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Edition 110  -  22nd June 2006
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Hidden Gardens open day

Douglas & Sue BridgewaterAfter 12 months of exhaustive planning, Henley’s Hidden Gardens Open Day took place on Sunday last. It was a huge success, with a constant stream of visitors to all the gardens. Over 300 visitors came from Coventry, Leamington, Stratford, Handsworth, Sutton Coldfield and Tanworth - but mostly from Henley. Without fail, they enjoyed themselves greatly. Their enthusiasm and interest ensured that the garden owners also had a marvellous time, answering questions and receiving compliments.

The day was the result of the efforts of a very hard working committee led by Sue Bridgewater and those of a tireless team of helpers on the day. The gardens looked absolutely lovely, while the scarecrows outside each property gave Henley a slightly dissolute look and attracted much attention.

The committee greatly appreciates the dedication and hard work over a considerable period given by the garden owners:

Diane and John Axon
Marijana and Duncan Bainbridge
Diane Bayley and Margrit Johnson
Anna and John Best
Kate and Phil Bonson
Marion and John Brealey
Sue and Doug Bridgewater
Nora Hillier
Susie and John Latham
Sue and Brian Westmacott
Bob Ward

A debt of gratitude is also owed to all those who generously provided cakes and scones for teas at Uplands House, much enjoyed by all who came. The plants sold in the Guild Hall Garden were donated by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Notcutts, Castle Nurseries and the garden owners. The shuttle bus laid on by Johnsons Coaches enabled many people to get round the gardens who would otherwise have found it extremely difficult. It is not often that a bus is to be seen going up and down Camp Lane! The committee is very grateful to Johnsons and also to Bigwoods, who sponsored the printing of tickets and publicity material. Other business in the town and a number of individuals also provided prizes for a well-supported raffle.

The day gave a great opportunity to visitors and owners alike to see parts of our beautiful town normally unseen, to meet old friends, make new ones and generally just have fun. Those who did not make it missed a Grand Day Out. There is already considerable demand for the day to be repeated, so they may have another opportunity in two years time.

It is pleasing to be able to report that the day was also a success in financial terms, with over £2,500 being raised for the Guild Hall Garden Project.

Douglas & Sue Bridgewater

Henley NEWS On-line's photographers John Love and Bill Leech recorded the event and have produced a special slideshow. Our picture above right shows the High Bailiff, Douglas Bridgewater and his wife Sue at Uplands. Each participating house had a scarecrow outside to welcome visitors. Click on the link below to view.

The Hidden Gardens of Henley - Slideshow

Church FeteST John's Church Fete


St John's Church presents

Summer Fete

on Saturday 24th June at 2.00pm

in and around the Church Hall Beaudesert Lane

Everyone Welcome


If you have any items to donate to the stalls (cakes, produce, plants, good quality bric-a-brac, raffle prizes, tombola prizes etc) please call Rosemary Furze on 01564 793266.

And don't forget, it's still not too late to sponsor a duck in the great Henley Duck Race.

For more information call Robin Rumbles on 0156 794424.

For the most Comprehensive Information about Henley-in-Arden

Visit Henley-in-Arden's Gateway Website at

The Bench Debate continues

Why has THE BENCH not been put back, seeing that it has been proved that its removal has not solved the problem, but has caused a great deal of suffering to the elderly & infirm who relied on it for a rest?

The only people who can solve this problem, are the parents & the Police.

I foresee a lot of members of the Committee losing their seats at the next election if this matter is not rectified. Don't forget that Henley has a large number of old people, who are inclined to cast their votes more readily than the younger population.

PLEASE replace THE BENCH, which, after all, has been in residence much longer than a most of the people in Henley. You will make a lot of people very happy & give us confidence that you do care & can admit to making mistakes sometimes!

Mrs. Dora Heath.

Following your report on the distraction Burglary, will the powers that be remove the ladies house?

The precedent has now been set by the removal of the High Street bench, whereby Inanimate objects are being blamed for problems caused by people without any respect for others. My sympathies lie with the lady who was burgled and the residents who used the Bench.

But why can we not deal with the root cause ? Allow the police to have the powers to deal with the youths on the High Street, and return the Bench for us all to use, and also increase the deterrent for burglars and thieves.

