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Edition 122 - 14th September 2006
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Edmunds Reopens


This week, Edmunds has been relaunched as a Thai Restaurant. An extensive refurbishment has included changing the traditional black and white exterior decor to grey and magnolia. In recent times, this building has changed colour as many times as it has changed owners.

One of our readers has visited the new restaurant with his family and reports.

Following a superb 26 day holiday in Thailand, our 6th time, we believe we know a little about Thai restaurants and food.

So what a surprise to see a Thai Restaurant opening up on the High Street. So we agreed, as a family we would see what the restaurant was like. So when it opened last week, a table was booked on Friday for 6pm. The early time was suitable as our 2 year old was being his normal terrible 2 self.

The restaurant was quiet, apart from us there was 1 other table being used (it was 6pm), but we were treated to authentic food, excellent service and the children were treated as people, not a nuisance. We had egg fried rice, noodles and chicken satay for the 2 boys, the only reason they didn’t finish it all was there was too much for them ! As a main course we had Chicken Massaman Curry and Fried Rice and a Chicken Green Curry with Coconut Milk and steamed rice, both of which were our favourites in Thailand. We were not disappointed, the curries were excellent.

On the drinks menu was a varied selection of wine but at 6pm it was too early, so we ordered Singha Beer. To our surprise the order had not been received and the Restaurant didn’t have any, but they did have Beer Chang another Thai beer (Which I actually prefer).

So to conclude, Food is authentic Thai (not tailored for the UK palate), Beer is Thai, Children are welcome and treated with the same respect as adults and we shall be going again.

For details of a great family friendly hotel on Koh Samui see

Andy Langford

60th Annual Ploughing and Hedging Match

HorsesOn Thursday, 21st September, 2006 the Forest of Arden Agricultural Society will be holding its 60th Annual Ploughing and Hedging Match at Mr & Mrs James Mason’s farm at Aston Cantlow. Farmers will come from all over the country to compete against each other to see who can ‘plough the straightest furrow’. It is a sight worth seeing; we have Horse Ploughing with the magnificent Shire Horses of yesteryear when farming was a quieter and gentler way of life. We have the Vintage Tractors, beautifully restored and lovingly polished to their former glory, and then the big powerful commercial tractors of today who make the job of ploughing look so easy.

It is all too easy today for children to go with their parents to the Supermarkets and buy food in brightly coloured plastic packaging, to forget where it all comes from and who produces it. It is worth a visit just to see all the art, skill and science that goes into preparing the land for such production. You might think that ploughing the soil is just a case of sitting on a tractor, and driving round all day. Not so, the plough has to be pulled, at the correct speed. At just the correct depth to turn over the soil to bury the weeds to kill them. The plough has to enter the soil cleanly at the beginning of each furrow and exit cleanly at the other end. If you come to the match, you will see the skill in achieving this. We have stewards on every class who will willingly answer any questions.

We also have Hedgelaying competitions, where an overgrown hedge is transformed into a neat stock-proof fence, using only the skill of a mans hands and an axe to achieve it.. To see the finished hedge is a sight of wonderment and one cannot but reflect that if only farmers could afford to lay hedges today the same way, what effect this would have on our wildlife as they provide such a safe haven for little birds to nests in, protected from the sight and reach of predators (magpies etc).

You can visit our show at Cantella Farm any time throughout the day. Ploughing starts at 9.30 am. There are rural trade stands, Produce Tent and Children’s Competitions to see. There is no entrance charge or car-parking fee. We would hope that you would buy one of our Programmes, as the money raised from these help offset the cost of holding the show. All the people helping to produce the show are voluntary.

Sue Westmacott

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Council offering free advice on planning

SDCDoes the following apply to you?

  • Thinking of extending your house?
  • Considering building works?
  • Need some advice before submitting a planning application?
  • Am I likely to receive planning permission?
  • Need to talk to someone about your neighbour’s application?

