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11th March 2005
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The Practice is currently aware of two confirmed cases of mumps on our patient list. To reduce further outbreaks of mumps in Henley and its surrounding area, we have been advised to offer vaccination to all young people aged 14-25 years, who have not received two previous doses of mumps vaccine.

We advise people in this age group to contact the Practice for advice on their vaccination status.

The following information has been circulated by South Warwickshire Primary Care Trust:

The 14-25 year old age group is considered to be especially at risk from mumps because they missed out on when the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) was introduced in 1988. Those born before 1990 either received no MMR jab or only one dose as children.

Any one in this age range is being urged to attend one of the drop-in sessions that have been arranged for the following times:

Saturday 12th March - Cape Rd Clinic, Warwick, 10am-3pm
Saturday 19th March - Southam Clinic, Southam, 10am-3pm

Mystery Parcel arrives at Heritage Centre

On Saturday 6th March, a large blue bag weighing nearly half a ton arrived at the Heritage Centre and was expertly delivered into the entrance hall by a crew from Mayswood Garages. Henley NEWS on-line's chief photographer, John Love, was on hand to record the event.

What was in the bag? Surely not easter bonnets for the High Bailiff's parade.

Ray Holding, Heritage Centre administrator, tells the full story.

The Mystery Parcel !

To move a half-tonne stone from the Mount, carry it 200 yards to the Heritage Centre, post it through the front door and then manhandle it round corners, through doors and up onto a plinth, all you need is a tractor with a front loader, a flatbed lorry with a mounted crane, hooks, chains and a lot of expertise at recovering things from ditches and a gang of willing helpers.

The stone in question is believed to be the last visible relic on the site of the old Beaudesert Castle, built by Thurstan de Montfort in the 12th century and destroyed at least twice over the following three centuries.

For years, this stone has stood alongside the bottom track around the Mount, nodded at by generations of passers-by.

Consent was given a few months ago for its removal to the Heritage Centre for permanent safe keeping and display: the job was tackled on Saturday 5th March.

Before that, the method to be used – at all costs to avoid damaging the stone or its site – had to be approved by Warwick County Archaeologist Jonathan Parkhouse, who was charged by English Heritage with responsibility for overseeing the move.

Nigel Woodward-Sheath, proprietor of Mayswood Garage, Wootton Wawen and his driver Paul Fisher provided the mechanical means and the expertise for doing the job, aided by heavy duty delivery bags supplied by Messrs Jewsons of Stratford into which the stone was popped (with a struggle and considerable grunting) before it was lifted.

As shown here it arrived safely at its new location, where it is now displayed in the Heritage Centre’s “Medieval Room”.

Ray Holding, Heritage Centre administrator, said "Without Mr Woodward-Sheath’s help it looked like an impossible task." He was also grateful to the newly formed Henley Heavy Gang - Brian Twigg, Ed Holding and Ken Kearsley, and also to Jewsons, Stratford for their help with this very physical task.

The stone is to be formally unveiled by the High Bailiff, Mr Brian Jackson, at about 12.30 midday on Saturday 26th March.

Town Improvement Committee AGM

The Henley-in-Arden Town Improvement Committee, more familiarly known as the TIC, held its Annual General Meeting last Tuesday, 22nd February. The TIC is the body of trustees who are responsible for the administration of the Henley-in-Arden War Memorial Trust. This Trust has the responsibility for the running of the Memorial Hall in Station Rd, and the playing fields in Stratford Rd, used by the Cricket and Football Clubs, the Tennis Club, the Bowls Club, Snooker Club and other organisations.

The TIC was restructured in January 2004 and this was the first AGM held under the new structure. An extract from the Annual Report of the Trustees describes the work of the TIC during the last twelve months:

The Governing Document
The original Trust Deed was dated 30th July 1947 and remained the governing document of the Trust virtually unchanged until 2003. It became apparent that it was becoming unsuited to present day circumstances and a sub-committee was formed by the Town Improvement Committee (the committee responsible for the management and control of the Trust) to investigate and recommend what changes should be made to the Trust Deed. Several changes were recommended and approved by the TIC; the Charity Commissioners being subsequently informed. No objections having been made by the Charity Commissioners the last annual general meeting of the Trust held on 26th January 2004 considered and agreed the changes.

