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5th November 2004
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Henley NEWS on-line has received 2 reports of cars being broken into over night. One was in Harris Mews and the second was parked on the owner's drive in Henley. In both cases, the cars' windows were broken.

Central Trains to be broken up

Secretary of State for Transport, Alistair Darling, announced that Central Trains, the company which operates local train services through Henley-in-Arden, is to be broken up. The company, part of the National Express group, also provides the bulk of local and mid-distance services through Birmingham New Street will cease to operate a franchise after it expires in 2006. In a statement on Tuesday 19th October, he said services operated by the current franchise will be distributed into other franchises at that time. This was, he said, the first step in the strategic objective of reducing the current number of franchises nationwide. For local passengers, it appears that that the line from Snow Hill and Moor Street to Leamington will be absorbed into Chiltern Railways, which would then be the only operator on this route.

Centro, the West Midlands public transport promoter, says that it is is now seeking clarification from the Department of Transport in order to protect the interests of the growing number of rail travelers in its region. It will continue to stress that one in five Birmingham commuters now travel by train and that more than half make this choice even though they have a car available. Providing quality, high-frequency rail services within the West Midlands makes a significant contribution to cutting the congestion which costs the region more than £2bn a year.

Commuters are hopeful that the move may result in service improvement. Said one regular traveler 'Chiltern Railways seem to have higher train standards than Central and let's hope Chiltern Rail wars will get the franchise. Central Trains has been running its oldest and dirtiest carriages on this service for too long'.

Remembrance Day - November 11th at 11am

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

We will remember them.

On Thursday 11th November, there will be the Royal British Legion Silent Tribute. Details from Les Goodman (Tel 793439).

On Sunday 14th November, there will be the customary church parade, form up at the Memorial Hall at 10:15 am.

The Royal British Legion Henley Branch held it's Annual General Meeting at the Wootton Wawen Social Club on 2nd November. The Committee was elected as follows, left to right on photo.

President - Arthur O'Donnell
Chairman - Dennis Cox
Secretary/Treasurer - Les Goodman.
Standard Bearer (not pictured) - John Ambler.

The AGM of Henley-in-Arden Ex-Services Social Club was also held and the same officers were elected.

Les Goodman reported that the British Legion had purchased 4 electric Scooters for use of members and others, which are now in use. The Chairman then thanked Les Goodman for all the work he had put in over the year, yet again, especially organising trips and dinners etc.

John Love
Roving Reporter & Photographer

The JPC "Correctness" debate

The motion, proposed by Cllr Sara Hingley and seconded by Cllr Stephen Thirwell, "That this council writes to Mr. Bill Leech editor of Henley NEWS on-line to request him to contact the clerk for verification of the facts regarding the JPC before publication, as we would like correct information published" was debated by the JPC on Monday night. 3 councillors voted against the motion which was carried on a split vote. Since the meeting, Henley NEWS on-line has received a letter from Hayley Syratt, Clerk to the Council, asking for all information on the JPC to be submitted for verification before publication.

Last week, the Henley NEWS on-line poll showed that our readers were not in favour of any form of "verification", voting unanimously against the JPC motion. We have invited the JPC to view each edition before publication on Friday evenings at the same time as our quality control panel are checking the edition. In the interests of political balance, the JPC has been invited to write an article to set the record straight as they see it. Henley NEWS on-line has also suggested a weekly commentary from each of the JPC councillors in turn. We hope the JPC will take up these offers.

Invitation from the JPC

The meetings of the Beaudesert & Henley-in-Arden Joint Parish Council are held in the Baptist Church Hall and start at 7.15pm. next meeting of the council which is scheduled to take place on 15th November 2004.

They are always open to the public, except when a resolution bars the public due to confidentiality. There is an Open Forum at the beginning  where the public is invited to make any representations. This is generally informal and anyone wishing to speak is only asked to give their name and address for the minutes and to keep any address short (to approximately three minutes). Once the meeting begins members of the public are not allowed to enter into the discussion unless specifically invited to do so.

Hayley Syratt
Clerk to the JPC

A new Archive Room in Aston Cantlow

A new Archive Room is due to be opened in Aston Cantlow thanks to the generosity of the Trustees of the Village Hall. A room in the village hall has been given to the Local History Society in which their collection of historical material can be stored. A wealth of information of many kinds was collected during the research and preparation of the Millennium publication “A Passage Through Time in a Warwickshire Parish” which sold over 1,000 copies. Since then the society has been looking for suitable facilities to store the material and make it available to interested readers.

The Archive Committee has been cataloguing the material so that it can be accessed by members of the society, and also by other people interested in both local and family history. The archive material consists of photographs, documents, maps and articles of many kinds, while research aids in the shape of computer access and printing are also available.

