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Edition 152 - 19th April 2007
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The 2007 Court Leet Dinner

The ancient Guild Hall in Henley added yet another page to its long chapter of history when it was awoken from its slumbers last Thursday evening to play host to the Annual Dinner of the Court Leet. The full panoply of the Court was much in evidence as the High Bailiff and the Officers welcomed their guests; bailiffs of other local Courts, Officers of Local Authorities and many local worthies.

Front Row from left - Cllr Chris Davis, Chairman Warwickshire County Council, Cllr. Mrs Misan Mc Farland Mayor of Warwick.
Dr. John Burman, Chairman Tanworth Association for the Prosecution of Felons, Mr. Ray Holding High Bailiff of Henley-in-Arden,
Mr. Bob Osborn, Ex- Chief Supt. WM Police and Guest Speaker, Cllr Dr. Rev Roy Lodge MBE, Mayor of Stratford.
Back Row from Left to Right - Mr. Mick Quirke High Bailiff of Alcester, Mr. David Henderson, Low Bailiff of Alcester
Mr. Dennis Norton, Reeve of Bromsgrove, Mr. Chris Firminger, Bailiff of Bromsgrove, Mr. Michael Honnoraty, Bailiff of Warwick
Photo Alan Robson

The assembly was called to the table by Gordon Trinder, the Town Crier, to feast upon a traditional meal of Mulligatawny soup, Pot Roast of Beef, Tipsy trifle and cheese, washed down by generous quantities of excellent wine. The repast was much appreciated by all, although one member of the Court was heard to complain that there was no mustard to go with the beef!

The traditional Toasts which followed dinner were opened by that to the Lord of the Manor, proposed by David Lodder, the Steward, in his usual lively and lighthearted manner. That Toast having been responded to with great enthusiasm, matters proceeded with the second Toast, that to the visitors, proposed by Honorary Burgess Alec Halliwell, who as usual had prepared in great detail, and reminded the gathering of the qualities of all the principal guests.

The response on behalf of the guests was given by Bob Osborn, a former Chief Superintendent in the West Midlands Police. Bob gave a fascinating account of his life in the police force, elaborated by many delightful and entertaining anecdotes. Although a Southerner by birth he had become a policeman almost by accident and had subsequently made his career in and around the Warwickshire and Birmingham area. There was much nostalgia in his description of the policing methods in the last century, much appreciated by his attentive audience.

The last Toast, that to the High Bailiff and the Officers of the Court was ably proposed by John Burman, Chairman of the Tanworth Association for the Prosecution of Felons. He stressed the importance of the continuing traditions of such local organisations in maintaining a stable link with the often volatile policies of local government. In his reply Ray Holding, the High Bailiff, echoed John Burman's words and expressed the intention of the Court to maintain those traditions to the benefit of the townspeople of Beaudesert and Henley.

During the evening donations to the Shakespeare Hospice were received, and the sum of £400 is being sent to the Hospice.

At the end of a very agreeable evening the assembly dispersed with many cheery farewells and many appreciative thanks for the hospitality of the High Bailiff and the Officers of the Court. Having seen the last revellers leave, the Guild Hall no doubt breathed a sigh of relief and returned to its ancient sleep, perhaps to dream of many such earlier successes and departed glories.

Brian Twigg - Reporting

Court Leet Ladies Dinner

While the male members of the Court Leet were supping in the Guild Hall the High Bailiff’s consort Ann Holding, ably assisted by the Low Bailiff’s consort Molly Sutton was hosting a delightful supper for the ladies and guests across the High Street in Bliss, the newly refurbished restaurant of the White Swan. This was a truly pleasurable experience. After a warm welcome from Ann and Molly and a glass of wine we sat down to a delicious starter of pears, crushed walnuts and parmesan shavings on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves with a lovely light French dressing. This was followed by wonderful locally produced bangers and mash with bowls of fresh vegetables. Just when I thought I could eat no more along came a most sumptuous dessert of chocolate mousse with a mouth-watering mint centre.

