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Edition 151 - 12th April 2007
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Taxi Stolen in Edge Lane on Sunday

A taxi cab was stolen after the driver was assaulted by a passenger as the vehicle travelled along country lanes around Henley in Arden early on Sunday morning (April 8).

The offender had been picked up by the cab in Rumbush Road, Dickens Heath shortly after 06.00hrs and asked to be taken home to Henley. As they went through the town he started to punch the driver on his head and chest. The driver stopped the car in Edge Lane and crawled out but the offender followed him and continued hitting him before he managed to run off across the fields.

The offender then drove off in the vehicle, a maroon Ford Mondeo with the registration number S495KFT. Cash and a mobile phone were also stolen.

The driver, who is 41 and from Birmingham, suffered bruising to his face and chest but did not need medical attention.

The offender is described as a white male, aged 22-30 years old, 5' 9"tall, muscular/stocky build with short ginger/blonde hair. Officers investigating the incident would like to hear from anyone with information or who knows the whereabouts of the vehicle, which has Robin Hood Cars written across the windscreen.

Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Gwyn Wright on 01789 444574 or CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously on 0800 555 111.

‘How the Other Half Loves’ by HADS

Last week saw Henley-in-Arden Drama Society present Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘How the Other Half Loves’ in the Memorial Hall.

Yours truly directed this offering, so I am in danger of accusations of ‘Trumpet Blowing’, but what the hell! It was a very good production to good, appreciative audiences.

The play centres around the affair between Bob Phillips and Fiona Foster, whose other halves (Teresa (Terry) and Frank) become suspicious. In order to cover up they invent meetings with a hapless third couple (William and Mary Featherstone) as alibis. Things go (as is the way with such plots) from bad to worse with Frank getting hold of the wrong end of an increasingly long stick. When one misunderstanding gets resolved, it is replaced by an even bigger one.

The setting is very clever (one of Ayckbourn’s talents), there being two rooms in one for the set, with two pieces of action taking place simultaneously. In the notorious dinner scene we are also presented with shifts in time as well as the hapless third couple switch between two different evenings (and two dinner parties) taking place on stage at the same time. Chicken noodle soup will never be the same again.

The play involved lots of very hard work, and credit must go to the cast and crew for their efforts.

It is not an easy play to learn but the cast rose to the challenge and carried it off magnificently. They are Alan Nichols (as Frank), Carol Robson (as Fiona), Philip Walker (as Bob), Anna Austin (as Terry), Rod Hinton (as William), and Sheena Ison (as Mary). In addition, we welcome Alan, Rod, and Anna to the society. It is always good to see new members – especially such talented ones and we all look forward to seeing you in many more productions.

In addition, a special credit to Kate Castle and Ocean Thruston for their work on the Props (of which there were many, including two complete dinner parties every night!).

Well we can rest now for a bit (the next production will be announced shortly) and enjoy a well earned break!

Tony Capps - Drama Correspondent

Annual Assemblies for Beaudesert and Henley

The joint meeting of the Henley in Arden and Beaudesert Annual Assemblies was held on Tuesday the 3rd April '07 at 7:30 pm in the Baptist Church Hall, Henley.

The meeting was opened by a general welcome to the public by both chairs of the assembly, Roger Sutton, Henley and Eric Roy, Beaudesert.

The meeting began with a talk from Linda Ridgley, Senior Field Officer, for Warwickshire Rural Community Council, who spoke about the work of the the Council. It was clear from what Linda said, that the Council, plays a very vital role in helping resource and sustain the social and economic life of small towns and rural communities within the County of Warwickshire.

Following the talk there were a number of reports given to the Assembly. The first of these reports was from Mr Ray Holding, High Bailiff, of Henley Court Leet, who spoke about changes that had taken place within the Court and work of the Court in promoting the town in the year ahead.It was noted that the High Bailiff, also writes a weekly column for Henley News on Line.

The High Bailiff's report was followed by a report from Mr Brain Twigg, Chairman of The Town Improvement Committee, who spoke, in depth, about the development of this committee and its responsibility in improving the social and sporting facilities of the town.

Further reports were given by Mr Stephen Thirlwell, Chairman of the Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council and District Councillor, Mr Laurence Marshall, District Councillor, and Mr George Atkinson, County Councillor; all of whom spoke of passed and present issues, that have been or are being addressed by both District and County Councils.

The meeting was concluded by electing new chair and vice-chairpersons of the Joint Assembies. Mr Peter Crathorne was elected Chairman of Henley and Mr Bill Leech was elected Vice- Chairman. Dr Douglas Bridgewater was elected Chairman of Beaudesert and Mr Eric Roy was elected Vice-Chairman.

