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4th March 2005
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New JPC Councillor appointed

Kenneth Mitchell who came to the town in 1982  from the North West via Worcestershire, has joined the Joint Parish Council.

Now retired, his career developed from Marketing through Sales Management to Management Consultancy and on to Company development and direction. His last ten years were in directing the operations of a major consultancy in the textile industry in UK, Turkey, Scandinavia, Australia, and Hong Kong.

He now works with two local companies as a non-executive director and is a trustee for Age Concern in Warwickshire. He is also a Governor of Henley High School and River House School as well as a mentor and advisor for the Prince of Wales Trust.

His interests are in aviation, the country, the theatre and sailing.

Vandalism at the Allotments

Allotments continue to be targeted by vandals who placed items from them onto the railway line. Despite this and the cost of the damage being done to the allotments the Joint Parish Council have decided not to do anything!

The allotments are only adequately fenced along the footpath and since this fence was not damaged the vandals must of gained access through the relatively unfenced boundary adjoining the fields. However the Joint Parish Council on the 8th February ‘resolved to take no action to increase security at the site as they felt it was not viable to fence the allotments totally effectively’.

Allotment holders are still expected to pay the Parish Council for renting their plots as well as the cost of repair.

So should the Parish Council pay compensation to the Allotment holders for the damage incurred?

Hanna Lotment

Joint Parish Council - Press Release

At the council's meeting of 21st February 2005, Mr Kenneth Mitchell of 1 Back Lane, Henley-in-Arden was welcomed as a new member for Beaudesert. Mr Mitchell who was elected in a non contested poll joins the other four members for Beaudesert and the seven members for Henley-in-Arden who serve as joint members of the council. Members then went on to discuss ten planning applications, sixteen items of correspondence as well as several other publications and matters of interest.

A proposal bought forward by Cllr G Atkinson to support the residents of Blackford Hill, Henley-in-Arden in there endeavour to have the reduced 30mph speed limit extended along the Warwick Road was unanimously supported by members. The council resolved to write to Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police in support of a scheme which would extend the 30mph limit to the boundary of the town at the top of Blackford Hill. Residents have been calling for an extension to the speed limit for some time following several accidents including one fatality in the area. The current 30mph speed restriction does not begin until the base of the hill and it is felt the downward gradient of the hill has an adverse affect on the speed of traffic entering the town. The dangers are then compounded by the close proximity to Henley High School and the Arden Road junction.

Members were pleased to note that the Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Parish Plan 2004 had been formally adopted by Stratford on Avon District Council on 20th January. This means that the District Council has agreed to use the plan as a local information source, to guide the work of Stratford-on-Avon District Council. It will also be used as a material consideration in processing planning applications. So the hard work of the parish plan committee and all the people who assisted them will help to shape the community for a long time to come. The Parish Council is now working on how they will implement and review the Action Plan set out in the document. Copies of Beaudesert and Henley-in-Arden Parish Plan 2004 can be obtained by contacting the council on 01564 795499.

Members were disgusted to be informed by Cllr Goodman that further problems had been reported at Henley-in-Arden station. On Saturday 19th February a push chair, garden chair and scarecrow had been discovered across the lines. The British Transport Police were informed and attended to remove the items. This was a shocking incident which could so easily have caused a serious accident and the mentality of the people involved in planting such items on a train track was beyond belief. The parish council is urging residents to be vigilant in reporting vandalism at the station to the British Transport Police on a 24 hour free crime stoppers phone number 0800 40 50 40.

The next meeting of the council is on Monday 7th March 2005. The meetings of the council are held in the Baptist Church Hall, Henley-in-Arden from 7.15pm and members of the public are always welcome to attend.

A few Coppers for your coppers

Warwickshire Police Authority has set the police budget for 2005/2006 at £77.2 million, an increase of £3.3 million on last year’s figure. This is partly funded by a rise in the police share of the Council Tax, which this year will be just 4.7 per cent. This represents an increase of £5.97 – or just 11p per week – for the average Band D household in Warwickshire. Other funds come from efficiency savings of £2.3 million and a government grant (£51.8 million).

