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10th December 2004
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December 2004



Dear Friends,

It is almost common knowledge that Christmas cakes take 8 weeks to mature, and so they should have been baked early in November. According to our Somerfield supermarket, we should have started our Christmas shopping back in October! Some street decorations went up in September; but I beat them all. I was thinking of Christmas back in August! I was laying down contingency plans in case we failed to appoint an organist. Fortunately, Jayne Llewellyn has moved into the parish and we have an excellent organist - an answer to prayer. But forward planning is no bad thing - According to the Church's calendar, we should be thinking about the serious side of Christmas from Advent Sunday onwards, and the joyful side of Christmas from 17th December onwards. And I can tell you for free, if I don't plan carefully, Christmas will rush by and I will have only done the things that I have always done. And what's more, I will have done all the usual things in the usual way.

What's your Christmas going to be like? Will it be the same as ever, or are you planning for something different? Will you, at last, find that precious moment when you will have the time and space to dwell on the real meaning of Christmas? Will you have more time for the spiritual in the midst of the chaotic festivities? Will you get round to sorting out your Christmas mailing list and write something meaningful in the cards? Will you have time to do that extra act of caring for the poor and lonely? Will you pray more? Will you put the 'Christ' back into 'Christmas'? Will you enter into the spirit of the season and dream a dream and renew a hope? We're all in the same boat, so let's have a go... and let me know if you succeed!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

John Ganjavi

Reprinted from the December edition of the Parish Church Newsletter.

Christmas Lights Switched On

On Saturday 4th December, Cllr Mrs Judy Wilde Chairman of JPC, and Cllr Stephen Thirlwell, Vice Chairman of the JPC, welcomed the assembled residents at the official switching on of the Town's Christmas lights.

The Councillors thanked all those who donated towards the lights, and thanked Gordon Trinder for decorating the Market Cross, Les Goodman and Cllr Carsina Goodman for organising lights, and The Alcester Victoria Silver Band for playing the Carols at the ceremony.

During the proceedings, the Royal British Legion supplied mulled wine and the carols were sung very lustily by all present. John Bennett (aged 8), switched on the lights, as he had won 1st prize, with Jason Syratt (aged 8) the second prize, for the best drawings to illustrate the Carol programme.

At the conclusion, the Chairman wished all A Very Happy Christmas.

Report and Photos by John Love.

JPC rejects

At their meeting on Monday 7th December, The Joint Parish Council considered 8 grant applications made by local organisations under their annual award scheme. Henley NEWS on-line had made an application for funds to support a marketing campaign to increase readership. The Councillors rejected the application observing they would have to make a similar grant to the Stratford Herald. They obviously failed to realise that the Stratford Herald is a commercial venture charging for advertising, whereas Henley NEWS on-line is an entirely voluntary 'not for profit' Community newsletter which does not charge for anything.

The JPC also discussed the recent Henley NEWS on-line Town Poll which showed that there was nearly a 4 to 1 majority for recommending the Golf Club planning application which the JPC had decided 'Not to Recommend'. The councillors suspected that some of the respondents might have been from outside the parish.

Note from the Editor. Without breaching the Data Projection Act, we can confirm that the addresses of all the respondents were checked and they were all from within the JPC area. With this assurance, we hope the JPC can now endorse the Town Poll and recommend the application.

The view of the majority

I cannot understand why the local council object to the dormy hotel at Henley G&CC. The so called 'green belt' violation is hardly relevant as it will be within the confines of the golf club some half mile from the road with existing facilities and parking. Surely this is the way forward for Henley and local trades-people causing the least environmental damage.

P.S. Please will the 'Herald' note in future reporting that we are a Market Town and not a Village.

Stephen Hunter.
Local Patriot.

Rotary Club collecting on 18th

On Saturday 18th December, the members of the Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden will once again be collecting in the High Street opposite St. John's Church. The club relies upon those who are able to give, in order to re-distribute your contributions to those who are in need, whether that is here in Henley, elsewhere in the UK, or abroad. And it is abroad that there appears to be the biggest need at the moment. We hear of Darfur, Rwanda, the Congo, Zimbabwe and hundreds of other places where the population is scraping an existence. We have made contributions to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Hope and Homes for Children (subject of the 2004 Christmas Appeal by the Daily Telegraph) and McMillan Nurses in the past.

Please pop down the High Street and say "hello". Even better, if you think you can help them, ask about joining. They meet weekly on Monday evenings at 7.30pm at the Golf Club for a meal and discussion.