The work of the TIC during 2004 has been principally concerned with the improvement and control of the management processes taking into account the revised structure of the TIC as stated in the revised Trust Deed. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations have been written and adopted by the TIC, and The TIC has taken over responsibility for the payment of utilities and other services. Negotiations are currently ongoing regarding the possibility of obtaining a single insurance policy to cover all the Trust properties in the Playing fields.

The new subcommittees set up to replace the Memorial Hall Management Committee and the Sports and Social Club have met with mixed fortunes, The new Memorial Hall Management Committee has carried on with the work of the old committee in a seamless and efficient way, but the subcommittee to replace the defunct Sports and Social Club has not yet convened a meeting. This is a difficulty that will have to be addressed further in 2005,

Objectives of the Trust
The objectives of the Trust have not been changed by the amendments to the Trust Deed and the essential features remain as follows:

To provide, furnish and maintain buildings and facilities suitable for the purpose of providing opportunities for the physical, mental and recreational requirements of the inhabitants of Henley-in-Arden without distinction of sex, political, religious or other opinion.

The following trustees were elected at the AGM to serve during 2005:

President; Brian Jackson (High Bailiff)
Chairman:Brian Twigg
Secretary:Karen Summers
Treasurer:Roy Edwards
Town representatives;Alan Key, Bert Latham
Sports Clubs representatives: John Latham, Annette walker
Memorial Hall representatives; Duncan Bainbridge, Sharon Enstone
JPC representative:Moss Foley

The Committee are anxious to improve the understanding of the work of the TIC amongst the residents of the town; any enquiries are welcome, and should be addressed to either the Chairman or the Secretary.

Brian Twigg
Chairman TIC

Johnsons Boss Clocks up the Miles!

John Johnson is used to clocking up the miles in the course of his job as Director of Henley based Johnsons Coach Travel – but these days most of them have been on his feet as he trains for the 2005 London Marathon.

To get the mileage in, John has been running to work and back every day for several months now. By the time he finishes the Marathon on April 17th he will have notched up over 700 miles – that’s the equivalent off one of the company’s holidays to Scotland and back!!

John, 45, is aiming to raise over £3,500 for the charity ‘Children with Leukaemia’ – the leading national charity dedicated exclusively to the research and treatment of childhood leukaemia. And he’s not just aiming to get round the 26.2 mile course in one piece, but to do it in an impressive time of around 3hrs – ideally, bettering his previous London Marathon PB in 2002 by 15 minutes!

‘ I am aiming to complete the marathon in a fairly fast time to get the pain over with quickly!’ explains John. ‘More importantly, I want to beat my 2002 fundraising record – which means raising £135 per mile. I’ve been asking everyone I know, friends, family and suppliers to sponsor me and so far I’ve raised pledges totaling£2,000. That leaves another £1,500 to go and I’d be grateful for anyone who can help to get in touch as soon as possible and support this very important cause’.

On the big day, John can be seen in his ‘Mr Men’ running vest, number 36,391. Anyone who can offer sponsorship should contact John on 01564 797055.



After the initial meeting of this group in February, a follow-up meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 23rd March, at 6.00 pm, at the Medical Centre, to consider how useful a permanent group would be. Anyone who is interested will be welcomed at that meeting.

Open Evening at Warwickshire College

If anyone would be willing to offer accommodation to students who are studying at Warwickshire College (Henley-in-Arden Campus), please contact the Accommodation Office and speak to either Loraine or Sandra on 01926 318083 or 01926 318052.

Special Feature

30th Anniversary of

Henley in Arden Rotary Club



Rotary Clubs
Rotary countries
Rotaract Clubs


2 Billion Plus children immunized against polio

1 Million Plus Rotary members involved in national polio immunization days

200,000 plus students sent on Youth Exchange programmes

42,000 Group Study Exchange participants

34,000 Scholarships granted worldwide

13,500 Matching grants for Rotary projects

$ 1,193 billion spent on Rotary programmes

$500 million estimated Rotarian contributions to eradicate polio

$80 million given to support Group Study Exchange programmes

$69 million approved for Health, Hunger and Humanity (3H) grants

$10 million grants for Rotary volunteers since 1979

Members of Henley-in-Arden Rotary Club

Message from the President

I am proud to be president of the Henley in Arden Rotary Club as this is an especially important year for us as we celebrate not only a hundred years of the Rotary movement but also the 30th anniversary of our club.

Two of our founding members are still in the club, Alec Halliwell and Keith Ford.

