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29th November 2017





Christmas Trees Galore at St Johns  Church


St Johns Church  will be holding their Christmas Tree Festival when, once again,  the church will be decorated with over 30 trees supplied by local organisation and businesses. Malcolm Aldridge Lay Reader and event organiser commented " each year the event attracts more and more interest and we are hoping for a steady stream of visitors not only from Henley but from further afield. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the creativity  shown by the participating  organisations who really work hard to provide eye catching, colourful and beautifully decorated trees which helps create a very special pre- Christmas atmosphere in our lovely Church"

Entry is  free and the Festival will run from 2nd to the 9th December,  11.00am until 4.00pm daily with an extended opening on Saturday 2nd of December for the switching on of the towns Christmas lights during  which the Henley sings choir will be performing  in the church.


After the lights have been switched on, Henley’s community choir ‘Henley Sings’ will be singing popular Christmas songs inside St John’s. Everyone is very welcome to join in with popular festive favourites.

Whether you’re on your way to a cup of mulled wine, or looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy the town’s celebration do come and support our choir!


Car Park Management & HWMT Funding

Dear Editor

logoI am writing in to express my grave concern over the JPCs car park management scheme, I fail to see the point in committing expenditure to what basically amounts to a money pit. I am in complete support of the precept increase to support our community library and youth services however I can’t fail to notice that there have already been cuts to various services such as the business and tourism reserve and the WW1 commemoration reserve as well as a reduction in grants to wonderful organisations such as Henley in Bloom. I also noticed Cllr Crathornes report on the HWMT, which in the near future as far as I can tell will require financial support from the JPC, which leads to the question of how this scheme will be funded? Even if the proposed sites are transferred in ownership there would need to be huge sums of JPC funds that would be needed for legal framework, business rates and future maintenance costs. If people don’t use the sites, which is already the case with the car park by the golf club entrance, then there will be no funds generated!

If proposals went ahead and the sites became pay + display as already realised but obviously not thought through the workers and residents who use the car parks will then go and park on the roads around the town (which is already an issue), to counter this there will be an ‘increase in the number of yellow lines’ Does this mean the majority of the town will covered in double yellow lines! I for one have to park on the road outside my property as do many other people in the town, where would we all park? If SDC issued passes as they do on the High Street where would peoples relatives or visitors park? Who would enforce these yellow lines as the lines we already have on the High Street are barely enforced! And finally who is paying for the painting of these lines? The whole idea is ludicrous! 

In September Cllr Garner stated “consultation with the parishioners would need to be undertaken” and yet to date there has been no effort to speak to any parishioners, my fear and those I’ve spoken to is that if the scheme goes ahead it will be future JPCs that are yet to be elected that are left  picking up the pieces.

A very concerned resident (Name & Address not supplied)

Response by Cllr John Garner, Financial Portfolio Holder, JPC

photoThanks for your email.  I do understand your concerns so let me try and explain.

First of all let me say that there have been no financial cuts in services.  We actually increased the grant to Henley in Bloom this year; the WW1 celebrations were indeed removed from the reserve as no expenditure was anticipated in the current year but a significant sum (£5,000) will be in the budget for 2018-19 (the JPC agreed this in principle at the last meeting).   The business and tourism reserve was also removed as no expenditure is anticipated but this could be reinstated if necessary. 

Regarding further funding of the War Memorial Trust and the sports grounds, no decisions have been taken, nor are likely to be in the very near future.

No decisions have yet been taken on the operation of the town’s car parks but we are looking at the acquisition of the Croft car park as the current owners, Taylor Wimpey, are anxious to divest themselves of it.   If we don’t take it on someone else will (probably a commercial parking company) and we, as a town, will have no control over it.  We are acutely aware that any moves to introduce parking charges in Henley would be unpopular and it is for that reason that we will ensure the townspeople are consulted before any such decisions are taken.

(Cllr) John Garner

Changes to X20 Service and NEW 50 Service


Please note that the X20 Bard's Bus will operate on a new timetable from Sunday 7th January 2018. 

Please click here to download the new timetable. 

We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from Warwickshire County Council to continue to operate this service on Sundays.

Bard's Tickets

Remember our X20 Bard's Tickets offer great savings; and for those travelling between Hockley Heath and Stratford only, we have a Bard's Warwickshire Week ticket at just £15 per child and £19 per adult. Click here for more information. 

NEW 50 Service to Chipping Norton

We are also pleased to announce a new service from Stratford-upon-Avon to Chipping Norton on Sundays only. Chipping Norton is a bustling Cotswold market town and has a range of independent shops, cafes and restaurants. You can connect in Stratford to our 50 service to Chipping Norton from Birmingham on our X20 service. Day tickets are available - ask your driver for more details.

Click here to view the new 50 timetables. 

Printed copies of our timetables are in production and will be available from your driver soon.

For more information on our bus services please contact our Bus Team on 01564 797070.


Wildmoor Spa bought by national leisure group


   Bannantynes has announced the acquisition of Wildmoor Spa & Health Club in Stratford for an undisclosed sum.  Specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co, brokered the deal for The Bannatyne Group which acquired the Wildmoor Spa in an off-market transaction from its long term owners Tony and Brian Bird.

   The acquisition brings the number of sites operated by the Bannatyne Group to 70. In a joint statement Tony and Brian Bird said: “We’re proud of The Wildmoor Spa & Health Club. It is very much a family business run by Anthony (Tony’s son) and we have greatly enjoyed the challenge of growing the club from scratch and seeing it go from strength to strength; it has been a labour of love in many ways.

   “Over the years, we have received a great deal of interest in the club from prospective buyers, but it was only when approached by the Bannatyne Group that we seriously considered a sale.

   “They share our commitment to the continuous development of the club and recognise the exceptional team of staff that both we and our members value so highly. We wish the club all the very best for future, while we now focus on several new significant developments in the area.”

   General manager Anthony Bird said in a message to members: “The Bird family purchased the Wildmoor site in the late 1990s and after some challenging planning work, meticulous design and build, we opened our doors on 7th August 2005.  I took over as manager in February 2009 and have never looked back.

   “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wildmoor and all the highs and lows that has entailed.  The highs being welcoming Cameron Diaz to the club and winning Day Spa of the Year Award.  I can’t decide?

   “The low being receiving a call in the early hours of a frosty March morning in 2016 informing me that the club was on fire.  It has been a real privilege to lead and work alongside such an exceptional team of people and to get to know so many of our loyal members.”