At the end of the meal while we were enjoying our wine and coffee Ann introduced her friend and guest speaker for the evening Margaret Murray, a Holistic Therapist. What followed was a delightful half hour as Margaret then introduced us to our meridian lines, and to proprieties of Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil as used in Aromatherapy. Margaret had studied in China as part of her training and gave us some interesting insights into her stay there.

I can assure you that I went to bed that night not only feeling delightfully well fed and wined but also with the knowledge that the lavender oil we had tested was living up to its reputation of producing a very relaxed and calm sleep!!

The new owners of the White Swan certainly pulled out all the stops. Together with the imaginative menu and the new subtle and modern décor made this a very intimate and enjoyable occasion. My thanks go to Ann and Molly for their tremendous hard work in organising such a delightful evening.

Maggie Motherwell - Reporting

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Parking Permit Debate

There is much weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth over parking in Henley. Not being a car owner I have a visitor's permit but only one. When I have more than one visitor, I hope that the dreaded traffic warden does not appear; so far, so good.

There is one group of people who are left out of the debate, namely the people who are employed by businesses’ in Henley, some even living on the premises. I am horrified by the number of times these people have been given a ticket. The free car park is held up as a solution but very often this is full to capacity. Also, if an employee lives on the premises he/she may feel reluctant to use this facility. These people are not scroungers or lay abouts but hard working people contributing to the economy of Henley and district.

Another problem is if residents on the High Street are having work done to their premises – not only may the workmen be unable to park in the vicinity but are at risk from the dreaded traffic warden. Surely, it is not within the bounds of common sense for a temporary permit to be issued – at a price of course.

Henley in Arden is not a dormitory town but a place that has restaurants and shops. People working in these business’s are willing to pay for peace of mind while at work. The Lord’s Waste is not always available anyway.

Irene Robinson - Senior Correspondent

Further Comments on the Anti-Social Behaviour

Following last week's article about the need to tackle the actions of certain teenagers, we have received three letters on this subject.

As a result of our readers deep concern, Henley NEWS On-line invites the Chairman of the Beaudesert & Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council, Cllr Stephen Thirlwell, to advise our readers what action the authorities intend to take to eradicate these problems. We hope to publish his reply next week.

This week's letters are all from regular readers of Henley NEWS On-line but at their requests, their names are not published.

I support the comments by your correspondent regarding the yobs – we all know who they are. There is a group of three ringleaders and, as they have been seen to repeatedly get away with it, they are attracting other witless members and expanding to a dozen or so. The problem is not only that they are intimidating, but that they are under 18 and therefore fully protected by the law - and they know it. Some of them are awaiting court appearances for assault, criminal damage, resisting arrest etc – so you could publish that – or would they see that as a mark of honour as they do ASBOs? It is difficult to know what to do as the law will not support any direct action, and, sadly, that’s all they understand.

I read with interest the article about the youths that seem to get away with so much vandalism in Henley. I am the church organist and choirmaster and have put up with verbal abuse from this group as I have been going in and out of St Johns'. They know that choir practice is on a Friday night and seem to deliberately congregate there for the joy of abusing me and generally being disruptive. I have never given in to their yobbish behaviour and challenge them at every opportunity. I will not be intimidated by them. I think that it is about time we stood up to, what is after all, a minority group. We are greater in number than them, and they really would not stand a chance if we all stood firm. Preparing for the last choir practice before Easter, there were more in number than there have ever been. Shouting at people passing on both sides of the road and openly drinking. The usual insults directed at me . Somebody must have called the police because a van with 3 officers moved them on. They then congregated outside the HSBC bank. I also noticed with some dismay that there now seems to be a younger element in the group. Obviously being taught the skills by the older youths!

I wonder when this verbal abuse and vandalism overspills into violence directed at an individual?

I deeply resent the fact that my choir have to walk through or by this group to get to choir practice, and when they leave they have to walk through the same group gathered in the alley leading to the Croft Car Park. I have spoken to Tristan for some months now about this, but the group know he has no actual powers.

