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Edition 239 - 4th February 2010
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Special Edition following the JPC Meeting


Why a special edition?

On Monday night around 50 residents attended the JPC meeting to listen to the debate on the complaint about the behaviour of certain councillors in respect of the curtain shop. During the meeting the parish clerk read out a statement which she first said was on behalf of the Council but, when challenged, said it was a personal statement on behalf of a Councillor.

The Chairman, Cllr L Goodman, then held a vote on the motion to continue the debate in a private session from which the residents would be excluded. The motion to exclude the residents was passed, with the two councillors (Cllr C Goodman and Cllr C Milsom) who were involved in the incident voting for secrecy. If the councillors involved had not been been allowed to vote by the Chairman, the motion would have been lost and the discussion would have continued in public.

Most of the residents left in disgust having expected that such an important issue would be debated in public. It has been reported to Henley NEWS On-line that 2 complaints have so far been sent to the Straford District Council's Monitoring Officer for consideration by the Standards and Ethics Committee. One of these complaints is reproduced below.

Read the full report by the News Editor of the Stratford Herald below.

Henley NEWS Online's POLL

"Do you approve of the JPC's conduct over the Curtain Shop?"

Provisional Results for the poll





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Dr Douglas Bridgewater, former High Bailiff and independent scrutineer, will be validating the poll on Friday 5th February. His report will be published in the next edition.



Featuring "The Curtain Shop"

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MP Says Curtain Shop Row is Bad for the Town

Warwick & Leamington MP James Plaskitt – whose constituency includes Henley-in-Arden – told Henley NEWS On-line, he was dismayed by the Parish Council’s mishandling of the curtain shop row in the town. He was critical of the on-going argument, of the alleged personal comments, and of the secrecy surrounding the issue. He is calling on the parish council to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion to avoid further damage to the town’s image.

Mr Plaskitt said, “Personally, the frontage looks fine to me, but if some parish councillors want to make it a planning issue, then they should take it before the district’s planners and get it quickly resolved. As it is, all the innuendo and secrecy is just unpleasant and reflects poorly on the town.”

Mr Plaskitt says he will offer proprietor Zak Miah any help he can.

Mr Plaskitt added, “Residents seem to be understandably annoyed at the council’s antics. Members should heed that and clear the matter up swiftly. A local business doesn’t need this sort of hassle.

Stratford Herald Reports

Council shuts down further debate on 'purple shop'

FRUSTRATED Henley residents left a meeting of the parish council en masse on Monday night after councillors effectively drew the curtains on any discussion on the town's controversial "purple shop."

Some 30 residents turned out to the meeting of Beaudesert and Henley Joint Parish Council on Monday evening, drawn in by the promised discussion on Bespoke Curtains and Blinds of Henley. The 'purple shop' has been a hot topic of conversation in the town ever since the Herald ran an article stating that the proprietors of the shop felt "ousted out of the town" by the parish council.

Some residents have even gone so far as to say they believe the parish council's behaviour to be racially motivated especially after Cllr Carsina Goodman declared to shop proprietor Zak Miah that it was her town and he was not welcome here.

The parish council meetings usually attract a maximum of three or four members of the public.

All week, Henley News On-line has been running a poll on whether residents approve of the parish council's conduct over the curtain shop. The poll attracted well over 100 voters with only one vote in favour of the parish council's behaviour. Those who voted were also allowed to leave a comment on the website and the majority have been incensed by the behaviour of the councillors.

However, if the residents who turned up to the meeting on Monday evening were expecting a full and frank discussion on the shop, or in some cases, according to comments posted on Henley News On-line, an apology, they were sorely disappointed as councillors voted for the discussion to continue in private session.

What the residents were given was a statement read out by parish clerk Jenny Walsh, but even that proved a source of confusion and provoked several mutterings about its inadequacy from the assembled residents.

Initially, Ms Walsh declared this was the council's statement in response to residents' questions at the last meeting. However, on being called up by Cllr Bill Leech over the statement which he said should have been circulated three days prior to the meeting if it was to represent all the councillors views, Ms Walsh then declared this was a personal statement from one councillor, which residents could only assume was Cllr Carsina Goodman who has been at the centre of residents' discontent.

In short, the statement read that the matter of the curtain shop was about the contravention of planning regulations and was therefore nothing to do with being "ousted out of the town."

It continued that when Cllr Mrs Goodman said it was her town this referred to the fact she had been born and bred in Henley and at this point she had been talking as a private resident.

The statement added that the claim Cllr Mrs Goodman had said that Mr Miah was not welcome in the town has been refuted by Cllr Mrs Goodman and Cllr Chris Milsom, who was also at the meeting where the comment was allegedly made.

During the public participation section of the meeting two residents rose to Cllr Mrs Goodman's defence.

One said that Cllr Mrs Goodman had done more for the town than others and had worked tirelessly and relentlessly for many hours outside of council meetings to help residents with their problems.