Dale Le Vack reporting


JPC Meeting held on 20th November

  • Judith Lindley from Henley Community Library advised that they were revising thir opening hours from 2nd January and they were proposing to close at 5.00 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Mrs Lindley invited comments from the public.
  • A representative from Henley in Bloom gave a short report and mentioned that they were thinking about placing another trough on Warwick Road but would have to seek permissions.
  • The updated Planning Applications Spread Sheet is available on the JPC web site and there was nothing of note to report this month. 
  • The current bank balances as at 20th November are Treasurers account: £6,490.68 and the Deposit account: £100,000.00.
  • The JPC have agreed to continue the on-going maintenance of some of the trees in the parishes which have been causing issues for residents.
  • The JPC agreed to request The Hub@Henley to communicate with community groups, local authority services and businesses to promote the journey towards creating Henley as a Dementia Friendly town.  It is anticipated that The Hub will make contact with shops & businesses in Henley, including the Surgery, to establish whether there is an interest in participating in a specialist course.
  • The JPC is still looking into trying to resolve the on-going parking issues in Henley and is involved in talks to discuss the acquisition of The Croft and Medical Centre car parks and is also in discussions with the company who runs the car park at the North end of the town.
  • The JPC is continuing to look into the refurbishment of the Riverlands Play Area with the idea that it would be accessible for all ages and skills.
  • The JPC is still looking into the process of whether it is feasible to take over the management of the playing fields, Pavilion and Memorial Hall as it is not sustainable in its current form.
  • The JPC has produced their Annual Report and Accounts and a copy will be delivered to all of the households in the parishes, along with the Henley Church magazine.
  • A new JPC meetings schedule has been uploaded on to the JPC web site and it was agreed to reduce the number of JPC meetings to eight in 2018, with the addition of daytime surgeries being held in the Heritage Centre on Monday mornings to try and improve the accessibility of Councillors and the Clerk – please see details on JPC website.
  • Copies of the JPC Minutes & Reports are available in the Library.

Dog Fouling
Beaudesert & Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council continues to receive a lot of complaints recently regarding dog fouling in Beaudesert & Henley in Arden.  Again, it is necessary to remind all dog owners to be responsible and to clear up after their dog has fouled.  As you may or may not be aware, it is illegal to ignore and not clear up your own dog’s mess and there could be a £75 on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice.  Non-payment could lead to a court fine of £1,000.
We would remind you that in order for members of the public, especially children and the elderly to avoid illness and disease, not to mention becoming covered in dog mess, please act responsibly and with care.  Please, please clear up after your dog. Please also note that livestock also get diseases from dog mess (tapeworm in particular). If you do see someone who has not picked up after their dog has fouled and you do not feel comfortable about approaching them, please do give me a ring on 01564 795499/07765 864588 or email: clerk@henley-in-arden-pc.gov.uk  (all calls will be treated with the utmost confidence).
For problems with stray dogs and other related matters not dealt with by Beaudesert & Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council, please contact the Dog Warden at Stratford District Council on 01789 260837.
Please also remember to keep your dogs on leads in public areas and where there is livestock. 

  • The next full JPC meeting will be held on Monday, 15th January 2018 in the Henley in Arden Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley. 

Clerk: Gill Bailey: tel: 01564 795499/07765 864588 email: clerk@henley-in-arden-pc.gov.uk In an Emergency, Cllr Peter Crathorne: tel: 07974 573582 or email: maint@henley-in-arden-pc.gov.uk



Community First Responders AGM


The Henley Community First Responders held their 6th AGM at the end of October. The attendance was excellent, with several sponsors and supporters present. 

The chairman, Malcolm Aldridge, gave his report on the year’s activities. Whilst numbers of active CFRs were still below par, mainly due to WMAS drastically reducing the training, this appeared to have been rectified recently with a new training programme. Thus new recruits were gradually beginning to swell our numbers again.

The team Co-ordinator, Peter Neville, reported on the statistics and operations of the last twelve months, and the purchase of a replacement car. He answered several questions about numbers and times of calls, which area we respond in, and how the rota works.

The treasurer, Ann Rutherford, talked us through the last year's accounts, which show a steady balance between income and expenditure. She thanked all our sponsors and supporters, and took a couple of questions about The 100 Club.

The accounts were approved, the auditor re-appointed, and the officers all resigned and were re-elected.

Both the High Bailiff and the Chairman of the Joint Parish Council made complimentary comments about the work of the CFRs, which were greatly appreciated by the whole team.

In conclusion, the chairman presented flowers to Janet Shaw who works very hard producing excellent minutes of committee meetings, team meetings and the AGM. He also thanked all his colleagues for their wonderful team spirit and their sacrifice of leisure time to carry out their CFR duties.


As I write this Remembrance Sunday, less than a week ago, seems like a distant memory. The Hub was represented in the annual parade along the High Street, with the rest of the Henley-in-Arden community, and there was barely any standing room left in St. John’s Church for the moving service conducted by Reverend Ganjavi.

Back in the Youth Club the young people had been reflecting on the significance of Remembrance Day and making crafts with the leaders’ guidance.

Another recent highlight was the Hub and War Memorial Trust’s Joint Thank You Dinner for Volunteers. Close to forty people – volunteers, paid staff members and trustees – turned up for the beautiful meal at the White Swan, to hand out certificates to and celebrate the generosity of people who freely give their time to the community. We had some individual champions with dozens of hours given in 2017, and the total time donated in the last year exceeded the equivalent of a £17,000 annual salary. It’s true to say that we couldn’t run without their valued contribution.


The rest of autumn is about gearing up for Christmas, with all clubs and classes running as normal. The big event, of course, is the first-ever Henley Community CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH, organised by Henley Churches and The Hub. The idea is to bring the community together, regardless of denomination, or indeed faith (or no faith), irrespective of family circumstances or age. If you know someone who would like to join this new tradition in Henley, let them know. Or maybe you yourself are alone for Christmas or fancy doing something different, or have had a change in your family situation which means you are free to go out for your Christmas meal to spend the day among friends and new faces.


We’ve got a number of volunteers and guests lined up, so hurry to reserve your place. Once you’ve called us, your name will go down on a list and you’ll be sent an invitation. On the day transport can be provided, and once you arrive at The Baptist Church Hall the turkey, with all trimmings, will be waiting for you. There’ll also be entertainment – all at no cost to you, though donations are welcome. Conversely, feel free to get in touch if you want to help on the day, or donate food or money.

In the meantime, as usual, follow our social media on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HubatHenleyCommunityCentre and Twitter @HubatHenleyCC for daily updates.


Wootton Report

Councillors treated to preview of eco home development


Local councillors have been treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of Warwickshire’s first Passivhaus affordable housing development.

Stratford-on-Avon District Councillor Simon Lawton, Cllr Mark McCall, Chairman of Wootton Wawen Parish Council and Cllr Michael Dufty attended a special Open Afternoon at the site in Wootton Wawen on Thursday 9th November, along with leading figures from each of the partners involved in this ground-breaking project.

Bruno Moyne, Managing Director North & Midlands of Bouygues UK; Derrick Dyas, Chairman of Warwickshire Rural Housing Association; Hazel Pennington, Project Manager at Waterloo Housing Group and Fiona Blundell, Policy Planner at Stratford-on-Avon District Council, joined the councillors in a tour of the site where work is now well underway, before discussing how the project is leading the way in energy efficient housing.

The Open Afternoon was organised during Community Impact Week which gives housing associations across the country an opportunity to celebrate how they transform people’s lives and the communities in which they live.

Warwickshire Rural Housing Association’s Passivhaus development in Wootton Wawen is set to make a big difference to local people by providing high quality, low energy, affordable homes specifically for those with a connection to the village.

With local people being forced to move away from the village as they cannot afford to live there, and the village population ageing, the Wootton Wawen Neighbourhood Plan recognises that an influx of younger people is needed to make the community more sustainable. It supports the development of small-scale, community led affordable housing schemes, in keeping with the picturesque village, for people who have either family or work ties to Wootton Wawen.