Ask the experts
From Wednesday 13 September 2006 you will be able to make an appointment to meet a planning officer to advise you on any planning topic. You may be thinking of extending your property and would like to know whether your proposal would be likely to be granted planning permission. Or you may have received a neighbour notification letter from this council and you want to understand the likely impact of your neighbour’s proposal.

When and where can I meet am officer?
You can meet an officer at either Elizabeth House, Church Street in Stratford-upon-Avon or at The Grange, Coventry Road, Southam.

The surgeries will be held at Elizabeth House on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings for enquiries about properties in the western part of the District (more or less everywhere north-west of the Avon including Stratford, Bidford on Avon, Studley and Alcester).

Surgeries for the eastern part of the District (south-east of the River Avon, including Stratford-upon-Avon Bridgetown, Southam, Shipston-on-Stour and Welford-on-Avon) will be held at Elizabeth House on Wednesday afternoons and at The Grange in Southam on Thursday afternoons.

Making an appointment
You can make an appointment by contacting us as follows:

Council main switchboard 01789 267575
Planning Services 01789 260303
The Grange, Southam 01926 812881

In person At Elizabeth House or any of our area offices. You will be given a 20 minute meeting with a planning officer.

Submitted by District Councillor Laurence Marsall

Johnsons Acquire TOM JONES Tickets

Tom JonesJohnsons Coaches have acquired a supply of tickets for ‘Tom Jones in Concert’ at the NEC Arena on Saturday 14th October 2006.

‘Sir Tom’ is now one of the countries most respected performers and known by millions as ‘The Voice’ and after some 40 years in show business still plays to packed audiences at home and abroad.

Johnsons still have tickets available at £58 which includes coach travel and anyone interested should call 01564 797000.

Bringing Warwickshire people closer to nature

Steven FalkAn electronic newsletter is bringing information on natural history events in and around Warwickshire to nature lovers at the touch of a button.

The Warwickshire RINGs newsletter, produced three times a year by Warwickshire Museum, is a unique directory giving details on nearly 500 forthcoming natural history events in the area as well as providing information on over 60 local groups that can be joined. These include natural history societies not only in Warwickshire but also in Coventry and Solihull.

According to Steven Falk, senior keeper of Natural History, RINGs is a unique resource. He said: “I am not aware of any other county where such detailed information is so instantly available. This is a unique directory which Warwickshire County Council is keen to make available to as many people as possible in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull. So whether you’re interested in surveying the moths in your garden, turning detective to trace the survival of the dormouse or simply country walks and bird watching, there is something here for nature lovers of all ages, abilities and interests.”

Nature enthusiasts can download the newsletter, which is published every January, May and September, at or obtain a printed copy from Steven Falk by calling 01926 412481.

notes from a small businessman

Employing people

I’ve managed my own small business for the past 18 years and survived, so I suppose I must have got some things right.

If I’m asked what was the single most frustrating problem in all those years I’d say it was employing people. Not the people themselves but the plethora of rules and regulations which increased year upon year, and the effort devoted to making sure we didn’t fall foul of them.

First there is the tax you have to pay when you employ someone: it’s laughingly called National Insurance and guarantees that most employees will actually cost you an additional 10-12% of their salary. On top of that you must make allowances for holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay and ensure you respect diversity in all its forms including, from October, ageism. And yet small businesses are urged to create more job opportunities; the government doesn’t make it very easy.

The biggest problem though is making sure you don’t leave yourselves open to having to pay damages awarded by an Industrial Tribunal. There are several reasons why an employee could take you to tribunal, even if you haven’t sacked them.

The most basic is perhaps the failure to give them a proper Contract of Employment. A contract of employment exists as soon as an employee starts work. Starting work proves that he or she accepts the terms and conditions offered by the employer in the offer letter. Both employer and employee are bound by the terms offered and accepted. Most employment contracts need not be in writing to be legally valid but employees are legally entitled to be given a written statement setting out the main particulars of their employment within 2 months of starting that employment.