Is a slap on the wrist enough of a deterrent?

The Grumpy Old Man at the Top of the Hill

I do hope the JPC, or one of the members of the JPC, will respond to our correspondents above, for I am sure that they express the views of most council tax payers and voters in our two parishes. For one day our councillors will be seeking their votes to remain in office.


RotaryRotary Club - President's Night

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden held their annual President's Night at the DM Hall, Claverdon last Friday with over 60 Rotarians and their guests attending. Paul Rayner, the retiring President, congratulated members on raising over £6,000 during his year of office for local, national and international charities. £1,500 will be presented to the President's chosen charity Prostate Cancer.

President Paul expressed his thanks for all the support received from the Henley Community during his year as President.

President's guests

President Paul Rayner and his wife Christine with Assistant District Rotary Governor John Lock and his wife Kay

Sue Dalby


Sue Dalby provided an outstanding meal which drew very wide praise.

The Racketts, a six piece band, played in to the early hours.


Henley Wildlife Society visit Wootton Lake

On Tuesday 13th June a party of 22 were shown the lake and told how half of it had been dredged last year, in order to give the lake its original depth. Built 200 years ago by the damming of two small rivers, the lake had gradually silted up, until the point was reached when the overall depth of the lake was only around 2 feet. Below that lay between 2 feet and 9 feet of mud! In hot weather the fish were not getting enough oxygen from the water.

Wootton Lake

John Haimes (left) showing one of the five mud lagoons drying out. On the surface are the shells of mussels. The lake is in the background.

A vacuum dredge was used almost continuously over three months. This method avoided unnecessary environmental disturbance; any muddy water was immediately sucked up and taken by pipe into the first of five lagoons. There, the mud settled and water was drained off back into the lake via the other four lagoons. Leaving half the lake undredged has meant that larvae, etc., growing in the mud, are still there. During 2006, measurements of temperature, oxygen and other things are being recorded in order to assess the impact of dredging upon the life in the lake. The group observed ducks, geese, swans and heron and in the reed beds were warblers and buntings.

Both the talk and the walk were very informative and with the lovely sunshine, an altogether enjoyable event.

Penny Stott

Fantastic Family Fun Day!

ScoutsOur local Scout Troop have asked that you make a note in your diary for their big summer fund raiser.

Their ‘Fantastic Family Fun Day’ is on Sunday September 3rd on Henley High schools playground and field. Open from 1pm to 6pm, this great fun afternoon will offer attractions for the whole family, from tiny tots to teenagers, and even grandparents!

Attractions will include a number of great fun inflatables, such as a Bouncy Castle, Gladiator Challenge, Bungee run and Bouncy Slide, plus side stalls entertainment too.

There will be a BBQ plus tombola, face painting and the like. Admission is free; there’s just a small charge at each of the attractions.

All proceeds are in aid of 1st Henley and Wootton Scout troop, to purchase better equipment for the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scout troops.

For further information please call John Johnson on 01564 792073. So for a Fantastic Family Fun Day….put Sunday 3rd September in your diary now!

John Johnson - Fun Day Organiser

Wedding Gown Ball for Breast Cancer Research

This glamorous event will be a great opportunity for all past brides and bridesmaids to don their wedding outfits again.

Wedding Gown Ball

The ball will be held on the August 11th, at the height of the wedding season. However, instead of a single bride, hundreds of brides will descend on Chesford Grange to enjoy dinner, entertainment and a charity auction to support Breast Cancer Research UK.

SaraThe Wedding Gown Ball is being organised by local resident Sara Bennett, who was desperate for an opportunity to wear her white dress again, following her marriage last year.

Sara commented “Ladies spend thousands of pounds on a dress that they wear for one day. This ball is an opportunity to support a great charity and for us all to show off our frocks and remember our big days! Dress is wedding-gowns, bridesmaid dresses, or just simply an excuse to go out and buy a new dress. Black-tie for men; although men are optional!

Tickets are priced at £55 each, or £50 each to book a table for 10, and include a welcome drink followed by a four-course gourmet meal and entertainment.

