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JPC rejects working with Allotment Association

photoThe vast majority of allotment growers simply like to grow their vegetables, relax and socialise up at the allotment site. However in recent weeks plot holders have shown a mix of anger, disappointment and cynicism at the way the General Purposes Committee (GPC) of the Joint Parish Council (JPC) have treated them.

Over many months, the Elected officers of the Allotment Association (BHAA) have been listening to their members and potential plot holders about how they would like to see the Allotment site managed and developed. The BHAA Officers and plot holders felt they should have the opportunity to provide advice and input on allotment matters before final decisions were made by the GPC/JPC. For example discussions could include: plot rent reviews and how rents are fairly calculated, a fair and transparent method of allocating plots to existing and new members, supporting Lottery Funding bids for the Allotments and the best use of such funds, the impact of the Railway Station Development Plan on the Allotment site, health and safety etc.

Although the BHAA Officers thought they were making good progress working with the GPC, in recent weeks the GPC has made it clear that their idea of consultation is to make all the decisions without dialogue and then tell the plot holders. As a consequence the three BHAA Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) have resigned their positions. Apparently a former BHAA Chairman has also resigned in the past as she also felt the GPC did not wish to consult and listen to advice. Another plot holder has said “It is such a shame, the Association is going from strength to strength, all the plots are occupied and there are now 13 residents on the waiting list.”

Anne Dorow, the most recent Chairman of the BHAA to resign, said:

“From our recent meeting with the GPC it is very apparent that they do not seek plot holders' input and do not share our desire for consultation of any kind. The Officers felt they had no real opportunity to formally represent the views of the members and potential plot holders. The GPC emphasised that they are the Landlord and we are simply Tenants, and therefore no discussion is required.”

A further update on the situation will be provided in the next edition of Henley News On-line.

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden Court Leet and Court Baron


Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff


I was delighted to learn that two of the town’s entries in this year’s Warwickshire Small Town Competition, namely the Heritage Centre and Henley News On-line, were worthy winners in their respective categories. The Heritage Centre took third place and Henley News was awarded a Gold Medal. Congratulations must go to Ray Holding and Peter Crathorne of the Heritage Centre and to Bill Leech as webmaster of Henley News On-line for their sterling efforts in keeping the town firmly ‘on the map‘ and ‘up front’ in the minds of those at County Hall. It was the Heritage Centre’s first attempt at winning the competition, so well done the Heritage Men!

photoIt was with great pleasure that one of my duties this month was to visit Miss Florrie Beard of Cherry Orchard Road, Henley on the occasion of 105th Birthday!

Florrie is Henley’s oldest living resident; born in Henley in 1903 at number 41 the High Street. The early 1900s was a time when women’s work was centred around the home and she grow up helping her mother with family chores. But, when she was only 15, her mother died and left her to look after six men: five older brothers and her father. Times were hard, she recalls, but the family always enjoyed one hot meal a day. And they were happy. ‘It didn’t cost anything to have fun’ she said, ‘Although Saturday night dances at The White Swan Hotel cost a shilling.’

Florrie’s home was decked with flowers and cards from numerous well wishers, including one from Her Majesty the Queen.

Before leaving Florrie to enjoy the rest of the day celebrating her birthday among her family and friends, I asked her ‘What was the secret to living a long and happy life?’ She just winked and gave me a big smile!!  Keep smiling!!

Roger Sutton - High Bailiff 

Lost Bench Tests Henley's Warning Scheme

photoOn Saturday morning 18th July, we found a bench dumped in our garden. It had ‘appeared’ overnight – we presumed the efforts of the Friday night revellers.

Over the following week, we made efforts to trace its owner. We tried the pubs on the High Street and various locals none of whom could help us. Clearly the bench had an owner as it had a plaque with an inscription "In memory of Les Harris who loved Henley".

Finally, despairing of finding its home, we contacted Henley News On-line and thanks to an SOS to its readers database, within hours we had traced its owner and its home. With the aid of some willing helpers we have now replaced the bench in its rightful home – next to the tap in St Nicholas churchyard. We are grateful for the help of Henley News On-line and the valuable service it provides to our community.

