chairman of the War Memorial Trust which runs the Memorial Hall and the Playing Fields (who are putting together a £400,000 package for a new sports pavilion), is chair of the Hub Youth Centre and also of the elderly group called the Henman.

Don’t the JPC know this? If not, why not? It makes a nonsense of their letter and does them no credit to rubbish people who are in so many practical ways doing far more for the grass roots of the community than they are themselves. Perhaps it’s time “they stepped up to the plate”.

Susie Latham - Riverside Gardens

Cllr Matheou launches 'Human Rights Act' attack

imageThe letters to the editor in this week's Stratford Herald demonstrate that the ruling group of the Joint Parish Council continues to attack those residents who seek improvements and cost reductions in the way the parish council is managed.

In his letter to The Herald, reproduced below, Cllr George Matheou talks about a secret agenda. There is no secret agenda. Residents are calling for economy and cost efficiency for their parish council and an end to the "we know best attitude" by the vast majority of parish councillors. Cllr Matheou has repeatedly told Councillors he wants to see Cllr Bill Leech in prison!

Henley NEWS Online has been conducting a survey of 112 parish councils in the Stratford area and the preliminary results show that the Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council has the highest precept (parish council tax) of all the medium sized parishes with populations of 1,000 to 3,999. At £82,650, the JPC's precept shows the massive excess over the average for all medium sized parishes of £26,252.

View the Henley NEWS Online - 2010 Parish Council Survey (Interim)

Those with a secret agenda frustrate council’s work

Sir: I should like to take this opportunity to explain some of the facts relating to the article  in your newspaper last reporting that Mr John Tristram of Prince Harry Road, had accused me of disregarding the Human Rights Act.

First, may I say that I do not know Mr Tristram, yet, he wrote two articles about me posted on a local website which contained inaccuracies, were biased and offensive to me. Since I have done nothing to infringe the Human Rights Act, in which I am a firm believer. I should also like to add that to the best of my knowledge in Henley we don’t torture, we do not have forced labour but we do believe in liberty and a fair trial. To bring the Human Rights Act simply as an argument to attack the parish council is propaganda of the lowest form and an insult to the intelligence of the people of Henley and to the reputation of our town.

In contrast, the parish council will continue working actively with other local organisations, with our community and partners to promote and improve every facet of our town. We do this because it is our job and duty as volunteer councillors. A few people with an unknown motive and a secret agenda who wish to frustrate our work by wasting our time, diverting our attention and providing negative publicity will not succeed in stopping the progress of our town.

Cllr George Matheou,
Henley and Beaudesert Joint Parish Council.

John Tristram Responds

Dear George,

I was intrigued and flattered to read your letter published in the Stratford Herald on 23rd September 2010. All this talk of ‘Secret Agenda’ makes me seem like a character from a John Le Carré or Ian Fleming novel and borders on paranoia. Let me assure you that I do not have a Secret Agenda. Mine is quite open and straight forward. I would like to see a democratically elected Parish Council which properly represents the wishes of the electorate. I am not alone in believing that the current composition of the JPC does not achieve this.


To quote an extract from Oliver Cromwell’s speech at the Dissolution of the Long Parliament on 20 April 1653: "Depart I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!" Cromwell may have gone a little ‘over the top’, but he had a valid point, born of frustration.

Regarding the Human Rights Act 1998, may I refer you to the Minutes of the Joint Parish Council meeting held on 6th September 2010, Minutes which you voted to adopt. Under Item 11 AOB it says: “Cllr Matheou went through the Human Rights Act paper article by article. He concluded that none of the articles applied to Henley in Arden”.

I have received various interpretations of what you meant by your dismissal of the Act, but the approved minute accurately records what you said. Whilst I accept that there may not been any recent cases of torture in Henley, unless you include sitting through a JPC meeting, there are other Articles within the Act which do apply to the JPC and to which it must pay due regard.

Finally, you say that you do not know me, this despite your spending some time talking to me about the problems of passing traffic not stopping to shop in Henley. You attributed this problem to a lack of adequate parking for passing trade, a worthy argument but the problem which has now been exacerbated by the extension of restrictions through the inclusion of more ‘Disabled’ spaces. I assume this is legal requirement but it does little to alleviate the problem you highlighted.

George, as a native of Athens and an aspiring local government politician in England, you may be interested to read Cromwell's address which is a landmark event in English political history.

John Tristram - Prince Harry Road

Fourth Award for Henley NEWS Onlineimage

On Wednesday evening Henley-in-Arden was placed 3rd in the Communications category of the Warwickshire Best Village Competition. For Henley NEWS Online this was the fourth award in this annual county competition and it was the outright competition winner in 2007.

An unexpected entry by the Joint Parish Council of its YouTube video was included in the town's entry. The video was the only professionally produced item in the competition and it is expected the organisers will change the rules in future years to specifically exclude professionally made entries.

This award comes only one week after the ruling group of the Joint Parish Council were writing in The Stratford Herald: ”We extend this invitation to all our ‘critics’ (including Cllr Leech): How about rolling up your sleeves and doing something positive for once to help Henley?” John Latham writes below on the residents' response to this vindictive and inaccurate attack.

John Garner, our Business Correspondent who has written over one hundred articles, received the certificate, right, from the Lord Lieutenant Martin Dunne, the Queen's representative in Warwickshire.


imageThe Reform Association has provided a focus for those residents who want to see a democratic and a transparent Parish Council that is tuned in to the residents needs and seeks to satisfy them in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Despite a vote of No Confidence in the present JPC being passed by a majority in a town poll, the present Parish Councillors are obdurate in their wish to stay in power until 2012.

The Reform Association, as a result, will concentrate on contesting the elections in 2012 and to signify this change of focus will henceforth be known as DEMOCRACY 2012.

It will seek to attract sufficient like minded candidates to stand for all the seats in both parishes in 2012 and after the election will disband having respected the voters' verdict.

Should you be interested in civic duty and be willing to stand in 2012, then please register at:

Mike Willmott - Chairman, Democracy 2012

Responses to JPC 'Ruling Group' Letter

imageIt was interesting to read the letters in this week’s Stratford Herald. Of the 5 from Henley residents, four were from residents seriously concerned about what is, or is not, happening in Henley. One was from Cllr Matheou bleating about being misquoted and whether or not he said that the Human Rights Act applied in the case of the Parish Council. He found the “misquotes" offensive.

The previous week several members of the JPC, including the chairman, signed a letter saying that the people in the Reform Group did nothing for the town except cause trouble and should “step up to the plate”. How offended must those people be? How pleased I was to see three letters from various sources clearly refuting the JPC’s accusations and telling us how much members of Reform do to maintain and support the fabric of our community.