For information about tickets, donations and sponsorship opportunities please call Sara on 07968 712698, email: or see

New Interim Pastor at the Baptist Church

New PastorThis month, Henley welcomed a new Pastor and his wife to the Baptist Church - Charles and Patricia Boyd from Springfield Missouri USA.

On arrival in the UK, they showed the normal letter of introduction but the Immigration Officers took their passports and deported them back to USA.

They then had to get a Minister's 6 month visa from British Consulate in Chicago and return United Kingdom.

Charles and Patricia fly back to USA November 1st.

John Love Reporting.

ID Cards

ID CardThis was written originally by Frances Stonor Saunders. She is the former arts editor of The New Statesman, author of The Cultural Cold War, Diabolical Englishman and The Devil's Broker and was awarded the Royal Historical Society's William Gladstone Memorial Prize.

You may have heard that legislation creating compulsory ID Cards passed a crucial stage in the House of Commons. You may feel that ID cards are not something to worry about, since we already have Photo ID for our Passport and Driving License and an ID Card will be no different to that. What you have not been told is the full scope of this proposed ID Card, and what it will mean to you personally.

The proposed ID Card will be different from any card you now hold. It will be connected to a database called the NIR , (National Identity Register), where all of your personal details will be stored. This will include the unique number that will be issued to you, your fingerprints, a scan of the back of your eye, and your photograph. Your name, address and date of birth will also obviously be stored there. There will be spaces on this database for your religion, residence status, and many other private and personal facts about you. There is unlimited space for every other details of your life on the NIR database, WHICH CAN BE EXPANDED by the Government with or without further Acts of Parliament.

By itself, you might think that this register is harmless, but you would be wrong to come to this conclusion. This new card will be used to check your identity against your entry in the register in real time, whenever you present it to 'prove who you are'. Every place that sells alcohol or cigarettes, every post office, every pharmacy, and every Bank will have an NIR Card Terminal, (very much like the Chip and Pin Readers that are everywhere now) into which your card can be 'swiped' to check your identity. Each time this happens, a record is made at the NIR of the time and place that the Card was presented. This means for example, that there will be a government record of every time you withdraw more than £99 at your branch of NatWest, who now demand ID for these transactions. Every time you have to prove that you are over 18, your card will be swiped, and a record made at the NIR. Restaurants and off licenses will demand that your card is swiped so that each receipt shows that they sold alcohol to someone over 18, and that this was proved by the access to the NIR, indemnifying them from prosecution.

Private businesses are going to be given access to the NIR Database. If you want to apply for a job, you will have to present your card for a swipe. If you want to apply for a London Underground Oyster Card, or a supermarket loyalty card, or a driving license you will have to present your ID Card for a swipe. The same goes for getting a telephone line or a mobile phone or an internet account. Oyster, DVLA, BT and Nectar (for example) all run very detailed databases of their own.They will be allowed access to the NIR, just
as every other business will be. This means that each of these entities will be able to store your unique number in their database, and place all your travel, phone records, driving activities and detailed shopping habits under your unique NIR number. These databases, which can easily fit on a storage device the size of your hand, will be sold to third parties either legally or illegally. It will then be possible for a non-governmental entity to create a detailed dossier of all your activities. Certainly, the government will have clandestine access to all of them, meaning that they will have a complete record of all your movements, from how much and when you withdraw from your bank account to what medications you are taking, down to the level of what sort of bread you eat - all accessible via a single unique number in a Central database.

This is quite a significant leap from a simple ID Card that shows your name and face. Most people do not know that this is the true character and scope of the proposed ID Card. Whenever the details of how it will work are explained to them, they quickly change from being ambivalent towards it. The Government is going to COMPEL you to enter your details into the NIR and to carry this card. If you and your children want to obtain or renew your passports, you will be forced to have your fingerprints taken and your eyes scanned for the NIR, and an ID Card will be issued to you whether you want one or not. If you refuse to be fingerprinted and eye scanned, you will not be able to get a passport. Your ID Card will, just like your passport, not be your property. The Home Secretary will have the right to revoke or suspend your ID at any time, meaning that you will not be able to withdraw money from your Bank Account, for example, or do anything that requires you to present your government issued ID Card.