To honour this, we held an anniversary lunch at Nuthurst Country Hotel, Hockley Heath and enjoyed the event along with past club members, the president of our mother rotary club, Solihull, friends of Rotary and the Inner Wheel, an organization which supports Rotary.

Our club received its charter on 6th May 1974 when Derek Sharman was president.

In the speeches given, founder Rotarians Alec and Keith gave a flavour of the last 30 years in the club.

The Rotary movement started a century ago through FELLOWSHIP and SOMETHING NEEDING TO BE DONE and continues in this vein today. Service-driven men and women join Rotary to contribute to both their local community and wider afield. Our motto is SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

Rotary can be proud of its achievements. Some highlights over the last century include:

1945- Rotarians helped draft the UN charter
1965- The Rotary Foundation (our Rotary charity) made it easier to fund humanitarian projects.
1985- Polio plus campaign-Rotarians aim to immunise all children in the world against polio.
2003- Rotarians raise more than $118 million to support polio eradication.

Rotary is about TRUTH, FAIRNESS and improved relations between people and world peace.

Rotary clubs are non-religious, non-governmental and open to every CULTURE, CREED and RACE.

The membership gives a flavour of local business and professional leaders.

Rotary service includes community and international volunteerism and the promotion of ethics in all vocations. Rotary Club projects are based on local needs and fuelled by the interest and abilities of its local members.

  • Over the last year our club has given the following service:
  • Helped raise charity funds with 2 other Rotary clubs
  • Presented 2 vocational awards to a pupil from Henley High School and a Henley-in-Arden citizen
  • Helped at a national Disabled sports event in Coventry
  • Undertaken charity fund collections in Henley and Birmingham
  • Supported a local blind club and a Falls Programme for the elderly
  • Provide scooters to help the poorly mobile
  • Support the Life Education Programme for schools.
  • Held fellowship events
  • Staged a Charity Golf Day in aid of Macmillan charity.
  • Completed at theatre visit raising monies for a shelter box helping tsunami victims
  • Provided funds to support music at Henley High School.

To sustain a healthy future, we need new members to expand the talent pool, build our support network and willing to serve. If you are interested in the work of Rotary please contact Robin Freeman our Secretary at rotary@henleinarden.plus.net

I would like to thank the residents of Henley in Arden and the surrounding villages for generously supporting our charity events. We cannot continue without your continuing goodwill.

Clive Jolliffe
President Henley in Arden Rotary Club

Henley Rotary Club's Scooters

Henley-in-Arden Rotary Club Scooter Scheme has been going for approximately 15 years and is operated in conjunction with the Henley Medical Centre, which provides the names of local residents whom they consider will benefit from the loan of a machine.

The Rotary Club at the moment owns five scooters, some three wheeled and some four wheeled. Before agreeing to a loan the club ensures that the recipient has suitable storage for the machine and has the means to charge the battery. The user has to agree to pay for the insurance.

Over the years, Rotary has provided scooters to people who needed the means to get around for a limited period before their disability became worse, they obviously did not want to purchase one for a limited use. Other users have used one of the machines and then finally decided to buy one of their own. In one instance, the Rotary Club were presented with the scooter when the user died, in appreciation of the help we had given in the earlier stages of his illness. Some users have them for quite long periods.

Wenman's of Warwick carry out the repairs, maintenance and initial tuition as registered suppliers of scooters. The cost of the Scheme is quite significant part of the Rotary Club's charitable budget each year.

Our photo shows Keith Ford, Community Services Committee Chairman, controlling traffic whilst Dora Heath of Meadow Road crosses the road.

Rotarian Keith Ford


Henley Rotary Club has contributed approximately £1000 towards the cost of providing Life Education Centres at the five Primary Schools in their area, which covers Henley in Arden, Claverdon, Wootton Wawen. and Tanworth in Arden.

The Centres are run by a Specialist Tutors and are equipped with an amazing array of features to educate the children about their bodies and the effects and risks associated with the use of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco. Each session is geared to the age of the particular group of young people.

Henley Rotary Club Music Festival

The Rotary Club has held a Music Festival every year for over 25 years. This has been to enable schoolchildren to participate in public performances of singing and instrumental playing,both solo and in small groups.

Children have come from the Primary Schools in Henley, Claverdon, Wootton ,Tanworth and Alcester. Henley High has always contributed performers and the High School has been the regular venue for this event.

Whilst originally there was a competitive nature to the Festival,nowadays the children are not being judged and all entrants receive a certificate.