To meet this need, Warwickshire Rural Housing Association is developing fourteen properties in partnership with Waterloo Housing Group and developer Bouygues UK.  Funding has been provided by Stratford-on-Avon District Council and the Homes and Communities Agency, along with a significant financial commitment from WRHA.

The development is sited on land formerly owned by Allens Caravans adjacent to the A3400 and all the homes are being built to the rigorous Passivhaus standard to make them as energy efficient as possible. Space heating costs are set to be 70 per cent less than standard house construction due to the superior levels of insulation and air tightness.  The result is that energy consumption and fuel bills will be radically cut.

The project is fully supported by the Wootton Wawen community, whose Parish Plan states that any new building should embody the latest thinking in quality materials and energy efficiency.

“We were pleased to be able to show, at first hand, how well the Wootton Wawen development is progressing,” commented Neil Gilliver, Development Officer at Warwickshire Rural Housing Association. This is a real partnership project which has the backing of the local community and we will be keeping everyone involved throughout the build.”

Councillor Simon Lawton added: “I was very impressed by the quality and speed of construction in developing this important village asset. “I, and other councillors, were pleased to have confirmation that in allocating these homes, local villagers will have absolute priority.  Given the demand for affordable accommodation, I have no doubt that plot reservations will come thick and fast.”

The development is due to be completed in Spring 2018.


The Time of Their Lives is a British road comedy film directed and written by Roger Goldby. The film stars Joan Collins as Helen Shelley and Pauline Collins as Priscilla.

Joan Collins stars as a former Hollywood movie star who travels to her ex-husband’s funeral on the west coast of France with all sorts of peculiar happenings on the journey where upon Priscilla becomes her best friend towards the end of the film. [Filming began in France in July 2016. In the UK, scenes were shot in Portsmouth, Bournemouth and London.] 



Henley Flower Club


Minh Lane brought ‘Christmas from East to West’ to Henley where she delighted members with original containers made from plastic bottles,  straws and cones beautifully transformed.  As Christmas isn’t celebrated in Vietnam where Minh originally lived, she enjoys bringing her ideas here and three containers set on a tray were filled with euonymus, acacia, palms and seneccio. To represent ‘We Three Kings’ one held a white dendrobian orchid, one a purple cymbidium orchid and the third a magnificent gold orchid.  The next container – a bowl with rice applique, held a small tower of leaves surrounded by marbled fatsia leaves and eleagnus. White chysanths and gypsophilia represented ‘Chicken Soup’ and a cream orchid completed the arrangement.


For the Christmas Star -  bay branches were added to two star shaped twig  bases with variegated laurel, yellow roses, holly and coral spray carnations.     Two lovely circular arrangements comprising luma, eucalyptus, cones and vibrant green Anastasia chrysanths were placed on an easel with green orchids.  A horizontal stand on large pine cones formed the base for a table decoration holding five placements of kolwitzia, pittasporum, umbrella palms and beautiful deep pink roses.  

The final arrangement – red roses and purple liatrus embedded in a foliage background of plaited phormium leaves, cypressus, marbled laurel was  enhanced by palm leaves and exquisite red anthureums. 


The winning entry by Annette Walker

The vote of thanks was given by Val Stembridge who complimented Minh on her beautiful flowers and most interesting tales of Christmas in Vietnam. The competition was won by Annette Walker.  Chairman Lola Phillips invited members to the Annual General Meeting on December 13th at Henley Golf Club and stressed how important it is to find new committee members as there are vacancies for Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

Annette Walker reporting

Henley Wildlife Society      

Annapurna Evening


‘In the High Himalayas’ was the title of a well-informed illustrated talk given by Roger Butler, a very engaging speaker, on his return visit to the society. Twenty years ago he had taken part in an extensive trek on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, flying in to Kathmandu, transferring by bus to Pokhara and thereafter walking for many days to reach the Annapurna Sanctuary. With his excellent photographs and thoughtful commentary, Roger took us from the chaotic bustle of Kathmandu, passing through many high-altitude villages, staying sometimes in simple guest houses, sometimes camping, to reach the higher mountain region. We were given a strong sense of the toughness and resilience of the people living in this remote and challenging environment. He made it clear just how much treks such as these depend upon the skill and hard-work of the porters who carried heavy equipment on their backs, supported only by a broad band of material around their heads and often wearing flip-flops or going barefoot.

The weather had been settled, allowing for some impressive photography of the Annapurna peaks and Dhaulagiri, often especially striking at the rising and setting of the sun. However, on the eve of the party’s proposed ascent of the highest pass on their route, the Thorong La at 5,416 metres asl, there came a heavy fall of snow and the pass was to remain closed for the rest of the season. The trekkers had little option but to retrace their steps back to Pokhara and take the precarious bus journey back to Kathmandu.

A footnote. Much has changed in twenty years. Many trekking companies routinely fly their clients into Pokhara. Nowadays, the porters are usually much better equipped for the mountains with Western-style boots, protective clothing and rucksacs provided for them by the more conscientious companies.

Our next talk will be given by David Brown, an acknowledged expert on his subject. On Tuesday 16th January at 7-45pm in the Baptist Hall his topic will be: More Life-histories of Butterflies and Moths.

Bob Riley reporting






Do Something With Your Heating Allowance.

I wonder, if like me, you are slightly embarrassed by the arrival of £200 in your household income.  So many of us living on modest pensions in addition to the state one do not actually nee this extra cash.  We understand that for some it is a lifeline and the cost of means testing is prohibitive.

At the Hub we pay £3,000 per year heating the building for mother and baby sessions, the toddler club, the youth clubs and seniors activities.   Just 15 donations of heating allowances will heat and light our building for a year.

Maybe that is how together we can get our government to puts funding into supporting young people and families.

If you decide to help then transfer to our bank account and the 15 ask for a gift aid form, this will give us another  £750. 

Hub@Henley Community Centre Bank account
ACCOUNT NO. 13645835
SORT CODE  20-48-08
Mark your donation “HEATING”

email: chairhhcc@gmail.com  07974573582

Many Thanks  Peter Crathorne, Chairman

Additional vote of thanks from the Earthing team

Julie de Bastion and Laura Yarham would like to extend a huge thank you to The Mount Trust which generously donated the funds for the Earthing days at Henley Junior School this year and have also given us enough for another day next Spring.

We are hugely indebted to them, as this year’s programme of events would not have happened without their financial support.

Henley Society November 2017 Meeting

Turn Left at the Pacific

Our speaker, John Macartney, began his talk by explaining that while working in Bagdad he had witnessed a horrific incident at the Iraq/Iran border. As a result he suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and eventually gained help from the charity Assist Trauma Care. He then decided to help with fund raising for the charity and because of his love of classic cars, organised a trip across America in a renovated Triumph Stag, pictured below.


PTSD is a normal reaction to an abnormal or life threatening event. Amongst a group of six colleagues, John alone recovered from the experiences they had witnessed and indeed is the only member still alive. Although a patient’s recovery can be practically complete, flashbacks can occur and our speaker revealed that for him an ordinary firework display can trigger an attack.