Late in the evening of 12th April 2007, I went out with my dog through the park and passed by the playground at the Medical Centre. I saw an individual who according to the police report below has been given a CASBO. He and his friends were hanging around, making loud noise and messing around with their fish and chips and drinking alcohol. The next morning at 6.30 (13th April 2007), I took the photo right.

If the police are interested, I am willing to make a statement.

Reprinted from our edition of 29th March 2007

CRASBO imposed on a teenager from Henley

A criminal anti-social behaviour order (CRASBO) was imposed on a teenager from Henley In Arden last week.

Seventeen year old Harry Hall (right) appeared before Magistrates at Stratford Upon Avon on March 19 for a Section 4 Public Order Offence. He was sentenced to a six months community rehabilitation order.

In addition, Magistrates imposed a CRASBO on Hall that will run until March 18 2009.

Under the terms of the CRASBO, he is prohibited from:

  • Consuming alcohol in public places
  • Entering the Henley In Arden Youth Club at the Henley High School.

Warwickshire Police Photo

Residents Association Easter Bonnets

Henley-in-Arden Residents Association organised a great Easter Celebration at the Parish Room on Saturday 31 March.

Cakes sales and raffles were followed by an Easter bonnet competition won by Daisy and Martha.

Prizes were presented by the town crier Gordon Trinder and Councillor George Atkinson.

The Association are already planning their summer Gala to be held in July at the Primary School.

Thanks also go to the judges, Madge Smith Gordon Trinder and George Atkinson. Also thanks to Carsina Goodman for the lovely Easter cake which was raffled at the event.

Jayne Llewellyn - Secretary of the Henley Residents Association

Warks College students win gold in championships

Two Warwickshire College students have triumphed to win the gold medal in the British College Championships. Theirs was one of only two gold medals won by the 200-strong West Midlands team. Matt Ravens and Haz Norris (right) won gold in the Badminton Mixed doubles at the event at Loughborough University, beating representatives of seven English regions and Wales.

Their win was all the more remarkable as this was their first competitive competition as a doubles pair. It is only the second gold medal ever won by the College following the Golf gold medal won in 2005. Andrew Ellis, Head of Sports Academies at Warwickshire College, said: “We are thrilled for Haz and Matt who have been rewarded for their dedication and commitment to their sport. The two of them deserve their victory for the way they conduct themselves both on and off court. They are an asset to the college”

He said they produced an outstanding performance over the weekend and triumphed despite losing their first game in the competition.

Matt, from Redditch, is on a National Diploma in Sport Science course and Haz, from Knowle, is on the National Diploma in Sport Development course, both at Warwickshire College’s Henley-in-Arden Centre. Aimee Smith and Kerry Holland also won a bronze in the women’s doubles table-tennis, making it the most successful games ever for Warwickshire College.

Sponsored by East Midlands Airport, the annual event is organised by British Colleges of Sport and is now in its twentieth year, with over 2,000 participants from further education colleges taking part. The East region won the competition, with the West Midlands sixth. This is only the fourth time Warwickshire College has taken part in the championships as part of the West Midlands regional team.

Chairman of BCS Brian Robinson said: “The standard of competitors increases year on year and 2007 has been no exception. We are delighted that over 200 colleges participated in this year’s championship, testimony to the range of sporting activities BCS provides for FE sporting students.”

Cure Leukaemia Run returns to Sutton Park

John Latham of Cure Leukaemia is pleased to announce that Cure Leukaemia will be returning to Sutton Park on 13th May for its third year in holding the Asics Cure Leukaemia Run. Sponsored by Europe’s Number 1 Running Brand, Asics, the event is set to attract between 1,500 and 2,000 runners.

Ashley Giles the England Ashes hero in 2005 will be in the park at 10 am to start the race. Any hopes of him competing are put on hold by new concerns about the recurrence of the hip injury which has kept him out of cricket for almost 18 months. Ashley, who donated £50,000 to the charity as a result of his bumper benefit year in 2006, was made one of the first patrons of Cure Leukaemia in February. There are 3 races to choose from; the 10k race run to UK athletics rules (starting at 10am), the 5k fun run open to everyone (starting at 11.30am) and a 1k run for the under 8’s (starting at 12.15pm). There will be stalls and music to add to the atmosphere and keep supporters entertained in between races.