Liz Brindley reporting & photo

Henley NEWS On-line believes that no other agency can contact such a large proportion of the residents as fast. This service has already been used by the Police and the Environment Agency will use it in the event of another flood alert. We will not allow it to be over used but it remains available to all readers in the case of a genuine emergency in the joint parishes of Beaudesert & Henley. This bench incident was used as our annual test.

You can join our regular alerts scheme by registering at:

Readers can be assured that their details will be secure and not passed on.        Privacy Statement

Hilda Horsley – 100th Birthday

photoHilda was born in Birmingham but at the age of 5 she moved with her brother, 2 sisters and mother to Henley-in-Arden as her father had been killed in World War 1. She met her husband, Jim, when they both worked for Newcombes at Mayswood Road, Wootten Wawen. They had 4 children, John, Pat, Roy and David. John sadly died aged 49.

Hilda has 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. 3 of her grandchildren live in Australia, 1 lives in California and 1 lives in Northern Ireland. All are travelling back to England to be with her on her birthday. Just before the Second World War Jim, Hilda and family moved into the house at the Gas works in Beaudesert Lane, Henley. Jim was a one man operator. Hilda did her piece of war time protection, looking out for enemy planes, while Jim recharged the coal ovens to producing the gas. Hilda was a councillor on the Henley Parish Council and ran a weekly bingo to raise money for the playing field funds. Three of her bingo callers will be with her to celebrate her birthday.

Hilda worked as a secretary to Major Nevett at Henley Mill before joining the post office. As an early morning post woman she cycled 12 miles each day to Preston Bagot, Rowington and back to Henley.

In 1968 Hilda, Jim and John moved to Station Road, Wythall to be with her daughter, Pat and son-in-law Ron to help look after their children. In 1982 Jim sadly died after 51 years of marriage. Hilda has had 5 trips to Australia to visit her youngest son David, her last visit being at age 94. She has also enjoyed holidays in Bournemouth, Majorca, Portugal and aged 98 went to Tenerife for Christmas with her family.

She will be having a party on Saturday 8th August at the Oak, Hockley Heath, where she will be joined by 78 friends and family. Hilda, although severely handicapped in her movement, still enjoys reading, watching the TV and a nightly Bristol Cream Sherry.


Peter Pan Down the Pan?

photoBack in May, we were thrilled to announce that Henley Drama (HADS) were to mount an outdoor production of Peter Pan in the Guild Hall garden. This announcement followed hot on the heels of the Meteorological Office’s statement that the UK was due for a “barbeque summer”.  But not even poor Peter, who is an expert at riding on the back of the wind, can exert any pressure on the position of El Nino and, regrettably, a decision was taken to move the whole production indoors to the Memorial Hall, Station Road.

However this move is not entirely without benefits, as more time and money can be spent on the scenery and special effects. We mentioned at that time that millions of pounds had been spent on the London production of Peter Pan where CGI from Hollywood had been employed - I estimate that HADS will have spent the best part of £65.00 on their production!

So now, whatever the weather, we invite you to come along with your hampers and wine to the Hall where a ‘picnic’ atmosphere awaits you. See the wonderful characters ranging from Peter, Hook and Smee to the scariest crocodile ever, hired from the National Theatre, London, and accounting for almost 80% of the budget mentioned above.

Performances commence on Wednesday the 19th of August at 7:30pm and repeat on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st concluding on Saturday the 22nd with a matinee performance at 2:30pm and evening performance at 7:30pm. Tickets are priced at £8 each, with children under 16 at £4.  Each performance will be at tables, rather than in seat rows, so you are welcome to bring your own refreshments if you wish.

Tickets can be reserved by phoning the box office on 01564 795463, or purchased online at

Ray Evans & Tony Capps - HADS Correspondents

Mortgage Rescue Scheme Success

SDCStratford-on-Avon District Council has recently achieved its first success with the Government’s Mortgage Rescue Scheme, working in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Orbit First Step.  The Communities and Local Government Department have advised they believe this to be the 5th Mortgage Rescue in the West Midlands since the Scheme was launched in January 2009 (awaiting audited figures).