This simply formalises their position with you: in short it states their job title, to whom they report on a daily basis, their hours and place of work, holiday entitlement, sick pay rules and explains the procedure if they have a grievance.

All pretty reasonable, but if you don’t provide this and an employee has a dispute with you, you could be liable for considerable damages. A tribunal will take a dim view if you can’t show there is a written contract with the employee.

I’m continually amazed how many small businesses fail to provide a contract for each employee. It’s pretty straightforward, so why take such a risk?

For more information see:

John Garner

New Stratford Footbridge

Bridge BOf your five illustrations, only B could possibly be acceptable.

Stratford is an historic town with traditions and style of buildings, bridges etc...

Our "new bridge" should be of the style and design of the existing ones, just like the tramway bridge -   And it would cost a lot less than the suggested copies of London's swinging erection, close to St. Pauls

Conference about hi-tech skin treatments

The SpaPeople working in the beauty therapy and skin care industry are invited to a day-long seminar to learn more about Laser and Intense Pulsed Light treatments. The event is being held at Warwickshire College’s Trident Technology & Business Centre in association with Sheila Godfrey, who has her own clinic and has written books on the subject.

Sheila also teaches Laser and Intense Pulsed Light treatments to students on Warwickshire College’s Foundation Degree in Spa Management which is taught at the college’s Henley-in-Arden Centre. Sheila said: “The aim is to educate therapists so they can give the best possible treatment and services to their clients. With the growth in the industry this is a new treatment that can have good benefits without the inconvenience of surgery.”

At the conference experts will explain how Lasers and IPL systems work to remove hair or to rejuvenate skin by improving tone and texture and evening out pigmentation. The treatment can also help skin which has been scarred or has blemishes or acne marks.

Sheila Godfrey will talk about the challenges and benefits of introducing lasers/IPL treatments into salons, and there will be talks from other experts on how to get registered to give treatment, and marketing Laser/IPL to attract clients.

The cost of the conference is £115, or £95 for applications received before October 8. The conference takes place on Monday, November 6. For further inquiries contact Amanda Birbas on 01564 797811 or

Police alert shop keepers to fake notes

CrimestoppersPolice are warning shop keepers and other businesses to be alert following reports of a number of fake £20 notes being found in circulation in the Atherstone area.

The £20 notes, which are described as being good quality copies, have been handed over in payment for small purchases in a number of stores in the Atherstone area in recent days. Some of the notes have the serial number DA07353525 and have a shiny texture.

Police have issued a warning to storekeepers to ensure they are vigilant when taking £20 notes from customers and to ensure they check the notes using an ultra violet note scanner if they have one, or visually to ensure the notes contain the correct watermarks and metallic strip.

Anyone suspecting they may have been given a counterfeit note is asked to retain the note and to report it to their local police station. Also to keep any CCTV footage which may show the person handing over the note, or make a mental note of the appearance of the perpetrator.

Warwick Cycle Race Sunday 17th

Bike RaceSome of the best names in the world of cycling are to descend on Warwick next week as the Cycle Races descend on the town on Sunday, September 17. But while it’s true that Britain’s top cycling elite will be battling it out on the streets for precious qualifying points, there will also be some fun and games on the race circuit as this year pioneers a unicycle category.

And there are some prestigious names from both the local and international unicycling world lining up to take on the challenge. Unicycling current World Champion for the Unlimited Marathon Roger Davies will be competing, and joining him will be a Warwickshire politician. Former Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth and borough councillor Ian Lloyd is to turn out for the event.

Cllr Lloyd spent his mayoral year learning how to use a unicycle and a key focal point of his year was a charity ride from Nuneaton to Bedworth on a unicycle.

Other activities will see trike races, plus plenty of sideshow entertainment as the centre of Warwick is transformed into one of the biggest closed road cycling events in the country with attractions for all the family. And don’t think the races are just for the professionals as they are open to everyone and anyone can enter on the day - even if you have not competed before. There are many race categories culminating in the grand finale of the men’s elite race.