Rotary Club Ladies Night

The Rotary Club of Henley-in-Arden held their traditional dinner with the ladies at Henley Golf Club last week, and the special guest was Madge Smith, the recipient of their Vocational Award, who was present with the ladies of the Inner Wheel. The meal was festive, the wine flowed, and the speaker was also in full flow.

Bernadette Halton reminisced about her times as a tennis umpire, and her experiences with some of the best known names in tennis. The tales made everyone warm to her, but it would be wise not to repeat them in print, lest they dissuade anyone from asking her to come along to their own function.

Bernadette, in her capacity as Fund-raising Manager for MacMillan Cancer Care, was then presented by President Clive Jolliffe with a cheque for £2,000 representing the proceeds of the Rotary Club's Charity Day at Stratford Oaks in September. There will be many people locally who will appreciate the benefits of this contribution, and the Rotary Club is grateful to everyone who took part.

Johnsons Christmas on a Grand Scale!

Christmas is an exciting time but alongside the fun, comes all the preparation - and let’s face it - hard work. With our busy lives, it’s not surprising more and more of us are opting to spend the season on a hotel break, relaxing, being pampered and letting others do the work.

This year, Johnsons will be taking over 500 guests on 11 different festive holidays. They’ll be heading off on Christmas Eve for locations such as Devon, the Scilly Isles, Scarborough, Anglesey, Stafford - as well as further afield to Austria and Bruges in Belgium.

Christmas is a special time for Johnsons customers and the key to success is meticulous planning of which is without doubt a logistical operation! Fortunately the Johnsons team has plenty of experience, having taken customers on Christmas breaks for over 15 years now. Christmas can be a sometimes difficult time for people on their own and Johnsons provide many single room rooms for the many guests, some of which may be traveling on holiday for the first time on their own. However as with all holidays, they soon meet new friends and feel at home.

In addition to the all normal holiday features, festive breaks have some extra seasonal touches. Every customer receives a gift from Johnsons and for weeks, the company’s Henley HQ is swamped with wrapping paper. Coaches also need to be stocked with mince pies and sherry for guests to enjoy en route to their hotel and each coach, is even stocked with its own Christmas cake for the guests enjoyment at the hotel.

That’s not all. On European tours, Johnsons send along their own supplies of crackers and Christmas puddings so guests can enjoy all the traditional trimmings alongside their continental treats. In Austria, the hotel even lays on a full turkey dinner especially for Johnsons’ guests.

Carol singing around the tree, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, music and dancing – wherever guests chose to spend their break, they can enjoy all the elements of a traditional Christmas. They also get to experience something different as all the tours include excursions to local places of interest. Most importantly, it’ s all taken at a leisurely pace to ensure they return relaxed and refreshed from their Christmas break.

As this is a family time for everyone, all the Johnsons drivers and couriers are volunteers. Many choose to take their partners along with some couples acting as driver-courier teams –and that includes managing director, John Johnson who this year will be hosting a holiday in Cheshire with his family.

So is it all worth the hard work and effort? With almost every tour fully booked some time ago and an excellent level of repeat bookings, Johnsons certainly think so. And come January, there isn’t much time to put their feet up before the spring programme begins and they take to the road again.

More Trains on the Chiltern Line

The new Winter Timetable for Chiltern Railways comes into force from Sunday 12th December, and brings with it increased service frequencies to Birmingham and to London from Warwick Parkway. Warwick Parkway, Warwick and Leamington Spa will benefit with up to three trains an hour to London - all day every day. Many of these will be fast trains with fewer stops, providing a major boost to the region. Chiltern Railways has invested well over £100 million in improving the Marylebone route, including over £65 million on 61 brand new ‘Clubman’ coaches. The new timetable will offer fewer stops and faster journeys on the extra services - making the journey to London ten minutes faster than previously. Nearly all journeys will be on comfortable business standard Clubman trains.

Chiltern Railways will also take over all services between London, Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon from Central Trains and First Great Western Link, giving it increased control of the traffic on the Leamington line. We’ll provide new, direct services every 2 hours between Stratford-upon-Avon and London Marylebone, offering a regular, reliable service for locals travelling to London and for visitors from London, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire heading to Shakespeare Country.

Chiltern Railways Managing Director Cath Proctor said, 'This is a significant improvement to our service and a direct response to very strong growth in passenger demand for our services. This is particularly good news for business commuters returning to Birmingham in the afternoon - twice as many trains means increased flexibility and less time to wait at Marylebone. We will also be offering a fantastic service for tourists to Stratford-upon-Avon to the benefit of all businesses in the area.'

