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Henley Forest FC win Sponsorship

photoHenley Forest Football Club scored a home win of a different kind recently when it secured sponsorship from housebuilder David Wilson Mercia. The third division Midland Combination team now has training tops and a pitch-side board sponsored by the company and is hoping the new kit will boost their fantastic form to put them into a promotion spot.

Peter Johnson, Chairman of Henley Forest FC, told Henley NEWS On-line, "We continue to be really successful with all our teams, the first team gaining promotion to Division 2 in the Midland Combination League and just missing out by being beaten finalists in the Challenge Urn. All our other four senior teams have continued to make great progress, our junior teams have all really enjoyed their football with U15s winning the Supplementary Cup."

Peter Johnson continued, "Without the help of our managers, parents and supporters, we would really struggle financially so any help we gain from local business such as David Wilson Homes is a real bonus.  If there are any other businesses wishing to raise their profile in the town, please contact us."

Peter Crathorne, Chairman of the Town Improvement Committee which administers the Memorial Hall and the sports ground, echoed Peter Johnson's comments saying, "Many people work extremely hard to maintain the high standard of sports provision at the Memorial Grounds.  This contribution to our very successful football team is most welcome but we need more if Henley Forest is to continue to achieve its true potential.  We hope that other local organisations will follow David Wilson Homes’ lead."

Managed by John Colby, Henley Forest FC is a semi-professional club which relies on the support of local businesses to help it through each season. The pitch board from David Wilson means the team has its name emblazoned on the railings at each match and the team are using their new training tops for warm-up sessions. Henley Forest is enjoying its second season of Midland Combination football and is currently poised at third in the league, with a chance of promotion into the second division. After a superb run of matches, it has also notched up a cup final to the club’s name.
Team Captain, Kevin Windsor, said, “At this level of football we need the support of companies like David Wilson Mercia, so their sponsorship has come as a welcome boost to us. We are already looking forward to working with them next season.”
Chris Ashmore, Sales Director for David Wilson Mercia, said, “With a development situated in Henley, it is important that we support the local community and our sponsorship of Henley Forest is part of that commitment. We will definitely be keeping our fingers crossed for a promotion into division two this year and I wish them luck for the remaining matches.”
David Wilson Mercia offers its Henley Point development located on Millfield Court off the High Street at the northern end of Henley-in-Arden. It comprises one-bedroom coach houses, one- and two-bedroom apartments and three- and four-bedroom houses, with prices starting from £151,000. For further information, please contact the sales office on 01564 793 833, open Wednesday to Monday from 11am to 6pm.

HADS Competing with the London Stage

peter panFollowing on from the success of “A Very Public Hall” in April and, based on the fact that our last Guild Hall gardens performance was Wind in the Willows back in June 2005, we thought it time to once again go alfresco.

So, what to do? By coincidence, this year sees the mounting of an enormous and lavish performance of Peter Pan which is taking place in Kensington Gardens, London, the ‘home’ of the hero. The show is being directed by Ben Harrison who has enjoyed great success at the Almeida in London and will use huge CGI animated backdrops to enhance the action of the actors as they fly over London and Never Land.

Needless to say we cannot even approach the kind of technology they will be employing BUT at a minimum £47.50 per ticket for the London show, I think we can give a good account of ourselves for the people of Henley at a fraction of the cost.

And it is therefore with great pleasure that HADS with the kind permission of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, are to perform Peter Pan, “A Fantasy in Five Acts”, based on the children’s book by May Byron and adapted for this outdoor arena by the writer, from Wednesday the 19th to Saturday the 22nd of August next.

If you would like to watch or, indeed, perform in this piece, keep in touch through our website and Henley News On-line for unfolding information.

Ray Evans - HADS

The Travellers Depart

Our Chief Photographer, John Love, had to step very carefully at the top end of Bear Lane to record the aftermarth of their visit.



Henley Crime Report
This crime summary is a look at the crimes of public interest that occurred on the Henley, Claverdon and Tanworth policing area over the last 14 days. We do not as normal practice include crimes of shoplifting, bilking, domestic violence or fraud.