Mortgage Rescue is targeted at the most vulnerable home owners and is intended to prevent these households from becoming homeless. In order to be eligible for the Scheme there are certain criteria which have to be met relating to the household, their vulnerability and income, along with the value and the condition of the property.

Householders who are experiencing difficulties with meeting their mortgage repayments should firstly contact their lender in order to discuss the situation with them. Lenders have a number of hardship criteria which they may be able to apply. The householders should also consult the Citizens Advice Bureau about their situation. If Mortgage Rescue is an appropriate option a Citizens Advice Special Caseworker will be assigned. Stratford-upon-Avon Citizens Advice Bureau can be contacted on 01789 293299.

There are two types of rescue offered by the Scheme: Shared Equity, where a housing association will provide a loan to reduce the mortgage payments, and Government Mortgage to Rent, where a housing association pays off the mortgage, renting back the property to the householder. The Mortgage Rescue Scheme is administered by the District Council’s Housing Advice Team providing free advice to anyone who is experiencing housing difficulties.  Housing options interviews are conducted by booked appointment at the Council’s headquarters in Stratford town and also at the housing surgeries at the Council offices in Shipston, Alcester and Southam.

Councillor Stephen Gray, Portfolio Holder for Revenues and Housing, said “In these difficult economic times I am pleased that Stratford-on-Avon District Council is able to offer this housing option to households who may be in danger of losing their home.”

Anyone wishing to make an appointment should contact the Housing Advice Team on 01789 260861 or email:

Three Priorities to be Addressed

photoBurglaries, speeding and nuisance vehicles emerged as top priorities at the recent Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs Team meeting held as part of the Henley and Studley Community Forum.

At the Henley and Studley Community Forum meeting held in June, residents selected three new priorities for police and partners to address over the month ahead. These included house burglaries, speeding around Wootton Wawen and nuisance vehicles at Node Hill in Studley. At the Community Forum meeting residents also received a presentation on sustainability in the Forum Area. They also voiced a number of other concerns including CCTV in Henley, road signs, grass cuttings in Pettiford lane, parking in Henley, especially outside Somerfield and One-Stop, and disabled parking in Henley. As parking was so high on the agenda this will be an item for a future forum and parking in Henley is under review.

The next meeting of the Henley and Studley Community Forum meeting is on Thursday 13 August starting at 7.30pm at Wootton Wawen Village Hall. The meeting is an opportunity for people who live in and around Henley and Studley area to come along and join in the debate. There will also be presentations on Empty Homes and Delivery of Rural Affordable Homes.

The Safer NEIGHBOURHOOD Team surgery will take place before the Community Forum meeting at 7pm and officers will be giving feedback on the issues raised earlier at their surgeries and residents will be able to hear the latest on policing in their area from Warwickshire Police.

Community Forums are an interactive event enabling residents to learn about issues big and small affecting their area, get answers to questions and influence local decision-making. Anyone with a question about a local issue can go along and put it to officers from a range of organisations. For more information about this forum please contact Lizzie Price, Area Support Officer on 01789 290784.

Charity Theatre Night on Monday September 7th

logoHenley-in-Arden Rotary Club are organising a Charity Theatre night at the Priory Theatre in Kenilworth. This is a delightful little theatre that puts on very high quality productions. The evening will include your show ticket and a post show buffet held in the theatre bar.

All profits from this night are in favour of ShelterBox and Polio Plus. These are two charities that are very high on the list supported by Rotary, both locally and internationally. They are very deserving causes indeed and more information on them can be found by following these links.

The play being presented is Tom, Dick and Harry by Ray Cooney. As can be inferred from the Author, it is a farce and gales of laughter can be guaranteed.

Details for the evening are as follows:
Date: Monday September 7th
Time: 7.30 pm
Price:£12 to include a post show supper buffet

Everyone is welcome. Please contact Tony Capps for more information.

Tony Capps reporting - Tel: 01564 792840, eMail

Download latest Rotary Club Newsletter

SUMMER FUN ’09 at Henley Youth Club.

logoThis year’s summer activities available to all young people (12 – 19) last 3 weeks. Every week day from August 3rd to August 21st there are outdoor challenges and opportunities to learn new skills.