The Archive Room will be formally opened on Saturday, 13th November at 2.00pm and to mark the occasion much of the archive material will be on display in the main hall throughout the afternoon. This is a unique opportunity to see many of the fascinating items from the collection as well as a chance to see one of the finest 15C guild buildings in Warwickshire.

Do come along on the afternoon of Saturday 13th November any time between 2.00 and 5.30 for a most interesting and worthwhile visit.

Report by Brian & Maggie Twigg

  Hello from Canada


Thought you might just find this photo of interest. My brother, who still lives in Hall Green, sent me the newspaper article about Bill Leech and Henley NEWS on-line. The photo is of myself and my brother (Anne and John Bassindale) taken outside the Henley ice cream shop somewhere around 1954.

My parents would take us cycling from Hall Green out to Henley occasionally and, of course, the big treat of the day was enjoying a Henley ice-cream. I came across a more recent photo of the shop on the Internet and noticed that the two large "ice-creams" are no longer there! I guess they would be pretty old by now! You might be surprised at how many times I have thought about Henley ice-cream over the years since those happy days.

Anne Elliott
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Can any of our readers tell Anne what happened to the giant cones and where was the photo taken?

Home Fire Safety Checks and
Free Smoke Alarms from
Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service

Statistics show that each year approximately 300 people die as a result of accidental fires in homes that do not have a working smoke alarm. Half of the deaths in home fires happen between 10pm and 8am. A quarter of all people who die in home fires are asleep at the time.

As part of their ongoing drive to increase the safety of residents, Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service is offering to carry out a free Home Fire Safety checks for elderly and vulnerable people. These checks will include the supply and fitting of smoke alarms where the need is identified.

The smoke alarms, which are supplied and fitted free of charge are of the latest design which acclimatise themselves to their surroundings and are fitted with a ten year battery. The alarms are also fitted with a “hush” button to silence them in the event of incidental operation.

For further information, or to arrange a Home Fire Safety check, please contact Terri Morris at Stratford Area Risk Management Team on 01789 262 139. Further information on Home Fire Safety is also available on the Warwickshire

George Atkinson
County councillor

Smart Water - What is it?

SMARTWATER is a unique solution containing a blend of harmless chemicals providing it with a “forensic fingerprint. This fingerprint has been likened in concept to “DNA profiling”.

Once applied, SMARTWATER makes the possession of stolen property a risky business. When subjected to ultra violet light, its presence is immediately obvious by a telltale fluorescent glow. The smallest amount is enough for forensic scientists to verify the registered owner.

The Stratford District Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP), which includes both Stratford District Council and Warwickshire Police, is committed to reducing house burglaries and preventing repeat incidents of this type of crime.

As part of this year’s efforts to achieve this objective, householders in the Henley in Arden area are being offered SMARTWATER – the property marking solution. Phials of this revolutionary product are now available from coordinators at the special price of £11.00 per phial and one should be sufficient to mark around 60-70 items.

Please contact one of the following coordinators to obtain more information, and to order a phial of SMARTWATER:

Laurie Dowler 792769    Carsina Goodman 793439    Angela Woodman 793818

County Air Ambulance

The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance is a registered charity based at Coventry Airport. It provides emergency cover for approximately 2,000 square miles of Coventry, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, serving a population of just over one million people.

It has one helicopter which can be airborne within 45 seconds and can respond anywhere in the Henley area within a few minutes and anywhere in its coverage area within 12 mins.In addition to the pilot, there is a doctor and a paramedic on board. It can airlift patients to a range of hospitals, according to location and need, as a far spread as Selly Oak, Heartlands, Kettering, Leicester, Milton Keynes and Redditch.

One year ago, the editor of Henley NEWS on-line was walking his dog over the Mount, when he slipped and fractured the tendons in his knee. He called 999 on his mobile phone and within ten minutes the Air Ambulance arrived and landed at the foot of the Mount. He was taken to Redditch in less than three minutes.

Needing about £1m per year to keep the helicopter in the sky, Henley NEWS on-line urges its readers and organisations in the town to support the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

Firework Warnings from the Chief

County Fire Officer, William Brown is urging residents in Warwickshire to stay safe this year as the Bonfire night celebrations begin.

Last year, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service dealt with a number of nuisance fires, which had been lit too close to houses, sheds or woodland areas. So in order to ensure that this year's celebration is a successful one, please bear in mind the following guidelines.