The meeting closed at 9:30pm.

Roger Sutton
Chairman Henley in Arden Assembly.

Photo - John Love

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden

Court Leet and Court Baron

Court Circular

Published by Authority of the High Bailiff


To view the Court Leet website, go to www.henley-in-arden.org/court-leet

Invitation to view Sports Hall plans

Warwickshire College is to hold a public meeting to show local people the plans for a new sports hall at its Henley-in-Arden Centre. The £1.9 million sports hall will link to an existing pavilion which is accessed from the A3400. There is already a car park there. The building will include a sports hall, a fitness studio and storage. Changing facilities are being rationalised within the new building and the sports pavilion.

The building will provide improved facilities for students taking sports studies courses at the Henley-in-Arden Centre, and members of the public who will be able to use it in the same way that they use the existing hall. The building will have a metal arched roof, with curved laminated timber beams and the fitness studio will have transluscent kalwall walls to let in as much light as possible, but avoiding glare.

The sports hall will be 35 metres from the main road and will be largely shielded by existing trees. The plan is that builders will cut into the contours of the hill so part of the structure will be underground.

Director of estates projects Chris Paget said: “The purpose of the sports hall is to give the best possible facilities to our students in a way that will enable them to train as they would in a commercial environment which is a requirement of the accreditation bodies. It’s designed to have the smallest impact on the landscape as possible. We are in discussion with the planning department regarding sympathetic use of materials.”

The projected cost of the sports hall is £1.9 million which includes £360,000 which is being invested to increase its environmental appeal. This includes £130,000 for cutting into the hill.

Mr Paget said: “The sports hall is the fourth design we have considered internally, taking on board comments from local people, parish council meetings, community members and neighbours to come up with the best possible scheme for the site and we have incorporated as many comments in that design as possible.”

A public meeting will be held at the Henley-in-Arden Centre on Wednesday, April 18 at 6.30pm when people are invited to look at the plans, ask questions and have an input into the scheme.

There is still no change to the District Council's website about this development. The Planning Dept's website states "Application Invalid On Receipt".

Jonathan Dovey's History of Henley Series

14th Century Henley – Part One
The Lord of the Manor

The Fourteenth Century was a time of upheaval with rebellions, wars and plague.

The Lord of the Manor
At the beginning of the 14th Century the second John de Montfort, although still a minor, was lord of the Manor. He was involved in the death of Piers Gaveston in 1312 and was pardoned for his involvement in 1314. John is thought to have died during the Scottish campaign culminating in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, as his brother Peter de Montfort was head of the family by 1316. Peter like other younger sons had gone into the church as a priest and was instituted into the rectory of Ilmington in June 1312.

In 1316 he was granted the right to clear 40 acres of wood in Gunthorpe. However Peter had problems in this area for in 1319 and 1320 there were complaints made against Peter de Montfort and others for breaking their doors and carrying away their trees, goods and chattels.

Peter had been knighted, when he served in Gascony under the Seneschal William de Monte Acuto in 1318/19. Unlike his ancestor and namesake, Peter stayed loyal to the king when rebellion occurred in 1321/22. When the Marcher Lords in Wales and the Earl of Lancaster in the North rebelled, writs of aid to assemble men were sent out to various counties: John de Somery, John de Segrave, Ralph Basset and Peter de Montfort were ordered to assemble horse and foot in the counties of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. The king marched an army into the March of Wales and Peter was given protection for staying there in the king’s service on the 10th January. He was appointed to the custody of Worcester along with William de Bello Campo and Roger de Aylesbury on 14th January.

Edward II was greatly disliked by many lords and the country was often in rebellion or civil war. Early in July 1323 John de Houdlo made complaints that gangs had attacked property on his manors in Oxfordshire and Buckingham. He mentions some 26 people that attacked his Oxfordshire manors included churchmen and women along with Peter de Montfort, John de Grenelane and Robert Shiplak of Henley.

In 1346 with the impending campaign that would lead to the battle of Crecy, orders were sent out in order to assemble men and archers. For Warwickshire and Staffordshire, William de Lucy and Peter de Montfort were each ordered to assay 160 archers. This exercise was not easy for in May 1346 Peter and John de Peyto had to inquire into a complaint by John de Lodebroke that he with others were assaulted and prevented from assaying in Birmingham. Peter himself was assessed to provide 12 men at arms for the war in France however he was later discharged of 7.

