21st October 2005
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Dads Army on parade

On Wednesday 12th October, the British Legion held a dinner in the Memorial Hall to celebrate VE & VJ days. Uniforms were hired for the evening by some members, with many attaining rapid promotion in rank in the process.

The entertainment was by Phil Chase, who gave a very enjoyable performance, many songs of the period, and many jokes, which went down well.

Les Goodman managed to obtain a lottery grant towards the entertainment, and towards the attendance of the Shirley Pipe Band at the parade and drumhead service.

High Bailiff arrives as a RAF Navigator

Les & Carsina Goodman

Eric Cross

Joyce Thomas & John Horne

Sheila Nicholson & Dennis Cox

Peter Mcg inn

Dave Phillips

Arthur O'Donnell

Sheila Nicholson & Lorna Harrison

Bill Jones

Stan & Peggy Kent-Payne

Alan Jackson

Ken & Joan Brown

Entertainer - Phil Chase

Report & photos by
22873539 L/Cpl J P Love R Sigs Retired

Trafalgar Anniversary Lunch

The Trafalgar Anniversary lunch, organised by Henley NEWS on-line takes place this Saturday in the magnificent dining room at the Judges' House, Warwick. 58 people will sit down to a special themed lunch followed by a visit to the Court Complex.

Nigel Hastilow (pictured right), who has been researching the Battle of Trafalgar, will be the guest speaker.

A full report of this event will appear in next week's edition of Henley NEWS on-line.

Johnsons Holiday Show comes to Town!

On Saturday 29 October well over 1,000 holiday makers are expected to descend on Henley High School for the Johnsons Coaches annual "2006 Holiday Show" Henley High School, Stratford Road, Henley-in-Arden which is now in its 17th year.

John Johnson, Director of Johnsons Coaches said "Our show gives new and potential customers an opportunity to come along, discuss their 2006 holiday with members of our team from drivers through to couriers and industry experts who have a good knowledge of the destinations on offer. In addition to being able to book on the day. Each year we try to introduce different tours in order to keep our programme alive and fresh for our customers. For 2006 we have still included favourites such as Sidmouth, Bournemouth and Torquay, but a whole range of new destinations have now been added which include Poland, an Imperial Cities tour, more walking holidays and an activity section which includes holidays covering Painting in the Lake District, Cookery Creations in Derbyshire and holidaymakers can even follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists with an unusual and fascinating holiday in Paris.

At the show there is also a whole host of activities including computer slide shows, video presentations, Grand Prize draw and a charity raffle".

The show runs from 9am to 4.30pm. FREE coach travel to the event is also available from pick up points throughout the South and West Midlands and customers are asked to call the Show helpline on 01564 797000 for more details on this service.

New Sewers for Edge Lane

Severn Trent Water has agreed to install a £316,000 sewerage system to replace up to 11 septic tanks, which no longer function adequately in Edge Lane. The septic tanks will be replaced with new sewer pipes, connecting homes to a public sewer for the first time. And according to environment chiefs this will stop pollution in a nearby tributary stream to the River Alne, which is currently filled with waste.

Project manager, lan Woodward, said that by providing residents with a sewer, the problems would be solved." Effective sewage removal and treatment is essential for the health and well-being of our customers and the environment and we will be making sure the flora and fauna, fish and other wildlife are protected."

The work is expected to be completed by February next year. A section of Edge Lane will close for two months from November 28 and a diversionary route will be set up through Henley Road off Warwick Road. A section of Arden Road will be closed for two weeks from November 14 with diversions planned along Meadow Road and St Nicliol.is Road.

A Third of Electric Blankets Were Unsafe!

A Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service campaign to test the safety of electric blankets has revealed that overall, one third of the 533 blankets submitted for a free test were unsafe.

With the support of Warwickshire Library and Information Service and Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, free tests were offered to older people living in Warwickshire and in all 533 blankets were tested at locations across the county.