The fifth letter was from someone, quite justifiably, appalled at the seeming apathy of the JPC in not doing anything to find an alternative site for a market to maintain this 900 year heritage. We have known for two years that the existing market will close. Surely some progress could have been made in that time. I don’t imagine anyone expects to retain a livestock market and a horse fair but surely it would be possible to find a site for the weekly retail market on Wednesdays, which brings a lively atmosphere in to the town and is so enjoyed by the elderly members of our community, of which there are many.

So there we have it. A microcosm of Henley life at the moment. Residents of the town addressing issues which they feel are important and in need of debate and resolution; as against the JPC ruling group members who bury heads in the sand and only surface when their sensitivities are offended or they wish to slag off, with untruths, the residents who are trying to encourage sensible debate within the community.

John Latham - Riverside Gardens, pictured right.

62nd Ploughing and Hedging Match

image127 competitors arrived at St Giles Farm, Spernal from all parts of the Country last Thursday to compete in the Forest of Ardens' 62nd Ploughing and Hedging Competition.

They were given 5½ hours to see who could plough the straightest furrow. Six teams of horses competed too, and what a crowd puller they were. Groomed until they glistened, their magnificent presence was awesome as they strained against the plough and one was reminded of how hard life must have been in times past, walking behind them with tired legs on cold frosty winter days.

Just across the field one could see the huge tractor and ploughs of today, with their air conditioned cabs which defy any weather conditions, keeping the ploughman cosy and warm. Hedgelayers competed too, and what a wonderful job they did weaving and chopping the most uruly of hedges until it became a stock proof fence with no artificial materials - a perfect habitat for birds to live in - using only their hands and an axe.

We had Trade Stands for people to browse round and the Ladies Produce Tent was an inspiration to us all, with wonderful colourful displays of art, cakes, needlecraft, childrens' displays and flowers. Mrs Angela Pinnegar of Henley took first prize in the Flower Arranging Section. The whole of Great Alne Junior School attended and I am assured by their teachers that they had a wonderful day and learned a lot about where their food comes from. Mr Pete Johnson of Johnsons Coaches of Henley very kindly sponsored their transportation as his contribution towards supporting the Ploughing Match. The site was kindly provided by Felix Dennis Esq and Spernal Farms.

If you missed it this year, maybe you will be able to come next year - it is always on the third Thursday in September, and next year it will be at Sherbourne, Warwick.

Sue Westmacott - Secretary, Forest of Arden Agricultural Society


Photos by Mrs Barbara Bicknell (Collections Dress Shop, Henley)

Shakespeare Live in Henley

posterFollowing hard the heels of their successful production of A Very Public Hall, Henley in Arden Drama Society are again presenting a play involving Henley and its residents, but this time set in the late 16th century, when it is known that one William Shakespeare was attracted to the town by the many inns and …… and, well, other services provided by the local people.

Such visits may have given him inspiration for some of his most memorable plays and sonnets and this new play entitled Shakespeare and the Henley Chronicles, written by Ray Evans, takes us through one such adventure.

Although the narrative is of a fairly serious nature, like Shakespeare’s works there are joyous light hearted moments to savour.

There was only one venue in Henley that the author thought most suited to this performance, and with the kind permissions of the Officers and Trustees of Henley Court Leet and the hall curators, Alan and Carol Robson, we are honoured to be able to present this unique production in the Guild Hall.

We open on Wednesday the 3rd of November for four nights, ending Saturday the 6th of November and seating is limited, so please try to book early in order to avoid disappointment.

Further publicity will be posted around the town prior to the show, in the meantime keep updated by visiting our website

Ray Evans - HADS

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden Court Leet and Court Baron


Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff


Town Dinner

imageThe harvest is gathered in for yet another year, and in the coming weeks the fruits of the earth will be bottled, tinned or frozen for storage. Arrh, with one exception!

The fruit from the Guild Hall Garden’s mulberry tree will not be boiled and bagged or made into jam.

Why? Because Sue Dalby will be making the mulberries into a number of individual, mouth-watering, fruit crumbles, crumbles to be served as a dessert at the forthcoming Town Dinner.

The dinner, organized by the Court Leet for the Town, is to be held on Saturday the 2nd October in the Memorial Hall. Fancy a crumble?

Dream on, but for those lucky people attending the dinner, the dream is, will it be custard or cream?

Roger Sutton - High Bailiff 

Calendar & Church Notices for October 2010

From the Rectory - Dear Friends,

imageAs part of the serious cutbacks necessary, the government is proposing that we cut the number of months in the year from twelve to ten, with each month being 36 or 37 days long. This will reduce everybody’s income by 17%, saving the government a huge amount out of the public sector wage bill, and it will benefit private industry, giving them more resources to invest in the future. Sorry, just a joke – and not that funny, really! But in the face of the government’s real cutbacks, almost everybody needs to look at their income and expenditure, and work out what kind of lifestyle they can afford.

What are your basic requirements? Food? Shelter (mortgage)? Health? Children’s education? Clothes? What about the telly. holiday, club memberships, pension investment? What about giving to charity? These things, and many more, occupy us and worry us in hard times. But, what are our priorities? The order in which we list these things can tell us a lot about ourselves.

We are in Harvest Festival season, and nature reminds us of how many wonderful things are free. The colours of autumn by day, and the starlit sky by night, are better than anything on the telly! They are both comforting and awe-inspiring. The Bible tells us that a simple meal in the company of true friends tastes far far better than any gourmet meal eaten when miserable. The Bible also tells us that, strangely enough, a person’s real wealth can only be measured by their generosity, and not by what they spend on themselves.

Finally, to change the subject, on Sunday 31st October (Halloween), we will be remembering the departed by name in our church services, and lighting a candle for them. If you wish to have someone remembered, then drop a message to the Rectory with your name and address, their name, and your connection with them, by Friday 29th October. Then, come and join in with the service on the Sunday. Let us give thanks.

John Ganjavi

Please contact the Rector on 792570 for any enquiries about Sunday School, Church Services, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, or any other pastoral matters

From the Registers
We offer wedding congratulations to Greg & Sophie Sargeant (Lodder).
We give thanks to God for the lives of Beryl Sanders, Les Young, Joy Pearce and Peggy MacVie.

Services are: 3rd Mrs Anne Yelland. 10th Revd Helen Bell (Sacrament), 17th Revd Arthur Kent, 24th Miss Paddy Beardsall, 31st Revd Caroline Homan.

GOOD NEWS FOR OUR HIGH SCHOOL!!!! During the next few weeks the congregation at St John's will have as its MISSION IN FOCUS the work amongst youth in the town. We will continue our support for the work formally delivered through Forest of Arden Youth for Christ (FoAYfC).  From September, David Benskin has been appointed as a part time local youth worker based at Claverdon church but continuing FoAYfC’s work.  This includes teaching R.E. lessons, taking assemblies, conducting playground duty, running the Christian Union etc in Henley High School.  There are also plans for David to run youth services and a youth alpha course locally next year.  David has recently worked in Bidford parish with their extensive volunteer youth service setting up outreach projects eg a Cyber Cafe and youth events.