The programme includes team challenges, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, raft building, orienteering and mountain biking. The summer programme will finish with a trip to Drayton Manor Park. The activities take place at Warwickshire County’s new Outdoor Centre at Kingsbury Water Park.


The cost is heavily subsidised and includes transport to Kingsbury and Drayton Manor Park. This is very popular and therefore you need to contact Anna Stowe urgently for the last few places. Text or call 07967369140 or e-mail:

Peter Crathorne reporting

Heritage Centre’s First Sunday Special A Success.

photoOn 2nd August a small group gathered at the Heritage Centre to mark the 744th anniversary of The Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265). Using information gathered by Peter Crathorne they explored the lives of the main characters, their motives and actions which finally led to the bloody defeat of the forces of Simon De Montfort.

We discovered that Henley was demolished by King Henry III’s troops as a punishment for supporting Simon and that Peter De Montfort (no relation), the Lord of Henley, was brutally killed in the battle. The afternoon concluded with a viewing of the DVD “Alice” the play performed at the Court Leet Day in 2007 in St Nicholas Church. The film depicted the response of those left behind when the men from Henley went to battle. Participants declared it an informative and enjoyable session.

There are three other Sunday Specials, two for children and one more for over 11s about Henley and the 2nd World War.

Please see the poster below. The Heritage Centre continues to add value to life in Henley with its fascinating displays, detailed local information and a shop of local interest including some lovely, unique postcards of Henley which you could send to your friends. Visit and discover for yourself, we are next to the Ice Cream Shop.


Come Dancing in Beaudesert

posterYes, you can dance! I’ve been teaching dancing for long enough to know that everybody can move to music and everybody wants to!  Whether it is learning a routine for the ‘first dance’ at the wedding reception or complicated moves for competitive dancing, I’ve seen so many people get excited through getting up and having a go…and finding that they can do better than they imagined! So many people stop me in Henley High Street and say that they would like to learn to dance; well, the opportunity is on your doorstep. New classes are starting this September!

For those who love the Latin American beat, but haven’t a partner to dance with, I am starting a new ‘Latin Line’ class on Wednesday 16th September, 7pm to 8pm in the Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane. These classes have also proved popular with friends who might want to turn up and enjoy themselves as a group.

For those with partners I’m starting a Ballroom and Latin American Class for absolute beginners, again in the Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, starting Wednesday 16th September, 8 pm to 9 pm. Ladies, encourage your men to have a go!

And then, for those who already know the basic moves but would like to learn more and enjoy the company of other couples, there will be an ‘advanced’ Ballroom & Latin American class on the same night, same place, 9 pm to 10 pm.

If you want to know more, contact me, Elaine, on 01789 751646, or have a word with my husband, John Ganjavi – he’ll give you an honest answer!

Elaine Davies (Ganjavi) reporting

Summer Garden Party

Yes, we did have Summer on Saturday 25th July! It took place on Sue and Brian Westmacott’s lawn where they held their second annual garden party in aid of the Henley Christmas Lights. The weather was kind and we all enjoyed a remarkably balmy and pleasant evening.


Sue and Brian generously donated the food and provided the service, the ambience and the marquee. Les Goodman made a short speech and Peter Cornford of John Earle & Son conducted an auction.

Our thanks must of course go to Sue and Brian for their generous hospitality once again and also to Richard and Wendy Ackland who, with the support of Harveys of Bristol, provided and served the reception drinks.

The event raised some £2,300. We can all enjoy the Henley lights again this Christmas.

John Garner reporting

Using Blogs, Social Networking & Audio

logoOver the past year or so marketing on the web has become a big thing thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because the media and celebrities are talking about them, many small business owners have become interested in how they can use them to market and promote their business. But just what are blogs and social networking sites and how do you use them to get business?

On this workshop Helen Dowling from Exceptional Thinking is going to be showing you how to make this new way of marketing your business work for you. Learn:

. Which social networking site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) is the best one to use
. What tou write about on your blog
. How to use audio and video recordings to market your business
. What you need to do to get business from this new way of marketing
. How to update just one site so that it updates all the others for you
. The best way to create one profile that you can put on all these sites

This workshop presents a great opportunity to learn new and very cost effective ways of marketing your business. You will learn how to profitably exploit the marketing and business opportunities presented by blogs and social networking sites.