The arguments that have been put forwarded in favour of ID Cards can be easily disproved. ID Cards will not stop terrorists; every Spaniard has a compulsory ID Card as did the Madrid Bombers. ID Cards will not 'eliminate benefit fraud', which in comparison, is small compared to the astronomical cost of this proposal, which will be measured in billions according to the LSE (London School of Economics). This scheme exists solely to exert total surveillance and control over the ordinary free British Citizen, and it will line the pockets of the companies that will create the computer systems at the expense of your freedom, privacy and money.

If you did not know the full scope of the proposed ID Card Scheme before and you are as unsettled as I am at what it really means to you, to this country and its way of life, I ask you to email or photocopy this and give it to your friends and everyone else you think should know and who cares. The Bill has proceeded to this stage due to the lack of accurate and complete information on this proposal being made public.

Frances Stonor Saunders

Joint Parish Council AGM

JPCThe Annual Meeting of Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council took place on Monday night 19th June 2006. Cllr Stephen Thirlwell was re-elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year and Cllr Sheila Roy as Vice Chairman. Members elected representatives to outside bodies in the town and inspected the trust deed in the custody of the council.

At the ordinary meeting that followed members streamlined the committee structure of the council reducing the number of committees from four to three. The councils manifesto for 2006 was agreed.

A report on the French Normandy Market taking place over Friday 30th and Saturday 1st July was presented to the council by Cllr Laurence Marshall. The market is being set up on the side of the High Street opposite the police station. It will begin by the market cross and extend northwards along the High Street for around 140 metres. The Chairman of the council will officially open the market at 12 noon

The market stalls include French bread and croissants that will actually be baked on the High Street; there will be all manner of cheeses, meats, and garlic, pastries, mustards and spices as well as wines and ciders. There will also be a selection of non food items including lavender, tablecloths, handbags and ceramics etc. The French market itself will be extended by approximately
4-6 metres to include the Warwickshire College who will be promoting hair & beauty courses, the Spa at Henley Centre and the Pavilion Gym.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Monday 3rd July 2006. Meetings take place in the Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Henley-in-Arden from 7.15pm and as with all meetings of the council members of the public are welcome to attend.

Warwickshire College open evening

Warks CollegeWarwickshire College is holding an open evening this month to show teenagers about to leave school what opportunities are available to them.

The event is aimed mainly at showing year 11 pupils, who will have just finished their GCSEs, what full-time courses they can take in the area if they are still undecided about what to do from September. Year 10 pupils who have another year in school are also invited to come along and start making plans for their future.

The open evening is on Thursday, June 29, Henley-in-Arden Centre from 5 to 8 pm.

Young people and their parents will be able to meet tutors, discuss options with a Connexions Personal Adviser, tour the facilities, gain valuable advice and guidance, find out about Warwickshire College’s bespoke transport service and get information about Education Maintenance Grants of £30 a week, which are available to many young people on further education courses, dependent on their household income.

Comment by our Senior Correspondent

The pig in the Middle

Irene RobinsonPerhaps my French grandmother, who sadly has passed on, would correct me. This is my perception of France and the French people through Worlds Wars 1 and 2. If my country had been devastated twice in 25 years, I would do everything to ensure its success. Airmen shot down over France were passed along a network back to our own country. The underground army was very active, in spite of the cruel treatment to underground fighters and their families. There was a whole village herded into a barn, which was then set alight. The next generation of children were shot in front of their parents because the parents would not give information to the Germans.

On a visit to Brest a few years ago, I spoke to a French lady who told me that German and Japanese submarines were based there. Of course, it was a target for our bombers but this lady said, “Oh, but you had to do it”. I wondered if I would have been so charitable.

We seem to be very good at shooting ourselves in the foot without the intervention of any outside agency. Our call centres are being farmed out to India. My recent experience of this was to verify the times of trains from Stratford upon Avon that stopped at Reading, to be told it was 10.25, which indeed it was, but that was the departure time from New Street Station.

A big shot in the foot was the MG Rover fiasco. The Chinese were meant to be our saviors but no, they dismantled the Longbridge works and sent our up to date machinery to their own factory. Our captains of industry were certainly led by the nose. One British name, Salter's, has also moved to China. My Salter kitchen timer was marked “Made in China”

Even Margaret Thatcher, a very patriotic lady, sent HMS Sheffield (damaged in the Falklands conflict) to a German shipyard for its refitting, when all the expertise was available in its own home shipyard at Barrow-in-the-Furness.