To increase public awareness of this insidious mental illness, John decided in 2009 to do something about it. And happily he was able to combine this endeavour with a memorable classic car journey across North America.  The car he used was a 1973 Triumph Stag similar to the one pictured here. But before setting off, the car had to be completely overhauled by a group of car enthusiasts, none of whom were actually trained mechanics. The aim was to motor from Florida to California but because of the numerous invitations he received from various classic car clubs, it was hardly a route the crow would have taken. Indeed it was extremely tortuous and included crossing over the Canadian border making the total mileage covered just under 18,000 in 69 days of motoring.

John regaled his audience with some wonderful tales of his adventures along the way. One of the most bizarre was as a result of taking a wrong turning and finishing up at a drive through funeral parlour; he was unable to escape until he had paid his respects to a recently deceased, someone of course unknown to him. Entering Canada was a challenge because of the unwelcoming officiousness of the immigration officer – a sharp contrast to the relaxed attitude of the USA’s officials. Indeed, the warmth and friendliness of the hospitality he found on his travels was truly life affirming, if at times a little over the top. This was typified by his experience of having to share a meal with only three others of two deep fried turkeys, a texture he found reminiscent of corduroy.

The trip was almost entirely free from mechanical troubles. The one breakdown occurred in central Vancouver and was caused by a faulty fuel pump. However the locals rapidly procured a replacement one and he was on his way in 30 minutes.

£28,000 was raised for charity on the trip and subsequently John’s efforts have increased this to £160,000. A wonderful achievement in which his engaging talk has helped to highlight a dreadful disease.

As usual after the talk, members had the chance to mingle socially over a cup of tea. The next meeting will be the Christmas party on Thursday 7th December which will include entertainment provided by Matthew Sproston, a George Formby imitator. Tickets should be obtained in advance from Pat Kench on 795419.

Andrew Yarwood reporting

Cake Sale in support of Arden Fields School


On Tuesday 31st October staff and pupils from Arden Fields School were excited to visit the One Stop Shop in Henley in Arden to donate some cakes and help with the cake sale. The One Stop Shop had very kindly offered to conduct the sale in support of the school breakfast club.

The manager, Michelle, told the school that once again she had been delighted with the response of the local community and their generosity. Altogether £130 was donated to the school.

The headteacher, Ms Bailey stated that community events such as these mean so much and the kindness shown by all involved is greatly appreciated. Here at Arden Fields School, our goal is to make sure no pupil starts their school day hungry.  There is evidence that children who start school with breakfast perform better than those who do not.   

Debbie Toombs reporting

Shakespeare’s Schoolroom opens for banqueting


An historic medieval building in Stratford-upon-Avon, that has had more than 60,000 visitors since opening to the public for the first time in April 2016, has doubled up as a banqueting suite and exclusive dinner party venue in competition with the town’s hotels.

   Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall, described by historian and broadcaster Michael Wood as “one of the most atmospheric, magical and important buildings in the whole of Britain” was opened to the public during the 400th anniversary year of William Shakespeare’s death thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant of £1.4 million.  

  The opening of the restored schoolroom and the renovation of the Guildhall, inspired by the foresight of the Trustees of King Edward VI School, under the chairmanship of industrialist Tony Bird OBE, was the final link in the ‘historic spine’ which runs through the town. 

  This comprises the properties open to the public that are administered and owned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and two that aren’t: the Guildhall and Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried.   

   photoLindsey Armstrong pictured right, General Manager for Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall, explains: “When we opened it became clear very quickly that the party wall between us and the Almshouses next door was exceptionally thin.  Residents could hear a lot of the noise particularly in the evenings. 

   “It became troublesome to them. So we’ve put in place at great expense some very sophisticated sound proofing on their side – triple-glazed glass panels which fit absolutely contiguously with the 600-year-old beams on their side of the building.

   “It’s very lovely and sound proofs the residents completely.  That has just been finished and because of that we’re now able to open our doors to people who’d like to hold a special event here....whether that’s an exclusive small pre-theatre dinner downstairs or a canapé reception for 120 guests... or even catering for a large dinner for 100 people or more upstairs. 

     “The two schoolrooms can be opened up and the furniture moved back to make a large venue. The Master’s Chamber is utterly magical in the evening. It’s ideal for a small party of 15 to 20 people. The whole building is available for hire.  Costs will be more than competitive.  

   “We’re also looking at holding weddings here so we may apply for a licence.  The venue would also be available for post-wedding parties. We’re even open to the possibility of children’s parties and other events.  There are no limits to what we can do here. We’ve hired the services of the best caterer in Stratford and we can be very flexible on menus and decorations. 

   “We’re about halfway through our second year of opening and the schoolrooms are becoming a delight to Stratford. If you look at our visitors’ book you’ll see people have come from far and wide. We’ve moved forward quickly thanks to social media including Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor etc.  Social media is hugely valuable to us.

   “The visitor comes into the 600-year-old Guildhall and into a room where the Guild of the Holy Cross used to meet.  We have the Court of Record where John Shakespeare as Bailiff presided when his young son William was only five-years-old. 

   “We have the Counting House where an absolutely mesmeric short film by the TV historian Michael Wood is shown to visitors and we have our medieval wall paintings. They have recently been reclassified to Category 4 wall paintings which is the same category as the Bayeux Tapestry.   

   “We have had to put all sorts lighting measures in place, as well as thick curtaining, to protect them. We’re able to lift the screen to show the paintings in their beauty for only 45 seconds at a time but its well worth seeing!

   “Upstairs we have the Tudor classroom with an actor playing the role of a teacher to give visitors a taste of what it would have been like to be at school in Shakespeare’s day. We also have a Georgian classroom where visitors can dress up and try their hand writing with a quill and ink. The Master’s Chamber, where the prefects’ table is kept, attracts great interest because the boys inscribed their name or initials on the table. People come into the Guildhall thinking it will take 10 minutes to look around but they often stay for two hours.”

Dale Le Vack reporting



For the most Comprehensive Information
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The Henley Town Website

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town website

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Restaurant Supervisor - Full Time

logoAt Finest Catch, we serve only the very best food at fantastic prices. Our ethos is great food, great value and the very best customer service. We know that it is a winning combination and no-one leaves Finest Catch hungry!

Our restaurants in Solihull and Henley-in-Arden offer a warm welcome for diners choosing to enjoy our delicious menu. We want everyone to enjoy the perfect meal, whether it is the best fish and chips, a dessert or simply a coffee.

What’s more, we are proud to offer our Finest Catch Takeaway, serving up the very same delicious fish and chips to enjoy at home.

Restaurant Supervisor - Full time


We are looking to recruit friendly, energetic and enthusiastic people to join our team in delivering first class service to our customers in our busy restaurant in Henley-in-Arden.

Working patterns for this position will include both day time and evening shifts.

Interested? Then here are some of the things that we would like you to do as part of your role (with a smile and a 'nothing is too much trouble’ approach):

- Serve food and drink to our VIPs in the busy restaurant;

- General kitchen duties;

- General cleaning duties.

Whilst we will teach you a lot, we would like you to bring a few skills to the table, such as:

- Be a happy and friendly type of person who you would like to be served by if you were hungry;

- Be patient with our VIPs when they are not sure what they would like to eat;

- Be able to get on with other people and work well with your colleagues;

- Have good communication skills.