Thursday 20th August 2009 4:00pm-7:00pm

Henley-in-Arden Golf & Country Club

Just £40 per person

TO BOOK EMAIL or CALL 07976 236 531

Only 20 places, so book now to avoid disappointment

For the most Comprehensive Information
about Henley-in-Arden

Visit the Henley-in-Arden Town Website at:

This website is sponsored by the TIC and receives no money from public funds


Stunning Summer Style at The Bluebell

photoThe quintessentially English setting of the Bluebell at the North end of the High Street was transformed into an exotic hub of high fashion and style when Studio 34 launched their stunning new summer collection. More than 100 guests delighted in the quirky contradiction of traditional afternoon tea and Champagne cocktails served by dashing topless male models as they admired the latest in beachwear, kaftans, informal evening outfits, sunglasses and accessories from the Henley High Street ladies boutique.

Our picture right shows Lesley Knowles and Jacqueline Johnson with 'topless waiter'.

"It was an amazing combination of styles and another example of how well the Bluebell and Studio 34 work together to create really original and successful occasions" said Leigh Taylor, proprietor of the Bluebell, which last year won a clutch of awards including the prestigious ‘Dining pub of the Year’, Coventry & Warwickshire Food & Drink Awards.

Traditional afternoon tea which includes a choice of delicate finger sandwiches, scones with runny jam, a three tiered cake stand stuffed full of treats and a choice of teas served in an eclectic mix of fine bone china - is now a feature at the 15th Century pub and eatery. Afternoon tea or Perrier Jouet Champagne Afternoon Tea is available Tuesday to Saturday 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

2 Old to Work?

photoDavid Edwards, pictured right, has told HNOL about, which brings together the local employer and the mature job seeker. The mature job seeker has many advantages over their younger counterpart, they are also more likely to be lifestyle orientated and therefore willing to work for less in exchange for meaningful employment.

Local employers, particularly small and start-up businesses, would be more willing to employ mature job seekers if they were willing to work for less.

  • is free to all employers and to all job seekers, there are no hidden charges.
  • Employers automatically receive an E-mail alert when a job seeker matching their requirements registers with
  • Employers may list up to five vacancies.
  • Employers have unlimited free access to Job Seekers' CVs.
  • Employers and job seekers will have access to more than 1,300 different occupations at more than 2,500 locations in England.
  • When an employer or job seeker selects an occupation and location, automatically searches for a match within commuting distance.
  • Whilst was founded to promote the mature job seeker, it is of course open to job seekers of all ages.

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, says:

“Many mature job seekers find it difficult to get back into work after a redundancy or a period away from the workplace. I welcome the launch of and hope that it will provide a valuable resource for mature job seekers.”


David Edwards

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Grumpy Old Man

graphicOur popular correspondent, the Grumpy Old Man, has come out of retirement to help Mr Darling in his hour of need. He suggests, in a letter to the Chancellor, ways to fix the economy.

Dear Mr. Darling,

Please find below my suggestion for fixing Britain's economy. Instead of giving billions of pounds to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan.

There are about 20 million people over 50 in the work force.  Pay them £1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

1) They MUST retire. Twenty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.

2) They MUST buy a new British CAR. Twenty million cars ordered - Motor Industry fixed.

3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed.

4) They MUST send their kids to school / college /university - Crime rate fixed

5) They MUST buy £50 of alcohol / tobacco a week - there's your money back in duty/tax 

It can't get any easier than that!

P.S. If more money is needed, have all members of parliament pay back their falsely claimed expenses and second home allowances.

If you think this would work, please forward to everyone you know.  If not, please disregard.

Grumpy Old Man

John Garner's Business Column

Yet another acronym

John GarnerPay attention now!  Fingers on buzzers……

What does “BIS” stand for?

Is it:

  • Bank for International Settlements?
  • British Interplanetary Society
  • British Infection Society
  • Biodiversity Information Service
  • British Inventors Society
  • British Iris Society
  • British International School

(I am indebted to Google for these…)

The answer is of course YES, all of them. But I’m talking about the latest piece of government bureaucracy: The Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Has anyone heard of BERR (Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform)? Well don’t worry if you haven’t because it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m sure you all remember the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)? Well, the Labour government didn’t like that name as it was invented by the Conservatives so they renamed it BERR.