  • If possible always attend a professionally organised bonfire event
  • Give advanced notice to the Fire & Rescue Service on the location of your event
  • If you are building a bonfire in your back garden, please make sure that it is not near a shed, garage, hedges or trees
  • Do not light a bonfire near overhead cables
  • The bigger the bonfire, the further away it will need to be from anything at risk of burning
  • Do not build your bonfire too close to your house or you may damage your property or your neighbours property
  • Ensure that you have a hosepipe laid out incase the bonfire gets out of control

County Fire Officer, William Brown said: "I want the people of Warwickshire to have an enjoyable Bonfire Night, which is why I have issued these safety guidelines. However, the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to go to an organised firework party. So please make sure that your night goes without a bang and keep safe!"

As well as bonfires, fireworks are also an integral part of the bonfire celebrations. Injuries are still on the increase and although recent changes in legislation have been brought in to help - tackle the problem, parents and organizers of events still need to take care. In order to stay safe, please make sure that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Remember never give sparklers to under 5's
  • Do not put spent Firework cases into your Bonfire
  • It is illegal to set off Fire works between 11pm and 7am. Except on the 5th November when fireworks can be set off until 12 am, New Year's Eve, until 1am, Chinese New Year, until 1am and Diwali until 1am
  • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to be in possession of fireworks in a public place
  • It is illegal to sell bangers and air bombs
  • It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18

Court Leet prepares for AGM

The present High Bailiff, Brian Jackson will be re-elected for another year. Nominations for new members of the Court are now being sought. If you, or anyone you know, wishes to become a member of the Court Leet, you should email the Steward of the Manor, who will send out the nomination papers.

Steward of the Manor, David Lodder, announced last week that the LORD OF THE MANOR, Mrs Robin Hardy-Freed, will be flying in from Pittsburgh, USA to preside at the Annual General Meeting of the Court Leet and Court Baron in the Guild Hall on Wednesday 10th November at 7.30 pm.

All residents in the parishes of Henley-in-Arden and Beaudesert who have lived in either parish for more than 2 years are entitled to become jurors. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM, the Officers of the Court each report on their duties for previous year. Then the Jurors elect the Officers of the Court for the following twelve months.

The Court Leet is recognised as a legally constituted court. Its powers are limited to the making of presentments. The Court sees itself as the defender of the traditions of HENLEY.

Residents having been registering on-line as jurors using the button on the left. All residents, not already registered, are urged to register on the Court Leet Electoral Roll by clicking the button on the left and completing the simple form. It takes less than 10 seconds!

Elected Officers of the Court Leet

High BailiffLow Bailiff
Ale Tasters (2)Brook Lookers (2)
Mace BearerButter Weigher
ConstableAffearors (Tax Collectors) (2)

Property Report

Peter Cornford, partner at John Earle & Son Estate Agents in the High Street, reports of the current property scene.

There is much now being reported in the papers, television and radio about the current "softness" of the residential property market. At John Earle and Son we have been advising clients and potential clients, since July onwards, that the market is heading to soften this autumn, as the confidence of potential buyers was likely to be affected by Interest Rate rises, coupled with Council Tax and other increases.

At the Bank of England's meeting at the beginning of October, it was agreed unanimously not to increase interest rates - We feel that if the Bank Rate is not moved in November and there is an indication rates may start to ease downwards, then the property market has already reached a low point. As we move forward, the number of buyers will increase with sensibly priced, unusual different properties starting to sell again and prices will then harden. As a firm, we are experiencing this already with some of our interesting and individual auction properties.


Photos of Henley in the Snow?

Do you have any photos of Henley in the snow?

Henley NEWS on-line is preparing its Christmas edition and the editor is seeking colour pictures of Henley in snow.

From our own Correspondents

British LegionHenley NEWS on-line is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. We already receive reports from eyewitnesses as the 'Cops & Robbers' story above demonstrates. David Burman has agreed to become the agricultural correspondent. We are now looking for a volunteer to write a regular feature "Let's eat in Henley" about all the restaurants and pubs in and around Henley.

We now have most of the significant organisations in the town represented on the website. Recent additions include: Lions Club, Henley High School, Drama Society and regular press releases from the Joint Parish Council. Henley Bridge Club will soon be linked up. The Primary School PTA will soon be providing a regular page of news and features.

Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed. Please always try to include a photo.

Letters, articles, pictures to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file 'Publisher" or 'Serif'. 'Word' is preferred.

Technical Note: The vast majority of readers view our pages at a screen width of 800 pixels or greater.

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Henley-in-Arden Roll of Honour
British Legion
Dr. Douglas Bridgewater is researching the gallant men of Henley-in-Arden who gave their lives in the two World Wars. He has already established that the Town's war memorials are incomplete. Special report

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