The rise in the police share of the Council Tax will provide directly for:

  • 20 more police officers, of which 18 will be new posts, and the remaining two will come from the civilianisation of posts current held by police officers
  • an increase in the use of ASBOs (anti-social behaviour orders) to tackle a wider variety of offences
  • more effective investigation of vehicle crime
  • better forensic facilities
  • more money for the Citizen Focus programme, which aims to help deliver the policing that people in Warwickshire want.

John Rennie, Chair of the Police Authority, said: “The rise in this year’s budget is very considerable, but the rise in the precept is very low. Supported by the Chief Constable and his team, we’ve been through an incredibly rigorous efficiency drive and we’ve been able to make substantial savings.

“As a result, this budget means we will be able to deliver a number of new initiatives designed to strengthen front-line policing in Warwickshire.

“We know the public wants to have more police officers, and we’ll now be able to fund an extra 20 posts. We’ll also be able to take advantage of new developments in forensic science, and employ effective new methods of tackling vehicle theft.

“This is a very welcome budget, which was fully supported by all three political parties represented on the Police Authority.” Chief Constable of Warwickshire John Burbeck said: “We have been working closely with the Police Authority in the past few months to establish our priorities and ensure that we can deliver an excellent service to the people of Warwickshire during the coming year.

"Local people want to feel safe and confident in our ability to deliver policing, and although crime is falling, there are increasing pressures on the force in terms of new legislation and the changing nature of crime.

"We must ensure our community is getting the best value for the money they spend on policing, which is why I am pleased to say we have managed to find £2.3 million in savings from our current budget, without cutting services. We are grateful that, in addition, the authority has agreed that it will also provide a small increase in the contribution by local people, via the Council Tax, to support our plans.

"This combined savings and investment package will be used to help reduce crime, protect the public and improve our community's satisfaction with their local police service."

Text2Talk launched in Warwickshire

Throughout Warwickshire bullying causes distress and anxiety to many children. Victims often avoid reporting the problem because they feel uncomfortable about telling their teachers or family, or they fear reprisals.

The Warwickshire Partnership consulted with groups of young people about how best to report these incidents and acknowledged the fact that over 80% of young people now own or have use of a mobile phone:

The young person texts in 07786 200 999 to report bullying or racial harassment. If the incident is bullying, then bully is texted in, if the incident is racial harassment, then racist is texted in.

If the young person doesn't want any further contact with the partnership then, No is texted in. If the person texting in the message wants help and support from the Warwickshire Partnership, then Yes is texted in.

The text message is received at Warwickshire Police headquarters where the message is evaluated by a message handler in the Communications Centre.

If the message is a Yes message then the message will passed on to the appropriate partner agency to support and help the young person.

If the message is a No message, no contact with the young person will be made.

Every message will receive an automated response immediately and any call back contact requested is guaranteed within five working days

text2talk is currently being promoted at senior schools throughout the county at school assemblies and also by posters and marketing material distributed around the schools.

Within the community, details about text2talk can be found on posters in police stations, libraries, doctors surgeries, dentists and in community centres. The Stagecoach Bus Service is also displaying posters on their buses for the next two years, free of charge.

The service has been set up following a successful bid by Warwickshire Police for a Home Office grant of £145,000 to provide support for young people suffering this type of victimisation. An additional grant of £40,000 was received from Warwickshire County Council's Positive About Young People.

History of Henley Series

The Birth of Henley &
The Rise of the De Montfort’s


When researching the origins of a place there are usually two starting points: the Place name and the Domesday Book.

While the nearby villages of Wootton, Whitley and Ullenhall are mentioned in Domesday, Henley and Beaudesert are not entered. There is also no mention of the De Montfort family in Warwickshire. Henley is an Anglo-Saxon place name meaning a ‘High Clearing’ and was probably in existence before the Conquest while Beaudesert is Norman French and has to have a later origin.