Between 11th April and 22nd April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Broad Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden. They have then gained entry to the garage and removed gardening equipment.
Incident 360 of 22nd April 09 refers.

At approximately 0336 hours on 22nd April 09 offender/s have approached premises on Tithe Barn Lane, Hockley Heath and attempted to gain entry.
Incident 47 of 22nd April 09 refers.

Between 1100 hours and 1200 hours on 24th April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Penn Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden. They have then forced entry to the garage.
Incident 210 of 24th April 09 refers.

Between 2115 hours and 2355 hours on 24th April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Earlswood Common, Earlswood. They have then forced a downstairs window and removed a television.
Incident 720 of 24th April 09 refers.

Between 1545 hours on 26th April and 0830 hours on 27th April 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on Penn Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden.
They have then forced entry to the lounge.
Incident 92 of 27th April 09 refers.

Prior to 5th May 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Brook End Drive, Henley-in-Arden. They have then gained entry and removed items from within. Offender/s may have reached through a cat flap to take keys that were kept on the inside.
Incident 443 of 5th May 09 refers.

Between 1700 hours on 19th April and 1430 hours on 24th April 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on Wood End Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden. They have then gained entry through a skylight and removed a quantity of decking furniture.
Incident 305 of 24th April 09 refers.

Between 1730 hours on 23rd April and 0900 hours on 24th April 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on High Street, Henley-in-Arden. They forced a door to gain entry and then removed three laptop computers and a mobile phone.
Incident 121 of 24th April 09 refers.

At approximately 0600 hours on 24th April 09 two male offender/s were disturbed in the garage of a property on Biddles Hill, Earlswood.
Incident 96 of 24th April 09 refers.

Between 1200 hours on 24th April and 0700 hours on 25th April 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen. They have then forced the lock to one of the doors and removed fishing tackle and sporting equipment.
Incident 167 of 25th April 09 refers.

At approximately 0030 hours on 25th April 09 offender/s approached premises on Poolhead Lane, Earlswood. They have then attempted to gain entry to vehicles on the premises.
Incident 21 of 25th April 09 refers.

Between 1300 hours and 1415 hours on 29th April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on High Street, Henley-in-Arden. They have then gained entry through a rear door and removed a handbag.
Incident 281 of 29th April 09 refers.

Between 1900 hours on 1st May and 0830 hours on 2nd May 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on Birmingham Road, Henley-in-Arden. They have then gained access to a storage shed and removed a mini JCB excavator.
Incident 230 of 2nd May 09 refers.

At approximately 2130 hours on 23rd April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Alne Close, Henley-in-Arden and caused damage to a window.
Incident 696 of 23rd April 09 refers.

Between 2000 hours on 26th April and 1515 hours on 27th April 09 unknown offender/s approached premises in Danzey Green and removed a very heavy ‘acorn’ ornament from a gate post.
Incident 372 of 27th April 09 refers.

Between 1700 hours on 1st May and 1100 hours on 2nd May 09 unknown offender/s approached a vehicle on High Street, Henley-in-Arden and damaged all four tyres.
Incident 309 of 2nd May 09 refers.

At 0150 hours on 3rd May 09 unknown offender/s approached premises on Station Road, Claverdon and damaged a wendy house in the garden.
Incident 337 of 5th May 09 refers.

Between midnight on 22nd April and 0810 hours on 23rd April 09 unknown offender/s approached a vehicle on Earlswood Common and removed both front and rear number plates.
Incident 100 of 23rd April 09 refers.

Between 1200 hours on 25th April and 1340 hours on 26th April 09 unknown offender/s approached a vehicle on Earlswood Common and removed both number plates.
Incident 320 of 26th April 09 refers.

At approximately 0340 hours on 27th April 09 unknown offender/s approached a property on Penn Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden. They have then gained entry to a utility room by reaching through a dog flap and using the key which was already on the inside of the door. This has then set off the house alarm which has woken up the occupants.
Incident 39 of 27th April 09 refers.

At approximately 0100 hours on 2nd May 09 a male was seen removing a stone ornament from the outside wall of a property on Earlswood Common.
Incident 249 of 2nd May 09 refers.

