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11th February 2005
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Heartstart Co-ordinator's Annual Report

Heart StartThe AGM of Henley Heart Start was held on 31st January and we publish in full the Co-ordinator's report of this vital and much appreciated organisation.

Henley Heartstart has now completed its 4 year of operation. Although we have been able to reach our 24/7 target. Unfortunately, we are now struggling to maintain it.

Our numbers have dropped to just 13 units, with 3 of those out of action at present. This does put a huge amount of pressure on those remaining and I would like to thank them all for 'doing their bit'!

We have lost some of our volunteers due to various reasons - work commitments and family ties being the main causes. It is, of course, not a job for everyone, and some volunteers have just found it too stressful to continue. It has to be remembered that most of the calls are not life threatening and need only common sense and a reassuring manner to assist the patient with very rewarding results. That said, we are pleased to welcome 2 new members to our team who should shortly be joining the rota.

Our profile in Henley has been raised by various coverage, not least by an excellent piece in the Henley NEWS on-line edited by Bill Leech. The Henley College very kindly made us their charity at Christmas time and we received me the of £80, many thanks to Hilary and her team. Peter and Alistair have also helped to keep us in the media by local newspaper and radio coverage. Peter is due on radio WM again soon! Not only a great Chairman but a media personality too!

The number of calls received this year has risen to 31, compared with 27 in 2003,15 in 2002 and 11 in 2001. 6 Henley Heartstart team members attended the 31 calls. 11 calls were received in the first 6 months of the year and 20 in the last 6 months. The calls can be broken down into:

1 sudden death
3 requiring defibrillator use
15 breathing difficulties ;
12 miscellaneous (fitting, fainting, bee sting, sickness).

What has become apparent, from the above, is the need for us to be equipped with oxygen. On several occasions patient discomfort and anxiety has been relieved within 2-3 minutes of the ambulance crew administering oxygen. I have had several conversations with crew members who have expressed their amazement that we are expected to attend these types of calls with no oxygen. I have asked them to register their feelings.

Peter and I are still trying to pin Warwickshire Ambulance Service down to a definitive answer - Henley Heartstart have offered to self-fund if that helps the case. We would like WAS to use Henley as a pilot scheme to see if oxygen carriage is feasible, as we are one of the busiest First Responder groups. Again, we are still waiting for a response to that suggestion.

Our training has been split this year between Dawn Boucher and Mike Bartlett. We are grateful for the time given, as they have their own jobs to attend to as well.

We have had unlimited use of the Fire Station for training and meetings throughout the year - our thanks to Sub Officer Butler.

Although at times it has been an uphill struggle, I feel that Henley Heartstart is still a very important part of Henley's community and as such needs to be maintained to the best of our ability. I have had such positive feedback from the many people we have helped - thank you to all our members who give their time, Henley would be poorer without you.

Henley Rotarians act to help our local primary schools

For the eighth successive year, Henley Rotary Club is financing visits of a mobile Life Education caravan to each of our five local primary schools. The first visit of the year was to Claverdon on Monday.

It’s inescapable: drug abuse is the greatest threat to society, not just in inner cities but right here in “leafy Warwickshire”. 40% of 11-12 year olds in local schools admit to knowing at least one illegal drug user. Rotary Club members asked themselves what they could do to save our children from drug, solvent and alcohol abuse. They found the answer in Life Education. They instigated and largely finance annual visits of the High-Tech mobile classrooms to Henley (both schools), Wootton Wawen, Claverdon and Tanworth-in-Arden. The visits have been enthusiastically welcomed by staff at the schools who recognise the visits as significant and very worthwhile, and have been keen to continue with the programme from year to year.

The classrooms are staffed by professionally-qualified teachers who have been specially trained to provide an exciting, unforgettable and effective learning experience for the children within each age-bracket. And it works: it has been shown to increase substantially awareness of the risks of abuse and to develop attitudes towards avoiding them altogether. It’s an important investment for the future which Henley Rotarians are more than happy to continue to support.

Busmans' Skiing Holiday

February half term sees the Johnsons family 'bus-ing' off with their friends on their annual ski holiday.   This is the 7th ski holiday that John has organised and of course they travel by coach !!

"We're staying at the Sclosshotel at Fieberbrunn, a great hotel, which we use in the summer time on our European Coach Holiday programme. " says John Johnson.

"The photo shows some of the group at Fieberbrunn last year when we had bright sunny days and fantastic snow just about every day.

The children like the hotel too because there is an indoor swimming pool there and the adults like it because the food is good. It's very friendly and there's a cocktail bar adjoining the hotel that does a happy hour !!  The skiing there and at Kitzbuhel is excellent too ! "

Henley NEWS on-line has been promised a full report on their return.