They call them SMILE VANS

The Warwickshire Casualty Reduction Partnership has been formed to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads of Warwickshire. Their website is dedicated to informing you of the work of the partnership, the need for cameras, their locations and to give you the chance to have your say.

By reducing speed, they will reduce the number of collisions and therefore the number of casualties and deaths on our roads. This means the roads of Warwickshire will become a safer place for all road users.

They aim to encourage drivers to THINK about their choice of speed and eventually to change their attitude towards speed. Remember speed limits are exactly that -maximum limits. They are not targets.

The partnership consists of Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police, Highways Agency, Magistrates Courts Service, Warwickshire NHS Trust and the Crown Prosecution Services.

South Warwickshire Locations
Speed limits shown in brackets
Fixed Camera Locations
A46 Red Hill (National Speed Limit)
A435 Coughton (40mph)
A439 Black Hill (National Speed Limit)
A429 Pottobello (National Speed Limit)
A4189 Outhill (National Speed Limit)

Mobile Safety Camera Enforcement Routes
A426 Nr Stockton (National Speed Limit)
A429 Stretton on Fosse (National Speed Limit)
A429 Wellesbourne (National Speed Limit)
A435 Mappleborough Green (40mph)
B4100 Gaydon (National Speed Limit)
A425 Ufton (30mph)
A3400 Pathlow (50mph)
A3400 Alderminster (40mph)
A3400 North of Henley in Arden (40mph)
A3400 Little Woolford (National Speed Limit)
A439 Stratford to A46 (National Speed Limit)
A46 Nr Snitterfield (National Speed Limit)
A4189 Outhill to Lower Norton (National Speed Limit)
A423 South of Southam (National Speed Limit)
A423 Nr Fenny Compton (National Speed Limit)
Temporary Mobile Enforcement Locations
A448 Bromsgrove Rd, Studley (40mph)
A44 Little Compton (National Speed Limit)
B439 Cranhill (National Speed Limit)
B4101 Broad Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden (40mph)
A3400 Newbold on Stour (30 mph)
B4035 Main Street Brailes (30mph)

B93 success against Anti Social Behaviour

Operation Robroy, West Midlands Police's bid to tackle anti social behaviour in Dorridge, has been hailed a success by local officers and will continue over the coming months. The operation has seen police using a variety of policing tactics including high profile and robust policing of hotspot locations, tackling the supply of the alcohol and drugs and the longer-term drugs and alcohol awareness through education.

Sergeant Ann Strachan, responsible for policing in B93, said: 'We are committed to reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour in order to make the rural community feel a safer place to live, work and visit and prevent drug and alcohol abuse in our young people. Throughout October and November there has been a robust policing of hot-spot locations in Dorridge particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. Some young people have been advised and dispersed and letters will be sent to parents of youths found by the police in the hotspots. Youths are also been filmed on overt cameras to prevent disorder.

'It is essential however that this is regarded as a society and community problem and that parents and guardians know the whereabouts of their children and what they are doing. We also welcome any information on sources of alcohol, drugs and those involved in anti-social behaviour are passed onto the police.'

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.

Are Your Christmas Decorations Safe?

Thinking about putting up your Christmas decorations?

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Officers say few simple checks and sensible precautions will help to ensure that you have a safe Christmas. Noel Hunter, Director of Warwickshire Trading Standards said:

“ We are asking homeowners in Stratford upon Avon and South Warwickshire, many of whom will be digging out their Christmas decorations in the next few days, to follow our straight forward advice on Christmas lights, decorations and candles.”

County Fire Officer, William Brown added:

" Christmas is a great time of year and obviously we don't want to put a dampener on people enjoying themselves, but having served in the fire service for many years I have witnessed first hand the devastation fire can cause. It's always so frustrating when a few simple precautions could have prevented tragedies that should never have happened."

Christmas tree lights, and in particular those that have been coiled up in storage for a year, could harbour faults which might cause an electric shock or fire, but fortunately, all that is needed to make sure that your tree lights are safe to use are a few simple checks:

  • Check to ensure that the lights are fitted with an approved plug with a 3 amp fuse or a mains transformer;
  • Wires should be double insulated, and firmly attached to the plug by the cord restraint;
  • Check for cuts in the wires and in particular exposed wires at the bulb holders;
  • Only use the correct spare bulbs and ensure that a fuse bulb (normally painted white) is fitted;
  • Always remove the plug from the mains before changing bulbs.
  • Do not allow children to play with Christmas tree lights.
  • Do not use ‘indoor’ lights outside.