Whereas Jacques Chirac moved to stop the name Danône being moved from France, we have stood meekly by while the Spanish have acquired BAA. Since the air travel industry in Spain is nationalised, shall we have a nationalised foreign industry running some of our airports? Somehow, I feel this deal will not favour us.

Being one-quarter Frog as someone so charmingly put it, I am also three quarters “Ros Bif”. The “Ros Bif” in me knows there is no other country as lovely as Great Britain but I grieve to see how our nation is being messed about by our politicians, who do not seem to care.

The frog in me is dismayed that our Prime Minister is known as The Scrounger in Italy. The same Prime Minister criticized his own countrymen in front of a European assembly, surrendered our hard won rebate and came away from his European presidency without any concession. Well done Tony!!

In the highly charged atmosphere of the World Cup, we need captains who will put the ball in the opponents’ goal, not in our own goal.

Irene Robinson

PS       We managed to save HP sauce thanks to the workers – not our government.

The Nigel Hastilow Column

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Nigel HastilowObviously the words “police” and “intelligence” should never be used in the same sentence. But when the London coppers get a tip-off that someone’s making a chemical bomb in a suburban street, what are they supposed to do? Ignore it?

The raid on the home of Mohammed Abdul Kahar and his brother Abul Koyair at their home in Forest Gate, East London, was over the top. Why it’s necessary to go in with all cameras blazing and 250 of the Met’s finest is something the police ought to explain.

But whether they should be apologising for their reasonable caution in raiding the house and arresting the suspects is another matter. Alas, one of the brothers got shot – not badly – and, alas, they were kept in the cells and asked a few not-very-friendly questions. Now they’re out and doubtless they will become the latest martyrs to the anti-police cause while milking the system of millions for their hurt and anguish.

Yet for all that, I still think that on balance I would rather the police went over the top and launched mass raids on potential terrorists than that they took a softly-softly, wait-and-see approach and discovered the terrible truth only when it was too late.

Mr Kahar is calling for mass apologies. "I want everyone that was involved, whoever gave the order for the raid to happen, for the shot to go off, everyone involved to apologise," he said at his press conference yesterday. Interesting, isn’t it, how innocent young victims of police maltreatment are so sophisticated these days that the first thing they do on their release from prison is to summon the world’s media to a press conference? I have never really understood this fashion for apologies. Whenever anyone does or says something we don’t like, we seem to demand an apology. And usually the other side refuses to give one. Unless you are the Church of England saying sorry for slavery or Tony Blair apologising for the Irish potato famine of 1847, of course.

Anyway, if it’s apologies that are needed, then it’s about time more Moslems apologised for the terrorist attacks in New York and London. A friend of mine tells me he attended a major Moslem event in the West Midlands earlier this week at which the main speaker was a prominent ayatollah from Pakistan. His main – indeed almost his only – message was that there was still no evidence at all that any Moslems had been involved in the 9/11 or the 7/7 terrorist outrages. And if anyone still believes that, they will believe that Sir Ian Blair should be allowed to stay on as head of the Metropolitan Chief until he reaches retirement age.

Too many mad mullahs still claim Islam is innocent of the thousands of lives lost to terrorism in the past few years. But most Moslems, as well as everyone else, knows differently. It would be helpful if those Islamic leaders who do preach peace, love and harmony were to get their colleagues to sing from the same hymn-book, as it were. Instead we have the hideous sight of ayatollahs visiting the West Midlands and preaching a doctrine which defies the evidence of our eyes and which accuses the Western world of lying against the faith.

If anyone should apologise, it’s the people who preach these pernicious doctrines. And in the case of the Pakistani preacher, my friend did extract an apology of sorts. When the cleric realised there was a white man in the congregation, he went up to him later and apologised. He claimed his English wasn’t very good and what he said could have been misinterpreted or misunderstood. But he didn’t admit it was Moslem extremists who attacked the twin towers or the London underground let alone condemn their actions.