Another resident seemed to be speaking for the majority of the assembled residents, judging by the cheers that his comments received, when he said he had been so ashamed to read what Cllr Mrs Goodman had said. He asked councillors what they were going to do to address the ill feeling and bad image generated by her actions. He continued that there was no point spending money on the town's tourism and trade if all Cllr Mrs Goodman was going to do was "kick them out when she doesn't approve."

Cllr Roger Hubbocks called for any discussion of the curtain shop to continue in private session. The vote was carried by three votes totwo. At this point around two-thirds of the residents who had turned out for the meeting got up and left.

Report by Philippa Mingins - News Editor - Stratford Herald

Henley NEWS Online is most grateful to the Editor of The Stratford Herald, Chris Towner, for allowing us to reproduce this report.

Complaint to Standards & Ethics Committee of Stratford District Council
Re: Alleged Breach of the Code of Conduct by Cllr Carsina Goodman
by Mr. John Latham

Having lived in Henley for more than 40 years and having served the community in many roles including High Bailiff and chairman/president of several organisations it is with some dismay, disgust and desperation that I resort to sending this formal complaint to you in the hope of getting some justice and democracy back in to the governance of our community.

The situation concerning the behaviour of Cllr Goodman towards the proprietors of Bespoke Curtains and Blinds is well documented but I include 3 articles by the News Editor of the Stratford Herald to remind you of the history of the problem. The articles are authenticated by several witnesses including your own SDC enforcement officer.

I went along to the JPC meeting last night (Feb 1st.) to observe how the Council were going to deal with some sort of disciplinary action, even suspension, of Cllr Carsina Goodman for her disgraceful behaviour whilst representing the JPC in a public place ie the High Street of our town. The meeting was packed with other members of the public equally unhappy with what had gone on and anxious to make sure some sort of justice was done both for the owners of the shop and the self respect of the town.

What happened was a disgrace and prompts me to write to you and ask if you have any powers to make sure justice is done. After 2 ladies read out statements asking for mitigation (not condoning) of Cllr Goodman’s’ actions I spoke as did Mr Zak Miah (the shop owner) asking the JPC to take some action to discipline/censor their member. Our spontaneous words were greeted with loud applause from the crowded meeting suggesting we all did really need the JPC to take positive action.

The response was pathetic. A statement was read out by the parish clerk ignoring the facts and suggesting that the JPC were completely happy with what had gone on. After questioning it transpired that these were not the collective views of the JPC but her own.

A discussion then took place lead by the chairman of the JPC, Cllr Carsina Goodman’s husband, Cllr Les Goodman, in which it was agreed that a discussion should take place. It was agreed by a vote of 3 to 2 that the debate should be in private. Amazingly the casting vote was by Cllr Goodman.

Surely she should not have been allowed to vote on this motion. But of course, if she hadn’t voted the casting vote would have been with her husband. What has happened to democracy in Henley?

In the matter of the possibility of racism being a factor in this dispute I look at a photograph taken from across the High Street of the Curtain shop sitting so minutely between Somerfield’s and One Stop’s ghastly frontages, to say nothing of the fish and chip shop further along the street, and think this cannot possibly be just about aesthetics and whether purple is a less suitable colour for a shop front than the variety of garish colours used by these other shops.

One final point which I asked the JPC to consider was whether they could justify a budget of many thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to promote trade and tourism in the town if one of their members had their own agenda of driving out businesses which don’t fit in with her perceptions of good retail marketing. Surely words like “If you don’t like it clear off” and “it’s my town you’re not welcome here” to someone who has just invested a lot of money in the town cannot be statements which will attract new investors and new jobs which the town so badly needs.

I urge the Standards and Ethics Committee to take this matter seriously and not allow the factions that control the JPC to get away with sweeping this matter under the carpet to rear its ugly head and cause more harm to the town in the future.

Certain Members should resign and allow the residents of Henley to have a contested election.

As Cromwell said in 1653, "You have sat here too long for the good you do. In the name of God, go!”

JPC Clerk says "Don't Read Henley NEWS Online"

photoAt the Council Meeting on 1st February 2010, the Clerk, Jenny Walsh pictured right, made some most forthright comments as the 'Responsible Officer' about the Henley websites.

It should also be remembered that the clerk has no executive authority to make policy decisions and is a servant of the Parish Council, principally responsible for administration and minute taking. It was totally inappropriate, judging by the derision shown from the floor to her very personal public attack on a Parish Councillor, who is also the Editor of HNOL.

Unfortunately there is no body, not even the JPC, to which residents can complain about her conduct.

Public servants, at both national and local government level, are not supposed to make political comments and are expected at all times to remain impartial.

The Clerk's functions are:

Clerks provide the information and help needed to enable Parish Councillors to make decisions. They may manage projects, carry out research etc on behalf of the PC but only at the specific, minuted, request of the PC. Clerks often manage the finances of the PC but they have no power to spend unless authorised by the Councillors and that authorisation is minuted. The Clerk has a duty to advise Councillors if they are about to do anything illegal.

Clearly, the Clerk was acting illegally in that there was no specific, minuted request from the JPC for her research into the Henley websites and her making recommendations to the residents at a public meeting.