Warwickshire County Council even has some staff competing this year in the 3rd - 4th Category race (just one category below elite level) including Steven Falk, Senior Keeper of Natural History at the Warwickshire Museum. He will be in familiar territory as the race circuit starts outside Shire Hall passes through the Market Place round and onto the High St.

Cllr Martin Heatley, Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet member for the Environment, said: “I’m really looking forward to this year’s event and will be joining many other people from across both the county and the country in watching the spectacle. Cycling is a great leisure pursuit, way to commute, and way to keep healthy, and on September 17 we’ll see how some of the top riders perform.”

The town centre is set to come alive with the buzz of the races as thousands turn up to spectate, and this year there will be lots to do and see with cheerleading and juggling displays, bike post coding for Warwickshire residents (must bring proof of residency), prize draws and a mini cycle circuit for the kids to test their riding talent. A fun day out for all the family.

There are many ways to travel to the races, for those who are TravelWise you can go by bike there is cycle parking outside Shire Hall, Swan St, Sainsbury’s, St John’s (outside shops), New St Car park, West St, Train Station and St Nicholas Park or by train the station is a 10 minute walk from the Town Centre and there are bus links, with the following Sunday services provided by Stagecoach directly operating to Warwick. The 18A from both Leamington and Stratford, including Wellesbourne and Barford. The X1 from Coventry, University of Warwick, Kenilworth and Stratford. The 66 from Whitnash, Leamington and parts of Warwick including the Percy Estate, Woodloes Park and the Cape. As buses will be unable to access the usual stops in Market Street, Stagecoach buses will be using the stops in Theatre Street, Saltisford and North Rock.

Just because the circuit roads are closed there are still places accessible by car just outside the town centre such as St Nicholas Park or alternatively you can still get into the town centre along the Butts and Bowling Green Street and there are a number of places to park these include Barrack St (free on Sunday), Westgate, West Rock, Linen St, and Castle Lane car parks.

Warwick is the place to be on Sunday 17th September, miss it and miss out! Races start at 12pm and they conclude with the elite presentations at 6pm.

For more information visit

Town Trust has £1 million to give away

River AvonGOOD causes around Stratford have until next month to apply for a slice of the £1 million on offer from the town’s charitable trust in its latest round of grant awards.

This year Stratford Town Trust is making the cash available quicker than before by bringing forward the deadline by which bids must be in. Carole Taylor, chairman of the trust’s grants committee, said they wanted people to get their applications in soon to prevent any last minute rush.

“Many people in Stratford don’t realise that this money is available, yet it is the icing on the cake of living in this town. We want to reach out more to those individuals who genuinely need our help. If it is legal and charitable we can fund it."

Application forms are available from Stratford Town Trust offices at the Civic Hall, Rother Street. Alternatively visit or contact grant officer, Anita Applebee, on 01789 207108.

Reprinted from The Stratford Observer

The Nigel Hastilow Column

Bad grammar and student debt

Nigel HastilowWell done, everybody. Jolly good. That’s another set of wonderful A-level results, then. Fat lot of good it will do anyone. All it means is that feeble alleged universities will continue to scrabble around at the bottom end of the market to fill fruitless courses with the gullible and desperate.

Only this time it will be harder than ever for these colleges to persuade 18-year-olds and their parents that there is any point at all in wasting three years on a degree in media studies from a former college in somewhere dire like Slough. That’s because student fees have tripled this year. This is a scandalous rip-off.

A few years ago, youngsters would have received their university education for free. Tony Blair promised not to introduce tuition fees. He did not keep that promise and for some time, they have been levied at about the £1,200-a-year mark. Now, the sky’s the limit though in most cases the fee will be £3,000 a year – a huge leap, big enough maybe to force another rise in interest rates because of its effect on the level of inflation.