Most blankets failed because they had no overheat protection, (built in to more modern blankets to help prevent a fire if the blanket develops a fault whilst it is turned on), or because the wires within the blanket had become criss-crossed causing hot spots.

Results from across the county were mixed. In South Warwickshire at least four in every ten blankets tested failed whilst in Rugby and Warwick around one-third failed. The best results were to be seen in Nuneaton and Leamington Spa. In the former 28% failed whilst in the latter it was only one-quarter.

Noel Hunter, Director of Warwickshire Trading Standards said:“ This campaign seeks to rid Warwickshire of unsafe and dangerous electric blankets and we are delighted that so many older people took up the opportunity to have their blankets tested.”

The blanket tests, and any repairs, were carried out free of charge, and owners of condemned blankets received a voucher from ‘Dreamland’ entitling them to money off the cost off a new blanket.

Visitors to the electric blanket tests were each provided with a pack of information by the Consumer Support Network (CSN) a partnership of Warwickshire Trading Standards, Age Concern, and Warwickshire CAB’s. Electric Blanket Safety Advice

Faulty or damaged electric blankets can cause fires and it is therefore important for consumers to ensure that their electric blankets are safe.

Electric blankets sold in the shops are made to strict safety standards. But they wear with age - and what's more a not-so-old blanket can become dangerous too - and can even start a fire, if it is misused.

Those that were unable to take advantage of the testing programme can check their own blankets by looking for the following warning signs:

• the fabric is worn or frayed
• there are scorch marks anywhere
• the tie tapes are damaged or missing
• the flex is worn or damaged
• any connections are loose

Remember older blankets in regular use are much more likely to have one or more of the above faults.

Electric blanket safety advice and guidance is available by contacting Warwickshire Trading Standards Advice line on 01926 414000 or alternatively visit our website: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/tradingstandards and click on electric blanket safety.

Warwickshire Police to merge

Warwickshire Police is set to merge with three other forces to create a regional force for the West Midlands area. The new superforce would spread across four counties - prompting fears of job losses and fewer bobbies on the beat, especially in rural areas. It would result from the merger of West Midlands Police, Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police and Staffordshire Police.

It is also hoped Coventry police and Warwickshire Police would amalgamate to become one force under joint operational command - as a subdivision of the new regional force. A Coventry and Warwickshire joint force is preferred because of existing organised criminal activity between the city and county. Much of the crime in Warwickshire emanates from Coventry and the West Midlands, say senior police officers. They claim a Coventry and Warwickshire force would also help "restore a traditional sense of community identity" in the area - carved up in 1974 when the West Midlands county was created.

The region-wide merger of the four forces is one of four short listed options drawn up by Warwickshire Police - the county's first response to an ultimatum from Home Secretary Charles Clarke to produce a merger options by the end of this month. The other options include a merger solely with West Midlands; or the West Midlands and one of the other county forces.

But the merger of the four forces is preferred by Warwickshire's Chief Constable John Burbeck, and the police authority, because it would be most attractive to the government. It would result in maximum savings in administration - which could be reinvested in NEIGHBOURHOOD policing. It would also enable the Coventry and Warwickshire merger.

West Midlands police chiefs are also said to favour the merger of all four forces.

Under the plans, Warwickshire would lose its senior officers, including its Chief Constable. Warwickshire Police Authority would also go, though it hopes to ensure the county's policing remains accountable to its local community. Hundreds of administration jobs at Warwickshire Police's headquarters in Leek Wootton are also at stake.

A final decision will be made by Mr Clarke next year and he has ordered Warwickshire, and all forces nationwide, to draw up merger proposals. Warwickshire and the other forces have until the end of the year to select their preferred merger option from their shortlist - and produce a detailed financial analysis of efficiency savings.