Meanwhile, the Government has come up with a Baldrick-like cunning plan to tackle the country’s illegal immigrant crisis. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. They will simply announce an amnesty, making all the one million or more illegals legal. It’s sheer genius –a decade of Home Office indolence and incompetence wiped out with a rubber stamp.

Every day brings news of another outrage. Yet the only people expected to apologise are the police whose only crime is trying to protect us.

Nigel Hastilow

Neighbour WatchHenley in Arden Police Surgery

A 'Drop In' facility at Henley Police Station to discuss issues/problems within the community with your local policing team.

The next Police Surgery will be WEDNESDAY 28th June 2006 between 11am-1pm

Make Henley Greener
Save Money - Help Save the Planet

No need to throw away your unwanted things; offer them on freecycle to someone who will treasure them and put them to good use. Go to to register your unwanted chairs, toys, doors, computers or anything that might be useful to someone. While you are there see what is on offer for free from other freecylers. You might save the cost of anything you need. Freecyle is a modern way to recycle unwanted items and help to minimise landfill and wasting of resources.

For more information about the Make Henley Greener project, click here.

John Stott

JPCJPC Information on-line

Information about the Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council is regularly updated on the Henley Gateway Website "This is Henley-in-Arden".

Look no further than for the latest and most comprehensive information about the JPC.

For the most Comprehensive Information about Henley-in-Arden

Visit Henley-in-Arden's Gateway Website at

Alerts from Trading Standards

Good Weather Heralds Rise in Rogue Trader Complaints

The good weather has heralded a rise in the number of complaints about itinerant rogue builders, gardeners and tarmac gangs Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service is warning.

Be careful of callers who offer to carry out building repairs, surface your drive, or carry out gardening work. They may have no experience or training and although low prices are often quoted, as the work starts the price often rises.

Householders can find that they are paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds more than they expected. The work will normally be done immediately, before the householder changes their mind and the standard may be very poor, leaving the owner facing a second bill to have the work done again.

These people may use false names, addresses, and telephone numbers and will often ask for money in advance – even offering to drive you to your bank or to a cash point to pay them. They could then simply disappear or do a poor job very expensively.

In the past two months Trading Standards Officers have received approximately 40 complaints relating to bogus selling, doorstep sales, and rogue traders.

In the past week one elderly resident was reported to have paid a rogue builder £11,000 in cash and blank cheques! The trader disappeared having done little or no work and left only a false name, no address, and a mobile phone number that is never answered. Another resident was tricked in to having his driveway completely re-surfaced after itinerant traders asked to dump a ‘small amount’ of concrete on his land. Those who did the job used threatening language and intimidation to try and get the consumer to pay them £8000.

Mark Ryder, Head of Warwickshire Trading Standards Service said: “We are tackling doorstep crime by trying wherever possible to attend the homes of elderly and vulnerable people who report they are experiencing problems with rogue traders. This allows us to challenge the trader and support the consumer. We are also using our new powers to stop rogue traders ripping off consumers and we are both educating and warning the public. Remember doorstep criminals can be extremely persuasive and intimidating, so if you don’t want to speak to the person standing at your door, don’t open it. It can be hard to distinguish the good traders from the cowboys; it might be easier to keep the door closed.”

Trading Standards advise that if you need any building work or home improvements/repairs done:

  • Get a minimum of three written quotes from local traders with reputations to maintain.
  • Seek recommendations whenever possible.
  • Check the traders name and address to be sure they are who they say they are and are based at that location.
  • Never pay the whole amount up front, stagger the payments and avoid paying cash if possible.
  • And finally, if in doubt, talk it through with a friend, neighbour or someone in your family.

Bogus Phone Call
A NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH member has reported receiving a call from someone with a north country accent who said he represented a well known kitchen firm; he asked her how long she had owned her home. The resident told the caller she was on the Telephone Preference Service (a free service and should not have received such a call. He then replied that the best way to stop such calls was to send him a cheque for £30! The resident then put the phone down. Trading Standards believe this was a call from an opportunist fraudsters who was attempting to obtain any information, or money he could from the resident.