Cure Leukaemia is a charity set up to support a new Leukaemia Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital which provides support and treatment for leukaemia patients and their families across the West Midlands as well as undertaking world class research. Last years’ run raised £30,000 to help fund research nurses who are vital in the crusade to find a cure for this terrible blood cancer which touches so many peoples lives.

John Latham - Reporting

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden

Court Leet and Court Baron

Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff

April is a very active month for the High Bailiff and  Ann Holding.  With the formal Court Leet Dinner and the Court Consort’s Party now in the past, as reported elsewhere here, the immediate programme includes the following home and away engagements.

Bromsgrove Court Leet holds its annual Great Spring Court on 19th April and Henley’s Low and High Bailiffs will attend.  On 20th April the High Bailiff and Ann are guests of the Mayor of Warwick at a Civic Evening. 

During the following weekend the celebrations of Shakespeare’s Birthday take place in Stratford.  On Friday 27th the High Bailiff and Ann  will be present at the ceremony of Beating Retreat in Stratford, followed on Saturday 28th, for the High and Low Bailiff and their consorts, by a reception in the Town Hall, the Ceremony of unfurling the flags and banners and the Birthday Luncheon.  That’s followed in the evening by Henley’s Cricket Club Dinner and Dance at the Golf Club on Saturday evening.  Back to Stratford on Sunday 29th April for the Mayor’s Town Hall Reception and the Shakespeare Sermon at Holy Trinity Church.  Henley’s flag will be well and truly flown over this weekend.

Then on 30th April the High Bailiff is a guest of Henley Rotary Club, and on 30th April a guest at the AGM and Dinner of the Tanworth Association for the Prosecution of Felons.

In the next week or so, invitations will go to Henley’s clubs, societies and other organisations to be present at the annual Civic Sunday service at St John’s Church and Guild Hall reception.  It is hoped that those present will truly represent all the many special interests and responsibilities within Beaudesert and Henley.

In the Guild Hall, the 18th century clock described recently in Henley NEWS On-Line should shortly be back from restoration. While it is being re-installed in the Hall - which involves moving a few things around - the opportunity will be taken to bring into the hall itself the  board showing the Lords of the Manor over the centuries.  This was agreed at the Court Leet’s last business meeting, when it was felt that the board’s present position on the landing does not do it justice.

As managing trustees of the Hall, the Court Leet recently made a full inventory of its contents was conducted recently and some fresh arrangements are to be made for the storage of artefacts.
From the High Bailiff

To view the Court Leet website, go to www.henley-in-arden.org/court-leet

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Joint Parish Council Meeting

At the Joint Parish Council Meeting on Monday 16th April 2007 Members discussed four planning applications received and 15 items of correspondence and other matters for consideration, as well as its normal procedural business before the meeting concluded. Amongst the items discussed were the following:

  1. Illegal Parking
    Members expressed concern about illegal parking outside Somerfield’s and One Stop on the High Street on zig-zag lines adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. It was noted that a dangerous incident had been narrowly averted in the previous week. Members agreed that the law needed to be enforced and it was agreed to write to Warwickshire County Council to ensure a greater presence of traffic wardens, and also to ensure that the police are aware of the problem so that offenders are deterred in future.
  2. Dealing with Minor Works
    Members considered a new approach to dealing with minor works due to the frequent concerns regarding local maintenance, partly due to the lack of clarity resulting from the two tier structure of County and District Councils. They concluded, however, that the County and District Councils employed professionals and had the necessary economies of scale, and that the real problem was one of organisation to ensure that the minor works were completed in a timely fashion. It was agreed therefore to take a more proactive approach to monitoring the performance of Councils in ensuring such minor works were carried out.
  3. Street Cleaning
    In a similar vein Members noted that after considerable effort street cleaning was taking place in Henley. It was agreed that much still needed to be done, however, both on the approach roads and the High Street, and that further pressure would need to be applied.
  4. Fencing at the Junior and Infant School
    Members were informed that there was damaged fencing around the Junior and Infants School that was in the nature of a safety hazard. They were particularly concerned, however, of the security implications, and resolved to contact the Education Department at Warwickshire County Council as a matter of urgency.