Come and meet David on Sunday October 10th when he joins us for both the 10am Service in the Church and at 4 pm at our new and exciting "Messy church" initative in the Parish Hall in Henley. David will introduce himself and explain his plans and hopes for our local youth.

We shall be collecting packet or tinned products for Coventry City Mission again this year, to be dedicated at the Harvest Service on 3rd October. Financial donations to CCM would also be very welcome. CCM is a registered Christian charity established in 1983. They deliver food parcels all year round and are committed to serving the whole community by responding to identified needs, whether they are spiritual, physical, emotional or practical, regardless of age, status or background. Donations can be left, clearly labelled at the back of church until 3rd October.

Saturday 4th December at 7.30pm to be held in St John’s Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, Henley in Arden in aid of Church Funds.
Tables of four people.  A prize for the winning table. Book your table now. Tickets £6, to include a Ploughman’s Supper.  Cash bar and raffle. To book call Daphne Jones on 01926 843515

Henley High student chosen from thousands

imageBeccy Stead, a Year 8 student at Henley-in-Arden High School, has won a Nintendo DSi and Braintraining Game, after being randomly selected from thousands of students nationwide by School Stickers, the leader in Secondary School rewards.

Every month a pupil that has registered a reward online on  is randomly selected to win a fantastic prize including ipods, playstations and Nintendo DSis. Over 3,000 schools across the UK use School Stickers' products (stickers, certificates and postcards) to reward their pupils. The online system makes it easy for teachers to run competitions across the whole school and keep track of how individual pupils are doing. Over 2 million stickers have been registered since launch.

Beccy Stead, the winning student said, “All the pupils in the school have been registering their rewards online in the hope of winning one of our school prizes. I never dreamt that I could win the national prize.”

Mr Discenza, teacher at Henley-in-Arden High School, said, ”This is our second year using School Stickers as our rewards scheme. We reward for both academic effort and achievement and behaviour so all students are included and we are really pleased with the results. I would recommend it to all other teachers.”

Henry Shelford, CEO of School Stickers, said, “Pupils work hard to receive our rewards and we like to recognise this with our monthly prize draw. We only select from the pupils that have registered a reward that month, so it is another incentive for pupils to get rewards throughout the year.”

Cath Roan reporting

Dry Cleaning Service for Henley via the Web

imageSituated in the heart of Alcester, Crossroads Dry Cleaners and Laundry offers a convenient, professional service designed to cater for today’s busy lifestyle. Our range of services includes dry cleaning of all types of clothing from waistcoats to wedding dresses, and household items from cushion covers to curtains. Our laundry and ironing service can help you free up valuable time otherwise spent on chores, as well as tackle larger items such as duvets and bed and table linens.

With just one phone call or email, you can arrange a collection and delivery service during the week. One call or click to us can save you two trips to the shop., Tel. 01789 400 006.


featuring former ELOll star, now member of The Orchestra


Opening New Weekly Open Mic Nights at
The Nags Head, Henley in Arden

Monday 4th October 2010 at 8.00pm

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tina McBain and I work for Bob Geldof and two members of The Orchestra (formerly ELO and ELO2), Phil Bates & original blue violin player Mik Kaminski.  We are involved in a project aimed at promoting the Great British Pub and to this end please see the attached press release which I would like you to consider for your website.
On Monday 4th October, Phil and myself will be in Henley in Arden to open a series of open mic evenings at the Nags Head in the High Street.  The show starts at 8.00pm and really is something quite different for us as we have never played in such an intimate venue.  Tickets for the show will be £4 which is ridiculously low for the quality of this show.  Our show recently at the Lichfield Garrick was £18.50 per ticket, which goes someway to show I hope, what a quality event this is.  There are only 60 places available.
Please see the attachment which we hope you can use.  In the coming months many high profile acoustic artists will be visiting the Nags Head to perform similar guest nights.
Tina McBain

Henley and Beaudesert Society - September Meeting

Little Known Warwickshire Part 2

imageAlan Winterburn returned to give the Society some further fascinating gems and to remind us that Warwickshire isn’t all Shakespeare and leafy lanes. We were reminded of Warwickshire’s strong connection with the English Civil War with the first rather inconclusive battle being fought at Edge Hill in October 1642. High on the hill is a tower designed by Sanderson Miller as a replica of Guy’s Tower at Warwick Castle and which was erected in 1742 to mark the centenary. At nearby Radway Grange, Sanderson Miller was given to entertaining many famous people here including Henry Fielding, author of Tom Jones, who supposedly modelled the character of Squire Allworthy on his host. Much later in August 1914 Field Marshall Earl Haig was a guest at the house when he received a telegram to report to the War Office.

Pub names often give an intriguing glimpse into their historical associations. For example ‘The Case is Altered’, a pub situated about 5 miles from Warwick at Five Ways, acquired its name because the owner, Mercedes Griffiths, had a single cottage with a licence to sell only beers and ales. Despite repeated applications to be allowed to sell wines and spirits, she was always refused on the grounds that her cottage was too small. Eventually she was able to buy the cottage next door, and so the case was altered and she obtained her full licence.

Claverdon boasts a picturesque smithy which is still in use and where the entire doorway is a large horseshoe for good luck. Also in Claverdon is the grave of Sir Francis Galton, a brilliant scientist, who discovered the properties of fingerprinting. He was though something of an eccentric, and being concerned that his brain might overheat designed a hat with a slice cut into the top and operated a flap by means of strings to open and close it. On top of this was a small windmill to circulate the air. Even more bizarre was his idea to keep one’s clothes dry in a sudden downpour, take them all off!

To prove that even Stratford has historical associations apart from Shakespeare, Harvard House, a fine example of a Tudor town house, was the home of Katherine Rogers, mother of John Harvard founder of the famous university in America.

But not to leave Shakespeare out of it entirely, behind Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Shottery is a delightful little garden in which are planted all the trees mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays complete with the quotation and reference to the particular play.

The Henley Society’s next meeting will be on Thursday 21st October at 8.00pm in the Baptist Church Hall when Dr. Gillian White will give a talk on ‘Bess of Hardwick and Hardwick Hall’. Visitors and new members are very welcome. Further details from Pat Kench on 795419

Andrew Yarwood reporting

Henley-in-Arden's Information Page

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Get set for an autumnal musical feast!


This year celebrates the 15th anniversary of the annual Stratford on Avon Music Festival, with 16 concerts by world-class musicians over eight days. As ever, the Festival has something for everyone, with classical, folk and jazz music plus opera and a Family concert too.

The Festival opening concert on Saturday 2nd October sees an evening of delightful baroque music in Holy Trinity Church with Britain‘s most popular trumpet player, Crispian Steele-Perkins with the Handel Players. There’s a Family Concert on Sunday 3 October with Ensemble 360 and narrator Polly Ives. They will perform Paul Patterson‘s brilliant musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood. Taken from Revolting Rhymes this is ideal for children from 5-11, but is also a witty and inspiring treat for adults and older children too.