The Chairman, Cllr Les Goodman, should have stopped the clerk from making such a statement and by his omission to do this he was probably in violation of the Parish Councillors' Code of Conduct - "Bringing your authority or office into disrepute" (Para 5 of the code). The Stratford District Council Standards and Ethics Committee will be asked to rule on this matter.

Henley NEWS Online has been provided with the notes she used for her forthright statement.

The black marks are from the highlighter used by the clerk.


Response by the Editor of HNOL

In my opinion, the parish clerk's statement to the residents at the JPC meeting contained a number of serious and misleading inaccuracies.

    1. Henley NEWS Online is not aware of any errors in any of its editions or on the Town website.
    2. The JPC website cannot be regarded as an trusted source as it is so often out of date. It also omits important information such as the complaints procedure relating to its Councillors.
    3. The links about Code of Conduct in the last edition of HNOL went directly to the Stratford District Council website, which is the responsible authority and is therefore accurate.
    4. The polls in recent editions were requested by a respected member of our community to gauge public opinion. The results speak for themselves.
    5. Henley NEWS Online has been advised of two separate complaints to the Monitoring Officer in respect of the conduct of one of the members of the JPC.
    6. The Council Tax payers of Henley, who have paid for the video to which she refers, expect Henley's most popular websites to be first with local news. No request for an embargo was received from the JPC.
    7. The Henley Tour video resides on YouTube. According to the YouTube licence no permission needs to be sought.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request last year, the clerk had to admit that she was unable to provide any information about the number of visitors to the JPC website.

At the time of writing the Agenda and Minutes Archives are not up to date. The last added docs are for 15th September 2008 and 1st June 2009 respectively.   The Forthcoming Events page only lists one event, which was on the 25th of last month.

The JPC's new Trademarked logo, adopted last year, does not appear on the website. is a specialist provider of websites for parish councils. It only charges £150 for development and £100 for annual hosting. The JPC's website budget is circa £800 pa. The Chairman was recommended to investigate this site last year but it appears this substantial cost saving has not been implemented.

In February 2006 there was a poll on whether HNOL or the JPC should run the town website. The result was 88 to 1 in favour of HNOL. At that time the following letter from a resident was published:

I would like the JPC to know that I and many others support an independent Henley web presence not dominated by the JPC. The JPC does a good job in many other ways representing Henley's interests, but when it comes to a community website they need to humbly reflect on their reasons for wishing to be so controlling.

The people of Henley love the town, are passionate about its activities and people and are proud of the way that they are currently afforded access to free speech. We don't all agree with what each other says but we defend each other's right to say it! There will be no confidence in a JPC controlled website, although the JPC have of course a part to play (along with other town clubs and groups) in contributing to an Independent Henley web presence. There is a great fear that opinions which don't toe the party line will not be included, and that a JPC gloss will be applied to all controversial issues. Whether or not this is true, justice should always appear to be being done. A JPC dominated website is already an unpopular choice, a lost cause with precious little support.

The website is already fine! - don't fix what isn't broken. The JPC alternative is viewed as controlling, which won't earn you love or respect. To acquiesce to the feelings of the townspeople you represent, would not be seen as weakness but true strength... that is, you have the power to forge ahead with your original plan, have the courage not to use that power!

Thank you for listening.

A Resident of Henley-in-Arden

This letter could have been written today after the outburst by the clerk, but it was written 4 years ago in February 2006. Does nothing change!

Let's hope the JPC will admit before May 2012, the date of the next election, that it's time to accept the will of the residents. Also, let's hope the clerk does not continue with her unauthorised speeches.

Bill Leech - Editor
John Love - Chief Photographer

As for telling people what not to read, they will be burning books next!

The European Convention of Human Rights, as recognised in Human Rights Act, gives us the freedom of expression.

Henley Resident who has suffered from aggressive correspondence from the JPC

John Garner's Business Column

Business in Henley

John GarnerWhy a business column in this special issue? Because I am becoming very concerned about what I’ve seen and heard which I think is detrimental to local businesses.

I attended Monday’s JPC meeting (and one in December) and witnessed the strength of feeling in support of the Curtain Shop and against the way the JPC has behaved. Some members of the JPC did not seem to me to take much notice of the criticism, which I find disturbing.

The JPC has produced a video which, I presume, is intended to attract visitors to the town.  Why?  Presumably so they spend money and support local shops including, I hope, the Curtain Shop. 

The Parish Clerk publicly chastised the Editor for “downloading this podcast” via Henley News Online “without permission”. It’s a video not a podcast and it hasn’t been downloaded. By putting it on YouTube the JPC has automatically put it in the public domain. So let’s get our facts straight.

But if it’s trying to attract people to the town surely the JPC would want everyone to see it?  They should be grateful to HNOL for bringing it to people's attention.  Have they publicised it elsewhere?  How much did it cost us council tax payers?  A little more transparency would be welcome.

I’m worried that some councillors may not understand business. I do hope that’s not the case but, if it is, Henley could soon lose its character and become just another dormitory town.

John Garner

The above reports have been prepared by an editorial team of 6 reporters

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