And always remember - if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Trading StandardsSimon Cripwell
Senior Information Officer
Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

The Henley-in-Arden Notice Board

Vanity Box

Inner Wheel Event


This is the fourth year of the C4C which goes from strength to Strength... This year we have moved the event from September to July at the request of the youth groups and schools that are involved in supporting the event. So please make a note in your diaries for Sunday July 9, 2006 - well before the World Cup football final starts!


Spirit of Piaf
Normandy Market
Summer Ball
Katie Fforde
Subscribe to Henley NEWS on-line

Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Diane Bayley at 6 St John's Close. All diary dates for the next Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Diane at: Articles and news stories for Henley NEWS on-line should be sent to the at any time.

CHURCH FETE will be held on Saturday 24th June in and around the Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane from 2.00pm. All the usual activities. Come and enjoy all the delights of a traditional village fete.

NORMANDY MARKET organised by Beaudesert & Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July.

SPIRIT of PIAF organised by Beaudesert & Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July. Tickets from the Vanity Box.

Jazz in the GardenJAZZ IN THE GARDEN. This annual event will take place in the Guild Hall Garden on the evening of SATURDAY 1st JULY. Bring your own picnic and listen or dance to THE AD HOC JAZZ BAND. Tickets are £10.00 and include Fizz and strawberries. Tickets, which are likely to sell out very quickly, are on sale at the Vanity Box or phone Marijana Bainbridge 793539/ 794987. Proceeds go to Memorial Hall Funds.

ULLENHALL GARDENING CLUB Visit to Hampton Court Flower Show on Thursday 9th JULY leaving Henley at 7.00am return approximately 7.00pm £37.00 includes coach and admission.  Contact Diane Bayley on 793903

HENLEY-IN-ARDEN EVERGREEN CLUB . Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15 p.m. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining, please contact Gordon Trinder.

HENLEY-IN-ARDEN WI Brenda Brewer is coming to give her talk “My experiences as a Rep in Cyprus 2002/2003” at our meeting on Tuesday 4th July in the Memorial Hall from 7.30 p.m. Visitors are welcome to join us and will find out about all the activities available through the W. I. Our activities are very varied and there should be something to appeal to everyone.

HENLEY-IN-BLOOM I’m sure you will agree that Henley is looking lovely thanks to all the hard work our volunteers put in. We shall be having our annual street collection and produce/plant sale on 8th July by St. Johns Church. Please support our efforts and a big “Thank You” to those who have already contributed.

PARISH CHURCH SUMMER DANCE in the Church Hall, 8th July, 8 till late. Tickets £8.50 from the Rectory.

HENLEY WILDLIFE SOCIETY Another outdoor meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18th July when we will be going for a Nature Walk. Please meet at the Market Cross at 6.30 p.m. Contact Secretary on 793373 if you need a lift. Visitors welcome £1.

HENLEY FLOWER CLUB Workshop on 11th July has been cancelled. Saturday 29th July Annual Show and Competition at the Memorial Hall.

SCOUT TROOP ‘Fantastic Family Fun Day’ is on Sunday September 3rd on Henley High schools playground and field. Open from 1pm to 6pm, this great fun afternoon will offer attractions for the whole family, from tiny tots to teenagers, and even grandparents!  Attractions will include a number of great fun inflatables, such as a Bouncy Castle, Gladiator Challenge, Bungee run and Bouncy Slide, plus side stalls entertainment too. There will be a BBQ plus tombola, face painting and the like. Admission is free; there’s just a small charge at each of the attractions.

Bowling ClubHENLEY-in-ARDEN BOWLS CLUB meets on Monday evenings from April to September at 6.30pm and plays until it is dark. The club is situated next to the Tennis Courts at the Sports and Social club ground on the A34 just outside Henley. The Club welcome new members, whether beginners or established players. For further information contact John Townson 01564 792407.

There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Co-ordinator's. If you are aware that  you are not covered in your area or are willing to be a co-ordinator. Please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Business ClubTHE WARWICKSHIRE BUSINESS CLUB holds its monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic. Full details are at

Rotary ClubTHE ROTARY CLUB of Henley-in-Arden meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm.

New members are always welcome. Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email

Bridge ClubThe Henley-in-Arden Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually find time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!. Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.

For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.

Events for future Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Diane Bayley at 6 St John's Close marked ‘Henley Diary’ email: . Please tell all your friends about The Henley Diary.

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