The government believes small shire forces such as Warwickshire - the smallest in the country with just 1,000 officers - are ill-equipped for 21st century crime fighting - including terrorism, and serious organised crime across local boundaries. Mr Burbeck sought to reassure the public over fears of a loss of bobbies on the beat, and any prospect of county officers being drafted to Coventry or Birmingham to fight higher levels of crime.

He said: "Our overriding aim is to continue to improve policing in Warwickshire. Whatever the shape and size of any new strategic force, local NEIGHBOURHOOD policing teams will remain at the heart of policing in Warwickshire."

Phil Blundell, chair of Warwickshire Police Authority, said: "We don't yet know the shape of any new strategic force in the West Midlands, but we are committed to ensuring Warwickshire retains control over the policing budget for Warwickshire to preserve local accountability."

Fresh Bard claims rubbished

New research suggesting the real Shakespeare was in fact an unheard-of English aristocrat called Sir Henry Neville has brewed up a tempest amongst Shakespeare Birthplace Trust chiefs who claim the evidence is ridiculous.

Two leading academics claim in their new book, The Truth Will Out: Unmasking the Real Shakespeare, that some of the greatest plays and verse in the English language were written by the little-known Elizabethan courtier and that Shakespeare was merely a frontman.

But Professor Stanley Wells, chairman of the birthplace trust and leading Shakespeare authority, told the Observer that fresh claims about the Bard's authenticity were simply an attempt by authors to get ten minutes of fame and that there was much ignorance surrounding what people consider evidence.

The controversial book, published on October 25, claims the so-called real Bard - Henry Neville, nicknamed 'Falstaff' by friends - was more likely to have written works such as Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet because he was a better educated man of culture, a courtier and a well-travelled linguist, whose life mirrors the evolution of the Bard's works so precisely that authors believe it cannot be dismissed as coincidence.

Prof Wells confessed to never having heard of Sir Henry Neville before the new book but explained there were huge gaps in its apparent revelations.

" It is nonsense to say when Shakespeare left school he was uneducated. His education may have been limited but it would have been very intense - with detailed study of classic subjects like Latin," he said.

" Suggesting he knew nothing about travel is also quite ridiculous. We don't know if he went abroad or not but he would have met many travellers while working in cosmopolitan London and, in any case, his geography was sometimes inaccurate. He quite often referred to places like Rome romantically rather than in specific geographic detail."

Prof Wells added that continued speculation into the Bard was a cultural phenomena that flew in the face of considerable evidence.

" It is really ridiculous but this has been going on since the mid-19th century. There is a certain snobbery in people's unwillingness to accept that someone of humble beginnings could have created Shakespeare's works and their desire to disprove him is a lot more to do with money than actual evidence."


ARCHITECTS have unveiled the focus of the multi-million pound redevelopment of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The findings of a design study made public reveal basic plans for the huge theatre facelift for the first time. They announce the focus will be on improving the areas surrounding the world-famous RST building, while updating its auditorium to retain important original features and expanding the use of RSC premises across the town.

The feasibility study, led by top architects Bennetts Associates, looked into every key area surrounding the redevelopment plans and will now be used as a baseline to draw up outline designs, expected early next year. It establishes that the RSC's needs can be met by using the entire RST site as well as the Union Club in Chapel Lane and existing workshops and offices between Waterside and Chapel Lane, the proposed thrust-stage auditorium can be accommodated between the existing fly-tower and art deco foyers with new foyer and other audience facilities accommodated by adapting the building on the western side of the current RST, adjacent to Waterside, and that the architecturally significant exterior and interior features of the RST, features campaigners fought hard to save from demolition, can be preserved and enhanced.

And at the heart of the study is an emerging proposal to open-up the theatre and its surrounding areas, creating a more welcoming place for both visitors and local people alike. The concept centres around plans to improve the public spaces, gardens and pathways around the theatre and along the riverbank in conjunction with the Waterfront Masterplan, currently being drawn up and debated by both Warwickshire County Council and Stratford District Council.