Now for the second question: Which government minister is in charge of BIS?

YES, right in one. Lord Mandelson of course! Full marks! He’s in charge of just about everything else so he might as well have that one as well.

So what does BIS do? (I could ask what BERR did but the answer is too boring).

The BIS website ( says:

“The new Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has been created following the merger of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) and the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS). Investing in our future: Building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by: creating the conditions for business success; promoting innovation, enterprise and science; and giving everyone the skills and opportunities to succeed. To achieve this we will foster world-class universities and promote an open global economy.”

(Please note: the dodgy punctuation is theirs not mine. I had to take off my proof reader hat there for a minute).

Apparently the BIS portfolio includes “advocating the needs of business, promoting innovation and an environment for enterprise, designing tailored policies for sectors of the UK economy that represent key future strengths, investing in the development of higher and further education and science, assessing the changing skills needs of the economy, defending a sound regulatory environment, working with the EU on single market regulation and regulation affecting the competitiveness of companies, and working to expand exports and encourage inward investment in the UK.”   

I could add “and finding employment for even more civil servants.” If anyone can tell me what all that actually means then please come and write this column.

BIS has already attracted criticism. Lord Mandelson was asked in the House of Lords, “Does he agree that it is a shameful and retrograde development that further and higher education have been subsumed in this way, to be judged not worthy even of a single letter in the new departmental acronym?”  (What is it with these politicians and acronyms?)

Mandelson celebrated the creation of BIS, saying: “We have a new phoenix in this department.”

An unfortunate analogy: the phoenix is famous for its triumphant rebirth, rising from the ashes, but it was also condemned to an endless cycle of death and renewal.

I leave you to ponder on how long BIS will last, whether it will achieve anything and how much more it will cost the taxpayer.  And when its name will change.

John Garner - Business Correspondent

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Stratford District Council

Laurence Marshall
Laurence Marshall
S Thirlwell
Stephen Thirlwell

Councillor Laurence Marshall reports

In this edition I am writing about some of the regulatory work undertaken by staff within the Environment Service of Stratford District Council.

Food Poisoning Incidents
All food borne infectious disease notifications are received by the service from the Health Protection Agency. All cases are investigated in partnership with Coventry & Warwickshire Health Protection Unit and the Warwickshire Primary Care Trust.  Officers responded to all 191 notifications received last year.  152 of these cases were connected with Campylobacter food poisoning with 16 people infected by the Salmonella organism.  Other infectious agents reported included E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.   
Eight incidents of Norovirus were reported in February alone and these were linked to an outbreak due to common exposure to the virus at a social function held in the district.
Following a wedding reception at a golf club, a number of guests and some of the staff displayed food poisoning symptoms. After an investigation was carried out by officers it was found to be another viral infection, probably brought in by the bride herself. Thanks to the cooperation of the staff at the club the outbreak was quickly contained.
A case involving a patient infected with Legionnaires Disease was investigated in October.  The patient, a long distance lorry driver, had been air-lifted to hospital from a site in the District. After contacting several companies involved in the transportation of the cargo, the investigation concluded that infection was most likely picked up either in the Czech Republic (country of residence) or Germany (cargo pick up point) and not in the UK.
A recent outbreak of Cryptosporidium across Warwickshire was linked to visits to farm open days, particularly one at a local agricultural college. Inadequate hand washing after petting animals was thought to be the cause, and whilst visitors had been advised on hygiene and provision for hand cleaning was available, the public are not always diligent in carrying out this basic hygiene procedure. Working with the Health Protection Agency, and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), staff advised the college on actions to be taken to try and limit the risk of cross infection at future events.

Food Incidents
Officers have noticed an increase in the appearance of out of date food during food hygiene inspection. As an example, during a routine inspection of a local tea room, a large amount of cooked ham was seized by Officers as it had passed its ‘use by’ date and could have been a danger to the public. Also at a public house unfit food in the form of green chicken fillets, decomposed raspberries together with a selection of out of date vacuum packed steaks, cheese and mixed grills were seized to use as evidence in a formal action.