If you are in any doubt as to the safety of your lights, discard them and buy a new set.

New lights should carry the European CE mark and many new models now run on a very low 12 to 36 volts via a mains transformer. It is worth remembering that light sets which do not have a transformer will have 240 volts running through them, increasing the danger of an electric shock if they become faulty.

Trading Standards Officers warn that Christmas decorations are not toys and are exempt from stringent toy safety requirements. Christmas decorations may contain small removable parts that could choke a young child or sharp points or edges and 'finger traps' that can be harmful.

Remember do not let children play with Christmas decorations.

Candles are a very popular Christmas decoration and by follow our simple advice, householders can help ensure they don’t become a fire hazard.

General advice for candle use:

  • Never leave a lighted candle unattended.
  • Place on a heat resistant surface.
  • Keep away from flammable materials.
  • Always burn candles in specifically designed holders (metal/glass/ceramic/).
  • Do not place lighted candles in a draught.
  • Do not allow the candle to burn down, and
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Tricia's Diary Dates

The following diary dates have been notified to Tricia Hammond at 132 High Street:

Henley-in-Arden Community Primary School Christmas Fayre will be held on Friday 3rd December from 5.30 to 7.30pm at the School in Arden Road & will include a special visit from Father Christmas at 6.pm plus tombola, raffle stalls, festive music from our school orchestra, mulled wine & mince pies! Everyone is welcome. All enquiries please contact Sian Corrie 01564 795889
HENLEY-in-ARDEN WI It is Christmas Party time at our meeting on Tuesday 7th December including entertainment by the Play Reading Group - members debut on stage! Visitors welcome to join us at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.
“SANTA’S GROTTO” is returning again to Henley Fire Station on Saturday 11th December between 10am and 1pm. Father Christmas will be making his annual visit to see the children of Henley. Come and join us to make it a morning of festive cheer.
Henley WI Group Carol Service The Henley Group of WI’s (Henley, Tanworth, Ullenhall) invite families & friends to their Carol Service to be held in Tanworth Church on Sunday 12th December at 3 pm. The service will be led by Rev. Tim Harmer with singing by Tanworth-in-Arden WI choir, which includes members from several WI’s. There will be traditional carols for all and a few special ones for the choir with readings new & old. The hour long service will be followed by mince pies and tea in the church. Enquiries: Wendy Dilllon 01564 742464

HENLEY-in-ARDEN FLOWER CLUB will meet on Tuesday 14th December in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm for Christmas Dinner and E.G.

HENLEY & BEAUDESERT CIVIC SOCIETY will meet on Thursday 16th December at the Fire Station at 7.30pm for Christmas Entertainment (featuring “Bare Necessities”) and refreshments. £5 for members - £7 for Guests.
HENLEY WILDLIFE SOCIETY meet from 7.45 pm in the Baptist Church Hall on Tuesday 21st December for our E.G. and Christmas Social – very informal and good fun.
HENLEY WILDLIFE SOCIETY meet from 7.45 pm in the Baptist Church Hall on Tuesday 21st December for our E.G. and Christmas Social – very informal and good fun.
HENLEY-in-ARDEN METHODIST CHURCH Our Christmas Coffee Morning will be on Saturday 4th December 10 am ‘till noon with Bring & Buy stalls. 16th we will have our Christmas Concert followed by afternoon tea, time to be announced later. Christmas Day Worship at 9.30am with our Rev. Peter Mooring. All Sunday services at 11 am
SALVATION ARMY WEEK. Sincere thanks to all throughout the Parish, who gave so generously to this year’s Salvation Army door to door collection. Special thanks also to all directly involved in the door to door collecting. The amount of £1,484.31 raised is truly commendable and will be enormous help for some of today’s neediest people.
TWO VOLUNTEERS WANTED for TWO hours per month only, for WI LUNCHOEN CLUB. This takes place every Tuesday between 11.30 & 1.30 at Dell Court, Henley. You would be part of a team of 3 people working to a rota and serving about 20 lunches. This is a very rewarding and pleasant job, taking place in warm, welcoming surroundings. MORE INFORMATION from SUE TUPLIN 01789 488560
ADVANCE NOTICE The Memorial Hall Committee is organising a NOT QUITE VALENTINE’S NIGHT SUPPER DANCE on Saturday 5th February 2005. Dancing to the Likely Lads. It should be a good night! In aid of Memorial Hall Funds. For more information ‘phone Duncan or Marijana Bainbridge 01564 793539 or 794987
Items for January Newsletter by post to 132 High St by Wednesday 15th December marked ‘Tricia’s Diary’.