Memories of Henley from Australia
By Paul Jackson, son of the High Bailiff

I initially came to Australia in 1984 (when I was 23 yrs old) to study at the Australian National University in Canberra. After returning to England (and living in Leicester, Stoney Stratford and Newport Pagnell for various lengths of time, whilst commuting to Leicester for work, as well!), I returned to Australia in 1991, initially to Canberra, but since 1995, we have lived in the beachside suburb of Coogee in Sydney. I don't get back to Henley very often these days, the last time being in 1999, but I do still meet many English people visiting Coogee, who know where Henley is!

The picture shows myself and the newest member of the Jackson clan - Sarah.

Whilst I am sure that the stories of more senior citizens are much more interesting to Henley locals, I thought I could share with you some of the early memories of Henley from the 1960s and 70s that a 40-something expatriate has tucked away in his memory! They do seem trivial, but perhaps they may prompt thoughts from others?

My first school was Henley Junior and Infant School on the High Street, and my first teacher was Mrs Wilson. On my first day, I remember asking Christopher Churchill if he would be my friend, but he declined saying that he was already Robin Gutch's friend! Mr Millward was the Headmaster and I recall that he sent Christmas cards to all the children that sent him one, and he used picturegrams to say Merry Christmas from Mr Millward! I also remember my other teachers; the amiable Arsenal fan Mr Shinn, Miss Price, the formidable Miss Aylett, Mrs Newey, and Mr Henman who was a wonderful artist. I can clearly recall my first school photo ( I was wearing a short-sleeved sweater). Others in my class were Deborah Findon, Josephine Morris, the two guys above, Alan Thomes, Paul Harvey, Linda Holyland, Derek Ambler, Valerie ?, Pauline Brinkworth, Sally Maynard, Catherine Whitmore. I know Derek is still in Henley, any others?

Playing soccer in the old school playground next to the ice cream factory: I used to keep count of how may goals I scored. In all my time there, I only got five! Not much better these days!

Mrs Trott, the lollipop lady, who used to give us pomegranates to eat!

Summer holidays playing with Derek and Martin Ambler in the field next to The Brook below Alne Close. Catching fish in the Brook. I can also remember the estate being built in 1973 and playing in the half-finished houses.

Following the old railway line, through the cutting, as far as we could to Lowsenford.

Hiding in the air raid shelter on top of the Mount!

Mr Huband's ice cream shop where I could get rum and raisin ice cream!

Getting my first decimal currency from The Vanity Box in 1971. (picture 1973)

Real jam doughnuts and real bread from Trippa's Bakery.

Spending so much time perusing the toys in the backroom of the Post Office!

The Henley Mop in October and Henley Carnival in the summer. The church fete and Mr Edward Nicholson's goldfish.

Going to Cubs up a long, winding and dark road (and back again) on a Tuesday evening.

Watching dad play soccer for Henley up at the playing fields on a cold and wet Saturday afternoon, but then getting a bag of crisps and bottle of orange pop afterwards in the old wooden bar.

Singing in the choir with Mr Gibbons as choirmaster! The 800th anniversary of St Nicolas Church. Getting told off by the then vicar Mr Edward Smith, for making too much noise in the choir stalls (it wasn't my fault and dad was away that day!).

There you go, I hope these things jog some memories!!! Maybe I'll be recognised? Sorry there are no views of the Harbour or the Opera House!!

February Is Scams Awareness Month

February is scams awareness month and Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service will be supporting this international event by raising awareness of the many ways criminal gangs seek to part Warwickshire people from their hard earned cash!

Throughout the month, information will be provided to enable consumers and businesses to recognise scams, report scams, and ultimately help stop scams.

Noel Hunter, Director of Warwickshire Trading Standards said:

'As technology advances, and a global market place opens up for Warwickshire consumers and businesses, so do the opportunities for criminal gangs to launch aggressive scam campaigns against consumers and businesses in the UK, even though they themselves may be based in countries hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
This is why international efforts are required to tackle these problems at source, and scams awareness month is one such international initiative that will raise awareness at home whilst highlighting efforts to tackle the fraudsters abroad.
In the first week Warwickshire Trading Standards will be highlighting how to recognise scams artists, report them, and crucially protect yourself from them."

Trading Standards Officers are asking consumers and businesses to remember that:

Scam artists are well organised with researched telephone scripts and professional personalised marketing materials and mailings to appear legitimate. Are you the only one to receive this letter, call or email? Check with someone you know and trust like a friend, relative or neighbour – that personalised approach has probably been sent to thousands.