As part of the affinity of the Earl of Warwick, Peter de Montfort was regularly appointed as a commissioner during the 1340’s and 50’s. “The Earl’s stronghold over the county administration was all encompassing. So that in 1345 the king enquired into those fleeing Warwickshire because they did not want to be judged by the Earl, Peter de Montfort, Robert de Herle, Richard de Stonle or John de Merynton.”

In 1349 Peter’s legitimate son, Guy married Margaret a daughter of Thomas Beauchamp Earl of Warwick. With Guy having died in 1361, the De Montfort lands reverted to the Earl when Peter died in Jan 1369. Peter’s illegitimate son John founded a family of De Montfort’s in Coleshill while his other illegitimate son Richard possessed half of the Manor of Lapworth. The De Montfort lands and manors including the Castle were in the hands of the Earl of Warwick until 1376 when it was granted to his younger brother Sir William de Beauchamp.

Jonathan Dovey

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Henley-in-Arden Methodist Church

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, speaking on the "Today" programme on Radio 4 on Easter Saturday expressed concern at a tendency towards aggressive secularism, which vigorously opposes the mystery at the centre of Christianity.

Scientific certainty may be of use in commerce and industry, but can be unhelpful in human spirituality. Without the mystery of the Risen Christ who inspires Christianity, humanity is doomed to the spiritual cul-de-sac of self-worship. We worship the mysterious God Almighty, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves each one of His human children totally and unconditionally, and invite all who seek to marvel at this mystery to join our worship.

James Steele

"Red Arrows" to keep flying says Tony Blair

In our edition of 15th February 2007, we reported that there was a petition on the 10 Downing Street website to keep the "Red Arrows" flying.

We have received the following email from Tony Blair.

Thank you for signing the petition on the No.10 website calling for the maintenance of the Red Arrows. It is a sign of the place they hold in the national affections that so many people have joined you in signing it - one of the highest numbers since the e-petition service began. That's why I wanted to reply personally. It's also why I am replying before the petition officially closes, in order to reassure people who are clearly concerned.

I am pleased to be able to give you good news. There are no plans to change the funding for the Red Arrows, let alone to disband them.

It is important, of course, that the MOD looks at the full range of its spending plans as part of its routine financial planning, to ensure that taxpayers' money is spent where our Armed Forces most need it. Obviously it is this review which prompted fears that the Red Arrows might be scrapped.

However, like you, the Government recognises just what an important role the Red Arrows play in our national life. As the world's premier aerobatic team, they have thrilled millions of spectators over many years. I was lucky enough to see their extraordinary skills myself only last year at the Farnborough Air Show.

More importantly, the Red Arrows have maintained public support for the Royal Air Force, encouraged recruitment, acted as ambassadors for Britain in the world and promoted British industry for many years. So I am pleased to assure you that this government fully intends to keep the Red Arrows flying.

Thank you for signing this petition, and I hope you get a chance to see the Red Arrows yourself soon.

Yours sincerely,
Tony Blair

Red Arrows display dates for 2007

BBQ Etiquette

Following the hard long British winter, let us look forward to the coming BBQ season. It is important to reflect on the etiquette of this outdoor cooking ritual, as it's the only type of cooking a real man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved.

When a man volunteers to do the BBQ, the following chain of events are put into motion:

Here comes the important part:

  1. The woman buys the food.
  2. The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert.
  3. The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the grill - beer in hand.
  5. The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.
  6. The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the situation.
  8. The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces and brings them to the table.
  9. After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.
  10. Everyone PRAISES THE MAN and THANKS HIM for his cooking efforts.
  11. The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off" and, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some women!


Andy Langford

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John Garner's Business Column

Henley's “House Doctor”

John GarnerEaster is often regarded as the best time of the year to put your house on the market. The sun is shining, the daffodils look wonderful and Spring is upon us. But how can you make your house stand out from all the rest? How can you attract buyers to yours rather than the almost identical one for sale up the road?

You need to make sure it's presented in the best possible light, just like they do on television. The “House Doctor” programmes have made famous these techniques, indeed there are so many programmes about them now that you’d think everyone would know what to do and how to do it. But surprisingly this is not the case; people still get it wrong.

The company we are featuring this week is the Property Clinic, a company that can make sure you do indeed make the best of your house. The proprietor, Jean Harris, has been in the property business for 20 years. She says, "Very few people want to spend money on a property they are going to sell. The three questions I am most often asked are:

  • Why do we need to “present” our home differently when we are selling it?
  • Can't I do it myself?
  • Why should I spend money when I am moving?"