Of course this is only part of the cost of financing a university degree. The average student starting this autumn could emerge with debts of £30,000 or more. It’s no wonder the nation is over £1 trillion in the red and rising. And it’s no wonder personal bankruptcies are set to top 100,000 this year. We now have a debt culture officially thrust upon the brightest and the best school leavers by the Government itself.

The long-term consequences of this remain to be seen. But it’s very hard to imagine the cost of going to university will be worth it for many of those studying second-rate subjects at third-rate institutions. It’s all part of the desperate desire not to create an elitist ruling class. If you send everyone who can read and write to university, the theory goes, you won’t get a country run by graduates of Oxford and Cambridge. The idea is that with so many more people getting a higher education, there will be more opportunity for all. Greater social mobility. A better chance that someone from a poor, working-class home can become a captain of industry or the head of the civil service.

It’s a nice idea, to be sure. Why should money or privilege give some people a better chance of getting on in life than others who may be equally talented, if not more so? Alas for all those who think the more people you shove in one end of the sausage machine, the better the sausages at the other end, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Social mobility – actually, that just means the ability of working class people to become middle class and vice-versa – has been reduced in the past 30 years, according to no less an authority than “The Economist”. Lefties who care about this sort of thing come up with the usual reasons – which generally boil down to what a terrible woman Mrs Thatcher was. They omit to mention the most obvious reason of all. The abolition of Britain’s grammar schools.

This one act of vandalism – instigated by Labour in the 1960s but pursued by none other than Mrs T when she was Education Secretary in the 1970s – has done more than anything to destroy social mobility in this country. Grammar school pupils were selected entirely on their ability, not on their ability to pay. They got a high class, academic education at no cost. They went into the best universities and got the top jobs. It’s remarkable how many of today’s “great and good” were grammar-school educated.

Yet they pulled up the drawbridge and left a handful of such schools scattered across the country and permanently at risk from vindictive local authorities. It’s true the grammar schools created a new middle class elite and condemned the 11-plus failures to a lifetime of bitter resentment. But the overall effect was to give equal opportunity to all, based on merit alone. It also meant we did not over-educate youngsters into expecting jobs and salaries which were never likely to be forthcoming.

Of course, not every 11-plus failure was condemned to remain at the bottom of the social heap. Take our glorious Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, for instance. He’s always been bitter and twisted at his failure to make it to pass the 11-plus. His brother made it to grammar school while poor old Prezza was forced to slum it. He eventually got to university via the trade union movement and claims he has now left his working class roots behind believing that the use of two Jaguars and the ability to play croquet on a weekday afternoon somehow gives him greater class. You might argue that the life and struggles of John Prescott prove why the grammar school system was cruel to youngsters and why egalitarians were right to want to scrap them.

On the other hand, you may think they prove conclusively that a form of selection based on a child’s intelligence is not such a bad idea after all. Either way, if we really wanted to improve social mobility, the best solution would be to re-create the grammar schools we scrapped 40 years ago.

A while ago the Conservative Party promised to open “a grammar school in every town”. Sadly, the party has abandoned that policy. So we’re stuck with a policy of condemning young people do a mountain of debt and pretending that a degree in sociology from a former polytechnic really is as valuable as one in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford.

Nigel Hastilow

The Grumpy Old Man

What is politics all about?

After looking at the news over the last week, what is the UK political system coming to?

Everyone seems to criticize Tony Blair for just about everything he has done for this country over the last nine years.

He (and his party) came to power in 1997 following 18 years of Tory power. Now the country deserved Mrs Thatcher in 1979 and she did a good job for the next few years, but she was treated in much the same disloyal way by her party.

Now Tony and his government have, over the last nine years, provided a stable economy with very low inflation (unlike the 15% we saw in the mid 1990’s). House prices have increased year on year. More students are gaining higher qualifications. There are many more good points and an equal number of bad points, but this is not the place to mention them.