The National Grid Tree Warden Scheme

The National Grid Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. The scheme was founded by the Tree Council and is co-ordinated by the Council in partnership with The National Grid Company, which has a well-established policy of community involvement and environmental care.

Tree Wardens are volunteers, appointed by parish councils or other community organisations, who gather information about their local trees, get involved in local tree matters and encourage local practical projects to do with trees and woods.

Since the Scheme's launch in September 1990, the Tree Council has been working closely with Local Authorities to set up Tree Warden Networks throughout the UK. By the end of 2000, there were over 7,000 Tree Wardens.

Why are Tree Wardens needed?

Trees are a precious part of our natural heritage and we need to take action now if future generations are to enjoy the beauty and variety of our landscapes. To be most effective, this action should be taken by people on the spot; the people who know their own localities intimately and who have most to gain from the protection and enhancement of their immediate environment.

How the Tree Warden Scheme works

Tree Wardens need not be tree experts, only enthusiasts, as a series of one-day training courses are run in participating areas in conjunction with Local Authorities, Community Forests, BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) and BTCV Scotland. These courses cover topics such as surveying woodland and non-woodland trees, summer and winter tree identification, tree planting and aftercare, woodland ecology and management, seed collection and tree law.

Wardens are supported in their work by their parish council or community group, which in turn will look to the Local Authority for help in matters which are beyond its resources.

The Tree Warden's role

Tree Wardens work closely with their local community, and with local farmers and landowners. Among the tasks they become involved in are:

  • Gathering information and doing surveys of their local trees, so as to develop ideas for projects, discover where practical help and advice is needed, and become aware of threats to trees that may need bringing to the attention of the local authority.
  • Local community liaison - a key element in the Tree Warden's role. Tree Wardens may be asked questions on what species to plant, how to deal with a damaged tree, and how to obtain grant aid for planting. Wardens will not necessarily have all the answers, but they will soon learn where to find them.
  • Protecting trees - trees and woods need protection, and local people can often see what needs to be done before council officials. Tree Wardens have a vital role to play here, by informing the local council of threats to trees, and so helping to ensure compliance with tree preservation orders and planning consents. They can also keep their eyes open for vandalism to newly planted trees, and look out for trees showing signs of disease, or becoming dangerous through decay
  • Organising, or encouraging others to organise, practical projects such as tree planting or woodland management. Community involvement is one of the main aims of the Tree Warden Scheme. Wardens work with schools to create conservation areas, organise guided tree walks, give talks to local groups, help farmers to lay hedges, encourage local environmental improvement projects, plan tree planting projects for National Tree Week and so on. Involving children and youth groups also helps to control vandalism.

How to become a Tree Warden

Tree Wardens receive a free introduction pack containing all sorts of tree related information, as well as being entitled to attend free training days and an annual regional forum.

For more details contactartin Peel, Environmental Maintenance Manager, Stratford District Council

Phone: 01789 260631

British LegionPhotos of Henley in the Snow?

Do you have any photos of Henley in the snow?

Henley NEWS on-line is preparing its Christmas edition and the editor is seeking colour pictures of Henley in snow.

From our own Correspondents

Henley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. David Burman has become our agricultural correspondent and Peter Cornford of John Earle will be writing a regular column on the property scene. We are now looking for a volunteer to write a regular feature "Let's eat in Henley" about all the restaurants and pubs in and around Henley.

We already have most of the significant organisations in the town represented on the website. Recent additions include: Lions Club, Henley High School, Drama Society and regular press releases from the Joint Parish Council. Henley Bridge Club will soon be linked up. The Primary School PTA will soon be providing a regular page of news and features.

Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed. Please always try to include a photo.

Letters, articles, pictures to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Word' is preferred. Please send to British Legion

Technical Tip: If you can't print the whole width of Henley NEWS on-line page, go the Page Setup and reduce the scale setting to around 70%.

Sports clubs


The Memorial Hall Committee is organising a NOT QUITE VALANTINES NIGHT SUPPER DANCE on Saturday 5th February 2005.


It should be a good night. In aid of Hall funds.

For more information, phone Duncan or Marijana on 793539 or 794987 Click here for the official press release from the JPC

Henley-in-Arden Roll of Honour
British Legion
Dr. Douglas Bridgewater is researching the gallant men of Henley-in-Arden who gave their lives in the two World Wars. He has already established that the Town's war memorials are incomplete. Special report

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