The answer to the first question is – because it is your home. You are not going to sell your home to the buyers, when you move it won't be yours any more! You need to sell them a dream. We often hear people talk about their “dream home” but what does it really mean? It is more about a dream of a lifestyle than bricks and mortar. Everyone needs dreams – so help them make this leap of imagination.

Take out your life and let them think of the way they would like to live.

But why can’t you do it yourself? You can – but very few people actually do. It's not easy to be objective about a home you’ve lived in and loved for years. It's even more difficult to see its faults and to picture someone else living there. You need the opinion of a professional who can really look at your property through a buyer’s eyes and then make the leap forward into what it could become with a little help.

So is it worth spending that little bit extra to prepare your property for sale? Yes it is; research shows that professionally presented properties sell faster, and for 10 -15% more than their competition, by spending only 1 - 2% of your asking price. So spending money on your property at pre-sale time is a crucial investment.

For more information visit www.propertyclinic.co.uk .

John Garner

The Nigel Hastilow Column

Spot the difference, Mr Blair

Nigel HastilowAlong with joy and relief at the news the 15 British sailors are coming home after their capture at sea by the Iranians, we should be asking some serious questions.

First of all, whose negligence allowed them to be taken prisoner in the first place? They were taking part in a boring, routine anti-smuggling operation. They were supposedly guarded by a warship bristling with technology and a helicopter flying overhead.

HMS Cornwall and its like are supposedly “the eyes and ears of the Royal Navy” so why was it fast asleep when the Iranian gunboats surrounded our boys and girl? And why was the helicopter miles from the scene of the action at the precise moment when it was wanted most?

Who was asleep on the job? Who is responsible? Why on earth to we support – morally as well as financially – our armed forces when they allow their own sailors to become victims of their crass incompetence and lack of preparedness? Our sailors would never have fallen into Iranian hands if the Royal Navy had been alert to the risk – a risk we have experienced in the past – and taken basic precautions to prevent just such an ambush at sea.

You could go back even further and ask why on earth our servicemen and women are obliged to behave as customs officers trying to cut off untaxed shipments of Honda car parts anyway? Still, that raises another question – not why we are in Iraq at all (that’s a question for Tony Blair alone) but can we really believe our own Government when it says the sailors were in Iraqi, not Iranian, waters? After all, if our Government and our secret services were happy to lie to us about the biggest question of all – the justification for war – surely they are quite capable of lying about the location of inflatable dinghies in the Arabian Sea?

We now know, long after the event, that the war was not justified. Saddam Hussein did not possess any weapons of mass destruction. And even if he had, he could not have deployed them at 45 minutes’ notice. Those were claims made up by Tony Blair’s liar-in-chief Alistair Campbell to justify a decision that had already been taken to go to war in Iraq as part of some perverse “war on terror” even though, at the time, Iraq was not a haven for terrorists. It is now, of course. But that’s entirely thanks to Mr Blair and President George Bush and the collective failure to have any clue at all about what to do with Iraq once it had been invaded.

Meanwhile there is another question we must demand an answer to from our Government, our Prime Minister and our Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett. They rightly fulminated impotently about the violations perpetrated on our sailors by their Iranian captors. They complained about the way the sailors were paraded on the media, forced to make confessions, denied any representation, falsely imprisoned and so on. All these complaints are reasonable. But how can we reconcile our Government’s outrage with its acquiescence – indeed its support – for the far more evil disregard of human rights that is Guantanamo Bay?

The numbers change but as recently as last November there were 435 people incarcerated there of whom 110 were due to be released and “more than 70” faced trial. That leaves 250 or so detained without charge, without trial, without representation, without basic human rights, “at the President’s pleasure”.

This is a sickening injustice which shames the entire western world and every Government which fails actively to oppose it. Our sailors were forced to confess to being in Iranian waters whether or not they truly were. But why is that worse than, for instance, the confessions forced out of the “Tipton Three”, who were held without charge at Guantanamo Bay for two years before being set free?

Ruhal Ahmed, Asif Iqbal and Shafiq Rasul claim they were forced under torture to confess to taking part in a meeting with Osama Bin Laden even though they were in Tipton at the time. No doubt most Guantanamo prisoners are terrorists. But if that’s the case, prove it. Bring them to trial – in a reputable jurisdiction, not a kangaroo court set up and run by the US military. Charge them in public. Give them decent legal representation. Let the case against them – and the case for the defence – be heard. Let justice be done and let it be seen to be done. Justly, openly, fairly.