In return we will pay you a competitive rate of pay and offer you excellent career prospects.

Still interested? Great, then get applying and we will get things moving quickly for you.

Please email: Iain McKendrick Farmfoods Ltd


Kitchen Supervisor - Full Time

logoAt Finest Catch, we serve only the very best food at fantastic prices. Our ethos is great food, great value and the very best customer service. We know that it is a winning combination and no-one leaves Finest Catch hungry!

Our restaurants in Solihull and Henley-in-Arden offer a warm welcome for diners choosing to enjoy our delicious menu. We want everyone to enjoy the perfect meal, whether it is the best fish and chips, a dessert or simply a coffee.

What’s more, we are proud to offer our Finest Catch Takeaway, serving up the very same delicious fish and chips to enjoy at home.

Kitchen Supervisor - Full time


We are looking to recruit friendly, energetic and enthusiastic people to join our team in delivering first class service to our customers in our busy Kitchen in Henley-in-Arden.

Working patterns for this position will include both day time and evening shifts.

Interested? Then here are some of the things that we would like you to do as part of your role (with a smile and a 'nothing is too much trouble’ approach):

- Serve food and drink to our VIPs in the busy restaurant;

- General kitchen duties;

- General cleaning duties.

Whilst we will teach you a lot, we would like you to bring a few skills to the table, such as:

- Be a happy and friendly type of person who you would like to be served by if you were hungry;

- Be patient with our VIPs when they are not sure what they would like to eat;

- Be able to get on with other people and work well with your colleagues;

- Have good communication skills.

In return we will pay you a competitive rate of pay and offer you excellent career prospects.

Still interested? Great, then get applying and we will get things moving quickly for you.

Please email: Iain McKendrick Farmfoods Ltd


sports section

Claverdon hard fought win against Coventrians


Claverdon forward Chris Glover struggles to get free

This was a much anticipated day for Claverdon Rugby Club hosting second place in the league Coventrians followed by the eagerly awaited first skippers night of the season. It was potentially a day to go down in the history books and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Claverdons last game was Burbage away where the Lions pulled off a dramatic win in the last few minutes of the game, they came from behind twice in that game and showed a lot of heart to come up with the goods when it mattered. It meant that Claverdon were starting to climb their way towards the top of the league and hunting down Coventrians who have been sitting in a comfortable second place for most of the season. This was no doubt going to be a brutal encounter.

Claverdon got off to a shocking start conceding 3 tries in the first quarter of the game. Coventrians in fairness finished off their opportunities well when they presented themselves but Claverdon were their own worst enemy in defence. All 3 tries came from a missed tackle and Coventrians had a few backs who were very hard to deal with when they got the ball in space so Claverdon were punished to full effect when simple tackles were missed. Luckily for Claverdon all 3 conversions were missed which proved to be crucial with the final score. Soon after the first try Claverdon did score from a penalty in front of the sticks to soften the blow but it didn’t take long for Coventrians to score their second and take a 10-3 lead after around 10 minutes. This was a worrying time for the home team who hadn’t really turned up by this point, it took until around 15 minutes for Claverdon to actually put some phases together and look after the ball.


Tom Johnson under pressure

After 20 minutes Claverdon missed another tackle and allowed Coventrians to score their third try, a final wake up call to show this game was no gimme and Claverdon needed to up their game if they wanted to win. There was however a clear turning point in this match, Coventrians winger who was causing havoc gathered the ball, after evading a couple of Claverdon tackles he ran into the brick wall A.K.A James Barton, a perfectly legal but brutal tackle saw the Coventrians winger have to take a few minutes to recover. There was a clear mood change amongst the Claverdon players and it was now their time to shine. A period of sustained pressure inside the Coventrians 22 finally showed on the score board. Multiple phases and good patience from the Claverdon forwards created an opportunity out wide for James Williams to slip through and score, he did however fail to convert his own try but Claverdon were on the rampage and were now going to take some stopping.

Claverdon did miss out on a couple of other opportunities before half time with decent breaks from Mikey Jay and Jack Johnson, good covering defence from Coventrians prevented more Claverdon tries.

Half Time: Claverdon 8 – 15 Coventrians

Claverdon started the second half the same way they finished the first, territory and possession was very much in the home teams favour which came from a solid performance from Claverdon’s tight five. Debutant Lewis Wright proved to be an outstanding recruit who was a rock in the scrum alongside Al Bleby. Good back up from Chris Glover and the return of injured Nick Green was providing a good platform in the scrums and quality ball for Will Lawton who was bossing the game well. Steve Grimsley’s was hooking the ball against the head and his throwing in the lineouts was on point as always. Claverdons driving maul was proving to be a useful weapon and after around 55 minutes was the catalyst for a classy Claverdon try. The maul headed up field and the home team went through the phases, once again good patience and multiple carries through the forwards created the space out wide for Mikey Jay to give the killer pass to James Gibney who raced for the line and scoring in the corner. Williams missed the conversion but Claverdon are now in touching distance trailing by 2 points.

Claverdon kept applying the pressure and were very determined in defence lead by the back row of James Kirby, James Barton and Captain Charlie Byrd who were throwing themselves at everything and winning a few turnovers for their troubles. This was a different team that we saw in the first quarter of the match where the whole team were missing tackles but the determination of the players was now faultless. Coventrians did have a couple of opportunities in the second half but were rejected as a result of Claverdons hard work in defence.


Claverdon’s James Williams sprints for the line

The winning moment came 10 minutes from time when Claverdon won a penalty on the Coventrians 22, Captain Byrd immediately opted for the posts and James Williams was cool under pressure squeezing the ball past the upright to take the lead. The game ended with a Coventrians penalty in front of the sticks about 30 metres out. With the referee announcing last play of the game this kick would decide the outcome of this match, fortunately for Claverdon the kick was wide and the final whistle was blown.

Final Score: Claverdon 16 – 15 Coventrians

Overall Claverdon can be very proud of the way they played and once again showing good team spirit to fight back when under the cosh. It isn’t always pretty but the heart shown from the team cannot be questioned. That’s now 2 epic wins on the bounce and will hopefully lead to a strong run up to the Christmas break.

Match Report by Charlie Byrd
Photographs by Will Barnes

sports section

John Garner's Business Column

Golf Club

John GarnerDave Davis is at the golf club returning his locker key when Mr Barnier the membership secretary sees him.

"Hello Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier. "I'm sorry to hear you are no longer renewing your club membership, if you would like to come to my office we can settle your account".

"I have settled my bar bill" says Mr Davis.

"Ah yes Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier, "but there are other matters that need settlement".

In Mr Barnier’s office Mr Davis explains that he has settled his bar bill so wonders what else he can possibly owe the Golf Club? "Well Mr Davis" begins Mr Barnier, "you did agree to buy one of our Club Jackets".

"Yes" agrees Mr Davis "I did agree to buy a jacket but I haven't received it yet".  "As soon as you supply the jacket I will send you a cheque for the full amount".

"That will not be possible" explains Mr Barnier. "As you are no longer a club member you will not be entitled to buy one of our jackets!"

"But you still want me to pay for it" exclaims Mr Davis.

"Yes" says Mr Barnier, "That will be £500 for the jacket. There is also your bar bill".

"But I've already settled my bar bill" says Mr Davis.