The next meeting of the Joint Parish Council is scheduled for Monday 2nd April 2007. Meetings take place in the Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Henley-in-Arden from 7.15pm and, as with all meetings of the Council, members of the public are welcome to attend.

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John Garner's Business Column

The Honeymoon of your Dreams ?

John GarnerAssuming you are getting married of course……. Well, it's that time of year.

This week we feature a travel company with an unusual speciality. Elaine Blatcher of Travel Counsellors, and a member of our Business Club, offers a personal travel agency with a difference – a Wedding Registry package.

So what is it? Nowadays many couples already have their own homes before they decide to get married. They already have all they need in their home. What they would really like is to create some special memories. Maybe a white sand beach with turquoise seas and swaying palm trees, a dog sled ride in the Arctic or a cruise into the sunset. Most couples starting out their married life have a dream and their honeymoon might be the one time in their lives that they can make that dream come true.

With this service they can make it easy for their wedding guests to donate money towards their honeymoon rather than buying a traditional present. Specially designed wedding gift cards are provided to the couple so that they can send them out with their wedding invitations. These cards detail how guests can contribute towards the honeymoon.

Couples nowadays tend to know exactly where they would like to honeymoon - mainly in long haul sunny destinations which are better during our winter months - but they still want an English Spring/Summer wedding. So, whilst it's still traditional for couples to book their honeymoon and travel directly after their wedding, it's becoming increasingly popular for them to just have a short break at a luxury hotel in this country after their wedding and then a proper honeymoon later in the year when our weather is at its worst.

With the Wedding Registry package the couple can do either and if they do decide to take their honeymoon several months after the wedding then they know how much finance they have available and can tailor their honeymoon accordingly.

This is of course only part of Elaine's travel service. She devises tailor made holidays for individuals and reckons they can often work out cheaper than a ready made package. She was brought up in East Africa and has lived for most of her life in East, Central and Southern Africa, and also in Pakistan, and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and more recently South America. So she knows her way around!

For more information see www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/elaine.blatcher

John Garner

The Nigel Hastilow Column

One man went EU mow

Nigel HastilowIt’s time to get the lawn-mower out again and curse the European Union on the 50th anniversary of its misbegotten birth. Sadly, my faithful old mower, which saw me through thick grass and thin for the past 15 summers, has given up the ghost and is being allowed to rust in peace. A new mower had to be bought. I got the latest version of the machine I’d had before. Only I forgot the EU disaster which has befallen lawnmowers – all of them – in the past decade and a half.

These days, if you let go of your mower, for instance to empty the grass box, the thing turns itself off. This is a “health and safety” measure imposed on the entire lawnmower manufacturing industry by the wise men and women of Brussels, who devote their lives to protecting us from ourselves.

My lawn-mowing is the victim of Directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) which “required Member States to transpose their provisions into national law” by August 2004.

You may think I am jolly lucky the EU is so concerned for my health and well-being that it has taken steps to prevent me from accidentally chopping off my fingers and toes. If you are one of those Socialist, nanny-knows-best, interfering Big Brother types, you will argue that the State (in this case the European super-State) has a positive duty to prevent unnecessary accident and injury.

But look at the practicalities. When my grass box needs emptying, I have to let go of the handle. On the old mower, the engine carried on idling away in the middle of the lawn. Now, if I let go of the handle and its three separate bars, which must all be seized to make the thing work, it stops. I won’t chop off my feet, admittedly, but it means re-starting the machine every 15 minutes or so. Which is both a complete bore and will doubtless mean the new mower won’t last 15 years like its predecessor.