Other names to watch out for include pianist Melvyn Tan on Sunday 3 October at the Shakespeare Institute and cellist Natalie Clein who, as part of the evening's programme on Tuesday 5 October at the Croft Preparatory School, will be performing the Bach Cello Suite No 2 in D minor. Celebrated countertenor James Bowman presents an evening of music and words from Elizabethan England in the Guild Chapel on Thursday 7 October.

For jazz fans there‘s a treat in store of Duke Ellington’s music on Wednesday 6 October with the esteemed saxophonist Alan Barnes and his all-star Octet. The annual folk event at Cox's Yard is now a firm feature of the Festival and folk fans can look forward to Tuesday 5 October when veteran folk fiddler Dave Swarbrick will play to his many fans.

The hugely popular Lunchtime Series in the Town Hall continues, with young musicians at the start of their professional careers performing between 12-1pm every weekday. There's a free glass of sherry or cup of coffee included in the ticket price too!

Our Educational programme promises workshops by cellist Natalie Clein plus a concert for local schools.

For further information about all events see

BOOKING - ALAN BARNES OCTET & OPERA GALA EVENING ONLY: phone the Civic Hall box office on 01789 207100 or book online at

BOOKING - ALL OTHER CONCERTS - By phone: 0845 680 1926
In person: Shakespeare Bookshop, 39 Henley Street, Stratford upon Avon CV37 6QW.


Have your say at the next Community Forum

SDCThe next Henley and Studley Community Forum is on Thursday 7 October at Studley Youth & Community centre, Studley at 7.30pm.

The main items up for discussion include:

• A voice for young people in Studley
• Developing the action plan – another chance to help shape the future of your community
• Open Space Review - Allotments, children’s play areas, sports facilities and open spaces - have your say

The local policing Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs Team surgery will take place before the Community Forum meeting, at 7pm. Officers will be available to provide feedback on the issues raised at earlier surgeries and residents will be able to hear the latest on policing in their area from Warwickshire Police.

Sergeant Bob Shaw, Team Leader for Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs Team said: “Your attendance and input at forums is essential in order for us to know and address the issues causing concern in the local community.”

Community Forums are an interactive event enabling residents to learn about issues big and small affecting their area, get answers to questions and influence local decision-making. Anyone with a question about a local issue can go along and put it to officers from a range of organisations.

If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact the WCC Stratford Area Office on 01789 260133
or email:

logoAlcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team
Community Newsletter


Incident Overview
Below are the incidents recorded for the Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team for August 2010:


Crime in Your Area
Studley has continued to experience the majority of anti social behaviour incidents, although this has dropped slightly when compared to previous months with a slight increase seen in the Earlswood area. This appears in some cases to be alcohol related and officers will be increasing high visibility patrols in both areas on Friday/Saturday evenings and will continue to make use of the Alcohol Restriction Zone in place in Studley (the Dispersal Zone has currently expired, however officers are seeking to put a new one in place). Residents are again encouraged to report any aspects of nuisance/rowdy behaviour to the police as soon as possible so that we can identify and deal appropriately with the offending person/s, however please be patient, as we do have to prioritise our resources depending on what other incidents are happening at the time of your call. Overall since April the 1st burglary dwellings have reduced on the Alcester North area by -16.4% when compared to the same period last year.

The Tanworth and Earlswood areas have been targeted the most for burglaries with both dwellings, outhouses and sheds being targeted. Officers have increased high visibility patrols in the area during the past couple of months and will continue to do so in order to reduce levels of crime experienced in the area. Officers request that residents remain vigilant at all times and report any suspicious activity asap so that action can be taken as soon as possible in order to prevent crime. Overall since April the 1st vehicle crime has reduced on the Alcester North area by -22.1% when compared to the same period last year.

The Earlswood, Mappleborough Green and Studley areas are experiencing the most Theft from Motor Vehicles, residents are reminded to ensure their vehicle/s are secure at all times whilst not attended and that whilst unattended nothing is left on show that may lead to a person/s breaking into the vehicle. Please remove all bags, computing equipment, sat navs (including cradle and suction marks), coats etc.

Criminal Damage has increased slightly on last year with Studley experiencing problems with the vandalism of gardens and vehicles, officers are continuing to increase high visibility patrols in order to combat the problem and request that residents continue to report any suspicious, rowdy activity and any incidents of damage to the police. Henley experienced damage on the 3rd of August with the litter bin outside St Johns Church being damaged and flower pots to the north of the High Street turned over and plants up rooted.

Information & Advice

How to Beat Bogus Callers!
Not all burglars break into homes - some will try to trick or con their way in. They are known as bogus callers and will pretend to be on official business from respectable concerns such as the Utility Companies - Gas, Electricity and Water - or the Council. They may claim to be tradesmen or workmen calling to carry out urgent repairs.

Bogus callers succeed because they sound believable, so don't be fooled. Make sure in your own mind that they are whom they claim to be by following these simple steps:

  • Think before you open the door - use your chain and spy hole or look out of the window to see if you recognise them.
  • Ask callers for proof of identity. Genuine tradesmen should carry an identification card with their photograph on. Check this carefully. If you are unsure, telephone the company the caller claims to represent.
  • The Utilities now offer a password identification system. Any caller from one of these companies should be able to give a pre-arranged password as additional proof of identity.
  • Beware of callers who attempt to distract you by claiming that they have seen something untoward in your rear garden or somewhere which may encourage you to leave your house - they may have an accomplice awaiting this distraction.
  • If you are not convinced of the identity of the caller, don't let them in. Ask the caller to come back later and arrange for a friend, relative or neighbour to be present on their return or ask the caller to contact this person.

Treat every stranger with caution. If you are still worried, contact a member of the Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team on 01789 762207, in an emergency dial 999.

Please note it is an offence to let off fireworks after 11pm except on Bonfire Night when the deadline is midnight and New Year’s Eve at 1am.

Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Priorities
Current priorities as chosen by members of the public at the last Community Forum held on the 1st July 2010:

  • Speeding Vehicles, Earlswood Common - 8 x targeted speed checks to be carried out with advice and/or enforcement where appropriate.
  • Anti Social Behaviour, Studley Town Centre – Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Officers to conduct 8 x 2 hour high visibility patrols in the area after 10 pm on Friday/Saturday evenings.
  • Anti Social Behaviour, Henley Medical Centre, Prince Harry Road - Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Officers to conduct 8 x 2 hour high visibility patrols in the area after 10 pm on Friday/Saturday evenings.

Feedback on the above priorities will be given at the next Community Forum (see below for details), feedback will also be given in the next newsletter together with details of the new priorities. For further information please visit or

Good News/Events
Following work by your Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team a drugs warrant was executed on the 25th August in Studley and a 41 year old male was arrested and later cautioned for production of a Class B Drug.