At approximately 1800 hours on 3rd May 09 offenders were seen at premises on Bear Lane, Henley-in-Arden. It was subsequently found that the gate padlock had been cut and a quantity of fencing boards and fencing equipment had been removed.
Incident 232 of 4th May 09 refers.

Henley In Arden Police will be holding a ‘drop in’ facility at Henley Police Station for you to come and discuss any issues or problems, within the community, with your local policing team!

May 27th between 1100 hours and 1300 hours
June 10th between 1100 hours and 1300 hours
July 1st between 1100 hours and 1300 hours

If you did have information regarding the displayed incidents, but for whatever reason do not wish to contact the police directly, then you can ring 0800 555 111 and give the information to the Crimestoppers Charity. Crimestoppers will then pass the information to the Police without revealing any details of the caller. You may also receive a reward.

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents, please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207.  Thank you.


TV Rescue by Henley's Fire Crew

photoHenley's Fire and Rescue Service came to the rescue when Mona, a Staffordshire Terrier, interest in the telly took an unexpected turn. Six-week old Mona was having a rummage around the television stand when her head got stuck in the hole for cables. Mona’s family made several attempts at freeing her. Even the dog's mother Jess, a cross collie, tried to pull her out by the tail which resulted in increased howling. Owner Jackie Knight smeared olive oil and butter on Mona’s coat but half an hour later she was still stuck fast.

It was time to call the experts. Retained firefighters from Henley Fire Station were able to take the stand apart and release the puppy. Owner Jackie Knight said: “We tried everything we could to get her out. Mona was stuck and getting more and more agitated. She’s fine now after a good wash although she might be keeping away from the telly for a while.”

Crew manager Peter Wale, pictured right with Mona and owner Jackie, said: “I know it seems strange that we were called to cut Mona free. After all, we are not called firefighters for nothing; putting out and preventing fires is what we do. However, we had the tools and skills to free the dog and I’m delighted we could help.”

Mona has a twin brother who the family is looking to offer to a charity who can train and use a dog. If you can help, call Jackie Knight on 07837 645384.

Henley in Bloom organises St Mary's Competition

On 1st May, Henley-in-Bloom members visited St Mary's Catholic Primary School and organised a planting competition for the 'Clerk's Cup' after a gap of many years.

All the children were given a pot, some compost and 2 courgette seeds.They were shown by members of Henley in Bloom how to plant the seeds. Before leaving, they were given printed instructions on how to care for them. Later in the year, their plants will be judged for the best results.

Further information about Henley-in-Bloom and the planting recommendations for 2009 are on their website:

John Love Reporting & Photographs

Tennis Club Tournament


photoHenley in Arden Tennis Club held their Adult and Child Tournament on Sunday. The weather was sunny and Mums, Dads, Grandpas, Grannys, and Aunties enjoyed a fun filled afternoon, picnicking, playing and watching a great day of tennis. The youngest competitor was 3 and the eldest over 60, this was certainly a day for all the family to enjoy.

There were 4 different age groups; mini red which was won by brothers Alex and Jake Evans, mini orange won by Grace Turner and Chris Kirby, mini green won by Frazer and Stuart Kent and mini yellow won by Ethan and Catherine Treacy. Our picture right shows the winners brothers Alex (in red) and Jake Evans.

The competition was organised by development coach Neil Supperstone (07912 664426) and the day was arranged by Catherine Treacy, who is Child Protection Officer at Henley.

Henley run a comprehensive junior programme and welcomes any adults or children who wish to play at their club. Contact Judith Mathias, Club Secretary on 01564 792378 for more information.

Jane Palmer - Tennis Correspondent

World Class Stratford Newsletter

logoWorld Class Stratford e-newsletter, is now being published by the District Council to inform and update residents, businesses and visitors with latest news and views.

Published on a monthly basis, the newsletter is available on request to any individual, group or organisation with an interest in the development of the town.