Scam artists are only after your money, so watch out for requests for money up front, often called ‘administration’ or ‘processing fees’.

Scam artists want to be your best friend. They will be more excited than you about your ‘good luck’ and use psychological tricks to part you from your money.

Scam artists don’t know you and they don’t want you to know who they are. The approach letter or telephone call will come out of the blue and often from overseas. Check them out. Ask for written information or a number to call back. Check the internet or with local Trading Standards Department if you’re not sure.

Scam artists have a believable answer to every one of your questions. The scam artist is a practiced con-man. Take time to reflect on what you have been told or read.

Scam artists try to rush you into a decision. Don’t be pressured into signing anything or sending any money. If it’s a genuine offer they have nothing to hide and it will be there tomorrow.

Scam artists will steal your trust as well as your money. They will pretend to be officials from the government, the police, a bank or a genuine company so that you will trust them. Check identities thoroughly before you agree to anything.

Scam artists will steal your personal information using your details for fraud. Do not give out your personal bank account or credit card details to someone you don’t know. If having read this you think you may have, contact your bank immediately.

Scam artists target everyone. There is a scam for everyone. Don’t think you cannot be conned – no one is immune. Be sceptical about any ‘too good to be true offer’.

To report a scam

Consumers and businesses can report a scam online by visiting www.warwickshire.gov.uk/reportascam To read reports on the latest scams to hit Warwickshire visit: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/latestscams.

Phone or Text
To alert the Trading Standards Service to a scam phone 01926 414000 or text warksts (space) scam (space) ‘your message’ to 60003 (your usual network charges will apply).

You can also send us information free of charge in the post to this address: Scams, Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service, FREEPOST, Old Budbrooke Road, Warwick CV35 7BR.

1st Henley & Wootton Scout Troop

Energetic and enthusiastic individual required, to lead the Henley & Wootton Cub Scout Group (ages 8-10). Sessions are held on Monday evenings at present but could be changed to suit.

Interested? Contact: jwnewland@hotmail.com or ring 01564-792634

Julie Hart
1st Henley & Wootton Scout Troop

CCTV on the High Street

A spokesperson for the Joint Parish Council has told Henley NEWS on-line:

"As far as I am aware Stratford D.C. has an amount in a budget to be spent on CCTV across the District. Discussion now begins on where to spend this money and Henley will have to make representations as to why it deserves CCTV as will any other town, village etc who wishes to get a scheme. If Henley puts a strong enough case it may succeed but I understand that this is not guaranteed at this stage and that another village with a higher crime rate is also bidding for funding."

The Not Quite Valentine's Dance

On Saturday 5th February, 108 guests sat down to an excellent dinner of antipasta, Sue Dalby's delicious Beef Bourguignonne and a wonderful selection of home made puddings followed by some
great dancing to the music of the Likley Lads.

The Memorial Hall Committee would like to thank all those who attended for their support and also the marvelous team who prepared and served the food, ran the bar, washed up and cleared up afterwards.

We are also very grateful to our sponsors AGD Limited and Winch Distribution Limited.

An enjoyable evening was had by all and we raised £1500.00 for Hall funds.

We are hoping to run our Jazz in the Garden in July........Watch this space for more information!

On Wednesday 16th February 2005, the Youth club will provide free transport to Stratford Leisure Centre.  We shall leave The Hub at 09.30am returning at 12.30pm.  Participants, if swimming, will need to pay their own entry fee (1.75) and everyone should return to the bus by noon for the journey home.  Since this is organised by the youth club, letters giving parents' permission should be brought FOR THOSE UNDER 16.  Swimmers will be subject to the normal supervision of the pool staff.  For other activities such as shopping or skateboarding, the young people will be responsible for their welfare.  This event is open to all between the ages of 11 and 19.  There is a limit of 16 places.

Any queries please contact the club.

Peter Crathorne

Tel: (01564) 794042

War Memorial Trust AGM
Tuesday, 22nd February 2005 @ 7.30pm
Memorial Hall, Station Road,
Henley in Arden

The Managing Committee is the umbrella organisation for the sports and social clubs of the Playing Fields and the Memorial Hall.

Town members are invited to become members of the committee and therefore, this is an open meeting for all Henley in Arden town people.