Warrant Executed - Cannabis Production in Studley
A male was arrested by local officers in Earlswood for the possession of cannabis. The male has since been charged at court for procession of a Class B Drug.

On the 24th August Alcester North Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Officers arrested a 19 year old Birmingham male at an address in Alcester. The male was wanted for a local house burglary and for escaping prison in July 2010. Following interview the male was returned to prison.

Local Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Officers visited Wootton Wawen Summer Holiday Club and talked to the children about subject such as Stranger Danger, Road Safety, Bullying, Cyber Bullying as well as allowing the children to dress up in old police uniform and explore the police car including sirens.

The next Community Forum will be held 7th October, 7pm, Studley Youth Centre - If you have a specific concern then come along to the local surgery, where you will be able to speak to your local Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Policing Team, Warwickshire County Council or Stratford District Council Officer.

The next Henley Community Surgery will be held, 29th September, 11:30am, Henley Baptist Church Hall - The surgery gives you the opportunity to speak to members of the Parish Council & Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Policing Team about the issues that concern you, while giving you feedback regarding what is happening in the community.

The next Henley Police Surgery will be held 15th September, between 11am – 1pm, Henley Police Station - A drop in facility to discuss issues/problems within the community with your local policing team.

The next Henley NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Meeting will be held 21st October, 7pm, Henley Police Station

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents,
please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207. 


Council Tax Reform

A non party political nationwide campaign

imageHaving consulted with its membership, Isitfair is pleased to make these submissions relating to the proposal that referenda should be held to veto any "excessive" Council Tax increases.

In general our members reacted positively to the proposals contained in the consultation document, although the comments accompanying their responses to our survey revealed a number of widely held concerns. We believe, therefore, that there are a number of improvements that could be made. In summary these are:

1) We believe that any "cap" or trigger point for a referendum should be expressed in terms of pounds per dwelling for each particular type of Local Authority. Every equivalent Authority would then be subject to the same, identical pound cap. This means, for example, that all fire services should have the same cap, all those county councils that do not run their own fire services should have the same, (but a different), cap, all those County Councils that do run their own fire services should have a cap equal to the sum of the caps for the separate fire service and county council caps and so on. The reason for this proposed modification is to avoid rewarding extravagance and punishing frugality - which is what a percentage based cap would tend to do. An excellent practical example of this is the recent capping of the Lincolnshire Police Authority whose proposed budget represented a large percentage increase - partly, we suspect, because up to that time, Lincolnshire Police had been the lowest spending Police Authority in England.

2) We believe that Councils should not be entitled to increase their precepts beyond the cap or referendum trigger point without their having received prior approval through a referendum. This would obviate the need for any re-billing. If the referendum grants approval for a greater Council Tax increase, the difference would be collected through the following year's Council Tax bill. The extra services represented by the "excessive" increase could be supplied immediately once the approval for them had been obtained. (We would expect that finance would be easy to arrange given that the income stream to service it would, in effect, be guaranteed.)

3) Many of our members expressed concern about the costs associated with holding referenda. We believe that the referendum ballot papers, where needed, should be sent out along with the Council Tax bill and that the referendum should be a postal vote only. Our membership feel very strongly that only those who actually pay Council Tax should be entitled to vote on any "excessive" increase. (Voting for the Local Council - and what the money is spent on - is a different matter altogether.) Our proposal would ensure that only those named on the Council Tax bill would receive a vote on this type of issue. We believe that this proposal has additional merit, since it would appear that the Government wishes to limit Council Tax increases. Those that do not pay have, in effect, a vested interest in raising Council Tax on others in order to be able to consume more services. This especially applies to students for example.

4) A number of our members also expressed concerns about the costs associated with preparing alternative budgets. We believe that the solution is to have a "base" budget that is within the "cap" together with a costed list of additional services that could be provided if the increased Council Tax required to finance them were to be approved. In order to avoid any emotional blackmail, it would also be appropriate to indicate those expenditures that are already included within the "base" budget.

5) Some concern was also expressed by our membership that some Councils might use the anticipated additional costs of a referendum or budgeting as a sort of blackmail to enable them "to push the limits" on increases. We are not particularly concerned with either of these, (the referendum is not optional so only the re-budgeting would represent an additional cost - and this would disappear if our ideas under 4 above were to be adopted), but we do believe that Councils might need an additional incentive to behave responsibly. One idea is that any defeat in a referendum would trigger an immediate local election for all membership of the defeated authority. We note, however, that Police and Fire Authorities are not directly elected, (and as the Audit Commission reported, these were the ones that had the largest percentage increases in their precepts in 2003-2004). Although not directly relevant to this consultation, we would welcome the idea of elected Police "sheriffs" and, if proposed, Fire bosses.

6) Although not specifically asked about in the consultation questions, we believe that the issue of canvassing would be best addressed by ensuring that no public money was spent on doing so. We would anticipate that many other organisations would canvass, and it seems a bit odd that Local Authority members should not be enabled to do so as well.

Mat Jackson Back On The Podium

imageHenley's top racing driver Mat Jackson skillfully avoided a pile-up in front of him to come through for another Dunlop British Touring Car Championship podium finish at Donington Park.

Mat started a disappointed 12th on the grid in his no.5 Money Shop/Airwaves BMW but quickly made up several places to get on the back of the leading pack and when they got into a tangle at the chicane he made the most of his opportunity.

The Henley in Arden racer says "I think there were six cars crashing or spinning in front of me. There were bits of car, barrier and gravel flying up in the air and it was difficult to pick out where to go but I somehow jinked my through it all and came out in third place! I've had some bad luck this season so it was nice for Lady Luck to be smiling on me for once!"

Mat's 3rd place finish came in race one of three at Donington last Sunday. He followed it up with 5th in race 2 and 8th in race 3 but knows that should have been higher. "I was challenging for another podium place and thought I'd made it past Andrew Jordan but our cars touched and I ran out wide off the track and through the gravel. It was down to me but I had to go for it - I'm a racing driver and the moment you settle for places it's time to hang up your helmet. Above all it was just great to be back racing at Donington after the problems it's had over the last 12 months. The circuit was as good as ever, the fans turned out in their thousands and we got our 5th podium of the season."

Mat's results at Donington mean he stays 7th in outright BTCC table but three strong races in the season final at the world famous Brands Hatch track in Kent (October 9th-10th) could see him challenge for a top 5 overall. Brands Hatch has been the scene of some his greatest triumphs. In 2008 there also driving a BMW he won twice in one day to finish BTCC Championship Runner-up! Mat will also go to Brands one of four drivers who can win the prestigious BTCC Independent Drivers Trophy. It's also his Airwaves team's home circuit so all concerned will be looking to end their season on a high!