Plans include more visible entrance on Waterside for both the Swan and the RST, an improved and expanded shared foyer space for the two theatres, a new public courtyard on Waterside, new pedestrian routes around the transformed building including a renewed and level riverside walkway, better restaurant, cafe and other audience facilities and the development and extension of the Union Club site to provide improved and extended space for rehearsal, learning, production workshops and offices.

And while the transformation requires some accommodation to be added to the existing theatre buildings, RSC chiefs have promised the project will enhance many of the original elements of the theatres, including the 1930s art deco foyers and fountain staircase in the RST and the Swan Gallery from the original Victorian Memorial Theatre.

RSC Chairman, Sir Christopher Bland, said: "I am absolutely delighted with the work Bennetts Associates have done so far with the RSC team, which has the enthusiastic support of the entire Board. They have demonstrated that it is possible to transform the existing Royal Shakespeare Theatre in a way that marries the best of the past with our ambition to create the finest modern playhouse in the world for Shakespeare."

Henley In Arden Drama Society

proudly announce their production of


the novel by George Eliot

adapted for stage by Ray Evans

Memorial Hall, 26th to 29th October 2005
07990 515 305



1st RACE 1930 hrs.



Ticket cost to include supper - £10:00 PER PERSON.

Proceeds to Rotary charities.

Ticket enquires. Rotarian. David J BRAIN
djb.ccwks@btinternet.com or 01926 402404.

Henley Crime Report

This crime summary is a look at the crimes of public interest that occurred on the Henley, Snitterfield and Tanworth policing area over the last 14 days. We do not as normal practice include crimes of shoplifting, bilking, domestic violence or fraud.


Between 17:30 hours on Saturday 1st October and 01:40 hours on Sunday 2nd October unknown offender/s have stolen a black Jaguar X Type motor vehicle parked secure and unattended on the High Street, Henley by unknown means.
Incident number 60 of 2nd October refers

Sometime before 12:08 hours on Monday 10th October unknown offender/s have forced the door lock of a VW Golf motor vehicle parked secure and unattended in Exhall.
Offender/s have made a tidy search and stolen a wallet from the glovebox.
Incident number 224 of 10th October refers

Sometime before 07:30 hours on Monday 10th October unknown offender/s have forced the door lock of a Peugeot 309 motor vehicle parked secure and unattended on Tanworth Lane, Henley. Offender/s have stolen golf clubs from within.
Incident number 74 of 10th October refers

Between 20:00 hours and 21:30 hours on Wednesday 12th October unknown offender/s have smashed the front near side window of an Audi Cabriolet motor vehicle parked secure and unattended on a Public House car park in Earlswood. Offender/s have stolen a satellite navigation system from within.
Incident number 571 of 12th October 2005 refers

Sometime between 01:00 hours and 08:10 hours on Thursday 13th October unknown offender/s have drilled the door lock of a Seat Toledo motor vehicle parked secure and unattended on Tanworth Lane, Beoley. Offender/s have stolen a wallet, camera and satellite navigation system from within.
Incident number 85 of 13th October refers


Between 10:30 hours and 10:45 hours on Saturday 1st September two unknown male offender/s have pushed over a female IP whilst she was walking along The Croft, Henley. The offender/s have then stolen the IPs handbag. Offender/s described as around twenty years of age and wearing hoodie tops.
Incident number 694 of 1st October refers


At an unknown time Sunday 2nd October unknown offender/s have thrown a brick through the rear screen of a Renault motor vehicle parked secure and unattended on Bell Lane, Snitterfield. No motives know.
Incident number 248 of 2nd October refers


Offenders jailed
Two Romanian men who were involved in a scam to clone credit cards by fitting a false front to a bank cash machine in South Warwickshire have been jailed for three years after being caught red handed in Studley.
Both offender/s, from the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to conspiring to steal from bank cash machines.
The scam involves offender/s building a complete fascia to fit over the front of the ATM cash machines, which looks like the original. Inside this false fascia is a device that reads the magnetic information from any card put into the machine and feeds that information back to a computer, usually situated in a car parked nearby.
The scam requires offender/s to target well lit cash machines so that specially positioned cameras can record the customers pin number as it is entered.
The information from the card is then used to create a cloned card that can be used, together with the pin number, to get cash from machines or buy items from shops or over the Internet.
The two offenders, in this case, were caught after two local people were suspicious about what they were doing and called the Police.
Officers arrived on the scene and following a short pursuit the offender/s were arrested.