More information about these news items and the project in general can be found at:

Wootton's Bluebell Walk

photoLast Wednesday 6 May, Stratford District Council’s Active Communities Team organised a ‘Bluebell Walk’ at Yew Tree Farm, Wootton Wawen. Over 50 people took part in the organised walk raising £176.50 for the Yew Tree Farm’s charity.

This organised walk is part of the District Council’s ‘Set The Pace’ Health Walk scheme which has been awarded national accreditation by Walking the Way to Health, a Natural England initiative. The scheme is designed and delivers physical activity programmes specifically with those aged 45 or over in mind.

‘Set the Pace’ currently offers 7 walks throughout the District and welcomes new walkers at any time.

•Bidford - Mondays 10.30am at The Bridge;
•Alcester - Tuesdays 10am at The Greig Centre;
•Southam - Tuesdays 2pm at the Leisure Centre;
•Stratford - Wednesdays 10.30am at the Leisure Centre;
•Studley - Wednesdays 2.30pm at the Youth Centre;
•Shipston - Thursdays 10am at the Leisure Centre and
•Wellesbourne - Fridays 9.45am at the Village Hall.
• Also on offer Stratford Track Walking, Wednesdays 5.30-7pm Stratford High School Athletics Track.

For more information about the health walks provided by Stratford-on-Avon District Council please contact Kally Laity and Paula Watson, Active Communities Officers on 01789 260648/50. Photos by Stratford District Council

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden Court Leet and Court Baron


Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff

The High Bailiff and Members of the Court Leet invite residents to attend the Civic Service at St John's on Sunday 24th May at 10am.

Roger Sutton - High Bailiff

Wildlife Newsletter for May


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Visit the Henley-in-Arden Town Website at:

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The Creativity of Tanworth

photoIt has been said many times before and it is worth repeating time and time again that Tanworth is endowed with a multitude of creative talents. Surely there can be few villages where so much artistic ability can be relied on to provide a feast for the eyes and the imagination when put on show collectively.

Such was the case over the Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday when the village’s second Art and Craft Exhibition was staged in the village hall. This exhibition was a tour-de-force. It had established a reputation for artistic and creative quality two years ago. For two days, the hall was packed with visitors. Old hands knew what to expect, but visitors for the first time were almost unanimous in their praise and delight at the range and breadth of quality work.

There were more than 130 paintings on show, some for sale and they sold well. And imagine the delight of aspiring artists, some reluctant initially to display their work for the first time, to find their paintings were admired and bought. The paintings themselves covered so many subjects – landscape, seascape, rivers, delightful flowers, local scenes, hills, agricultural equipment, old pubs and buildings, boats, animals birds and pets. They all had their distinctive charm.

photoBut that was not all. Here was a range of other talents. Tucked away in a small room were demonstrations of book binding and calligraphy. On the stage a display of modeled heads alongside wooden articles turned and polished from samples of timber from across the world. A wall hanging fashioned from tea bags was only one example of what can result when imagination, threads and colour are combined. In one corner stitch craft took pride of place – a display of what can be produced with patience, needle and threads. Here again there were flights of imagination to astonish and delight.

Elsewhere were examples of the potter’s art, delicate pieces with a range of uses, printed silks and scarves and a display bringing back to life the making of rug mats.

This exhibition has more than established a reputation for what can be done to nourish the artistic and creative instincts of individuals anxious to express themselves. The sum of the parts was made the happier by the warmth and appreciation of the visitors who also enjoyed the catering provided by village volunteers.

An exhibition such as this doesn’t just happen. It relies on exhibitors, helpers, caterers, raffle sellers, washers up and many more. They all have to be co-ordinated to ensure such an exhibition runs like a Swiss watch. There are no names in this review but we all know who was pulling the strings and our combined thanks are due to him. It’s a pity we will have to wait two more years to see what new flights of skill, artistry and handicraft will bring. It will be worth the wait.

Mike Alder - reporting

Belly-Dancing comes to Henley

photoIt’s the dawn of a new era for slimming clubs in the Midlands and more specifically, in Henley in Arden. ‘CHOICES – The Diet Club with a Difference’ will open its doors for the very first time on 21st May at The White Swan on the High Street.