Lions Roar To A Century Against Humble Saracens


Man of the match – Ian Wyllie
Try scorers – Tom Johnson x 3, Tom Bennett x 3, James Barton x 2, Scott Conduit x 2, Mike Watts, Steven Grimsley, Dave Carruthers, Conor Smith, Ian Wyllie & Duncan Nealon
Conversions – Ian Wyllie x 13, Dave Carruthers x 1


Chris Edsall

Claverdon travelled to Coventry for their 2nd game of the League campaign after a hard fought victory the previous week. The injured Andy Wenborn was replaced with James Barton moving into the pack with Ian Wyllie in at 10, Tom Bennett at 12 and a first start for youngster Harry Cox on the wing. The returning club captain Tom Skinner could only manage a place on the bench with centre Matt Blay.

The lions were apprehensive and quiet going in to the match but in front of the Saracens vice president crowd got off to the perfect start. Due to injury and absenteeism, the Saracens started the game with 13 men and the advantage told immediately with a catch and drive to send over Scott Conduit within the first 2 minutes. Wyllie converted.

This was to set the precedence for the whole game and with a few phases of quick hands the ball found its way to centre Tom Johnson who beat his man to score his 1st of the game. Wyllie again kicked a tricky conversion. With Saracens short on numbers they were still putting up a good fight and were not ready to simply lie down and take defeat. Good place kicking saw them deep in the Claverdon half and but for good defence by Rob Horsfall, Saracens would have recorded their first points.

The Claverdon scrum was working very efficiently and from one such scrum the ball was fed out to Johnson who fed out of the tackle for Duncan Nealon to race past 2 players and score under the posts, converted. Next it was turn for Tom Bennett to add his name on the score sheet as he jinked past several players to again go in under the posts for an easy conversion.

Claverdon were now playing good, flowing rugby and excellent off loading out of tackles saw the ball go through Chris Edsall, Chris Lowe and finally James Barton who held off his man to score another Lions try, again Wyllie converted.

With half time drawing near, there was just enough time for another Claverdon attack off the base of the scrum. Conduit picked up and drew his man and found Conor Smith in space for the captain to score his first of the season in the corner. Wyllie narrowly missed the conversion and the half time whistle was blown.

0-40 Half Time


Tom Johnson

Half time saw Dom Gill go off with a leg injury to be replaced by Tom Skinner and words from coach Conduit were that he wanted a century of points as well as a clean sheet defensively.

Although Claverdon were very much in the ascendancy, a few errors had crept in to their game and misplaced passes and knock ons meant the score could and should have been better after the first period of play especially as Saracens were 2 players light. The Lions raced out of the blocks at the start of the second period and Bennett scored almost immediately much in the same vain as his first but this time in the corner. Wyllie again converted from a narrow angle.

Mike Watts then recorded his first try for the club with a forwards effort that saw him go over near the posts which was converted. More expansive rugby then saw Wyllie make a break before feeding to centre Johnson to outpace his man to score under the posts for an easy Wyllie conversion.

Smith, carrying a slight ankle injury was replaced by Blay who came in on the wing with Harry Cox moving in to scrum half.

The change didn’t affect the momentum that had been built up and Claverdon were quick to score further points with James Barton grabbing his second followed by a hat trick of tries for the speedy Bennett, both converted.

With the Lions now home and dry the forwards showed that they were not finished and Dave Carruthers finished off a neat play to crash over under the posts. The big prop even dropped kicked his own conversion.

Former winger turned hooker Steve Grimsley then finished off another flowing move from the Claverdon forwards to record a score of his own which was again neatly converted from the on form Wyllie.

Each point scored by Claverdon only made Saracens more determined to get on the score sheet and after a few missed penalty attempts they managed just that. After a kick through and a mix up in the Claverdon defence, Saracens pounced on a loose ball to grab a much deserved score, conversion missed.

Injury then took its toll on Saracens and the game was forced into uncontested scrums but this didn’t stop Claverdon from their free scoring. Ian Wyllie who had been excellent with the boot all game then scored a try of his own and ironically missed the resulting conversion.

Great play from Skinner and Wyllie and a switch of play to Conduit saw the big number 8 go over under the posts for his 2nd try of the game. The conversion brought up the much desired century.

With the game only a few seconds from the end, a high kick from Saracens saw full back Horsfall take the ball under pressure. He fed Johnson who from inside his own half jinked past numerous players before out sprinting the Saracens defence to score the try of the match under the posts. Wyllie made his 13th conversion from 15 to cap his man of the match performance.

Credit must go to Coventry Saracens who never gave up in the game and battled to the bitter end even with injury and a shortage of players.

5-108 Full Time

Claverdon are at home in the Cup this weekend to former league rivals Stourport. Kick off is 3pm at Ossetts Hole Lane with all support both needed and welcome.

Report by Tom Johnson           Photos by Will Barnes

Henley Forest Match Reports

Henley Forest Under 8s  7 - 0 Khalsa

Maine, Johnson 2, Goode [pen], Clarke 2, Lynch
Henley Forest Under 8s first match of the season started under threatening skies at the Stratford Road ground. A good crowd of well-prepared supporters (replete with umbrellas and waterproofs) settled down in nervous anticipation
Kicking downhill in the first half Henley put in a sterling performance, highlighting the passing skills they have learnt during training. Henley enjoyed almost all the possession and regaled the crowd with a display of expansive, passing football that would have brought a tear even to Arsene's eyes. On the rare occasion that Khalsa managed to break out of their own half, 'Salty' Saltmarsh revelled in his role as libero and was on hand to clear any danger. Maine, in goal, remained a spectator throughout. A 4-0 scoreline at halftime in no way exaggerated the hosts' domination.
The second half continued in much the same vein although Khalsa did enjoy more possession as they attacked down the slope. Only some confident and competent defending by Henley maintained their precious clean sheet. Eventually, Henley's better football won through again and they added a further 3 goals to their tally. Despite their unassailable lead Henley continued to play attractive football to the final whistle, to start their campaign with a morale-boosting and confident victory.
Thanks to Mums and Dads for their positive and encouraging support.

Snitterfield Snipers 4 Henley Forest Reserves 1

After an optimistic start to the season this was a disappointing performance. The team had not played since their confident win over Claverdon after the last week’s postponement of the game with Shipston. The reserves travelled to local side Snitterfield, still really upbeat after a good result in the first game.

Snitterfield too had won their first game so both teams were confident. A good turn out for Forest saw new signings Dan Ingram and Lee Merriman on the bench. Returning from holiday for the first appliances of the season were Rob Westwood, Rob Simpson, Stuart Douglas, Paul Kings, Riki Atkinson and Jo Wilkes.

The game started very brightly for Forest and result could and should have been very different after just 5 mins. Steve Worley rounded the keeper and shot on goal only for the Sniper defender to use his hand to prevent a goal. Penalty and a sending off……..NO. The only person to not agree was Andy Blair the referee. Even the Sniper linesman called a pen! The game had amazingly changed. Forest heads went down.