Worse, because there are now three bars to cling to instead of one, it hurts my hands when I mow. What was once a satisfyingly practical way to spend an hour or so has become an endurance test –all because of the EU. This is a petty, insignificant matter and clearly there are two points of view. Our country’s very own nanny-statists might quite happily have imposed a similar health and safety law without the assistance of Brussels.

After all, we don’t need Brussels to ban schoolkids from playing conkers. We can do that ourselves. But why can’t gardeners be offered both the safety-conscious mower and the more risky, but more convenient, killer mowers of yesteryear? And why is it necessary for the decision to be taken not by anyone we elected but by faceless, over-paid officials in Brussels who spend their whole lives seeking to impose conformity on the many different peoples of Europe? It’s a sneaky, underhand, back-door method of reigning over us. It affects everything we do. Yet we have no knowledge of the decisions taken in our name. We are not consulted.

Instead, failed politicians like Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson clamber aboard the European gravy train and support the policies, ploys and plots of the Socialist junta which runs the EU’s entire parallel universe. As we are invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of this monstrous machine, the juggernaut plods inexorably towards the creation of a superstate. The bureaucrats are determined to go ahead with the EU constitution even though it has been rejected by the voters of two of Europe’s founding nations, France and Holland. The constitution was a bridge too far even for many federalists. Yet our anonymous lords and masters in Brussels aren’t deterred by something as petty as the democratically-expressed will of the people.

The Eurocrats think they know better. They will bring in the Constitution by the back door.

It will give them power over our immigration and asylum policy, over our courts and prisons, over our armed forces and it will create a new Foreign Minister for Europe and a new President of Europe. At the moment, Germany is running Europe and Chancellor Angela Merkel has given the EU until June to endorse the Constitution claiming to do otherwise would be “an historic failure”.

I know nobody cares about Europe any more but be warned, like Monty Python’s parrot, the EU Constitution is not dead. It’s just resting. Meanwhile I am hard at work in the garden. And there is a way round the EU’s health and safety police – as the bloke who sold me my mower happily pointed out.

To keep the engine running even when the mower is not in use, just attach Velcro to the safety bar and stick it to the main handlebar of the machine.

That way you can empty the grassbox without having to re-start the mower. Obviously, I run the risk of getting my toes chopped off – but it’s good to live dangerously sometimes.

Nigel Hastilow      

Grumpy Old Man Comments

The sale of the century (or not)

The news this week is full of the sale of the sailors stories.

Whether we agree or not with what has happened, the one thing that will not change is the fact that it has happened.

Now is Des (the Defence Secretary) to blame? In my opinion, No.

It seems like there was a series of errors where everyone is pointing the finger.

Will the UK blame culture actually change things? No.

It has happened, let’s just deal with it.

The sailors in question just took an opportunity that in reality most of us would struggle not to accept. The cash was approx 2-3 years salary or even more for an interview.

What we need to do is look at the mistakes and learn from them.

  • What makes the press offer such sums?
  • Why could the Navy, the MoD and good old Des make the correct decision?
  • When it has happened why do the politicians make more out of the Who? When? Why? debate? (Easy - get more votes at the election)
  • Why were they captured in the first place?
  • Why were they there in the first place?

Let us not blame the sailors, they only reacted to 6 figure sums. Even if they didn’t sell their story the press would have got the same via friends and relatives. The facts may have changed (Chinese whispers) slightly, but the press mould questions to get answers they want to print anyway.

So please, let’s stop hassling Des and just get on with running the country and supporting George W on his ‘This is not a war on terrorists’.

But there is one very positive fact that has come out of this farce. Des made a comment that I may well use when I’ve made an error. In hindsight, I could have done things differently. A classic !

Grumpy Old Man

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English Wines for Low Boozemiles

There are nearly 400 vineyards in England & Wales and  some of these wines are prizewinners in international wine competitions. One of the nearest vineyards to us is at Halfpenny Green near Stourbridge. You can buy their wines at Farmers Markets (Solihull 1st Friday of the month or Stratford 1st and 3rd Saturdays) or on line at www.halfpenny-green-vineyards.co.uk .