The brainchild of Wellesbourne business-woman Susan Hart, CHOICES was founded only a couple of months ago to offer dieters real choice in the way they lose weight, presenting a range of programmes at a growing number of venues in the area.

The clubs are based on the idea of a conventional slimming club, with weekly weigh-ins, diet advice and support but differ quite dramatically in their approach. CHOICES clubs are remarkably welcoming and nurturing – members feel valued and cared for and know that they are not fighting a battle with their weight on their own.

In addition, plans are afoot to introduce a range of topics over the weeks created to increase self-esteem and confidence and to ensure that members want to come back every single week so they don’t miss out on anything! Members will also have input into what events and topics are included, such as

•belly-dancing taster session
•dressing to impress
•tap-dancing – no sink required
•the secrets of colour and accessories

Local writer Jacqui Alexander, pictured right, will be leading the Henley club, as well as others in Alcester, Balsall Common and Kenilworth. Having struggled with her own weight for many years, she will be dieting alongside her members – a thought which both frightens and motivates her at the same time. Jacqui told Henley NEWS On-line, “I know there will be lots of pairs of eyes looking at me every week to see how I’ve done! I’ve got to set the trend – I can’t ask anyone else to do something I’m not doing myself, so in one way I’m nervous that I’ll fail, but on the other hand it’s a great motivator to know I have to lead the way. It’s also the best time of year to start dieting. A lot of people start on 1st January and they’ve given up by 1st February, but starting with summer just around the corner – what better incentive can anyone need that the thought of wearing that bikini on the beach!”

If you want to find out more about CHOICES, give Jacqui a call on 07796 901687 – or go along to The White Swan on Thursday 21st May at 7pm. The club will meet in the Function Room upstairs and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

CHOICES are also offering a limited number of businesses the chance to have diet clubs at their work venues! Call Jacqui now for an informal chat. CHOICES Diet Clubs currently also meet in Alcester, Balsall Common, Evesham, Kenilworth, Pershore, Redditch, Solihull, Southam and Stratford upon Avon.

Jacqui Alexander - CHOICES Diet Clubs - 07796 901687

Henley-in-Arden's information panel

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The WI has 'A Bee in its Bonnet'

Every year, the WI puts forward a resolution about an issue of concern to the HM Government. This year's resolution is:-


photoHoney bees play a vital role in the pollination of food crops and in our environment. In view of concerns about the accelerating decline in the UK honey bee population this meeting urge HM Government to increase funding for research into bee health.

One factor in the decline of the honey bee population is the number of bee keepers. In 1947/48 76,000 bee keepers looked after 360,000 hives. Present day 44,000 bee keepers look after 240,000 hives

Apart from bumble bees which also fertilise crops there were feral honey bees which are now extinct. In addition to fruit trees such as apple, plum and cherry our vegetables are at risk, i.e. brassicas, beans, onions and many others. If the decline in the bee population continues our '5 a day' will be irrelevant.

In the USA bees are transported thousands of miles from one lot of mono-crops after another. They import healthy bees from Australia but many die of causes unknown. In China fruit growers were ordered to spray their fruit trees with herbicide then ordered to pollinate by hand!! If bees become extinct, mankind will not be long after that.

This may appear to be scare mongering but one has only to reflect on the problem globally which could indicate that mankind is no longer in charge of the environment

1. Climate changes
2. Decline in species due to mans intervention
3. Financial crisis world wide
4. Swine flu which is now a pandemic
5. Food crops are now being used for other purposes
6. House building in spite of an existing house stock
7. Decline in rain forests, Sir David Attenborough mentions rain forests self igniting

I would like to see an increase in training of bee keepers and hives being placed around farming and horticultural areas. If we continue
to support our industrial base the markets will be flooded again and another global crisis could happen.

Irene Robinson - Senior Correspondent

Enjoy what the Henley Churches are doing in May

16th May, 7.30 p.m. by Peter Summers (Emeritus Organist at Holy Trinity, Stratford). Tickets available from Dukes Printers, High Street, or reserved by phone on 792439. £8 (£3 under 16).