From that moment on for some reason they could not make passes, control the ball or cope with the confidence Snipers had gained from the ref’s decision. They then took the lead after 20 mins and a mistake by Paul Kings passing back to the Sniper striker made it 2-0 to Snitterfield at the break. Half time 2-0. Jo Wilkes replaced the injured Simpson at half time and with a shift around in formation Henley was confident that an early reply would turn the game. Completely the opposite happened, yet another error this time by Westwood saw Snipers now 3-0.

The game from then on just never got going for Forest, but the very impressive Wilkes was trying to rally the boys with some good tackles and passes. On the hour it was 4-0 from the busy Sniper forwards. Atkinson and Ingram were on and made a huge difference and with 10 minutes to go Wilkes won the ball and sent Atkinson through the Snitterfield defence to slot home a consolation. This was a day to forget, a bad performance but hopefully there will be something we can all learn from it. There is work to be done by management and coaching staff to reinvigorate the team to a really positive response to this disappointment.

Goal scorer – Riki Atkinson: Man of the match – Jo Wilkes: Gary Bevan , Adam Jarvis, Mike Govier, Adam Thornton, Rob Westwood, Rob Simpson, Paul Kings, Stuart Douglas, Geoff Adkins, Steve Worley, Mark Muddyman , Subs: Joseph Wilkes(Rob Simpson) Riki Atkinson(Steve Worley), Dan Ingram(Adam Thornton), Lee Merriman. The next game is on Saturday 25th September AWAY at Badsey Rangers KO: 14.30.

Henley Forest 1st Team beat Clements’83 4-2 and lost to Feckenham 1-0, Henley United, Henley Vets and four junior teams also played. Meanwhile why not turn up and support your local team on a Saturday afternoon?

Next match in 4th place in the Midland Combination Div.2 Henley Forest 1st Team are at home against Knowle Reserves 25.09.10 at 3.00pm.

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John Garner's Business Column

Free money from the Government?

John GarnerAccording to the HMRC website new businesses may be able to claim a holiday from paying NIC up to a maximum of £50,000! Yes, £50,000! Surely this is too good to be true?  Well perhaps, but it’s been announced in the Emergency Budget on 22 June this year and is an attempt to stimulate employment.

If you are thinking of starting a business or have recently set up a company you might be able to take advantage of this National Insurance contributions (NICs) “holiday” which is designed to encourage business start-ups in “key UK regions”.

It’s called the “Regional Employer NICs Holiday for New Businesses” and it offers substantial reductions in employer NICs for new businesses in "those parts of the UK which are most reliant on public sector employment”.

The scheme is open to new businesses set up on or after 22 June 2010 and will run until 5 September 2013. Under the scheme eligible businesses will not need to pay any NICs for each of the first 10 employees they hire in their first year of business. This will last for the first 52 weeks the employee is in post (providing these weeks fall within this 3 year period).

New businesses which take advantage of the scheme will potentially be able to save up to £50,000 in employer NICs, ie £5,000 per employee up to a maximum of 10 new employees.

Within the UK, the regions and countries that will apparently benefit are the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West, the East Midlands, the West Midlands, the South West, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This bit is important because some regions are not eligible (mainly London and the south-east), though as far as I can see our region is.

“So what’s the catch?” I hear you ask (you old cynic you!).

Well, maybe none, but when you go into the HMRC website to investigate, it all gets a bit murky and complicated because of all the safeguards.

When you go into the bit of the government website that says whether you are in an eligible area, it no longer works properly; it’s been taken down as part of the cuts of Government Offices.

So if you think you’re eligible it would seem worth applying, it’s a saving that could be well worthwhile. Good luck!

John Garner


More Rogue Energy Sales People

Scam Targets Estate Agents and Vendors

imageA scam that targets both estate agents and vendors has come to the attention of Warwickshire Trading Standards Service following complaints received.

Estate agents and vendors are warned to beware of approaches to purchase houses made by individuals and businesses offering a quick sale.

A person has been contacting estate agents in the Warwickshire area asking for details of vendors who are in a position to complete in six weeks. The individual then contacts the vendors direct and makes them an offer based upon them signing a contract which states that the house would actually be sold to a 'third party'. If the vendors show an interest another letter is then sent which requests an admin fee of £392.00, which the vendor must pay before completion. When the vendor pays the individual/company and the money disappear and no sale takes place.

HSBC 'Phishing' Email Warning

Email users are warned to beware of a scam email that falsely claims to have been sent by the HSBC bank and is entitled ' Incoming Payment Error Notification Update'. The email reads:

Dear Customer,
This e-mail has been sent to you by HSBC Transfer Unit department
You have an incoming payment.
We are unable to process this payment to your account as your details cannot be verified.
To view this transaction and your current balance, please click on the link below:

As with all 'Phishing' emails, recipients are advised not to click on any links in the message (which invariably send them to a bogus website) or enter any personal or financial information (which could be then used fraudulently) . Clicking on the link may also put your PC at risk of infection from viruses.

Simon Cripwell - Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council

Make Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

How to save on Electricity.


The above chart is a real example from someone who lives near Henley

Achieved by :-

  1. Gradually getting better at turning off lights and turning everything* off at the wall the moment** its not being used.
  2. Buying an A+ rated freezer.
  3. Progressively more low energy light bulbs.
  4. Always using the minimum amount of water for tea and cooking.
  5. Using a slow cooker sometimes instead of the oven.
  6. Only running the dishwasher and washing machine when completely full. Also, reduced use of dishwasher. Many non greasy items can be quickly hand washed in cold water.
  7. From mid summer 09, only having the immersion heater on for baths (2 per week) and turning it off as soon as the water is in the bath. (Better to heat water by gas if you can)

* ‘Everything’ really means everything. Look around at what can be turned off. TV, video recorder, PC (don’t forget the printer & modem etc.) microwave, washing machine, Hi Fi, CD radio, security light (the motion detector uses power all day!! what a waste. Its the same for telephone answering machines, use BT answer instead). It sometimes helps to have things plugged in on a short extension cable with a switched socket to make it easier to get at.

** ‘The moment’ really means straight away. We find that if you leave it, then you forget and it is left on for an hour or so or overnight. It takes a while to get good at this but it pays in the end. Many things with their own on /off or shutdown switch are not completely off unless turned off at the wall.

Warning. Don’t try to do it all at once. Pick on one or two things at a time and gradually get better at turning stuff off.

John Stott - Make Henley Greener

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Stratford District Council

Jem Jones
Jem Jones
S Thirlwell
Stephen Thirlwell

Council Peer Review

“Stratford-on-Avon District Council is a much improved authority. It provides many good Services. Stratford-on-Avon is not a council which is resting on its laurels.” These are just some of the comments following the District Council’s recent Peer Review and the publishing of the final report going to The Cabinet on Monday 4 October.

The District Council commissioned the Local Government Improvement and Development Agency to undertake a Peer Review and the team was onsite from 20 to 23 July 2010.