"Yes" says Mr Barnier, "but as you can appreciate, we need to place our orders from the Brewery in advance to ensure our bar is properly stocked".  "You regularly used to spend at least £50 a week in the bar so we have placed orders with the brewery accordingly for the coming year". "You therefore owe us £2,600 for the year".

"Will you still allow me to have these drinks?" asks Mr Davis. "No of course not Mr Davis". "You are no longer a club member!" says Mr Barnier.

"Next is your restaurant bill" continues Mr Barnier. "In the same manner we have to make arrangements in advance with our catering suppliers". "Your average restaurant bill was in the order of £300 a month, so we'll require payment of £3,600 for the next year".

"I don't suppose you'll be letting me have these meals either?" asks Mr Davis.

"No, of course not" says an irritated Mr Barnier, "you are no longer a club member!"

"Then of course" Mr Barnier continues, "there are repairs to the clubhouse roof".

"Clubhouse roof" exclaims Mr Davis, "What's that got to do with me?"

"Well it still needs to be repaired and the builders are coming in next week", your share of the bill is £2,000".

"I see" says Mr Davis, "anything else?".

"Now you mention it" says Mr Barnier, "there is Fred the Barman's pension". "We would like you to pay £5 a week towards Fred's pension when he retires next month.  He's not well you know so I doubt we'll need to ask you for payment for longer than about five years, so £1,300 should do it". "This brings your total bill to £10,000" says Mr Barnier.

"Let me get this straight" says Mr Davis, "you want me to pay £500 for a jacket you won't let me have, £2,600 for beverages you won't let me drink and £3,600 for food you won't let me eat, all under a roof I won't be allowed under and not served by a bloke who's going to retire next month!"

"Yes, it's all perfectly clear and quite reasonable" says Mr Barnier.

And what do you think Mr Davis said?  

Now we understand what Brexit is all about!!

John Garner - Business Correspondent

Warnings from Trading Standards

Sign up for SCAM ALERTS

Trading StandardsAnyone can now sign up to the email alert system automatically and instantly, in the same way residents use other email alerts such as roadwork warnings etc. a WCC standard.

Click here for WCC Scam Alerts

Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, Trading Standards Service
Warwickshire County Council

email. simoncripwell@warwickshire.gov.uk

logoAlcester North Safer   NEIGHBOURHOOD Team

David Malin reports on crime in our area

Incidents during the last two weeks:


David Malin

  1. Suspicious Circumstances. Meadow Road, Henley. Male in a light Blue Lexus acting suspiciously in the area. Male stopped and asked for someone that lived in the road. 2.50pm Tuesday 21st November. 0237 21/11/2017
  2. Suspicious Circumstances. Tanworth Lane, Henley. A white van was seen to drive down the lane at speed, then suddenly stop. The occupants then proceeded to put items into the rear of the van from the front. These items looked like TV’s / Gadgets. After doing this the van drove off again at speed. 2.30pm Tuesday 21st November. 0233 21/11/2017


  1. Burglary Residential. Mayswood Road, Wootton Wawen. Lock damaged on garage door with the intention to gain entry. Nothing stolen. Overnight 21st / 22nd November. 0078 21/11/2017


  1. Burglary Residential. Grimshaw Hill, Ullenhall. Two persons have driven a dark coloured MG onto a private drive to house and have then smashed a patio window, probably with the intention to gain entry.  One of the offenders had a scarf around their face. Entry was not gained and the offenders drove off. 10.15am Saturday 25thNovember. 0119 25/11/2017
  1. Burglary Residential. Kington Lane, Claverdon. On hearing their dogs barking the owners of house have checked the upstairs to find the rooms ransacked and the safe open. Several items of Jewellery was found stolen. It seems that offenders have climbed onto a roof to gain entry. 8.50pm 0400 24/11/2017
  2. Burglary Residential. Station Road, Claverdon. Garage entered and several items stolen including a White Gents RouBaix carbon road racing cycle and a chainsaw. Between 15th & 23rd November. 0140 24/11/2017
  3. Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Hotel, The Cumsey, Claverdon. Drivers window smashed on car and Sat Nav stolen. Overnight 19th & 20th November. 0114 20/11/2017
  4. Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Hotel, The Cumsey, Claverdon. Rear door window smashed on car and items stolen including two dresses, jeans and boots. Overnight 19th& 20th November. 0072 20/11/2017

David Malin
SI 3121
Alcester Police SNTs

Further information can be found at:  The Safer NEIGHBOURHOODs - Alcester Area

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Henley Annual Events

November 2017

Scout Group Bonfire and Fireworks Night - Playing Fields
St Johns Church Christmas Bazaar

Thurs 23rd - Rural Cinema

December 2017

Sat 2nd - Tree Bombing
Sat 2nd - Town Carol Service and Christmas Market
Thurs 27th - Children's Rural Cinema

January 2018 Thurs 25th - Rural Cinema
February 2018

AGM of Henley War Memorial Trust
Thurs 22nd - Rural Cinema

March 2018 Thurs 22nd - Rural Cinema
April 2018

Arts for All Week in the Guild Hall
Court Leet Dinner - Guild Hall
Cricket Club - Captain's Dinner
Rural Cinema

May 2018 Jumble Sale St John’s Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane
Rural Cinema
June 2018

Court Leet Day and Artisans' Market
St Johns Church Fete at Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane.
Armed Forces Day Parade
Rural Cinema

July 2018

Jazz in the Garden - Guild Hall Garden
Rural Cinema

August 2018

Henley Music Festival
Rural Cinema

September 2018 The Hub@Henley AGM; 7pm at the Hub.
Rural Cinema
October 2018

Consensus - an evening of music and words
Henley MOP
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hnol            Forthcoming Events


The Switch On of the Beaudesert & Henley Christmas Lights will take place on Saturday 2nd December 2017

Carol Service will be at 5.00pm                     Switch On  at 5.30pm

Mulled Wine & Mince Pies will be provided by Henley & District Ex Service Social Fund.


After the lights have been switched on, Henley’s community choir ‘Henley Sings’ will be singing popular Christmas songs inside St John’s. Everyone is very welcome to join in with popular festive favourites.

Whether you’re on your way to a cup of mulled wine, or looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy the town’s celebration do come and support our choir!

CHURCHES TOGETHER & THE HUB AT HENLEY – CHRISTMAS DAY COMMUNITY LUNCH PROJECT. A Community Christmas Day lunch is being planned for individuals and couples of any religious or non-religious orientation who would like to share their Christmas Day with like-minded people from the Henley area. There will be music, traditional turkey with all the trimmings and mince pies. If you would like to attend, or to volunteer to help with transport or serving at table on the day, you can contact any of the following: Malcolm Aldridge tel.794019 or Cilla Pudney tel. 797949, (St. John’s church),  Ruth Hirst, tel. 794197 ( Methodist church) or Naneh, tel. 07974 573582 (The Hub).

ST JOHN’S CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL  2nd – 9th December 11 – 4pm (extended opening Saturday 2nd December during Christmas Lights event). 

Tuesday 19th December at 7-45pm in the Baptist Church Hall:   Members AGM, Christmas social and quiz. Programme for 2018 begins on 16th January.