This year the Festival is due to be held on Wednesday 22nd June in the evening at the High School. It runs for about 2 hours and refreshments are provided. Come along and support local youngsters at the event.

Rotarian Alan James

Serving the local community

Rotarian Michael Redman

Henley Rotarians Keep Pressure in Check

Henley Rotarians and the Stroke Association are working in partnership to help combat high blood pressure, the single biggest risk factor for strokes. Free blood pressure measuring tests will be available throughout the morning of Saturday 9th April at Henley Baptist church hall. The campaign has been extremely successful over the past two years, with record numbers of people getting their blood pressure measured. This year Rotary in England and Wales hopes to encourage more than 25,000 people to take advantage of this free health check. Henley club president Clive Jolliffe says, "We hope as many local residents as possible will call in on Saturday 8th April and have their blood pressure measured. It only takes a few minutes but it could help save their lives."

Rotarian Michael Redman

Century of Rotary




Rotarian David Morehen

US Rotary Scholar speaks at Henley

Sam Glick
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar

Rotary's proudest Achievement

If you were to visit Henley Golf Club on any Monday evening, when the Rotary Club meets and ask any Rotarian what is the best achievement of Rotary, the most likely answer you would get would be the near eradication of polio.

In 1985, Rotary launched the PolioPlus program to protect children worldwide from the cruel and fatal consequences of polio. In 1988, the World Health Assembly challenged the world to eradicate polio. Since that time, Rotary's efforts and those of partner agencies, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children's Fund, the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and governments around the world, have achieved a 99 percent reduction in the number of polio cases worldwide.

Rotarians stand at the brink of a great victory and look forward to celebrating the global eradication of polio in 2005, the organization's centennial year.

Henley Rotary's International Work

We are fortunate in that we live in a caring society with comprehensive social and welfare benefits.

But imagine a society where unwanted babies are discarded on rubbish dumps, where young and old who are mentally retarded or physically challenged are abandoned by their community or where terminally ill AIDS sufferers are left on their own to die.

These are realities of life for many in the slum areas surrounding Nairobi, Kenya but to ease the suffering for some there are a number of Mother Therese homes run by dedicated Sisters of Charity. The Rotary Club of Henley in Arden provided valuable assistance to two such homes.

In each case there was the problem of inadequate water supply. The homes were dependent upon the City Council providing water through a half inch pipe and this supply was uncertain. What was needed was proper storage facilities to ensure that water would always be available. The Rotary Club raised the necessary funds to construct and install adequate storage facilities at both the homes and in one case a water distribution system throughout the compound.

I have visited both the Home for the Abandoned and Destitute at Haruma and the House of Peace at Kasarani and was able to see for myself the difference that our help made in the running of the homes.

A continuous supply of water was essential for cooking, washing and maintaining a reasonable level of hygiene under distressing conditions. The work of the sisters had become somewhat easier. A brief description of both homes will convey the appalling human suffering and the unbelievable dedication of the sisters who tend those in their care.

Haruma looks after about 80 babies that had been brought into the home or recovered by the sisters from the rubbish dumps. Most of the babies were infected with the HIV virus and some were physically unpaired. In addition the Sisters provided a meal each day for many elderly people in the area who have no means.

The House of Peace at Kasarani looks after 60 males 60 school children and includes destitute elderly, mentally retarded and physically disabled. The home is now extended to care for an increasing number of terminally ill AIDS sufferers, many of whom are brought by wheelbarrow from distant villages. They receive nourishment and palliative care. It is necessary to care for them separately as some are violent and can attack the other residents.

The running of the homes is dependent entirely on charity and I asked the Mother Superior why they did not seek greater publicity in order to raise funds. Her reply echoed the words of Mother Therese- 'God will provide'!

Rotarian Brian Mitchell

Tsunami appeal discord

In the immediate aftermath of the quake disaster, there was an outpouring of aid, official and informal from organisations large and small. The latest information we have available shows that Rotarians worldwide have amassed the sum of £5m for the Tsunami Disaster appeal.

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden has not made a special effort to add to these millions, but our Hon member, the High Bailiff, (using Rotary collecting boxes) has collected £6,000 in the town. It would have been nice if he had offered a proportion towards the Rotary Shelter-box or Aquabox schemes. At least, we know it gets done as the report above shows.

Reprinted from Henley Rotary Club magazine.