Voluntary Closures
During the year there have been 3 voluntary closures at public houses and 1 retail outlet. The conditions found have resulted in 2 prosecutions and 2 formal cautions.

Food Safety Officers from the District Council visited the Wobbly Wheel on 3 occasions last year and found that levels of cleanliness within the premises were unacceptable and that the company’s procedures for managing the food safety side of the business were not being followed.  Some of the issues were that the same food stains were seen on the walls and the floor of the walk-in chiller on each visit, maggots were seen in the corridor between the kitchen and the walk-in chiller and debris from a structural repair carried out six days previously was still on the floor. Despite efforts by the Councils officers to secure improvements the company made little progress.

Stratford Magistrates Court awarded Stratford-on-Avon District Council £3,296 costs after finding The Wobbly Wheel public house near Warmington guilty of eight food hygiene offences and fined the Spirit Group Ltd £29,500.

Visits were made to The Wharf Inn, Fenny Compton, and found evidence of an infestation of mice including substantial numbers of droppings and a nest of shredded paper within the motor of one of the freezers.  The standard of cleaning both of the premises and of kitchen equipment was poor.  The premises were closed until the infestation had been removed and the necessary cleaning carried out.

Stratford Magistrates Court awarded Stratford-on-Avon District Council £841 costs after finding The Wharf Inn near Fenny Compton guilty of three food hygiene offences and fined the owners £2,400.

There have been the usual number of accidents/incidents that have been investigated this year.  These have included a tractor wheel falling off at a nursery, a child’s clothing going up in flames at a local restaurant and most recently a death at a paintball centre. These have resulted in enforcement action being taken in accordance with the Council’s Enforcement Policy.
There are several appeals and enforcement action ongoing in the area of Taxi and Alcohol Premises licensing. An update cannot be given at this time for legal reasons.

Drainage matters
Some months ago we received a report about sewage entering the River Arrow in Studley. The responsibility for enforcing against pollution in main rivers lies with the Environment Agency, but responsibility for investigating for the source of this type of pollution lies with the District Council.  Investigation is time consuming and has to be painstaking while individual properties are cleared from suspicion. In this case the culprit has been discovered some 210 meters from the river where a foul to surface water cross connection has been going on since the 1970s.  Work with the householders is now underway to realign the drains and resolve the issue.

Pest Control
Staff are currently working on the case of an elderly person, living on their own, who is an avid feeder of wild birds. Initially this person was merely putting feed out on their back lawn (about 6 kilos a day). It wasn’t long before we had complaints from neighbours about rats. The occupier was advised that they must no longer feed birds in this manner and has now had 9 free standing bird tables made. This has improved the situation but rats are still evident and recently further advice about feeding times and clearing debris has been given. Officers are attempting to find a compromise which will enable this person to continue to enjoy the wild birds in their garden whilst not creating problems for neighbours.

Dog Control
Following the recent adoption of new anti dog fouling laws officers have issued the first fixed penalty notice.  This has been issued having received a written witness statement from a concerned member of the public who was prepared to provide a signed statement. This approach is to be supported and more examples of this local responsibility will allow the Service to act on those irresponsible dog owners who evade the Dog Warden.

General matters
Recently, within the space of two weeks there were 3 separate cases of nuisance from peacocks. These are unusual complaints and it is many years since the Council has received such requests. In essence they can only be considered if noise is the issue. In one case it was noise that was being complained about but investigations failed to identify an owner of the birds so no formal action was possible. In the other cases it was more that the complainant’s properties had been invaded by birds which also appeared to have no owner. The Council cannot take any action but the cases have been passed to a rescue centre that will be able to assist.

Thank you for recycling

One year on from the introduction of Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s new refuse and recycling scheme operated by Verdant recycling, figures are increasing and it’s thanks to District residents for making this happen.