On Saturday 27th June at 7.30 p.m. Tickets £10 (£3 under 16) available. Proceeds from both concerts in aid of Church Charities and St. Nicholas Organ Fund – a church with many associations by people of Henley and beyond.

Please don’t throw away the envelope attached to this Newsletter. By putting a small donation (big ones are fine too) into it, you can make a real difference to the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities, helping them to receive the training they need to help themselves. During the week of 10th – 16th your envelope will be collected from your door by an authorised volunteer. If you miss your collector, envelopes can be dropped off at any of the churches or 279 High Street. We are a little short of volunteers this year so if you’d be willing to collect from a few houses during this week, please call Lucy Lunt on 794873. Thank you so much for your support.

Saturday 20th June. This year it’s bigger, better and much more fun for all the family, starting at 11.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. All the usual favourites such as toys and games, tombola, cakes, plants, produce, plus even more including BBQ, good as new clothes, glass and china etc.

On 17th May at 6.30 p.m. we welcome the Circuit to worship in Henley to dedicate the Easter Offerings. Sunday services all at 11.00 am are: 3rd – Mr. Trevor Hassall; 10th – Revd. E. Brian Mason (Sacrament); 17th – Mr. Eric Fuller; 24th – Revd. Caroline Homan; 31st – Revd. Kenyon Wright. The Baby Group meet every Monday 10.30 am.

Click here to read the latest Parish Church Newsletter

John Pudney - Religious Affairs Correspondent

Venetian Carnival for Ullenhall

posterAn annual summer concert in St Mary the Virgin Church in Ullenhall has been a popular feature of the summer for many years. This year, on Friday 5 June, the church will have “A Venetian Carnival”.

The concert will be given by members of Compagnia d’Istrumenti with the soprano Bethany Seymour. The group will play music by a string of Venetian composers, including Vivaldi, Castello, Fontana, Dalla Casa and de Rore. The range of the music is as exotic and beautiful as the city of Venice itself.

The instrumentalists are Ailsa Reid recorders, Daniel Edgar and Nia Lewis violins, Tim Smedley cello and Peter Seymour on harpsichord. Compagnia d’Istrumenti is Ensemble in Residence at the University of York, the country’s leading university for baroque music,

Tickets for the concert cost £10, with £1 for children and students. They are available locally by calling Shirley Clayton on 01564 794760 or through the Bridge House Theatre in Warwick on 01926 776438. They can also be booked online on .

This concert is promoted by Leamington Music as part of the Concerts in Warwickshire Churches series. Concerts in that series have been put on in Ullenhall for many years, thanks to the generosity of Charles Bottoms who died in January last year. This year the concert is dedicated to him and his wife Hilda.

For further details of Leamington Music, please see

Richard Phillips - Festival Director
Tel: 01926 497000

David Hadley's Column

Give the Southern High Street Residents Equal Benefit

photoWarwickshire County Council are planning to resurface the northern end of the High Street this summer, using a quieter “micro asphalt” – this is the section north from Station Road. Whilst this work is undoubtedly welcome, I feel sure that those who live along the southern end of the High Street will be unhappy to be discriminated against by having only patch repairs instead of a lovely new, quiet surface.

I understand that the County Council policy is to resurface major roads every 15 years – best recollection of residents suggests it has been 20 years in the case of the High Street. Since the southern section is considerably narrower and is treeless, it is noisier than the northern section so residents may well want an explanation of this curious decision by the County Council, who claim that the surface is more in need of repair going north. I fail to see how they came to this conclusion and I am sure that many will agree with me.

I have asked the JPC to support those residents who feel they are getting unfair treatment and this request will be considered at the next JPC meeting next Monday the 18th of May. I have circulated an information notice to all the residents on the south High Street.

I would ask all those residents who agree with me to contact the County Council by letter, e-mail or telephone as soon as possible as work is likely to begin in the near future.