Henley was originally part of Wootton, as in 1296 it is recorded that John de Montfort held it of Edmund de Stafford by payment of 3 shillings or a pair of scarlet hose. Beaudesert is not mentioned in Domesday Book and was therefore begun after 1086. The first mention of Henley is in the 1180’s while Beaudesert and the castle is mentioned first in 1141.

Matilda the Empress, daughter of King Henry, to Roger Earl of Warwick and to all her faithful subjects French and English of Warwickshire, greeting. Know ye that I have granted to Thurstan de Montfort that he may hold a market on Sunday at his Castle of Beaudesert. Witness Milo de Gloucestria at Winchester

Thurstan de Montfort began building his castle at Beaudesert in around 1119 and it was certainly completed before 1140. He witnessed a charter of the Earl of Warwick that has to be dated to before 1119. Thurstan’s grandfather was Henry de Beaumont (Newburgh) Earl of Warwick and his great uncle was Robert de Beaumont Earl of Leicester. This family connection explains why Thurstan gained so much land in Warwickshire while his brother Robert received lands in Rutland. Thurstan inherited his brother’s lands in Rutland before 1140, and was still around in 1153 when he attested a charter between the Duke of Normandy and Ranulph of Chester. But Thurstan’s lineage is even more intriguing as his great grandfather was Hugh de Montfort. The chronicler Orderic Vitalis described Hugh ‘the beard’ as being the Duke of Normandy’s Constable. He fought at the Battle of Hastings and acted as joint regent with Odo of Bayeaux in 1067. In Domesday he is recorded as having over 100 manors worth around £156 making him the 31st wealthiest baron in the land. Hugh held lands in Kent, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk along with the castles of Saltwood and Haughley.

Henley was a planned market town, set out in the early 13th century when the De Montfort’s were granted a market charter. The town continued to thrive even though the De Montfort’s and their castle disappeared.

Jonathan Dovey
Part of the 'History of Henley' series

Unlocking the past

The Bear Hotel, High Street, Henley in Arden. 1900s

Windows on Warwickshire is a website with 142 high quality photographs of Henley mostly from the 1900's to 1930's.

"Windows on Warwickshire" aims to promote access to historic collections representing the very best of Warwickshire's heritage, culture and personalities.

The project web site contains over 10,000 fascinating items - many made available in digital format for the first time. A wide range of resources are represented - including old photographs, rare documents, maps, historic buildings, art, letters, fossils, literature, everyday memorabilia and much much more.

Each item is interpreted by relevant subject experts and the web site database can be explored using a variety of powerful search tools. A series of "Spotlights" focus on key aspects of the collections and give users the added opportunity to improve their understanding of Warwickshire's unique past.

Go to: The Henley page from Windows on Warwickshire

There will be a regular button at the foot of the front page so that readers can access Windows on Warwickshire in the future.

National Speed Offence Database

Did you know that the recent Freedom of Information Act gives you access to all speed camera offences registered within the last twelve months. This information is now on a freely accessible website.

Did you know that every time your car goes over the speed limit, even by one mile per hour, it is registered and placed on a database?

The police only send out a ticket if you are 10% or more over, or (and here is the rub!) if you have over 20 "near misses".

You can now check how many "near misses" you have against your car's registered number at:


Ardenhurst Reunion

A reunion is taking place for all former Ardenhurst pupils at Ardenhurst (now Warwickshire College Henley-in-Arden Campus) on Saturday April 30th 2005 between 12.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. Admission to the site and full buffet is by ticket only costing £12.50p each.

Many former pupils and teachers have already signed up to this nostalgic afternoon which includes a guided tour of the present site, memorabilia stands and socialising with bar facilities. If you want to come back and have a fun afternoon contact organiser Bill Payne by e-mail billmo@tesco.net  Please get in touch as we are organising numbers soon.