What is worth mentioning is, this is the second time a PM is being hounded by their party, whether it is Mrs Thatcher or Tony Blair, Tory or Labour. Is the purpose of the political system to provide good copy for the tabloids or is the main purpose to run the country in an adult and responsible way. We may, or may not agree, with the policies of the political parties. But we should all agree, this is no way to run our great country. How do we expect the younger voting public to have an interest in the political system, when all we see on the news is Blair / Brown / Prescott / Miliband etc fighting over when Tony is going to stand down. Let the Labour party run the country, we all have a say when we vote.

Tony will stand down when the time is right. Let us not have the same situation where Mrs Thatcher just resigned on a Friday just because she couldn’t stand it any more.

Grumpy Old Man
A resident of Henley

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Henley in Arden Police Surgery

Neighbour WatchThere is a 'Drop In' facility at Henley Police Station to discuss issues/problems within the community with your local policing team. The next Police Surgery will be Wednesday 20th September 2006 between 11am-1pm

If you have any information or have witnessed any incidents, contact Alcester Police Station on 01789 762207.

Make Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet  

Dress your hot-water tank properly

Make sure your hot-water tank is dressed correctly. A British Standard lagging jacket costs approx £10 and the insulation for the pipe leading to the hot-water tank from the boiler costs £3 a metre. The yearly saving on your bill is £15-20. For systems without a tank stat, it is vital to insulate the pipes adjacent to the tank that feed the heating coil. Doing this prevents or reduces a thermally driven convection current that wastes considerable amounts of heat. Even with a tankstat, uninsulated pipes leak out heat and waste it. If you don’t have a tankstat, look into getting one fitted so that your hot water isn’t too hot. This saves more money.

For more information about the Make Henley Greener project, click here.

John Stott

District & Parish Council Information

Planning Applications - Search on-line at Stratford District Council

Stratford on Avon District Council Website

Information about the Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council is regularly updated on the Gateway Website "This is Henley-in-Arden". Look no further than for the latest and most comprehensive information about the JPC.

Since the resignation of the Parish Clerk, Minutes & Agendas have not been published by the JPC





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Alerts from Trading Standards

Healthy Option Meals Not Healthy At All!

ShoppingA survey of ‘healthy option’ meals and snacks available in restaurants, pubs cafes or sandwich bars, conducted by Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service and other Trading Standards Services in the Midlands region has revealed that 63% of those surveyed contained high levels of either fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt.

64 meals were purchased, analysed and scored according to the Food Standards Agency red amber and green ‘traffic light’ guidelines. Forty (63%) showed one or more red traffic lights indicating a high level of either fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt. 29 meals and snacks were red for their salt content and 18 for saturated fat. `

Warwickshire Trading Standards purchased eight of the meals used as part of the survey. They included ham and chicken sandwiches, chilli, pasta, rice and tortilla based foods. Five of the eight meals had at least one red light. The worst offender was a chilli con carne meal that was high in fat, salt, and saturated fat. Another of the meals, a salmon and leek pasta bake, that was described as ‘low fat’ contained high levels of both saturated fat and salt.

Mark Ryder, Head of Warwickshire Trading Standards said: “It is very worrying that so many of the meals and snacks that are promoted in restaurants and other food outlets as ‘healthy options’ are not satisfying the Food Standards Agency guidelines for acceptable levels of fat, saturates, sugar and salt. These results reveal either a surprising ignorance by caterers of what they are producing or a reckless disregard for what constitutes a healthy meal. The pace of modern life now means that many more people are eating out on a regular basis than they were 30 years ago. Consumers want to be confident that if they choose the ‘healthy option’ from a menu, they are going to get a healthy meal – but clearly they cannot!”

A healthy diet is essential as we move through our key life phases as children, adults and into old age. What we eat can make a big difference to our health and well-being and affects us differently at each of those phases of our life. Poor diet can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and iron deficiency.