Wedding Shop Break
One man from the Redditch area was arrested yesterday (13th October) on suspicion of the break in at a bridal shop in Studley. Police enquires into the incident are still ongoing.

Warning letters, Anti Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
In the Alcester sector, since May 2005, ten warning letters have been issued in Henley in Arden, eight in Tanworth, one in Bidford and thirteen in Lower Quinton.
Acceptable Behaviour Contracts have been issued to three people in the Studley area, three in the Alcester area and one in the Bidford upon Avon area.
Anti Social Behaviour Orders have also been issued to one individual in the Alcester Area.

If you have any information or have witnessed the above incidents, please can you contact Alcester Police on 01789 762207.

Henley in Bloom needs YOU to survive



MEETING - Monday 24th October, 7.30 p.m. at the Baptist Church Hall

Alerts from Trading Standards

Bogus Email
Consumers are warned to beware of a new scam email. The email says that the recipients credit card account has been temporarily locked and that the recent online credit card transaction involving a Mr H Wall was therefore not authorised. The email will have been sent to many thousands of people in the hope that some of those who read it will have recently made online credit card purchases. Anyone tempted to click on the link provided on the email risks exposing their computer to viruses. Further, the email will also request personal and financial information as well as asking the recipient to confirm their bank details, and if obtained this can lead to identity theft.

Consumers should delete unsolicited (or spam) email immediately and not be tempted to open it or follow any links. In addition, never provide your personal or financial information.

Red Cross Scam
A local resident reported receiving a call from a man who said he was working for the Red Cross and was collecting for charity. He asked her for her bank details and she signed what appeared to be a direct debit form, although she was not told how much she would be paying. The caller was very pushy and told the woman that all her neighbours had already signed up.

Investigations revealed that the Red Cross are not knocking on doors and asking people for money. Never provide your personal or financial information. The Police have been advised.

Please feel free to pass on the information to whom ever you feel appropriate. We are keen to alert as many people as possible

Simon Cripwell
Senior Information Officer
Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

The Henley-in-Arden Notice Board

Henley in Bloom needs YOU to survive



MEETING - Monday 24th October, 7.30 p.m. at the Baptist Church Hall

The Memorial Hall Committee presents an evening of entertainment with

Wilson Roberts and Friends


Saturday 12 November at the Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm

Tickets £10.00 to include supper with pudding!

Available from the Vanity Box or Duncan Bainbridge 793539 day
or 794987 evenings

In Aid of Memorial Hall Funds

Also a date for your diaries - Saturday 11 March 2006 a Spring Dance
at the Memorial Hall-dancing to the Likely Lads

Tricia's Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Tricia Hammond at 132 High Street or electronically to p_hammond@tiscali.co.uk. All diary dates for the next Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia. Articles and news stories for Henley NEWS on-line should be sent to the editor@henleynews.co.uk at any time.