Maureen Payne

Comic Relief Fashion Show

There will be a Fashion Show in Aid of Comic Relief to be held at Warwickshire College, Henley in Arden Centre on Friday, 11 March 2005 from 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm. Doors will open at 6.00 pm for nail art, raffle, red hair weft, hair demonstration, skipping demonstration, perfume sale, refreshments available.

Fashions include: sportswear, bridal, men's formal, millinery, corsetry, and High Street fashions.


Tricia's Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Tricia Hammond at 132 High Street or electronically to p_hammond@tiscali.co.uk. All diary dates for the next Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia by not later than Wednesday 16th March. Articles and news stories for Henley NEWS on-line should be sent to the editor@henleyinarden.plus.com at any time.

Henley-in-Arden Flower Club - Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall “From Winter into Spring” with Sheila Hand. Competition: Novice Class ‘Yellow’.
Fashion Show - Henley College - Friday 11th March in aid of Comic Relief. Details later. Can you offer help, i.e. lighting etc., Lorraine Benton 797800
Henley-in-Bloom - A short A.G.M. will be held at 7.00pm on Friday 11th March in the Baptist Church Hall. Anyone welcome to come and meet committee members & helpers and to hear plans for 2005 and an opportunity to make comments or suggestions.
Henley Wildlife Society - On 15th March Take the opportunity to to see ‘Wildlife in 3D’ with Collin Clay. Special spectacles available Visitors welcome in Baptist Church Hall from 7.45pm
Henley & Beaudesert Civic Society - 17th March at 7.30pm at the Fire Station for the AGM followed by Linda Griffin from the National Trust, talking about Dr. Straw’s House.
Henley County Primary School - All are welcome to join us for the Grand opening & Celebration of our new classrooms & facilities. 2.pm Friday 24th March. Refreshments.
KidVenture Day Care will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday 25th March at 14.00hrs for families in the community. Please come along to Cherry Orchard, Henley-in-Arden. Tel: 01564 792020

Easter Bonnet Parade - Saturday 26th March. The High Bailiff is intending to hold an Easter Bonnet Parade for ladies of all ages on Easter Saturday Morning.  There will also be a competition for the best dressed shop window.

At 12.30pm, after the Easter Bonnet Parade, the High Bailiff will unveil a large piece of dressed stonework at the Heritage Centre. Weighing half a ton, it has been lying at the foot of the Mount for centuries and is thought to have been part of the outer defensive wall of the castle.

Rotary/Bridge Supper Evening - 8th April-Claverdon Church Centre. In aid of Hope & Homes for Children. £40 for table of four. Details shortly.
Art in Henley - Spring Exhibition Mystery Celebrity to open the event. A heady mix of browsable/buyable original works. Entrance £1 Light refreshments included (under 12 ‘s free) Sat. 9th/Sun 10th April 10am - 4pm. The society meets every 2nd Monday at Henley Fire Station. Weekly Wednesday workshops at The Hub/Henley High School. Enjoying Art is our aim. Details/Membership Colin Fisher 01564 792715

Bell ringing!! Who would like to ‘have a go’ at ringing a Church Bell? ‘Have a Go’ on any Thursday evening at 7.45pm in St. John’s Church, for £1.00 donation to the High Bailiff’s Flood Relief Fund. Henley ringers will match all contributions.

THE WARWICKSHIRE BUSINESS CLUB holds their monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic.
THE ROTARY CLUB of Henley-in-Arden meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm. New members are always welcome. Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email robinf@ribi.org
Events for future Tricia's Henley Diary Dates should be sent to Tricia Hammond by email or by post to 132 High St marked ‘Tricia’s Diary’. Please tell all your friends about Tricia's Diary.

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History of Henley-in-Arden

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Henley-in-Arden Roll of Honour
British Legion
Dr. Douglas Bridgewater is researching the gallant men of Henley-in-Arden who gave their lives in the two World Wars. He has already established that the Town's war memorials are incomplete. Special report

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