Our Christmas party will be on Thursday 7th December in the Baptist Church Hall at 7.30 pm.  Members and non members are very welcome to come and enjoy a light buffet supper, a glass of wine, a free raffle and entertainment  for a modest charge of approximately £6.50 for members or approximately £7.50 for non-members.  Applications please to Pat Kench on 795419 but as numbers are limited  allocation of places will be on a first come, first served basis.

PILATES WITH HELEN. ST. JOHN’S CHURCH HALL suitable for beginner / intermediate.  Mondays 9.30am. Thursdays 7pm.  £7 per class. No commitment - turn up and pay. Email:  pilateswithhelen@btinternet.com. 

HADS ‘STEP INTO CHRISTMAS’ Thursday – Saturday 15 – 17 Dec in the Guild Hall. Tickets cost £8 and available from Dukes or pay on the door.

Have you ever thought of having an allotment? We have over 40 plots by the station. It’s a smashing pastime to grow your own vewggies and keep fit as well. We have wonderful camaraderie up there. If you feel interested and would like a look contact Nick Haycock on 07719 345115.

 This year the Annual Big Band Christmas concert with the award winning Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra (MYJO) directed by Dr John Ruddick MBE will again be at the High School, Stratford Road, Henley. Tickets and enquiries: £12.50 from John Latham its.john.latham@gmail.com or 01564 795239. Mobile 07718 618843 and Mike Redman redders20@btinternet.co m or 01564 792491 

ARTS FOR ALL Plans are well underway for the Henley in Arden Guild Hall Trust 2018 Arts4All Week, which begins on St. George’s Day, Monday 23rd April 2018. Tickets go on sale on 1st February 2018 but you can beat the rush and make an advance booking reservation by sending an e mail detailing the show and quantity of tickets required to info@laurencemarshall.co.uk  

Why not join Henley Neighbourhood Watch by going to  www.ourwatch.org.uk  and entering your postcode Information about crime in the area direct to your computer/tablet? Also available by joining  the Warwickshire Police Community Messaging Service (CMS)  Go to www.warwickshire.police.uk/cms and follow instructions.

CLASSIC X-R-CISE CLASS. Monday mornings (parish hall). 10.30-11.30am. Working on mobility, balance, coordination, etc, for maximum body health. £15.00 per session. (Introductory 1st session £10.00). For more info. please call Paul on 07906337623 for more information or to book your place.

LITTLE ACORNS NURSERY 'Stay & Play' Interested in finding out more about our nursery? Please come along with your child 9.15 – 10.00 on Wed 24th May and 12th July. Contact School Office on 792766.

HENLEY-IN-ARDEN BADMINTON CLUB   We play at the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden every Friday and Sunday evening from 8pm-10pm.  The season runs from mid September to end April.  We are looking for new members to join our friendly club playing good social badminton.  If you would like to visit and play, just turn up (visitors fee £3).  Free car park. Or contact us for further details 01564 793320

YOGA AT ULLENHALL VILLAGE HALL  Hatha Yoga & Relaxation Tuesdays 1.30-3.00pm suitable for experienced & beginners. Contact Gill Russel 07973575597, gilrus3@btinternet.com, www.yogill.com.  

HENLEY YOGA - Vinyasa Flow Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Memorial Hall, Station Road. New Beginners Class Friday 9.30am, St John's Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane, Henley-in-Arden Come and learn about Asana (postures) and Pranayama. Contact me to find out more and to book. Eleanor 07932658719 Yogahenley@gmail.

ST JOHN’S CHURCH HALL Available to hire for parties, receptions, classes, meetings etc. Competitive rates,

JOLLYTOTS meet Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane during term time. Lots of activities, toys, games, arts and craft for under 4s. For more information please contact Keith on 793925.

HIRE THE GUILD HALL and GARDENS     Perfect for special occasions, boutique weddings, Christening parties, private dining, funeral wakes. Visit WWW.HENLEYGH.CO.UK for more information and hire charges. 

Details of future events should be notified to Margrit Johnson for the Parish Church Newsletter at: henleyparishnews@btinternet.com

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crest   Details of all the local cinemas, theatres and exhibitions can be found on:

The Henley-in-Arden Town Website

Henley CrestThe Court Leet and Court Baron dates from a Royal Charter and was a Court authorised to deal with matters relating to the duties and services owed by the peasants or villains (not Freemen) to the Lord of the Manor. It exercised the peacekeeping jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s twice yearly tour of the hundred courts. It received presentments about obstructions of the highway and watercourses. It regulated the weights and measures.

Today, the Henley Court Leet is one of only 32 recognised Court Leets in the Administration of Justice Act 1977 and it is responsible for continuing the traditions and ceremonial of the town. More information about the Court Leet

Henley in Bloom is the organisation behind making Henley an even more attractive town by a colourful display of flowers in the High Street and elsewhere in the town. There are over 100 planters and flower beds which are filled with blooms every year and all members of the community are encouraged to help not only with the initial planting but, even more important, the ongoing maintenance and watering. Anyone interested in helping this organisation please contact Sheila Davis on 07779 157580.

logoJoin our team of volunteers who assist West Midlands ambulance service to give emergency medical services to our local communities. Full training will be provided. If you can drive and can dedicate 4 hours a week, please contact Malcolm Aldridge 794019 or Peter Neville 793978 web:henley cfr.org.uk for more info

Henley SocietyThe Society meets every third Third Thursday - September to April. In the summer, there are normally two visits to historical sites.
Visitors and new members are very welcome.
Current Programme and Committee: Henley Society website
Further details also from Hon Sec Mrs. Pat Kench on 795419.