Future Rotary Social Events

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden Bridge & Supper evening will be held on 8th April at Claverdon Church Centre in aid of Hope & Homes for Children. Cost £40 for a table of four players. Start 7.15pm prompt. For details and tickets call 01926-843060.

Date for Golfers
The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden Charity Golf Day is on Friday, September 9th at Stratford Oaks Golf Club - we need sponsers!

Rotarian Michael Redman

Why not join Rotary?

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden meets weekly on Mondays (except Bank Holidays) at 7 pm for dinner at 7.30pm at Henley Golf & Country Club. There are 21 members (all male at the moment) who meet to discuss helping those in need in the community - whether it is local, national or international.

If you are interested in joining Rotary, come and visit us at Henley Golf & Country Club on a Monday evening (Bank Holidays excepted) and enjoy a meal in warm, convivial company.

Please email: rotary@henleyinarden.plus.com or ring 01789 720479 for details. We publish a monthly club bulletin "Hooray Henley" full of gossip and cartoons, which we will post, if you send your snail-mail address to David Morehen "Evening Hall" Pebworth, CV37 8XD.

"Service Above Self"

Opportunities for Part-time Study

Details of summer term study opportunities at the Warwickshire College Henley-in-Arden Centre are now available. Call now for your copy of Opportunities or for details of particular courses.

Courses are available in Art, Fashion & Textiles, Computing, Pilates, Yoga, Sports Coaching, Customer Service, Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Reflexology, Hairdressing and Indian Head Massage.

For further information and enrolment please telephone – 01564 797800

Tricia's Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Tricia Hammond at 132 High Street or electronically to p_hammond@tiscali.co.uk. All diary dates for the next Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia by not later than Wednesday 16th March. Articles and news stories for Henley NEWS on-line should be sent to the editor@henleyinarden.plus.com at any time.

Henley Wildlife Society - On 15th March Take the opportunity to to see ‘Wildlife in 3D’ with Collin Clay. Special spectacles available Visitors welcome in Baptist Church Hall from 7.45pm
Henley & Beaudesert Civic Society - 17th March at 7.30pm at the Fire Station for the AGM followed by Linda Griffin from the National Trust, talking about Dr. Straw’s House.
Henley County Primary School - All are welcome to join us for the Grand opening & Celebration of our new classrooms & facilities. 2.pm Friday 25th March. Refreshments.
KidVenture Day Care will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday 24 March at 14.00hrs for families in the community. Please come along to Cherry Orchard, Henley-in-Arden. Tel: 01564 792020

Easter Bonnet Parade - Saturday 26th March. The High Bailiff is intending to hold an Easter Bonnet Parade for ladies of all ages on Easter Saturday Morning.  There will also be a competition for the best dressed shop window.

At 12.30pm, after the Easter Bonnet Parade, the High Bailiff will unveil a large piece of dressed stonework at the Heritage Centre. Weighing half a ton, it has been lying at the foot of the Mount for centuries and is thought to have been part of the outer defensive wall of the castle.

Rotary/Bridge Supper Evening - 8th April-Claverdon Church Centre. In aid of Hope & Homes for Children. £40 for table of four. Details shortly.
Art in Henley - Spring Exhibition Mystery Celebrity to open the event. A heady mix of browsable/buyable original works. Entrance £1 Light refreshments included (under 12 ‘s free) Sat. 9th/Sun 10th April 10am - 4pm. The society meets every 2nd Monday at Henley Fire Station. Weekly Wednesday workshops at The Hub/Henley High School. Enjoying Art is our aim. Details/Membership Colin Fisher 01564 792715

Bell ringing!! Who would like to ‘have a go’ at ringing a Church Bell? ‘Have a Go’ on any Thursday evening at 7.45pm in St. John’s Church, for £1.00 donation to the High Bailiff’s Flood Relief Fund. Henley ringers will match all contributions.

THE WARWICKSHIRE BUSINESS CLUB holds their monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic.
THE ROTARY CLUB of Henley-in-Arden meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm. New members are always welcome. Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email robinf@ribi.org
Events for future Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia Hammond by email or by post to 132 High St marked ‘Tricia’s Diary’. Please tell all your friends about Tricia's Diary.

Jonathan Dovey's

History of Henley-in-Arden

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British Legion
Dr. Douglas Bridgewater is researching the gallant men of Henley-in-Arden who gave their lives in the two World Wars. He has already established that the Town's war memorials are incomplete. Special report

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