Henley Wildlife Society John Tuer will take us on “A Spring Walk in Shropshire” when he gives his talk with slides on Tuesday 18th October from 7.45pm in the Baptist Church Hall. John will give special emphasis on looking at trees. Visitors are very welcome £1.00

Henley-in-Arden Flower Club meet on Tuesday October 11th at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall for Clair Bond and ‘Night at the Theatre’. Competition: ‘Autumn Cascade’ Visitors welcome £3.00

Henley & Beaudesert Civic Society will meet at 8.00pm in the Fire Station Room on Thursday 20th October for ‘Witches & Witchcraft’ with Dixie Aitkins. Visitors welcome

Henley-in-Bloom PUBLIC MEETING - MONDAY 24th OCTOBER - at 7.30pm in the Baptist Church Hall. Open to all residents and interested parties, to discuss the future of Henley-in-Bloom and hear any ideas, suggestions or comments. At the end of this year the existing committee will be too small to function so future action will depend on the support and interest shown at this meeting, otherwise there will be no Henley-in-Bloom flowers next year. No gardening expertise is necessary, just enthusiasm to enhance the appearance of Henley-in-Arden

ATAC - Action Taken Against Cancer - wish to thank Henley WI, Barbara Warmington and friends and Henley Engineers for their donation of £390.76 raised in part from the Coffee Morning at Dell Court which has been added to our fund to supply a digital mammogram machine for the Breast Care Unit, Cancer Clinic, Warwick Hospital.  Grateful thanks for your valued support.
Fashion and Fitness Extravaganza to be held at the Spa Centre, Leamington Spa, Thursday 10th  and Friday 11th November. Doors open 7 pm for show at 7.45 pm. Tickets £8.50 Thursday and £9 Friday from Jenni Fuller 01926 4921983.  Proceeds to be divided between Air Ambulance and ATAC - Action Taken Against Cancer - for digital mammogram machine, Warwick Hospital.
Gala Dinner and Charity Auction, Billesley Manor Hotel, Nr. Stratford upon Avon  Friday 18th November.  Tickets £35 per head but numbers limited.   To check if tickets still available contact Pat Harrison 01564 782496.   This is arranged by ATAC - Action Taken Against Cancer.
WASP - Warwickshire Action on Stroke Project  supports the Acute Stroke Unit at Warwick Hospital and the newly formed dedicated Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at Leamington Rehabilitation Hospital.    Further details from Patricia Phillips on 01564 793114 who recently organised a collection at Sainsburys in Warwick which raised nearly £800 in total for these two units to assist stroke patients.

Henley Directory The Court Leet is planning to produce a new edition of the Henley Directory not later than January 2006. The last edition was issued in 2000 and, though still in regular use in most households, is obviously becoming increasingly out of date. Your co-operation with the volunteers collecting information would be much appreciated. If you would like to assist in the compilation of the necessary data please contact Douglas Bridgewater on 793633. If you have a business in Henley which has not yet received an order form for advertising space in the new Directory, please contact John Brealey on 792487. Don’t miss out - the next opportunity will not arise before 2010!

Garden Open Day - Sunday 18th June 2006 There has been a good response from people willing to include their garden in the above. We should like gardens in the town to be more fully represented - there must be many little gems hidden behind the High St. Contact Sue Bridgewater on 793633 or Marijana Bainbridge on 794987 if you would like to be involved. We shall also need volunteers to help in fund raising and organising other events for the Guild Hall Garden project. This will be challenging but also great fun.

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service If you think that you could serve your community, are over 18 years old and you live within 5 minutes of the Fire Station, have you considered becoming a part-time fire fighter? For more information contact Richard Butler 07974408977
There are still vacancies in some areas of Henley-in-Arden for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Co-ordinators. If you are aware that  you are not covered in your area or are willing to be a co-ordinator. Please contact Annette Walker on 792837
Business ClubTHE WARWICKSHIRE BUSINESS CLUB holds their monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic.

Rotary ClubTHE ROTARY CLUB of Henley-in-Arden meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm.

New members are always welcome. Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email robinf@ribi.org

The Henley-in-Arden Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the the White Swan Hotel and usually find time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!. Play commences at 7.15 promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points.

For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993.

Events for future Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia Hammond by email or by post to 132 High St marked ‘Tricia’s Diary’. Please tell all your friends about Tricia's Diary.

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