The members of the peer review team were:

  • Peter Simpson, Chief Executive, Hambleton and Richmondshire District Councils
  • William Nunn, Leader, Breckland District Council
  • David Covill, Director of Resources, Crawley Borough Council
  • Alex Sutcliffe, Executive Assistant, Hambleton / Richmondshire District Councils
  • David Armin, LG Improvement and Development Review Manager

During the 4-day visit, the review team met with and talked to a cross-section of elected Members and staff within the Council and also with representatives of partner organisations and the general public.

Cllr Stephen Gray, Leader says: “There is considerable change in local government and most local authorities are trying to work out how best to respond. The aim of the Local Government Peer Review Programme is to help councils to assess their current achievements and to identify those areas in which they are doing well and those where they need to do better. As a new Leader, I have found the whole review extremely helpful. It is clear that there are areas where we need to focus in order to deliver benefits and deal with future challenges, which I take on board. I particularly accept the need to be clear about the Council’s direction and plans as well as the importance of our work with Warwick District Council. It is interesting that the review team also picked up on the detrimental impact adverse press coverage can have, I will look closely at their advice. The review finds both Strengths as well as Areas for Consideration. I’m sure some people will see only weaknesses in the report, let’s not forget the many good points they found or that they recognised Stratford as the 10th best place to live in England.”

The Henley-in-Arden Notice Board

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We meet fortnightly on Wednesdays from September 29th in the Baptist Church Hall from 2pm until 4.30pm. The fee is only £2.00 per meeting. Patchwork for beginners and improvers plus. UFOs (unfinished objects) have you some tapestry, canvas work, knitting or embroidery tucked away to be finished sometime? Why not bring it along and have a couple of hours to work on your project and the satisfaction of actually finishing it.

The High Bailiff, Roger Sutton, is pleased to announce that this year’s Town Dinner is being held 2nd October in the Memorial Hall, 7.00pm for 7.30pm. The evening includes a reception drink, a 3 course meal plus coffee and mints. Music will be provided by Smoothsax. There will be a licensed bar serving a selection of wine, beers and soft drinks. A raffle and a number of “fun things” will be held to entertain you between courses. The cost is £26.00 per person and bookings can be made by emailing or 795701. or 794787.

Meets on the first Tuesday every month in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors are welcome to join us on 5th October when Harry Murch will be giving a presentation on ‘Farms for City Children’. The WI also have groups for walking and patchwork, 792488 for details.

October 12th. Arnaud Metairie ‘COME FLY WITH ME’. Competition: Contrasts and Textures. Memorial Hall. Visitors welcome (£5.00).

TANWORTH WI AND CHOIR invites you to a relaxing and entertaining concert followed by a delicious tea at Tanworth Village Hall on Saturday 16th October at 3.00pm (doors open 2.30pm). Tickets cost £6.00 and will be available from The Bell pub from Monday 4th October or from Val Benger 793426.

Margaret Anderson from the Woodland Trust will be taking members on an “Ancient Tree Hunt” at our meeting on Tuesday October 19th in the Baptist Church hall. Visitors are welcome to come along and join us from 7.45pm for only £2.00.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 21st October in the Baptist Church Hall at 8.00 pm when Gillian White will give a talk on 'Bess of Hardwick & Hardwick Hall'. Visitors and new members are very welcome. Further details from Pat Kench on 795419.

Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on The Henley Town Website

Open to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Full time coach. 7 courts open throughout the year mean that there is always a court available. No need to book. Club and American Tournaments held during summer months. League matches summer and winter. For details of membership please contact Judith Mathias 01564 792378
Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.
Meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm.
New members are always welcome.

Please email Rotarian Michael Redman
imageThis association meets once per month to discuss its plans for the next parish council election in May 2012 when it intends to offer residents a manifesto to reduce substantially the running costs of the Joint Parish Council and to give greater participation to the community in the affairs of the town.

For further information contact Secretary - Malcolm Coulter - 01564 795504
Are you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers?  We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £3.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Secretary - Annette Walker - 01564 792837
A Town Meeting was held on 17th August 2010, when many residents expressed their concerns about the preposed development on the old cattle market site. As a result, a committee has been formed to prepare for the formal application being submitted and any necessary representations. If you wish to show your support, please register at:

For further information contact Secretary - John Tristram on 01564 794787 email: John Tristram

The Objectives of the Club are:

  • To maintain and develop facilities for gardening and allotment sites.
  • To enable members to enjoy the activity of gardening and allotments.
  • To enable a healthy and rewarding past time enriching people's lives.
  • To preserve local green spaces for the community of Henley-in-Arden.
  • To foster an allotment and gardening spirit.
  • To create synergies and alliances with other like minded organisations.

To create a network where members can communicate with each other in order to exchange ideas, exchange produce and flowers, share equipment, seek advice and help.

The HAAGC is open to everyone with an interest in gardening and membership is FREE.  Click Here for Application Form
Meets every Friday and Sunday evening from 8pm at the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden. The season runs from mid September to end April. A warm welcome is extended to all badminton players who may be interested in joining the club. Visitors welcome. Please contact the Chairman, Alan Barber, on 01564 793320 for further details.
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Kevin O'Brien on 01564 794903.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A3400 just outside Henley. The Club welcomes new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Coordinators. If you are aware that your area is not covered or you are willing to be a coordinator, please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday each month at 7.30 pm at the Memorial Hall. Secretary Mrs Annette Walker 01564 792837.  Meeting programme
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on the third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and an informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at
TAI CHI in HENLEY Thursdays, 11am at the Baptist Church Hall, High Street. Age, health or fitness no barrier. £5 per session – no termly fees. For further information contact Debbie Wild on 07773 318830.    Full details at:
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley. Visitors are most welcome and for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079.
De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 603 8577 for further details.
The WRVS organise a lunch club for the elderly of the district at Dell Court every Tuesday at 12.30pm at a cost of £3.10.  For further details contact Christine on 01789 209210.
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge.
Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email for more information.

Details about tourist attractions and neighbouring villages can be found on The Henley Town Website

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Henley NewsHenley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed? Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures sent to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is the preferred format. Please send to

We are delighted to publish the growing list of our correspondents:

Court Leet
Religious Affairs
Rotary Club
The Henley Society
Henley History
Henley in Bloom
Wild Life Society
Warwickshire College
Henley Diary
Flower Club Annette Walker
Editorial Team
Proof ReaderJohn Garner
EditorBill Leech
Warwickshire County
Stratford District Council
Trading Standards
Heritage Centre
Memorial Hall
Henley High School
Primary School Elaine Field
Make Henley Greener
Drama - HADS
Claverdon & RailwayClive Hanley
Chief Photographer
Court Leet & HADSAlan Robson

WRCCThe Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC) helps and encourages people living in rural areas to develop their communities. By aiding locally led and run projects it also hopes to strengthen social ties within Warwickshire's villages and small towns.

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