Other relatively local vineyards are at Wroxeter  www.wroxetervineyard.com near Shrewsbury and  www.threechoirs.com near Gloucester. Visit  www.englishwine.com/links%20001 or Google for  English Vineyards to find many more. If you  prefer to buy wines at supermarkets and cannot find English on the shelves, avoid the long distance ones and buy European, preferably French and German since they are nearest to us.

Comment on Proposed Sports Hall

The editor has asked for our opinion on the environmental impact of the proposed sports hall at the college on the basis that students may be bussed in from as far away as Banbury. We have no way of knowing if extra bussing  will happen but clearly if it does, then this is not good for the planet. However, to make a proper judgment, a comparative study would be needed to see if equivalent facilities could be provided elsewhere with a lower Carbon Footprint. This should include the Footprint of construction and all aspects of operation. Other potential environmental impacts such as on wildlife, local traffic congestion etc should be considered too. Note that the Government is aiming to make new school buildings and renovated ones Carbon Neutral and we would obviously recommend a similar approach for this proposal if it progresses.

For more information about the Make Henley Greener project, click here.

John Stott

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Alerts from Trading Standards

And always remember - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Trading StandardsSimon Cripwell
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Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

Henley Crime Report
This crime summary is a look at the crimes of public interest that occurred on the Henley, Snitterfield and Tanworth policing area over the last 14 days. We do not as normal practice include crimes of shoplifting, bilking, domestic violence or fraud.

Between 1300 hours and 1945 hours on 1st April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property in Ullenhall. They then gained entry by forcing a rear side window. Once inside they have stolen a mobile phone and moved the 50” television near to the front door.
Incident number 570 of 1st April 07 refers.

During the afternoon of 7th April 07 unknown offender/s have approached a property on Biddles Hill, Earlswood. They have then gained entry through the door which was unlocked as owner in back garden for the afternoon. Once inside offender/s have stolen a laptop computer and used car keys to steal a motor vehicle from the location.
Incident number 458 of 7th April 07 refers.

Prior to 1620 hours on 14th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Birmingham Road, Henley in Arden. They have then stolen an Audi soft top motor vehicle from the location.
Incident number 441 of 14th April 07 refers.

Prior to 1540 hours on 16th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Cut Throat Lane, Hockley Heath. They have then gained access to the shed and used tools from within to attempt to force the back door.
Incident number 381 of 16th April 07 refers.

Between 1930 hours and 2315 hours on 6th April 07 unknown offender/s approached an integral garage to a property on Mayswood Road, Wootton Wawen. They then used bolt croppers on the garage door to gain entry. Once inside they have stolen a red Honda motocross bike. Bike is a one-off build with “subway” and “No. 11” on the side. They have also taken a quantity of bike equipment, large tool box containing bike tools and orange mountain bike.
Incident number 546 of 6th April 07 refers.

At 0411 hours on 10th April 2007 unknown offender/s approached a restaurant on Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. They gained access by removing a pane of glass from a panel door. Once inside they removed cash from all the tills, found the safe keys and removed a large quantity of cash from same.
Incident number 105 of 10th April 07 refers.

Prior to 0630 hours on 15th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a Clubhouse on Liveridge Hill, Henley in Arden. They then gained entry by forcing open the front reception door. Once inside they have forced open the three vending machines, stealing the contents. They have also stolen bottles of spirits from the cellar.
Incident number 164 of 15th April 07 refers.

Between 1100 hours and 1400 hours on 16th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Nuthurst Lane, Hockley Heath. They have then forced the wood panels on two stables and stolen a quantity of power tools from within.
Incident number 412 of 16th April 07 refers.

Between 0645 hours on 9th April and 1045 hours on 12th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Star Lane, Claverdon. They have then stolen a grey Land Rover Defender.
Incident number 189 of 12th April 07 refers.

Between 1600 hours on 31st March and 0750 hours on 1st April 07 unknown offender/s approached a black Citroen Xantia parked on Grange Road, Bearley. They have then damaged the windscreen and stabbed all four tyres.
Incident number 140 of 1st April 07 refers.