Until we insist on an end to arbitrary imprisonment without trial of this kind we are no better than the Iranians who captured our sailors and detained them illegally, to the outrage of an entire nation. You can’t fight wars and pretend to support the self-appointed world policeman of the United States and retain any fig leaf of respectability if you behave with a complete lack of respect for the basic demands of legality and justice. Guantanamo Bay reduces every nation which connives in its existence to the same low level as the vile terrorists it purports to defend us from. It is a question of morality. If we are to claim any moral superiority, any rightness in what is done in our name, any sense of justification for our actions, it is essential that we uphold the highest standards of civilised behaviour.

Fair trials, open trials, free and fair justice available to all – these are among the most basic demands. And we can’t meet those demands.

So who is Tony Blair, who is Margaret Beckett, to complain about the Iranians? They are more guilty than the worst terrorist – more guilty because, unlike many a terrorist, they should know better.

Nigel Hastilow      

Grumpy Old Man Comments

After reading Nigel’s piece last week, talking about our French neighbours raping and pillaging our folk. We must all remember one fact about the French and their wars, battles etc. Normally (no pun intended!) they surrender as soon as someone says BOO. 1066 - Hastings and everything that followed must go down in history as the one time the French actually won a war !

That is of course until January 2nd 2002, when the French and the Germans succeeded in taking over 10 of the other European countries. 12 countries in total converted to the Euro. France won by taking on an ally, and Germany won at last.

So yes, we have been subjected to nearly 1000 years of Norman rule, but we have resisted the last invasion of the Eurozone !

One further comment about free car parks. As pointed out by Linda Ridgley, Senior Field Officer Warwickshire Rural Community Council last week. There are no notices, signs etc showing where the free car parks are. And yes I do agree the passing visitor will not know where the free car parks are.

But the locals, and the regular through drivers do know where they are. Also who is responsible for the signage? Maybe the council????? Should there be visible (but suitable) signs showing the visitors where the parking areas are?

Maybe the Warwickshire Rural Community Council can arrange for the signs to be put up. Perhaps they can repaint the yellow lines as well.

Grumpy Old Man

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Save Money - Help Save the Planet

Air Conditioning in Cars
In warm weather, these systems run a refrigeration system to cool the incoming air. The system draws significant levels of power from the car’s electrical  system. The power has to be generated by the car’s alternator which is driven by the engine.  Result, 10 to 14% reduced miles per gallon  and similarly increased CO2 production. So minimise use of air conditioning and if you do use it, use the air recirculation option as much as possible since this reduces the amount of power the air conditioning needs.

Interesting Radio Program?
This Friday at 11am the first edition of ‘Energy Swap’ is on Radio 4. The program is about a family from Texas and a family from Cheshire who swap each others energy lifestyle.

For more information about the Make Henley Greener project, click here.

John Stott

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Stratford on Avon District Council Website


Alerts from Trading Standards

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Trading StandardsSimon Cripwell
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Thursday 19th April 8.00 p.m. in the Baptist Church Hall. Talk on “The Baron of Packwood House”. New members and visitors welcome.

Brian Draper, MBE, will be showing slides and talking about “Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Gorge” on Tuesday 17th April in the Baptist Church Hall from 7.45 p.m. Visitors are welcome - £1.

Tuesday 24th April, 7.45 p.m. at Ullenhall Village Hall. Penny Holmes will be talking and demonstrating about “Home Composting”. Competition: Vase of 5 mixed flowers – red and yellow. Visitors (£1) are always welcome.

Jazz in the Garden – Saturday 21st July
Barn Dance and Supper – Saturday 20th October
Information on these events from Marijana or Duncan Bainbridge 793539/794987.

The Mikado in Tanworth – 20th & 21st July in Tanworth Village Hall. Rehearsals on 22nd & 29th May (tenors and basses) and 5th June (full chorus), Tanworth Village Hall, 7.45 p.m. Details from Wendy Dillon 742464.

Henley and Wootton Scouts Bonfire Night – Saturday 3rd November 2007. Further details from John Johnson 792073

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Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15 p.m. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining, please contact Gordon Trinder.
Meets Friday and Sunday from September to May in the Memorial Hall. Details contact Alan Barber on 793320. Thursday evenings from 7.30 –9.30 pm at Henley Community Primary School. Details please ring Pauline Barber on 793320.
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meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A34 just outside Henley. The Club welcome new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Co-ordinators. If you are aware that  you are not covered in your area or are willing to be a co-ordinator. Please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at www.swbc.co.uk
Meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm.
New members are always welcome.
Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email robinf@ribi.org
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually find time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!. Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
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