For further information contact
Karen Summers 01564 794550

Tricia's Henley Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Tricia Hammond at 132 High Street or electronically to p_hammond@tiscali.co.uk:

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden has launched a special Tsunami appeal by hiring the Priory Theatre on Valentines Night, Monday 14th February.  All 120 seats!  Contact Mike Redman for tickets on 01926 843060 or email wellsider@aol.com

Henley Wildlife Society Tuesday 15th February 7.45pm Baptist Church Hall. Learn ” Where to watch Wildlife Down the River Severn” from Brian Draper MBE who always gives a lively talk with slides. Visitors £1
Henley-in-Arden Dramatic Society (HADS) February 16th to 19th
Don’t miss “It Could Be Any One Of Us” by Alan Ayckbourn 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Tickets from Vanity Box-1st night £3 - £5 Details: 792773
Henley & Beaudesert Civic Society Thursday 17th February 8.00pm in the Fire Station. Dr. Robert Bearman returns to talk about Marie Corelli - Stratford’s Eccentric Novelist
Fashion Show - Henley College-Friday 11th March in aid of Comic Relief.
Details later. Can you offer help, i.e. lighting etc., Lorraine Benton 797800
Easter Bonnet Parade - Saturday 26th March. The High Bailiff is intending to hold an Easter Bonnet Parade for ladies of all ages on Easter Saturday Morning.  There will also be a competition for the best dressed shop window. Full information will be given next month and through posters around the town.
Rotary/Bridge Supper Evening 8th April-Claverdon Church Centre.
In aid of Hope & Homes for Children. £40 for table of four. Details shortly.
Art in Henley will be holding their Spring Members Exhibition on Sat/Sun 9th/10th April in the Memorial Hall Refreshments available. Please come along & support this new society in the town Interested in membership? Contact Colin Fisher 01564 792715

Bell ringing!! Who would like to ‘have a go’ at ringing a Church Bell? ‘Have a Go’ on any Thursday evening at 7.45pm in St. John’s Church, for £1.00 donation to the High Bailiff’s Flood Relief Fund. Henley ringers will match all contributions.

THE WARWICKSHIRE BUSINESS CLUB holds their monthly lunchtime meeting on third Thursday of each month from 11.30am to 2.15pm at the Henley Golf Club. There is a one hour networking session followed by a quality lunch and a informative speaker on a business topic.
THE ROTARY CLUB of Henley-in-Arden meets at the Golf Club on Monday evenings at 7pm. New members are always welcome. Please call: Robin Freeman on 01789 765411 or email robinf@ribi.org
Items for future Newsletters to Tricia Hammond by email or by post to 132 High St marked ‘Tricia’s Diary’. Please tell all your friends about Tricia's Diary.

And finally

"It's Christmas every day at Somerfield's Supermarket" - because they over ordered their Christmas carrier bags.


Marie Corelli was an intriguing if somewhat eccentric character who moved from London to live in Stratford -on-Avon in 1899. She was often seen on the River Avon in her gondola.

In the 1890’s her novels were best sellers and eagerly devoured by millions both here and in America. Her novels appealed to all types such as Queen Victoria, Gladstone and local shop girls.
Whilst living in Warwickshire she became one of the first conservationists and was constantly at war with the local council.

Do come along to the fire station and hear more about this fascinating Victorian novelist from Stratford.

Margaret Twigg
Henley & Beaudesert Civic Society

From our own Correspondents

Henley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. We are now looking for a volunteer to write a regular feature "Let's eat in Henley" about all the restaurants and pubs in and around Henley.

Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed. Please always try to include a photo.

Letters, articles, pictures to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is preferred format. Please send to editor@henleyinarden.plus.com

We are delighted to publish the growing list of our correspondents:

AgriculturalDavid Burman
PropertyPeter Cornford
RotaryDavid Morehen
Civic SocietyBrian Twigg
Henley History ColumnJonathan Dovey
Henley in BloomRichard Aldridge
British LegionLes Goodman
Wild Life SocietyJohn Love
Warwickshire CollegeHilary Wright
Price Harry Road areaHelen Knight
Riverside Drive areaWendy Cowdrill
Tricia's DiaryTricia Hammond
Warwickshire County CouncilGeorge Atkinson
Stratford District CouncilStephen Thirlwell
Joint Parish CouncilHayley Syratt
Heart StartPeter Crathorne
The HubPeter Crathorne
Heritage CentreRay Holding
Memorial HallMarijana Bainbridge
Primary SchoolYvonne Rogers
Chief PhotographerJohn Love
Proof ReaderDawn Leech
Out of Town 
Malvern, WorcsDan Wild
CanadaAnne Elliott
AustraliaPaul Jackson

Without their support, Henley NEWS on-line would cease.

We are always looking for more correspondents and more stories.

Bill Leech - Editor

Henley-in-Arden Roll of Honour
British Legion
Dr. Douglas Bridgewater is researching the gallant men of Henley-in-Arden who gave their lives in the two World Wars. He has already established that the Town's war memorials are incomplete. Special report

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