tennis clubOpen to members (juniors and adults) of any standard. Four person coaching team with a range of practice options. 7 floodlit courts (four astro) open throughout the year mean that there are always courts available. Full social tennis programme with tournaments held throughout the year. League matches summer and winter. Very active and successful Junior section from 5yrs to 18yrs with coaching, Club sessions and Club and County competitions. Hedgehogs membership for 5s and under with coaching For details of membership please contact the club at henleyinardentennis@gmail.com
Henley Tennis Website
rotaryRotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, is an organisation of more than 55,000 men and women who, as members of over 1,850 Rotary clubs, volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world. The Henley-in-Arden Club meets at the Golf Club on Tuesdays at 12.30 pm for 1 pm. New members are always welcome. Please contact Alan Jones on 01564 793715
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership consists of retired professional and business men residing in the vicinity of Henley.
Visitors and potential new members would be most welcome; for further details please contact the secretary Andrew Yarwood on 794079
flower clubAre you interested in gardening and flowers or just spending a pleasant evening watching a demonstrator arrange foliage and flowers?  We meet on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30pm in The Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden (in the Baptist Church Hall from 13th September onwards) so why not come along and see for yourself? Visitors are always welcome £5.00. You do not have to be an active flower arranger to enjoy watching our demonstrators but if you do feel you would like to 'have a go' we hold occasional workshops. For further information contact Annette Walker on 01564 792837 Henley-in-Arden Flower Club
We play at the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Henley-in-Arden every Friday and Sunday evening from 8pm-10pm.  The season runs from mid September to end April.  We are looking for new members to join our friendly club playing good social badminton.  If you would like to visit and play, just turn up (visitors fee £3).  Free car park. Or contact us for further details 01564 793320.
Henley Cricket Club fields two teams in the Cotswold Hills League on a Saturday and two teams in friendly fixtures on Sundays from mid-April to mid-September. We are always on the lookout for new players, irrespective of age or ability. Anyone interested in joining our club should contact Andy Thompson.
HADS meets most Mondays and Wednesdays at 8.00 pm in the Memorial Hall, Station Road. New members are always welcome whether their interest lies in acting, working on sets and costumes or the multitude of other activities which support performances. For information about the next meeting, please contact Tracy Humphreys (Chairman) on 01564 795219
Meets from April to September and is looking for new members of all ages and experience. Tuition can be given so come and have a go. The club is next to the tennis courts on the Stratford Road south of Henley. Please phone John Townson on 01564 792407 or email Jon Butler on mpjbutler@gmail.com
Meets every Tuesday at St John's Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane (6.30-7.30). Any age are most welcome to learn About the art of self defence or just for good general exercise. Contact Paul Barnard 01564 792278
Vinyasa Flow, Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Memorial Hall, Station Road. NEW beginners class Friday 9.30am, St John's Church Hall, Beaudesert Lane. Contact Eleanor: 07932658719 yogahenley@gmail.com
Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art that combines fitness, self-defence and control. Henley TKD is a small, friendly and vibrant club catering for all ages (from 5 and up) and abilities. We train on Tuesdays 6:30-8pm at the Memorial Hall on Station Road. Beginners and the curious are always welcome – first lesson is free for all newcomers. For more information contact Alan Batson on 07543 649 713.
Neighbour WatchAt a recent meeting of co-ordinators for the Stratford area, the chairman stressed how important it is to contact residents quickly when crimes are reported in the area and this is why co-ordinators are needed. Henley is covered quite well with most roads but there are areas still in need of someone to contact. If you are willing to have your name and telephone number registered to receive calls from the Crime Officer when necessary please let Annette Walker (792837) know.
Jollytots meet every Tuesday morning 9:30-11:30 and a Thursday afternoon 1-3 in the Church Hall on Beaudesert Lane, Henley.  It is open for all under 4 year olds and costs only £1.50 which includes a drink and a biscuit. There are toys, games, arts and crafts and singing. It is run by Keith and Lulu. Any questions please ring Keith on 01564 793925 or 07855 920463.
This is an exciting opportunity to make your mark on what has been a vibrant and successful scout troop. In order for it to continue to provide young people with diverse opportunities we urgently need the support of our local community. Please come forward and find out more about how you can get involved. For more information please contact Graham Mallinson on: 01564 795297 / 07535 233313.

HubThe centre is open every weekday. Surestart and the Parenting Project operate many supportive activities for mothers with babies. There is a club on Thursdays 10.00am – 12.30 for the older generation. There is a Youth Club (13+) on Wednesday 7.00pm – 9.00pm and a Junior Youth Club for Year 5 to Year 8 on Tuesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm. You can book the centre for your family parties at the weekend, its superb facilities are ideal for this. Check out the Web Site for a lot more information at The Hub at Henley

Thursdays, 11am at the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane. Age, health or fitness no barrier. £6 per session – no termly fees. For further information contact Debbie Wild on 07773 318830.
Full details at: Swantaichi website

Meets the last Sunday of the month at Wootton Wawen except December at village hall at 2.15pm for a conducted walk of about 5 miles over the local and surrounding area footpaths. The Group welcomes all walkers. There is no subscription.  More details from Keith Thomas  01564 794806.

De Montfort Lodge is the only freemasons’ lodge meeting in Henley. It was established in the town in 1930 and holds meetings in the Guild Hall. Anyone interested in freemasonry should contact John Pollard on 0121 247 6140 or 07952 780096 or email johnpollard1966@virginmedia.com for further details.
Love Life, Love Friends, Love Food then you’ll love Slimming World. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you at Henley Slimming World. The group is held every Wednesday at 6:30pm at Henley High School, Stratford Road B95 6AF. Please call Claire Bishop for more details on 07793890237 c.bishop@hotmail.co.uk

If you have dementia, or are caring for someone with dementia, Alzheimer's Society welcomes you to join us at our Dementia Cafe in Shipston-on-Stour at Stour Court, Old Road, Shipston-on-Stour, CV364HF on 1st Friday of the month from 2 - 3.30pm, Dementia Cafe in Stratford at St Andrew's Church Hall, Church Lane, Shottery, CV379HQ on 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10.30am - 12.30pm, Day Care which runs weekly in Henley in Arden (charges apply for this service).
For more information contact the Warwickshire Office on 01926 888 899 or email southwarks@alzheimers.org.uk.

Plays Duplicate Bridge of intermediate standard on Tuesday evenings at the White Swan Hotel and usually finds time for a tipple, which may or may not improve our play!!  Play commences at 7pm promptly. There are normally 5 - 8 tables and the club does not issue master points. For further information please contact the Secretary - Christine Whitehouse on 01564 792993 or the Treasurer on 0777 887 1930.

Each month the Henley Focus contains plenty for everyone with local business advertisements, reviews and community information. The Henley Focus could be helping you to promote your business or service to local people at affordable prices and also offers a range of design services at very reasonable rates. The publication is very happy to promote community and charity events free of charge. Please call Karen on 01564 774748 or email karen@henleyfocus.co.uk more information.

Evergreen ClubMeetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall, Beaudesert Lane at 2.15pm. The Club has around 80 members and organises a varied programme together with various outings. If you are interested in joining please contact Gordon Trinder.

crestDetails about tourist attractions and neighbouring villages can be found on:

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Henley News ReportersHENLEY NEWS is looking for additional correspondents to send in stories and pictures. Why don't you become one of our correspondents and send in stories about your area, your club, your school or events you have witnessed? Please always try to include a photo in jpg or png format. Letters, articles, pictures sent to the Editor are always welcome. Please do not use the following file formats 'Publisher' or 'Serif'. 'Microsoft Word' is the preferred format. Please send to editor@henleynews.co.uk

We are delighted to publish the list of our correspondents:

Court Leet Alistair Price
Make Henley Greener
Film Correspondent
The Henley Society
Henley History
Henley Diary
Flower Club
Parish Church
Community Library
Community First Responders Sue Osborne
Editorial Team
Proof Reader
Ullenhall Gardening Club
WCC Trading Standards
Tennis Club
Heritage Centre
Memorial Hall
C of E Primary School
St Mary's Primary School
Drama - HADS
Henley Cartoon Colin Fisher
Social Correspondent Annette Walker
Court Leet and HADS
Claverdon and Railway


Bill Leech - Editor

253 High Street
B95 5BG

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Articles and news stories for HENLEY NEWS should be sent to the editor@henleynews.co.uk

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Our Moderation Policy

The main types of content that we amend or refuse to print are:

  • Personal Abuse. Criticising an argument is fine, attacking the person making it is not. In other words, you can say a person’s argument is idiotic but don’t call them an idiot. Expletives and other inappropriate content.
  • Legal. Libellous comments, that is those that make defamatory claims about people, will be removed.
  • Racist, sexist and homophobic material. Comments likely to incite religious hatred. This should be self-explanatory. Generalisations about entire groups of people are never sensible and, in some cases, may be illegal.

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