The Food Standards Agency has developed a traffic light labeling scheme for prepacked foods. Red means high, amber medium and green low. So, if you see a red light on the front of the pack, you know the food is high in something we should be trying to cut down on, such as salt or fat. This traffic light system is voluntary and only applies to prepacked food sold in shops but not catering establishments.

The results of this survey show that the Food Standards Agency need to take account of this, there is little point in ensuring that consumers are well informed when they buy food for consumption at home, if when they eat out they have little or no information on which to base their purchasing decision. Consumers should not be discouraged from eating out, but they should be aware that they need to maintain a healthy balanced diet. ‘All You Can Eat Buffets’ may be good for your wallet, but not necessarily good for your heart!

As a result of this work, Trading Standards will be producing an information pack for caterers who wish to develop healthy options for their menus and what claims can be legally made about food and their health implications. Further follow up work will also be conducted as appropriate.

Information about how to eat out healthily can be found at

And always remember - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Trading StandardsSimon Cripwell
Senior Information Officer
Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

The Henley-in-Arden Notice Board

Vanity Box

CrestHenley in Arden Town Dinner

Memorial Hall

Saturday, 23 September 2006

The Court Leet is organising a dinner for all those who contribute on a voluntary basis to the life of the community in Henley. It is hoped that representatives from all organisations and societies in the town will be present.

The evening will begin at 7.30 pm and dinner will be served at 8.00 pm. This will be followed by entertainment provided by Wilson Roberts and Friends. Tickets are £ 19.00 each.

If your club or society has not yet been invited to send representatives, please contact Mrs Susan Bridgewater on 793633 or email her at

Rotary Club






CONTACT NOS. 01926 402404 OR
e.mail –

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Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Diane Bayley at 6 St John's Close. All diary dates for the next Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Diane at: Articles and news stories for Henley NEWS on-line should be sent to the at any time.

Help some of the most needy people through a very well respected organisation, The Salvation Army. Please give generously for this annual appeal via the door-to-door collection commencing Monday 18th – Sunday 24th September (envelopes enclosed, please retain for collection). If you would like to know more about this year’s appeal, please come to St. John’s Church on Sunday 17th September, when Major Stephen White from the West Midlands Headquarters, will be speaking at the 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. services.

Meets Tuesday 19th September from 7.45 p.m. in the Baptist Church Hall for an illustrated talk by Dr. Johnny Birks of the Vincent Trust about the “Return of the Polecat”. Visitors are always welcome £1.

Thursday 21st September in the Baptist Church Hall at 8.00 p.m. “Where’s that Monument” by Heather Jones.

Tuesday 26th September Ullenhall Village Hall 7.45 p.m. “Gardens of Scotland” by Anita and John Ruffell. Visitors (£1) and new members welcome. Competition: Fuchsia from plug supplied in March.

The Tanworth Singers and their talented soloists played to full houses with their concert performances of Princess Ida. As a result, our treasurer has sent donations as follows: £1,000 to South Warwickshire Young Carers and £70

Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15 p.m. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining, please contact Gordon Trinder.
meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A34 just outside Henley. The Club welcome new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Co-ordinators. If you are aware that  you are not covered in your area or are willing to be a co-ordinator. Please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic. Full details at
Meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm.
New members are always welcome.
Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email
Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually find time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!. Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.
For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.
Events for future Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Diane Bayley at 6 St John's Close marked ‘Henley Diary’ email: . Please tell all your friends about The Henley Diary.

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Henley NewsHenley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed. Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is preferred format. Please send to

We are delighted to publish the growing list of our correspondents:

Court Leet
Civic Society
Henley History
Henley in Bloom
British Legion
Wild Life Society
Warwickshire College
Prince Harry Road
Riverside Gardens
Henley Diary
Out of Town
Malvern, Worcs
Warwickshire County
Stratford District
Joint Parish Council
Heart Start
Trading Standards
The Gourmet Walkers
Heritage Centre
Memorial Hall
Medical Centre
High School
Chief Photographer
Green Henley

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