“This is great news for everyone who has worked so hard to make recycling a success in Stratford District and there is no doubt that this has only been achieved through the efforts of residents in the District. On behalf of the District Council I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s doing their bit for the environment by recycling their household, garden and food waste and coping with the changes. It is fantastic to see the District responding so positively,” says Cllr Simon Jackson, Environment Portfolio. “Together with Verdant we’ve listened to what District residents want and worked hard to provide them with what they said they wanted most – a weekly collection of food waste and the opportunity to recycle more in the way of plastic and cardboard while continuing to scan the horizon to add more materials that residents can recycle in the future.

“Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill remains a priority for the Council and I am keen that we do not rest on our laurels but strive towards the top of the recycling table.  A combination of doorstep recycling collections, composting and reducing waste in the first place are all ways of avoiding waste being sent to landfill. The less waste we put into our landfill bins the better, avoiding landfill tax charges plus potentially fines running into millions of pounds for the council taxpayer to pick up. So by backing the service and changing habits residents are not only doing their bit for the future of the environment, they are also helping the council to provide an improved value for money service and providing the opportunity of having one of the best recycling rates in the UK.”

This has also been complemented with the recent Place Survey results where over 81% of residents feel satisfied with the refuse collection provided by the District Council and 78% of residents feel satisfied with the doorstep recycling.

The latest recycling figures show a recycling rate of 47% from April 2008 to March 2009. However since April 2009 when the new service was fully implemented the figures are more likely to reach a consistent 60% recycling rate for 2009/10, making the District Council one of the best performing Councils in the country.

Laurence Marshall

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HADS, with the kind permission of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, are to perform Peter Pan, “A Fantasy in Five Acts”, based on the children’s book by May Byron and adapted for an outdoor arena by the writer. From Wednesday the 19th to Saturday the 22nd of August 2009 in the Memorial Hall. “Bringing the outdoors indoors – bring a picnic and a bottle”.

ULLENHALLGARDENING CLUB – Tuesday 25th August in the Village Hall, Ullenhall, 7.45 for 8.00pm. Our speaker is Don Everitt “Autumn the Forgotten Season”. Visitors (£2) and new members always welcome.

HENLEY AND BEAUDESERT SOCIETY will be serving tea and cake in the Guildhall and/or Guildhall Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August between 2.30 and 4.30 pm to raise money for an Information Plaque for the Market Cross.

AUTUMN SHOW on Saturday 5th September organised jointly by Ullenhall Gardening Club and Ullenhall WI. Show schedules and further details available from Diane Bayley (01789 488209).

JOHNSONS’ CHARITY FAMILY FUN DAY – Sunday 20th September 12 noon – 6.00 pm. 2009 is a special year for Johnsons – 100 years in business and still very much a family firm! In celebration, we are hosting a family fun day at our depot in support of the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. Highlights include a vintage vehicle display, miniature steam railway, horse and cart rides, air rifle range, arts, crafts and farmers market stalls and a whole host of other games, stalls and attractions. We’d be delighted if you would be able to join us.

Celebrating 100 years of the Memorial Hall on Saturday 24th October. Details from either Duncan or Marijana Bainbridge on 793539 day or 794987 evening.

Saturday 7th November  - 1st Henley and Wootton Scouts Annual Bonfire Night at The Scout Hut, Henley Sports and Social Ground.

Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on The Henley Town Website

Open to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Full time coach. 7 courts open throughout the year mean that there is always a court available. No need to book. Club and American Tournaments held during summer months. League matches summer and winter. For details of membership please contact Judith Mathias 01564 792378
Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.
Are you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers?  We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £3.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Secretary - Annette Walker - 01564 792837
Welcomes players who may be interested in joining the club. Club nights are Friday and Sunday from 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall. Further details: Chairman 793320. Visitors welcome (£2).
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Kevin O'Brien on 01564 794903.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A3400 just outside Henley. The Club welcomes new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Coordinators. If you are aware that your area is not covered or you are willing to be a coordinator, please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on the third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and an informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley. Visitors are most welcome and for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079.
De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 704 5140 for further details.
The WRVS organise a lunch club for the elderly of the district at Dell Court every Tuesday at 12.30 pm at a cost of £3.10. For further details contact Christine on 01789 209210.
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge.
Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email for more information.

Details about tourist attractions and neighbouring villages can be found on The Henley Town Website

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