Contact details:
Mr Andrew Savage,
County Highways Operations Manager,
Warwickshire County Council,
Shire Hall,
Warwick, CV34 4SX
Telephone 01926 412515 or via the switchboard 01926 410410

David Hadley - Chief Correspondent


As a direct result of David Hadley's leafleting, we have received a copy of the first email to be sent to WCC,

Subject: Henley in Arden High St resurfacing

Dear Andrew Savage

I have just heard that the northern part of Henley High St is soon to be resurfaced with "micro asphalt" a modern much quieter surface. What about the southern end of the High St where I live? Will it just be the usual maintenance of filling in potholes and patchy repairs etc?

I feel that as a resident of the southern part of the High St I am being discriminated against as the southern part is:

a) considerably noisier because it is much narrower
b) considerably noisier because it is treeless

I welcome anything that makes the environment more friendly but fail to see why preference is given to the northern part over the southern part.

I do hope you will reconsider your decision by resurfacing the much needed southern part with the quieter "micro asphalt"

Yours Sincerely

Basil Sayer.

Please consider sending an email to Andrew Savage at:

To Read Previous Editions Back to 29th October 2004       Click Here

Make Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

Families cut energy use by 25%.

UK emissions down in 2008.

Visit Sustainabilitylive!

photoThe results of the British Gas Green Streets Challenge are revealed. The sixty four families taking part cut energy use and CO2 emissions on average by a quarter. Green Lane in Leeds was the greenest of the green streets with a cut of 35% in energy use. Individual households elsewhere cut their energy use by 70%. In the Green Streets programme British Gas funded energy efficiency measures and gave advice to the families to help them reduce energy use. The programme required the energy reduction to be sustained over a whole year. The residents of Green Lane won a prize of £50,000 to spend on making a community building more energy efficient. This experiment has shown that big savings in energy costs can be achieved and sustained by simple measures such as insulation and by making sure that lights and other equipment are turned off when not in use. Some information can be found at:

photoFigures for 2008 show that UK greenhouse gas emissions fell by 2% relative to 2007. The results of the green street challenge indicate the potential for further big reductions in emissions from UK homes, if all streets follow the example of the green street challenge contestants.

I’ve just registered for free entry to Sustainabilitylive! at the NEC on Tues, Weds or Thursday next week (19th to 21st). The show is supported by the Energy Institute and covers all aspects of sustainability for businesses and individuals. There are over 300 exhibitors in five different categories For more details take a look at . If you would like to car share, let me know (792251). Entry to the show is free but I expect that parking will not be!

John Stott - Make Henley Greener

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Stratford District Council

Laurence Marshall
Laurence Marshall
S Thirlwell
Stephen Thirlwell

Local elections – 4 June 2009

The European Parliamentary Elections will take place between 4–7 June in all 27 member states. In the UK polling will take place on 4 June. Votes will be counted on the 7 June.

The member states of the European Union (EU) are: Austria, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, Malta, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom. There are nine electoral regions in England.  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are each a separate electoral region. Seventy-two Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be elected to represent the UK: 59 for England, 6 for Scotland, 4 for Wales and 3 for Northern Ireland. The West Midlands Region will elect 6 MEPs.

Warwickshire County Council elections are also being held on Thursday 4 June 2009 and Poll Cards notifying residents of these elections are being sent out from Stratford-on-Avon District Council. The Poll cards inform residents in the District where their polling station is and when they can vote: from 7am until 10pm on 4 June.

To be able to vote at these elections residents must be on the electoral register by Tuesday 19 May 2009. Please contact Stratford District Council’s Elections Office on 01789 260209 to check you are on the electoral register at your current address. Postal votes are available if residents are unable to get to a polling station on polling day, due to health reasons or maybe on holiday or working away.

All completed applications forms for postal votes must be submitted before 5pm on Tuesday 19 May 2009. For all elections enquiries please contact Stratford District Council’s election office on 01789 260209.

The Henley-in-Arden Notice Board


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16th May, 7.30pm by Peter Summers (Emeritus Organist at Holy Trinity, Stratford). Tickets available from Dukes Printers, High Street, or reserved by phone on 792439.  £8 (£3 under 16).

During the week of 10th – 16th your envelope will be collected from your door by an authorised volunteer. If you miss your collector envelopes can be dropped off at any of the churches or 279 High Street. We are a little short of volunteers this year so if you’d be willing to collect from a few houses during this week please call Lucy Lunt on 794873. Thank you so much for your support.