Overnight between 7th and 8th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a grey Animal L20 Mitsubishi truck parked on Earlsmere, Earlswood. They then smashed the drivers side windows and windscreen.
Incident number 198 of 8th April 07 refers.

Between 1830 hours and 2200 hours on 15th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a Hyundai motor vehicle parked on Oaktree Close, Bearley. They have then smashed the rear window. No entry gained.
Incident number 616 of 15th April 07 refers.

Between 1200 hours on 27th March and 1900 hours on 28th March 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on High Street, Henley in Arden. They have then climbed over a wall into the garden and removed a 30’ aluminium aerial.
Incident number 229 of 30th March 07 refers.

At approximately 0100 hours on 30th March 07 unknown offender/s approached a black Honda Civic parked on Church Lane, Bearley. They have then smashed the rear window and stolen a briefcase and mobile phone from within.
Incident number 22 of 30th March 07 refers.

At approximately 1300 hours on 30th March 07 a female was approached in Tesco’s car park, Emscote Road, Warwick. She was approached by a lone male, late 20s, medium height, medium build, balding and having a European accent. He spent some time asking the female to change money for him and she later found £15 missing from her purse. Offender believed to be a pickpocket.
Incident number 167 of 3rd April 07 refers.

At approximately 1500 hours on 1st April 07 unknown offender/s approached a large retail outlet in Bearley. They have then stolen a quantity of Barber coats from within.
Incident number 131 of 2nd April 07 refers.

Between 2nd and 3rd April 07 unknown offender/s approached a school in Tanworth in Arden. They have then approached a secure container used for storing tools and have used a blow torch or similar in an attempt to gain entry.
Incident number 78 of 3rd April 07 refers.

At approximately 1850 hours on 12th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a motor vehicle parked on Tithe Barn Lane, Hockley Heath. They have then smashed both windows and removed a handbag from the boot. Contents of handbag removed.
Incident number 526 of 12th April 07 refers.

Between 1925 hours on 6th April and 0945 hours on 7th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen. They have then stolen a large quantity of plants which were awaiting planting.
Incident number 237 of 7th April 07 refers.

At 0620 hours on 8th April 07 a male offender has stolen a maroon Ford Mondeo operating as a taxi. Taxi driver was threatened and robbed of cash and mobile phone. Offender was picked up in Dickens Heath, Shirley on route to Henley in Arden. Described as white male, 22-30 years, 5’9”, stocky build with short ginger/blonde hair.
Incident number 140 of 8th April 07 refers.

Between 2000 hours and 2300 hours on 10th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. They have then removed a 6 metre long car trailer which had been attached to a car at the property. Trailer had Jaguar and Scottish flag stickers on and Dete-Tomaso stickers to side and rear.
Incident number 701 of 10th April 07 refers.

Prior to 0850 hours on 11th April 07 unknown offender/s approached a property on Birmingham Road, Henley in Arden. They then approached two Audi A3 motor vehicles and smashed both rear windows.
Incident number 95 of 11th April 07 refers.

At approximately 1600 hours on 11th April 07 offender/s approached a property on Penn Lane, Tanworth in Arden. They have then stolen an Ifor Williams 10’ galvanised steel trailer. Offender/s thought to be driving a silver Mitsubishi Warrior.
Incident number 361 of 11th April 07 refers.

Henley In Arden Police will be holding a ‘drop in’ facility at Henley Police Station for you to come and discuss any issues or problems, within the community, with your local policing team!

The next ‘police surgeries’ will be held on:

Wednesday 2nd May between 11 am – 1 pm
Wednesday 16th May between 11 am – 1 pm
Wednesday 30th May between 11 am – 1 pm

If you did have information regarding the displayed incidents, but for whatever reason do not wish to contact the police directly, then you can ring 0800 555 111 and give the information to the Crimestoppers Charity. Crimestoppers will then pass the information to the Police without revealing any details of the caller. You may also receive a reward.

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents, please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207.  Thank you.


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