On 17th May at 6.30pm we welcome the Circuit to worship in Henley to dedicate the Easter Offerings. Sunday services all at 11.00am are: 3rd – Mr. Trevor Hassall; 10th – Revd. E. Brian Mason (Sacrament); 17th – Mr. Eric Fuller; 24th – Revd. Caroline Homan; 31st – Revd. Kenyon Wright. The Baby Group meets every Monday 10.30am.

Wendy Conway is the speaker on Tuesday 19th May from 7.45pm in the Baptist Church Hall and will be showing beautiful photographs/slides of British Wildlife. Visitors are welcome to join us for her presentation ‘Waiting for the Light’ – cost only £2.

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19th May 6.30 – 8.00pm at The Scout Hut, Henley Sports and Recreation Ground, Stratford Road. To include a short slide show presented by our Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. This is your opportunity to become part of this dynamic and flourishing group. In order to continue providing a diverse programme of events for our local children we need adults who can contribute their time and energy to making it happen. Further information contact John Johnson on 792073.

15th – 21st June. Please be extra aware. Anyone interested in becoming a co-ordinator for Henley please contact Annette Walker on 792837. The next meeting is 21st May at Henley Police Station.

Saturday 20th June. This year it’s bigger, better and much more fun for all the family, starting at 11.00am – 3.30pm.  All the usual favourites such as toys and games, tombola, cakes, plants, produce, plus even more including BBQ, good as new clothes, glass and china etc.

On Saturday 27th June at 7.30pm. Tickets £10 (£3 under 16) available as above.
Proceeds from both concerts in aid of Church Charities and St. Nicholas Organ Fund – a church with many associations by people of Henley and beyond.

Saturday 18th July in the Guild Hall Garden. The Ad Hoc Jazz Band, dancing, picnics, strawberries and fizz. Details from either Duncan or Marijana Bainbridge on 793539 day or 794987 evening. In aid of Memorial Hall Funds.

HADS with the kind permission of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, are to perform Peter Pan, “A Fantasy in Five Acts”, based on the children’s book by May Byron and adapted for an outdoor arena by the writer, from Wednesday the 19th to Saturday the 22nd of August 2009 in the Guild Hall garden.

Celebrating 100 years of the Memorial Hall on Saturday 24th October. Details from either Duncan or Marijana Bainbridge on 793539 day or 794987 evening.

Saturday 7th November  - 1st Henley and Wootton Scouts Annual Bonfire Night at The Scout Hut, Henley Sports and Social Ground.

Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on The Henley Town Website

Open to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Full time coach. 7 courts open throughout the year mean that there is always a court available. No need to book. Club and American Tournaments held during summer months. League matches summer and winter. For details of membership please contact Judith Mathias 01564 792378
Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.
Are you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers? We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £3.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Secretary - Annette Walker - 01564 792837
Welcomes players who may be interested in joining the club. Club nights are Friday and Sunday from 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall. Further details: Chairman 793320. Visitors welcome (£2).
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Kevin O'Brien on 01564 794903.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A3400 just outside Henley. The Club welcomes new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning during term time between 10am and 11.45am in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. Any questions please ring Rachel on 01564 794470.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Coordinators. If you are aware that your area is not covered or you are willing to be a coordinator, please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on the third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and an informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at
Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Denis Keyte on 01564 792872.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley. Visitors are most welcome and for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079.
De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 704 5140 for further details.
The WRVS organise a lunch club for the elderly of the district at Dell Court every Tuesday at 12.30 pm at a cost of £3.10. For further details contact Christine on 01789 209210.
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge.
Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email for more information.

Details about tourist attractions and neighbouring villages can be found on The Henley Town Website

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Henley NewsHenley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed? Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is the preferred format. Please send to

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WRCCThe Warwickshire Rural Community Council(WRCC) helps and encourages people living in rural areas to develop their communities. By aiding locally led and run projects they also hope to strengthen social ties within Warwickshire's villages and small towns.

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